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Chief Minister for the Rajiv Gandhi grameen Bhumiheen majdoor nyay yojna

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The benefits of the state government's public welfare schemes  are also being availed by the families of the Special backward tribe of Pahadi Korva of Jashpur zone.  In the video conferencing taken by Collector Jashpur, the beneficiaries of the Rajiv Gandhi grameen Bhumiheen majdoor nyay yojna Mr. Masri and Mr. Rupan Ram informed that they have received two thousand rupees each in two instalments. Till now Rs 4 thousand each have been received in the account of both the beneficiaries. This amount is being used to meet the needs of his family.

Mr. Masri and Mr. Rupan Ram, who belong to the Pahadi Korva special backward tribe, are residents of villages Kurumdhoda and Gasebadh respectively in the Bagicha development block. They have received an amount of two thousand rupees in two installments under the Rajiv Gandhi grameen bhumiheen yojna. The beneficiary said that this scheme has assisted them to a great extent in getting financially empowered. They also expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for this scheme. In the video conference, Mr. Masri and Mr. Rupan Ram further informed that they are getting ration regularly every month through the fair price shop. Their bank account has also been opened for the transfer of input subsidy and through this account they have received funds under the Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Bhumihin Mazdoor Nyaya Yojana. Shri Masri told that his father Shri Lubari is also getting the benefit of old age pension. Similarly, Mr. Rupan Ram told that he is getting employment oppurtunity under MNREGA in the village itself.

It is notable that the number of eligible beneficiaries under Rajiv Gandhi grameen bhumiheen majdoor yojna is 04 lakh 66 thousand and each of these beneficiaries is given an annual assistance of Rs 07 thousand. In the financial year 2022-23, Rs 221.88 crore has been given to the beneficiaries of the scheme in 02 installments.

It is worth mentioning that the eligble beneficiaries should be the native of the state and also the concerned family should not have any agricultural land. Under this scheme, families associated with the Pauni-pasari system such as shepherds, carpenters, blacksmiths, cobblers, barbers, washermen, priests, forest produce collectors and worshipers of temples in the tribal areas of the state, Manjhi, Chalki, Gaita, Sirha, Baiga Gunia, Pujari, Haat Paharia, Baja Moharinya etc. have also been included as the beneficiaries.

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