Organized meeting of Jeevidep committee for better medical facilities available to people in district hospital

Bemetara 5 Jan

A meeting of the Jeevandeep committee's executive committee was held today under the chairmanship of Mahadev Kavre, Collector and Jeevandeep Executive Committee. Discussion and discussion were discussed in the meeting to provide better medical facilities to the common citizens. 100 bed hospital in the district headquarters is almost ready. For the construction of the building, a grant of Rs. 14 crores has been sanctioned by the Government of India.

The collector instructed the concerned construction agency to complete the task soon. In relation to the preparation of its release by the end of January, the collector gave the necessary instructions to the CMHO. This hospital is ready in the district hospital premises. In the meeting, MLA Mr. Ashish Kumar Chhabra, what other initiatives can be taken to better manage the district hospital

So that ordinary citizens can get the benefit of better health facilities. In this regard, the information regarding the vacant posts of Civil Surgeon took place. In order to make special initiatives for vacant staff posting at the state government level. The Civil Surgeon told that the post of medicin doctor, Orthopedician is vacant here. The MLA explained the doctors to keep their behavior in order.

The MLA said that the doctor has been given the same status as God. But if his behavior is correct, half of the patient's disease is sorted out. Hospital patients receive good care, staff duty on duty. Shri Chhabra said that the cases of Sanjivan come, they should not have to wander, take special care of it. Smart card provides people with the right treatment facility.Civil Surgeon told that RSBY / M.S.B.Y. Card holders were treated with 017 1018 Smart Cards and 197 patients under Ayushman India from 01 April 2018 to 30 November 2018. 464 Normal Delivery was made to the District Hospital

The MLA Mr. Chhabra gave instructions to the Civil Surgeon to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the District Hospital. Civil Surgeon Dr. Pal informed about the facilities available in the hospital through computer based PowerPoint Presentation. The Civil Surgeon told that two days a week the bone marrow specialist comes from the cremation. The certificate is prepared for bone-affected people. Generic drugs are being received by ordinary citizens from medical stores operating in the district hospital premises. The MLA directed the Civil Surgeon to initiate necessary initiatives to start generic drug shops near Basic School. Invite application under the Interest Expression. Civil Surgeon told that there is a shortage of stages of class IV in the District Hospital. Jeevandeep Committee proposed to keep staf.

Dr. Pal said that the operation of sterilization of male and female in the district hospital Bemetara is being done. From 01 April 2018 to 30 November 2018, a total of 754 successful sterilization operations were carried out. During the same period, emergency medical treatment was provided to 2864 patients. Vater ATMs are available 24 hours a day for papile in the district hospital.

Under this, cold and filter water is provided at a rate of rupees per liter. Apart from this, the filters and ROs in different Wards and Hospital Councils. The facility is also available.In the meeting Avniish Raghav, deputy collector Mrs. Silly Thomas, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Satish Sharma, Civil Surgeon Dr. SK Pal, Dr. Vinay Tamarkar, District Program Manager, National Health Mission, Smt. Anupama Tiwari, Hospital Consultant, Smt. Aarti Dutta, Executive Engineer, Lonivi M R Jatav, C.S.P.D.L.J.S. Chaudhary, other municipal officer Mohinder Sahu and other officials were present.



The well-planned development of Bemetra is the only goal of all of us - MLA Mr. Chhabra

Bemetara 5 Jan

MLA Bemetara Ashish Kumar Chhabra reviewed the functioning of Municipality Council Bemetra in the collectorate meeting room at one o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday. In the meeting, collectors Mahadev Kavre, Chief Municipal Officer Mohinder Sahu, Avnish Raghav and other officials were present. It was decided in the meeting that a master plan would be prepared for the well-developed development of Betmeetra.

Accordingly, the city will be developed by providing better citizen facilities to the common citizens. MLA Mr. Chhabra said that Bemetara is the city of all of us, not politics in the development of the city, we will all develop together the district headquarter, Bemetara as a beautiful and attractive city. MLA Mr. Chhabra took information from the 21 wards of Bemetra to supply sweet water to Shivnath Amora Ghat in 6-7 wardens.

CMO of the Municipality Said that the pipeline has not been laid in the remaining wards by the Public Health Mechanics Department (Project), hence drinking water supply is not available. P.H.E. The department has sent a revised steamet to the state government. The collector said that he is P.E. Call the officers of the department and direct them to take necessary action.

