Destruction of revenue of the area due to demand of lease of forest rights and commission of landslide without

"Report of Kuleshwar Sinha"

Wherever the munera of the forest department was broken, then now some politicians and traders have also been caught in the field under illegal occupation of revenue forest

Stabbing The Parliament passed the unanimously scheduled caste and other traditional forest dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 on December 18, 2006. This is not just another law. It has been criticized by the time of its passage and in subsequent years that it is an attempt to privatize forests, the remaining revenue and forests will be destroyed and this welfare measures by the politicians it was done. One writer had described this as a very dangerous law in the laws passed in the period from 1947 till now.

After the notification was issued on December 31, 2007, newspapers had described it as a very controversial law of recent history of India, but it was notified a year after the passage. But, in reality, this law neither provides land to anyone or the right to land. It does not privatize forests too. But it will be prudent to say that the forest department is becoming a silent witness in the Chakra area for illegally harvesting forests for getting forest rights lease for years.

For whom the Department of Forests and Revenue Department is continuously discounting the exemption of those who have been working illegally by the employees, nevertheless, the harvest of big trees is getting tarnished in the area. This whole case is of village Rakhra, Vijaypur, Pandariapani, Tilidadar, Seoni, Deori, Jhalakhmar, in the forest area and Revenue area. The governance-administration is continuously telling the villagers to give lease rights to the villagers, while the villagers Indiscriminate harvesting.

While unclothed landmass, together with the rosy people of the stabbing, has given rights to the residents of Chabra for the past several years, on the protected forest of revenue under the Kharkhara Panchayat and the tribals who have taken possession of one and a half hectares of land for years. It has been captured by the people of their caste, written inwardly, and those occupied holders have taken possession of it, hence the forest Inas is on the brink and became the owner of the relative land revenue department staff and he also kept by wire hoop 10 acres 8.

In the name of giving illegal possession of the rake and giriyband's land to the land, the amount of money is also taken from the undisclosed landlord by the people, which can be shown around the tahsil office stabbing throughout the day, illegally captured stripes. Destroying trees with new ways. Kharkhara Panchayat region collects the revenue of the villages in the forests, where the trees are cut off from all sides. After which the tree slowly starts drying. Then they drop the tree and set the remaining stubble of the tree on fire. There are many areas where government officials of government administration are reaching but ignored by the eyes, so that the game gives rise to the orders of collusion. On interrogation of the villagers, he said that some people of the village are cutting trees in the brick kiln and for getting the forest rights lease.

Vanavad Patta not found and trees being cut

Within the fields of village Kharkhra, Seoni, Deori, Vijaypura, Pandarpani, in Chakarar area, Munara has also been broken, so within the circle of some there is Munara and now in the name of land reform, hundreds of trees without permission. The bribe is being bitten by the revenue department's silence. Some farmers are being thrown out of the tree by the JCB machine and some brick kilns are being sacrificed. So the forest department is taking action or revenue department, which is causing trees to be debris in the area.

Farmers are being illegally harvesting the forest for forest land for land rights lease, on the other hand, the common farmers are also uprooting the pedestrians engaged in their land from Pokland.
No permission is given for this. Tree stub is not even saved. Such scenes are being seen on every side in the stabbing zone. Neither the forest department is taking action to stop the revenue department nor the revenue department from which the people are fresher. Keeping the rules in mind, they are illegally harvesting. This is why people are being indiscriminately harvesting forests. It should be closely examined and issued a strap.

They have the right:

Warranty law gives two types of people the right to live in the forest. First they are tribals and live in the jungle. Others who are traditionally forest dwellers and depend on forest products for the last 75 years. Section 6 of the law is the process of testing these claims. If a later claim is found correct, they get the right of forest land, its use and protection and protection. While this problem has not been solved by the half-complete Forest Rights Act passed in Parliament. As the problem of employment can not be solved from MNREGA, the administrative reforms by the authority of the information are not completed, due to the proposed food security law, hunger and malnutrition in the country are not going to end, similarly forest-rights legislation is mostly a pretense Has proved itself. Which is becoming the cause of forest destruction, while the forests of India are the first rights of people living there, their basic needs should be ensured.


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