With the joint team of department officials, stirred up with coaches and illegal paddy consumers

Surajpur 4 Jan

Collector Shri K.C. DevSenapati Shri K.P., Additional Collector, in the direction of  The Jainagar Paddy Purchase Center was checked on the possibility of paddy consumption in joint account by jointly by Sree and District Food Officer, Shri Amrit Kuzur and Deputy Registrar Co-operative Societies, Mr. Anil Tirkey. In which 361 sack paddy from Madhapur / Shivlal resident Rajapur has been seized on the possibility of illegal consumption.

Apart from this, the procurement center was procured by the Joint Team of the Assistant Food Officer Mr. Sandeep Bhagat, Food Inspector Mr. Nitish Kumar and the Joint Team of Mandi Department, Surajpur, where the token of the forthcoming day was found to be procured from the farmers today.

202 sack paddy, purchased by 50 sack paddy and Shailesh Jaiswal resident of the committee, from Board Manager, Budhman Singh, was seized without having to do the necessary documents (token, loan book), along with 80 farmers of paddy used for sale by Chandan Singh resident Navaparkhurd. The slip and the committee have been seized on the difference in the incoming slip.

In this order, in the investigation of the procurement center, Ramdayal / Ramprasad resident of Premnagar, 200 bags of paddy, new old mixed, brought by Jagadish / Lakshman resident Buckir, if not required to submit the necessary documents, 82 sacks of paddy and Ajay Singh / Sukhram near without token 37 sacks of paddy brought for sale were seized. Tasheedalad Bhayyathan Mrs. Indira Mishra was examined in the Paddy Purchase Center Banja, In which 143.80 quintals of paddy brought by Jur, resident of Banjal, resident of Barmalal resident Barmalal, resident of Rampratap, has been seized and found to be of non-standard variety. Other teams, Mandi Secretary Mr. Bhagat, Food Inspector Mr. Ajit Kuzur, Mandi Sub-Inspector, Mr. Pradhan, jointly conducted the seizure of confiscation of 24 quintals of rice in the check-up of the reservoir of Shivprasadnagar wholesaler Ramanand Jaiswal without necessary documentation and stack resistance. done

Along with Vinod Sonvani, resident of Shivprasadnagar, after finding out that 40 borry paddy was purchased in his shop, five times the money was charged for taking action under the Mandi Act.

In the Kharif marketing year 2018-19, the district collector's instructions on the purchase of paddy procurement work smoothly and on the fear of coaches, the officers are being constantly checked by the place. In the past day, the joint team of departmental officials in the district have stirred up the stir amongst the coconuters and the illegal paddy users, which were examined and seized from different places, about 736 quintals were procured by the Paddy Offices and in this order around today Procurement of 588.60 quintals of paddy confiscation has been taken. Action is being taken under the Mandi Act on persons found to be selling illegal paddy.


Application for vacant post of Anganwadi worker / Mini Anganwadi worker / assistant to 17th Jan

Surajpur 4 Jan

According to the information received from Project Officer Integrated Child Development Services Project Pratappur Smt. Sarita Singh, under the direction of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, for the appointment of newly sanctioned and previously approved Anganwadi worker / Mini Anganwadi worker / Assistant to the vacant post in Child Development Project Pratappur.From the local residents / interested candidates of the respective Gram Panchayat, the child development project office has been invited directly from the registered office at Pratappur or by registered post till 17 January 2019. For more information, notice board of Office of Child Development Project Pratappur or the website of www.surajpur.gov.in can be reviewed.

Rs. 52 lakh 50 thousand sanctioned to 15 beneficiaries of natural calamity

Surajpur 4 Jan

According to information received from the Additional Collector Shri KP Sai, in the direction of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, the financial assistance of Rs 52 lakh 50 thousand has been given to 15 beneficiaries of the natural victims.