The MLA took information from the CMO about the cleaning and beautification of Bhadrakali pond. After drying of water in some ponds of Bemetra, it is necessary to remove mud and clay after drying of water, so that the water after the rains, then the water is clean. The MLA gave instructions to CMO Muktidham for fixing the maintenance of the city. Chief Municipal Officer informed that for the construction of Hi-tech bus stand in Durg Road, Rs. 4.40 crore has been approved from the state government.

But the allocation of the zodiac has not come. The MLA, giving clear warning to the Chief Municipal Officer, said that within 15 days the contractors should pay the remaining payment. Shri Chhabra said that CMO's control of all the staff of the municipality should be controlled. Take special care of quality in construction work, there will be no compromise with quality. The collector instructed the CMO to pay special attention to the citizen's facilities available to the citizens under the public service guarantee act 2011.

During the meeting, the complainant received the complaint that the Deputy Engineer and the Accountant of the Municipality did not pass any payment for the amount without any payment, it would be strictly curbed, otherwise the proceedings would be taken against the concerned. The contractors complained that the municipality staff does not have any payment for the visit without paying. Despite the announcement of the ODF by the Municipal Council, some contractors have not been able to make the final payment of the amount of toilets constructed till date.

The MLA gave instructions to the CMO to make quick payments. During the meeting, discussions were made regarding the migration of the auditor to the Municipal Councils from the higher offices. They reach anytime but their scheduled day is not fixed, they are fixed for two days a week. The Gaurav Path has been built in Durg Road and small plantations have been planted in it. Maintainance should also be properly done. The drainage drainage systematic should be arranged. Bathing the beautification of Bandh- In the meeting, the MLA gave instructions to the Chief Municipal Officer to prepare a proposal for beautification of Bandha Lake near Panchavati situated in Khilora Marg. The motor boat facility will be developed by making the pond deeper. The pond will be developed for the convenience of tourists in Bemetra city and the common people of the district and people of the city will also enjoy the holiday along with family in the days of holidays etc.

Monitoring of Expenditure Accounts of Candidates till 7th January

Koriya 5 Jan

Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Narendra Dugga has said that in all the three assembly constituencies of the district, in the assembly elections 2018, on January 7, at 5.30 pm, in the collectorate cell, 69 or 75, the Assistant Expenditure Observer and Accounting Team Lastly, the account book has to be filed. For this, he has given the directives to submit the expenditure accounts for the scrutiny of the candidates through self or through their election agent. He said that while taking corrective of the register given from the District Election Office, the affidavits should be signed by the candidates in the format given in the register.

District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee constituted

Surajpur 5 Jan

Collector Shri K.C. Devsenapati has informed that District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee has been constituted. In which the Chairman of the Collector Surajpur will be Minister and Minister of State Government, Education Department, Scheduled Caste tribe, Other Backward Classes Minority Welfare and Cooperative Department, Lok Sabha area No. 01 Sariguza, Assembly constituency 04- Legislator of Premnagar, Assembly constituency 05- MLA of Bhatgaon,District Superintendent of Panchayat and Social Welfare, District Program Officer, Women and Child Development, District Public Prosecution Officer, District and Sessions Court, Surajpur, Smt. Vimla Bhagat, Social Education Committee, Women's Education Committee, Surajpur, Shri Sant Singh Samaj Sevi, Regional Academic Jan Kalyan Samiti, Surajpur , Shri Tribhuvan Singh Tikam Samaj, Savi Bapu Dharm Sabha, Adivasi Seva Samiti, Ashram, Govindpur Member and Hayek Commissioner Tribal Welfare Department has been appointed as member-secretary.


So far 736668.40 quintals of Paddy purchased in the district

Balrampur 5 Jan

In Kharif marketing year 2018-19, paddy is being procured at the support price from 23752 registered farmers in the 37 paddy cultivation centers of 28 cooperatives of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. So far 736668.40 quintals of paddy have been made in the district's Paddy procurement centers. Out of which 38336.80 qtl thick rice and 698331.60 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. There has been an uprising of 235640 quintals of paddy.

