Gautam Gambhir, Omar Abdullah trade blows on Twitter

New Delhi: It is seldom that a cricketer and a politician come to blows on twitter but former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and cricketer-turned politician Gautam Gambhir did just that on Tuesday afternoon.

The trigger was Abdullah’s statement that his National Conference party would work towards restoring the posts of “president” and “prime minister” in Jammu and Kashmir. Dipping into his picturesque vocabulary, Gambhir pointed out that Abdullah’s remarks were as fantastic as “walking on oceans” and “pigs flying”.

“Omar Abdullah wants a separate PM for J&K & I want to walk on oceans! Omar Abdullah wants a separate PM for J&K & I want pigs to fly!” Gambhir said in a tweet.

‘‘More than a separate PM, Omar Abdullah needs some sleep followed by a strong coffee! If he still doesn’t understand, then a green Pakistani passport,” Gambhir said with obvious sarcasm. To this, Abdullah had a scathing reply: “Stick to stuff you know about, tweet about the IPL.”

Abdullah wasted no time in exploiting the fault line. “Gautam,” Omar tweeted, “I never played much cricket because I knew I wasn’t very good at it. You don’t know very much about J&K, its history or the role of Jammu & Kashmir National Conference in shaping that history, yet you insist on displaying that ignorance for all to see. Stick to stuff you know about, tweet about the IPL.”

Not the one to take it lying down, Gambhir had a sharp rejoinder.”Never mind your lack of cricketing prowess but Kashmiris and our country would have been well served if you knew a thing or two about selfless governance,” the cricketer tweeted. “By the way history is always consistent but perspectives are subjective. Better clean your reading glasses.”


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