PM Modi's fan Kangna Runout can take entry on politics on this condition!

Kangana Runote suggests that if she gets an opportunity she can happily get entry in politics.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold image. His character is not only bold and not the most different, but his statement is also quite strong. Kangna, who reached the Rising Summit of News 18 India in 2018, introduced her bold statement. He looked openly at News 18's forum. Here he first put his views on politics openly in front of everyone.

Kangna said, I think there is a difference between being a Nationalist and having a fundamentalist. I do not trust religion, which is my country. I am the same. Why are you embarrassed from your country? When the US stands with the National Anthem of its country, why can not we? He said, nowadays people understand that it is cool to say bad about their country. Young generation always complains. This ATTITUDE is not right. The country is dirty, so are you guests? Clean it Go to the place where the infrastructure is good, if immigration slaps, then it will be known.

Kangna said, I think politics is a great field. It is often misunderstood. I just do not like the fashion senses of politicians. If he does not change my fashion sense, then I have no problem in joining politics.

Not only that, Kangana also called himself Modi fan. While praising PM Narendra Modi, he said, "I am a big fan of Modi. I do not read too much paper. But he is a success story, the ambition of a common man, a tea party today is the country's PM. This is not their victory of country's democracy. The world can not be perfect, but we can make it balance.


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