The co-operative committee of the district is in 17292.80 in Kapildevpur, 14352 in Ranat, 18218.80 in Kusemani, 47343 in Keshmeshnagar, 4103 in Kodawa, 18,616.40 in Gopalpur, 203838.40 in Gondal, 20738.40 in Jamori, 25016.60 in Jamari, 1873.60 in Jokpaath (Bharatpur), 3790.40 in Dipedeh, 11912.80 in Dongro. , 49505.60 in Trikunda, 20386.10 in Dhandhapur, 15278 in Daura, 4208.40 in Passa, 13641.60 in Barakagaon, 21343.20 in Barikikala, 17796.80 in Tatapani,In Baradar, 13554.80, 25046 in Bari, 4204.80 in Balangpur, 33062.80 in Balrampur, 31047.90 in Maharajganj, 4319.20 in Bhulasikal, 50135 in Bhanwarwal, 53051.60 in Bhavnagarj, 53051.60 in Mahavirganj, 11517 in Raghunathnagar, 6454.40 in Jigri (Basen), 34057.60 in Rajpur, 21752 in Ramachandrapur , 24126 in Ramnagar, 20896 in Basantpur, 23154.80 in Vadafnagar, 22840 in Dindo, 21957.60 in Virendranagar, 16805 in Sewari and 3118.40 quintals in Samaria were purchased from the paddy farmers.

Surveillance team constituted, considering possibility of arrival of neighboring states

Jashpur 5 Jan

For the Kharif marketing year 2018-19, the paddy arrival period for the support price is fixed from 1 November to 2018 to 31 January 2019. Meanwhile, there is an apprehension of selling paddy from neighboring states to the purchase centers whose duty has been set up by the party for monitoring and prevention and the duty of the officials and employees has been imposed.

From the inter-state where the inter-state from where the paddy arrival is going to be done regularly, and will make a barrier on the check post and will be screened for 24 hours and will be able to prepare the case according to the rules as per the rules of the paddy transport without permission. Duty of the constituted party, Jawaharpur tehsil check post of Satyagataroli, Patwari Mr. Nishant Bagh, Mr. Farukh Javed, Mr. Sanjay Khakha, Mandi Deputy Inspector Shri Narmada Prasad Yadav, Rural Extension Officer Mr. S.L. Pattidar, Mr. Abhashwar Pandkar and Lokeshwar Bharti Duty Has been installed.

Patwari Mr. Dinesh Kumar Baghel, Mr. Tarun Kumar Khalkho, Rural Agricultural Extension Officer Shri Rajendra Kumar Yadav and V.K. Jatav, Manora tehsil's check post in Durgaon, Patwari Shri Praveen Tirki, Srvi Narayan Rathia,Mr. Ajay Tirki, Rural Extension Officer, Mr. Jerem Minj, Mr. SS Kerketta and Deputy Inspector, Mr. Ashok Kumar Sinha, Check Posts of Farasabahar Tehsil, Mr. Suneet Kuzur, Patwari, Mr. Oswal Bibhu Khalkho, Mr. Tikam Singh, Deputy Inspector, Mr. Haldar Prasad Dansena, Rural Expansion Officer Mr. Roshan Danil Dhanson, Mr. Harme Pratap Singh and Mr. Pitambar Patel have been installed.

Patwari Mr. Rohit Kumar Bhagat, Mr. Shyamlal Nayak, Mr. Manoj Kumar Nishad, and Rural Agricultural Extension Officer, Kamleshwar Singh, Mr. Dilis Bhagat, Patwari Mr. Jogi Ravi Kujur, Resident Bhagat, Mr. Santosh Gupta and Rural Extension Officer, Shri Naresh Patel,Patwari Mr. Sukhaiyas, Sri Patra Siddar, Sri Devaki Ram, Rural Extension Officer Shri Narsing Ram





Training will be given to 120 youth in different trades

Jashpur 5 Jan

For self-employment, youth of all classes will be trained in various trades. The manager of the intermediate professional training told that 120 youths in the intermediate vocational training center Jashpur and Kunkuri have to be provided training. Applications from interested youth have been invited till January 20. He informed that for Jashpur and Kunkuri, both Vikash Vikas will be given training to 40 and sewing 20 youths in the Electrician. The duration of training in different trade is 270 to 400 hours.

The applicant can apply for the training of Native resident of Chhattisgarh who are not less than 14 years of age and above 45 on January 1, 2019. It is compulsory to attach the photocopy of income, caste, residence certificate and certificate of educational qualification issued by competent authority with the application. For this purpose, passing the tenth standard for the Electrician must be 5th for the sewing telegraph. For detailed information regarding this, intermediate vocational training center can be contacted by Jashpur and Kunkuri and office manager intermediary professional training.


