Bhopal Van Vihar: Scans QR code as soon as possible, histi of animals

Bhopal. Now the Van Vihar tigers, leopards and lions' history QR code (Quick Response Code) will be quickly detected. For this, Van Vihar management has started putting QR codes inside the park. This work will be completed in a week. These codes will be placed in front of tiger, leopard, lion, gharial and other wild animals in different places. Clicking on these codes will bring the complete information about related wildlife to the mobile. Tourists need to scan the QR code for this. In doing so, to provide information related to wildlife, these codes will connect tourists directly to the official portal of Van Vihar National Park, where tourists can get more information.

Pasteing code with photos of wild animals

Ashok Jain, deputy director of the park told that in the selected enclosures and places, the tigers are cutting cutouts of photographs of other wild animals, including leopards. They are also putting a QR code of related wild animals. These codes will be easily scanned from the mobile.

There will be no need to ask separately about related wildlife

When scanning a QR code, the entire history of the related wildlife will be found. That is, after scanning the QR code associated with the tiger, you will know how many tigers are there in Van Vihar, how long it is being kept. When and where were the first ones brought from. Such information will also be available. Work is going on right now. Now you can get information in detail about wildlife and its species related to scanning the code immediately.

Their QR code released

Deputy Director Ashok Jain said that besides the tiger, leopard, gharial, lion, the black deer, sambhar, cheetal, crocodile, langur, bison, hina, turtle and snake's QR codes have come and have also installed them.



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