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Chhattisgarh / Kabirdham

Forest Minister Mr. Akbar participated in the district-level Kisan Mela organized in Baiga dominated village Jhalmala of Vananchal

  Dedicated the gift of the construction of 28 water catchments under the water catchment project

Eight secretaries were appointed to contractual positions on eight water  committees

 Farmers and self-help groups doing outstanding work in agriculture were honored

Pumps were distributed to 65 farmers in Krishi Mela

 Country's largest minor forest product purchase is done in Chhattisgarh

Raipur, TNINS 

Krishi Mela

Forests Minister Mr. Akbar attended district-level kisan samelan at village jhalmala of the Bodla development block in faraway Vananchal, a Baiga tribe-dominated area located at the end of the Kabirdham district. At this time, he committed to a series of development projects totaling Rs 1 crore 43 lakh 55 thousand for the construction of 28 water catchments as part of the Bodla water catchment project. He announced the construction of four check dams, two stop dams, sixteen wells, and six dabri. During this time, Minister Mr. Akbar appointed 8 secretaries to contractual positions in the Bodla water project's 8 water intake committees. Mrs. Amita Prabhati Markam, District Panchayat President Bodla, presided over the event.

 Dedicated the gift of the construction of 28 water catchments under the water catchment project

In his address to the program, Forest Minister Mr. Akbar stated that the major goal of organizing the district-level Kisan Mela is to provide knowledge about the growth of rural life, including innovative agricultural practices so that farmers can earn the most profit. This is something that all farmers should take advantage of. In the program, Forest Minister Mr. Akbar handed 1.5 HP electric pumps to 44 beneficiaries, 3 HP diesel pumps to 11 beneficiaries, Rs. 2 lakh 80 thousand to 10 self-help organizations for various livelihood projects, and 2 HP irrigation pumps to 10 district Mineral Trust beneficiaries. Under the Extension Reforma Self Scheme, ten farmers in the district who accomplished outstanding work in the field of agriculture were honored with certificates and incentives. Brahmastra, an organic insecticide made from 1000 liters of cow urine, was given to 1000 farmers at no cost.

Apart from this, Mr. Akbar, stated that the programs run in the interest of farmers were displayed in the district-level Kisan Samelan through the exhibition of various departments. Together with this, information about it is being provided, and all farmers should take advantage of it. He stated that the government's plans are all aimed at strengthening the rural economy. The program is being operated for the residents of the village. When the citizens of a village are financially empowered and as a result, the rural economy thrives.

Since the formation of the state and under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, matters concerning farmers have been taken as a priority, with the first being the waiver of farm loans- said Mr. Akbar while addressing the Kisan Samelan, Whereas under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Bhoomiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana that has been formulated for the economic development of the state's landless laborers. Aside from that, the Godhan Nyay Yojana was launched to boost the revenue of cow owners, farmers, and people. The state government is acquiring 65 different types of forest produce by increasing 7 different types of forest produce for the development of lakhs of families in the state that are involved in forest produce gathering. The price of tendu patta per standard bag has been raised from Rs.2500 to Rs.4000. Chhattisgarh collects the most minor forest products in the country.


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