In spite of heavy rains and stormy winds, in the Vikas yatra, the mass population: To understand the definition of development, see Chhattisgarh: Dr. Raman Singh

55 lakh families in three month smart phone in communication revolution plan

Chief Minister addressed the people in Kharagwan, Akrandand, Dukhola and Chirmiri

Chirmiri sub-tahsil will get tehsil status from July 1

The ground in which the grounds will be built, the best stadium

114 crore for expansion of Nagpur-Chirmiri railway line

Work on the project will start soon

Every project of SECL for public convenience

State government will give clearance to three days

Community health center status of Kharagwan Primary Health Center

Born between heavy rains and stormy winds, the people welcomed the historic welcome of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh in KOREA district yesterday. The Chief Minister visited Chirmiri after addressing the reception of Kharagwana, Akrandand and Daqhola of the district in the development chariot and addressed the huge general meeting there. He said, "What is the definition of development, if anyone has to understand and see it, then the activities that are going on in Chhattisgarh should be looked at. Dr. Singh said that our government has made a new history through development works and schemes with the support of public for the development of Chhattisgarh in the past nearly 15 years. The Ganga of development has started flowing in every area of ​​the state. There has been a positive change in the life of the people of the village, the poor and the farmers as well as the last line of society. In the Korea District the network of roads has been laid.

           The Chief Minister accepted the greetings of the people by reaching out to the public in Charmiri's public meeting. Speaking to the people from the forum, Dr. Singh said that under the Communication Revolution scheme, 55 lakh families will be provided free smart phones in the next three months, through which the benefits of those schemes along with information of all the major schemes of the government Will be able to meet. He inaugurated the construction work of Bais Bhusujan and Shilanyas in the Chirmiri, about 457 crores for the development of the Korea district. In addition to this, Dr. Singh distributed 25 thousand 645 beneficiaries under various schemes of the government and distributed more than 68 crores 77 lakh rupees.

           Dr. Singh announced the development of this ground as a great stadium by addressing thousands of people in the vast field of Chirmiri. He also said that the sub-tehsil office of Chirmiri will be made a tehsil office from July 1. He said - one July ie one July. The board of sub-tehsil will be removed in Chirmiri and the board of tehsil office will be replaced at its place. I have instructed the District Collector to make necessary arrangements for this. The Chief Minister assured to get the work of Rs. 114 crore rail line expansion project from Nagpur to Chirmiri from Korea district. He said that 50% of the sanctioned amount will be given by center and 50% by the state government for expansion of this railway route. The Chief Minister also announced to sanction one crore 50 lakh rupees for tourism facilities in Chirmiri area. He said that in the field of Coal Mines, in this area, projects of development will be given to the state government within clearance of three days from the point of view of the convenience of public by South Eastern Coal Field Ltd (SECL). The Chief Minister is working on a water milling scheme at Chirmiri at a cost of 50 crores. Livelihoody College was also established here today, which would be very useful in terms of skill upgradation of the unemployed youth of the region. In the public meeting of Kharagwan, the Chief Minister announced the upgradation of primary health center of the community as a community health center.

An unprecedented welcome seen for the first time in the past 15 years.

           Referring to the presence of a large number of people despite heavy rains and storms in Khargwana and Chirmiri, Dr Raman Singh said that this region also could not prevent the storm and hurricanes of the people of the region. Dr. Singh expressed gratitude to all the people while expressing it the love and faith of the people. In the Chirmiri, he also greeted the general public on road shows. Dr. Singh said in a huge public meeting - I was told that it has been raining for two hours and the tent has become so wet. Despite this, the road shows of fifty thousand people in Chirmiri and such a large number of such public gatherings and unprecedented welcome were seen for the first time in the past 15 years. The Chief Minister specifically mentioned various schemes of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the public meetings of Vikas Yatra. He said - The Prime Minister has initiated the Ujjwala scheme to provide crores of poor families of poor families with the help of stove smoke. Under this scheme, Chhattisgarh is being provided free of cost for only Rs.200, LPG connections, double burner stove and first filled silencer. Ayushman Bharat Scheme launched by Shri Narendra Modi is the biggest health insurance scheme in the country and the world, under which the poor will get assistance of up to five lakh rupees for the treatment of serious diseases. Minister of Commerce and Industry in the Khadgawan and Chirmiri programs along with Chief Minister and Shri Amar Agarwal, in-charge of Korea district, Public Works Minister, Mr. Rajesh Murat, Minister of Labor, Sports and Youth Welfare Shri Bhaiya Lal Rajwada, Parliamentary Secretary Smt. Champdavevi Padale and MLA Mr. Shyam Many senior public representatives of the district along with Bihari Jaiswal, representatives of panchayats and various institutions Treachery were also present.


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