According to the issuing order, the death of Sarpanch of the deceased resident resident of Gram Janjari of Vikaskhand Odhni, died on 17 June 2017 due to the death of serpent, due to the death of snake, nearest lady of the deceased, Tirkey husband Deepak Tirki, mother of the deceased resident village Smriti Due to the death due to drowning of the well in the water of the husband on July 23, 2017, the death of husband K. Kalsh Kumar A. Gopal Ram Jati Rajwar Nearest heir of spanis jasmine her husband Kalesh Kumar, Death of the deceased resident Vishal Tirki Aadmi, Deepak Tirki, of Uttar Pradesh, died on June 11, 2017 due to the poisonous snake bite, near the dead of the deceased, his father Deepak Tirki, his father, Sukhan Tirki, was found dead under the development resident of village Bansapara. Chakradar husband Shri Rameshwar Prasad Jati Pottar died on 5th October 2017 due to the death due to burning in the fire The best sheer her husband, Rameshwar Prasad,Due to death due to drowning in the water of well on November 18, 2017, due to the death of Taleeshwari husband Shri Balagovind Jati Kanwar of village Chainpur resident of the deceased, his husband Balgoovind, the deceased resident of village Chunangari, Phulati, the husband of Babulal Jati Godd, died. Due to death due to drowning in the water of well in July 2017, her husband, Babulal,Death of the deceased resident of village Chananghi, Ropan Singh, Arjun Tirupan Singh, died on September 14, 2017, due to his death due to drowning in the water of the well, his wife Laliya Bewa, Swapna Rappan Singh, Tulsi Bai, husband Bhajju of the deceased resident of village Sonpur Due to death due to the drowning of the Sukhlal jati pond of the lion, 21 September 2017, due to the death of the well in the water, the husband of Bhajju Singh,Due to death due to drowning in the water of well on the 26th February 2018 death of the father of Binu Ram Pankara of Patiala village, Patiala, near the dead, due to his death in the water of well, his wife Basapati, Swami Bansu Ram Pankara, Shivbarna father of the deceased resident village Pasal Due to death due to drowning in the water of Renanadi on Sep 12, 2016, due to the death of self-styled godman Jayant Jat Pardo, his brother Ahiran The Lodu come 0 Self 0 Jaynath,

Death of resident of village Kusmusi, Ratan Pacra, in the house of Inder Pacra caste Kawar, due to his death due to fall in the pit on March 01, 2017, the nearest weirs of the deceased, his wife Lalmani, husband, Ratan Pacara Rs four lakh and Rs. Death of father of Ram Gahal, father of Hiramani of village Gangoti, near death due to death due to drowning in the dam water on November 01, 2014 The heir to his father Rambhl,Due to the death due to beekeeping, on March 18, 2015, due to beekeeping of the deceased, after the death of beekhki bite, on the death of her husband, Sangram, A beautiful beauty, and under the development of Ramanujnagar, a resident of village Vikramadhana Ramanujnagar, Indurkukar of village Makrandipur Death of husband Surajya jati pod died on November 01, 2014 due to drowning in water Ritika closest heir, his son Ramchandra Singh and 0 Self 0 Surjn one hundred fifty thousand to one lakh fifty thousand rupees

The financial assistance amount has been approved. In anticipation of this allocation, the demand number 58 will be deemed to be in the anticipation of the allocation in the financial year 2017-18 under the Top 2245 Natural Disaster Relief.

Similarly, due to the death due to drowning in the water of well on 13th July 2018 due to the death of Phulmet husband of Hiralal caste Panika of village Baijnath of the deceased resident of village Vikaskhand Bhaiyathan, the financial assistance of Rs. 4 lakhs was given to his husband, Hiralal, Govind Ram. The amount has been approved. In anticipation of this allocation, demand number 58 top 2245 will be depleted in anticipation of allocation of financial year 2018-19 under natural calamity relief.





Efforts will be held from 10th February to 4th February for the entrance examination in the residential school class 9th

Koriya 4 Jan

In the residential school for the academic session 2019-20, the selection examination for admission in class 9th will be held on 10th February 2019 at 10:30 PM. Students wishing to do this may submit their application by 4 pm on February 4, in the office of All Development Department Education Officer and Assistant Commissioner Tribal Development Office in Korea. Efforts have been made to set criteria for residential school.

Students will be selected on merit basis basis. The student must be passed with minimum 60 percent marks or B grade examination of the students of Naxal affected district and the examination of class VIII from Naxalite district. Student is a permanent caste certificate holder of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Classes declared by the state of Chhattisgarh. Direct entry of children of the affected families of Naxal violence will be given directly, but it will be necessary to attach the certificate of the district superintendent of police in this regard.

Under the Chief Minister's Child Protection Scheme, along with the excellent and quality education of talented students of Naxalite districts, along with national level engineering, medical, CA, CS. And residential schools have been set up to succeed in the admission tests related to the subject matter. At present, the seat is reserved for the admission in the Navy class in Residential School, Ambikapur.

The effort is a total of 125 seats in the Child and Girl Residential School Ambikapur. Out of which 75 seats are for boys and 50 seats for girls. Students of Naxal-affected Korea, Sarguja, Jashpur, Balrampur, Jagdalpur, Narayanpur, Bijapur, Dantewada, Sukma, Kondagaon, Kanker, Rajnandgaon, Mahasamand, Giriyaband, Balod and Dhamtari districts can apply under this scheme according to the effort of the scheme 2017.

In order to get admission in residential school, class-wise seats have been reserved. Under this, 50 percent reservation for Scheduled Tribe students, 20 percent for scheduled caste students, 20 percent for students of OBC and 10 percent for general category students has been reserved. The examination center information will be given separately for the examiners. Pattern is set for the entrance exam. There will be eighth grade level questions in the examination.