District level marathon race: Kumari Sandhya Rani in the women category and Shri Ashok Singh made the first place in the men category

Jashpur 5 Jan

The District Level Marathon race was organized by the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare from 5.00 a.m. on January 5. Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar sent the show flagged and presented the award to the participants who were victorious in the race. On this occasion, Superintendent of Police Shri Shankarlal Baghel also rewarded the participants. The sports officer said that the marathon race started from Rashangeta Stadium in Jashpur. The participants of both the men and women of both classes participated in this race. 20km for men and 10km for women was determined. In the district level race, the first ten place participants were participating in the development block level marathon race.

He said that the first prize was given to the men and women category for the first prize, 5000 thousand, the second prize 2500, the third prize 1500, the fourth prize 500 and the fifth position from the fifth position to 250 rupees. Duldula's Kumari Rishi Rani got the first position in the women's runner race. Similarly, Kumari Neha Bhagat of Kumarkuri, third Kumari Navita Lakra, fourth Kumari Manjula Bhagat, fifth place Kumari Alka Ekka, sixth place Kumari Vijayawati, Kumari Ritu Khokho at seventh place, eighth place Kumari Sara Khakha, Nawan Kshetra Kumar Neha and others. Dundula's Kumari Devmati Bai got the tenth place.

In the men category, Mr. Ashok Singh of Narayanpur secured first place. Similarly, Shri Amosh Kuzur in the second place, Shri Vijay Bhagat in the third place, Shri Anand Kuzur in the fourth place; Shri Satish Ram in the fifth place; Sri Baliram in the sixth place; Shri Mahavir in the seventh place; Shri Vinod Minj in the seventh place; Shri Nitya Lakra; Mr. Buddheshwar Sai has achieved

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s tour programme on 6th January

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel will participate in several programmes in Bemetara, Raipur, Rajnandgaon and Durg districts on 6th January (Sunday). According to the schedule, Mr. Baghel will board a helicopter at 10: 30 am at Bhilai and reach village Rampur (Baadh) Berla area district Bemetara at 11:00 am. He will participate in  Kurmi Samaj Conference.

Mr. Baghel will reach Amleshwar district Durg at 12: 00 noon. He will proceed to Mahadev Ghat district Raipur at 12: 10 pm. He will participate in Chhattisgarh Sanathan Dasnam Goswami Samaj programme. Later, he will take part in Chhattisgarh Nishaad Samaj programme at Kharoon Palace Mahadev Ghat at 12:45 pm.

Chief Minister will take part in Chhattisgarh Scheduled Castes-Scheduled Tribes’ Shaaskiya Sevak Vikaas Sangh felicitation ceremony at Science College hall in the capital at 1:25 pm. Mr. Baghel will participate in a felicitation ceremony of the Satnami Samaj at Guru Ghasidas Colony New Rajendranagar at 2:10 pm.

Later, Mr. Baghel will take part in a felicitation ceremony organized by Kudukh (Urao) Adivasi Samaj of the newly-elected MLAs at Purkhouti Mukhtangan Premises (Atal Nagar). He will board a helicopter at Nimora-based helipad at 3:25 pm and leave for Rajnandgaon. Chief Minister will reach Rajnandgaon at 4:00 pm. He will take part in the All-India Hockey tournament felicitation ceremony. Chief Minister will reach Bhilainagar at 4:55 pm and take part in the Brahmaharshi Bhumihar Brahman Samaj programme. Later, Mr. Baghel will participate in the Chandulal Chandrakar Jayanti annual convention at Kurmi Bhawan Bhilai at 5:40 pm. Mr. Chandrakar was a senior journalist, former Union Minister and former-Durg Member of Parliament. He will arrive at his Bhilai-based residence at 6:30 pm.  

Chief Minister attends Condolence Meet : Mr. Baghel pays tribute to Litterateur late Dr. Rajnarayan Dixit and late Mrs. Suryakumari Dixit

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has expressed condolence on sad demise of Senior Journalist Mr. Sanjay Dixit's parents. Chief Minister Mr Baghel attended the condolence meet held yesterday at Sindhu Bhavan, Shankar Nagar. He paid tribute to litterateur Dr. Rajnarayan Dixit and Mrs. Suryakumari Dixit and prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace.  Mr. Baghel has empathized with the grief-stricken family. It is noteworthy that Senior Journalist Mr Sanjay Dixit's Father Dr Rajnarayan Dixit and Mother Suryakumari Dixit passed away recently.

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