Question paper will contain 20 of science, 20 of math, 20 of social science, 20 in English and 20 in Hindi and Sanskrit. There will be a total of 100 questions in this way. All questions will be multiple choice. The correct answer is given by the student OMR Self-guided marks should be placed at the fixed location of the seat. Detailed information regarding this can be obtained from Assistant Commissioner, Tribal Development Office, Korea and mobile number 9926156945.

Attempt Residential School Entrance Examination on February 10

Balrampur 4 Jan

Efforts will be conducted on 10th February 2019 at 10.30 am for the admission of students in class 9th in the academic session 2019-20 in Raipur and Residential School Raipur and Kanker. For joining the entrance examination, the student must be compulsorily resident of the Naxalite district, passing the examination of 60 percent marks in Class-VIII, permanent certificates of SC / SC / OBC declared by the State of Chhattisgarh are mandatory. Students wishing to join the said examination can get applications from the Development Block Education Officer Office, Board Coordinator Office, Assistant Commissioner, Tribal Development Office, and submit the application form by 04 February 2019.


Show cause notices issued without prior notice

Balrampur 4 Jan

In the meeting room of the Joint District Office Building, the review meeting of the Vigilance Public Service Guarantee Act was organized under the chairmanship of the collector. In which the Chief Municipality Officer Nagar Pachanayat Ramanujganj Mr. Bhupendra Bahadur Singh, Nagar Panchayat Rajpur Mr. Basant Bunkar and Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Shankargarh Shri Sea Saor were absent without notice and by this the application was not submitted for the leave in this office.

The said act is a violation of rule-7 of the Chhattisgarh Civil Services Practices Rules, 1965. On the absence of any prior notice, the collector Shri Hiralal Nayak has issued a show-cause notice to the three concerned. Also, it has been asked to submit the reply within 03 days. Disciplinary action will be taken against them if they are not given time to answer and are not satisfied.

Assistant Grade-02 suspended

Balrampur 4 Jan

Balarampur-Ramanujganj district's Tehsil office Kusima, a subsidiary Grade-02, Shri Sunder Ram demanded money in the name of imitation. In this regard, Assistant Grade-II Shri Sunder Ram has been suspended by the Collector, Mr. Hiralal Nayak for violating the rule of Chhattisgarh Civil Service Practices Rule-1965. In the suspension period, they have been assigned headquarters Tehsil office Balrampur. Mr. Sunder Ram will be eligible for allowance as per rule of law.

ATMs will take place in the collectorate

Bemetara 4 Jan

The State Bank of India ATM will be set up soon at the joint District Office Building Complex. Collector Mahadev Kaware told that senior officials of State Bank of India have had discussions in this regard. It has been decided that ATM machine will be installed soon in the collectorate premises for the convenience of common citizens and government employees.





Student Accident Insurance Scheme: Payment of 1 crore 26 lakh 50 thousand rupees to relatives of 44 students

Bemetara 4 Jan

Student Accident Insurance Scheme is being run by the School Education Department of the state. The objective of the scheme is to provide insurance protection to the students in the event of an accident. Collector Mahadev Kaware said that in the year 2017-18, 27 victims families in Bemetra district have been paid their insurance claim of 11 lakh 90 thousand rupees. In the year 2018-19, a total of 17 families have been paid their insurance claim amounting to 14 million 14 thousand 60 thousand rupees.

The District Magistrate informed that under this scheme, the student was given a sum of Rs 10 thousand rupees for accidental death due to accidental death or 100 percent permanent disability and was provided to the victim's family. Amendment dated-30 August 2017, provision has been made to provide the amount of one lakh rupees to the victim family for accidental death of the student or 100 percent permanent disability.Beneficiary's eligibility- Government and grant-in-aid from primary to higher secondary level students of all students and college students.




Provide information about the removal of the Public Service Garment Act-2011 applications immediately

Bemetara 4 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kawre has given instructions to the officers of the Chhattisgarh Public Service Garanti Act-2011, to remove the departmental cent percent of the applications received within two days. During the time-limit meeting in the past, he has alerted the officials that strict action will be taken against neutrality or negligence in resolving. Collector, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue, Tehsildar, Directed by the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat and CMO of the Urban Body, District Transport Officer, the departmental officers have said that the information sought for the removal of the applications made under this Act by the state government has been sought.

The collector has instructed to make the information available within two days under the Public Service Guarantee Act, including the reason for the removal of the applications received from manual and online and the reason for pending applications. He did RBC The instructions for preparing a pending compensation case under section 6-4 have also been given to the revenue officials.


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