EVM school running in Tehsil offices

Jashpurnagar 27 March 2019 / Collector Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar is organizing various activities under the Voter Awareness Program in Jashpur district, while ensuring participation of people. In order to increase the voter awareness in the district and to increase the voting in the Lok Sabha election, EVM school is being organized regularly in the Hats-Markets, Bus-Stand and Tehsil Offices of the district. Through this school, people are being given the resolution of voting with the method of voting through EVMs.
 Tehsildar Garden said that the doubts about the doubts and dilemmas in the minds of the villagers regarding EVM through EVMs are also being addressed in detail by giving information in detail. During the EVM semester of the program, the villagers are also informing that this is the safest and transparent medium of voting. The experimental demonstration of slip emanating VVPAT from pressing the button of EVM machine is being done by the villagers. He said that similarly the organizing of EVM school is also being organized in the polling stations, bus stands and weekly markets.

Coaching of Spoken English free from April 1 Interested candidates will be able to register till one April

In the direction of Jashpurnagar 27 March 2019 / Collector Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar, students of all the English learners, along with the students of the district administration Jashpur, are going to start free English spoken crash course from 01 April 2019. This crash course has a large number of participants registered themselves. Participants wishing to participate in the crash course can register themselves till 1 April.
For this course, all interested students, students, knock-down staff, household women and other interested citizens can also join this crash course. This crash course will be held from 1st April to 15th May, 45th, in accordance with the batch wise classes in the district library Jashpur. Participants participating in this crash-course will be present in the district library at Jashpur on April 01, the participants who have not been able to register will be able to register themselves directly in the District Library. On the opening day of the course, on April 01, the coaching classes will be made in the morning and evening shift by making the batch according to the convenience of the participants.
Principal of the resolution, Vinod Gupta, informed that at least 10th passed candidates can be included in the interested participants of all age groups. Vivek Pathak, the subject expert of the neo-resolution, along with other experts will be taught in spoken English crash-course. It is understood that a Crash Course is being organized in the District Library for preparation of the Chief Municipal Officer Examination. For free spoken English crash course, you can contact Neo-Resolution Office, District Library or Mobile Number 9479240003.

Apart from Voter's introduction letter, 11 other photo IDs can also be made from voting.

Korea 27 March 2019 / District Election Officer and Collector Shri Bhoskar Vilas Sandipan said that according to the instructions given by Election Commission of India, all voters who have issued Electoral Photo Identity Cards for election for Lok Sabha Elections - 2019 Before casting your vote, your electorate will show photo identification to ensure your identity. In relation to the voter photo identity card, the inaccuracy of the typing spelling, etc. should be ignored, provided the identity of the voter can be ensured by Epik. If a voter displays the photo identity card, which is issued by the electoral registration officer of any other assembly constituency, such voter photo identity card will also be approved for identification, provided the name of the electorate, where he has come to vote Must be available in electoral rolls related to that polling station. If it is not possible to ensure identification of the voter due to mismatch of photograph etc., then the voter has to submit one of the above mentioned alternative photo documents.
This time, the Election Commission has clearly issued a decree that voting will not be able to vote only with the slip. They will also need to bring an Epic card. If they can not get the EPIC card they will be able to set up their identification in 11 other alternative photo identification photographs issued by Aadhar card, passport, driving license, center, state government or educational institution issued by photo identity card, banks, post office. , PAN card, MNREGA job card, health insurance card, photographed pension documents, photo ID issued to MPs and MLAs and Any one of the smart cards issued by the Registrar General of India can submit a document.

Two vehicles seized in illegal tree cutting

Bemetra March 27, 2019: - Farmer of Gram Jhal tehsil Bemetra was found to be wood filled in haywa by cutting illegal acacia tree from surrounding fields in 10-wheeler two HUVGA CG 09 B 0799 and CG 09 066 in the farm of Mahatra Dad Samhe Jati Verma. Sub-divisional magistrate Bemetra told that the wooden contractor Ajmer Ali, father of Chand Ali Ali, resident of Pondi district Kabirdham, was present in the investigation that the said tree was being cut with the consent of the land owner. In relation to cutting of trees from the contractor, no NOC certificate was asked to be taken from any department and no NOC has been obtained from the village panchayat. Danes vehicles have been seized in the Navagadh police station at the farm site.

Voter awareness program

Bemetra March 27, 2019: - Under the guidance of collector and district election officer Shri Mahadev Kaware, the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPET) machine is being displayed in the Hat-Bazar and polling stations of the district. In the VVPET machine, the voter will see a symbol for 7 seconds that the vote he has given is correct or not.
Special efforts are being made by the district administration to make common citizens aware about voting. Various programs are being organized in this district to increase voter awareness and increase percentage of voting in the district. Rally and street plays are being performed in schools.

Come Together TB End

Bemetra March 27, 2019: - Collector Mahadev Kaware, here today, informed the officers and employees of the District Medical Center, Katiyak Control Center, in the collective court and informed about the efforts being made for TB control. On this occasion, Chief Medical and Health Officer, DS Sharma, DPM, Mrs. Anupama Tiwari, Uralit Treatment Supervisor Pramod Kumar Sahu were present. CMH o Dr. Sharma told that symptoms of TB include cough more than two weeks, fever growing in the evening, and chest pain. He told that TB Day is celebrated on March 24 every year by World Health Organization from 1982 on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of American scientist Dr. Robert Jones.
    It is time - it is time to investigate and treat the cough for two weeks, it is time - it is time to talk about TB - it is time to remove the discrimination - it is time - the strengthening of health care providers and the awareness of TB To do Chief Medical and Health Officer has appealed to people to cooperate with the people to make this TB free India.


Workshop organized to stop the water of Navy and increase groundwater

Jashpurnagar 27 March 2019 / One day workshop organized by the Agriculture Department on the selection of water storage structures for the prevention of water flow of Narva (drainage) in Jashpur district and on the selection of water storage structures has been held in the Collectorate Assembly Hall on the last day. In this workshop organized in the presence of Collector Shri Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar and CEO of District Panchayat Shri Rajendra Katara, officers working with the implementation of the Prime Minister's Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, including the Agricultural Water Resources, Rural Engineering Service, to stop the flow of water from the effluents and make the ground water level. Details were given in detail about keeping technology.
Collector Shri Nileshkumar said that there are hundreds of rainy and perennial grooves in the rural areas of the district, which still continues the flow of water. Identifying these nallahs should be obstructed by ensuring the participation of village panchayats and villagers at suitable places. Due to this, water supply in drains can be made available to villagers and drinking water for the animals. Filling of water in the drains will improve the ground water levels of the surrounding villages. The Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat spoke about using sand sacks, boulders, etc. for drainage bond. He said that with the arrangement to stop the water from place to place, the increase in ground water level will increase. It will also be used for irrigation and water ponds of the village by lifting water as per the requirement.
In the workshop, the training expert of Chhattisgarh State Water Management Agency, Mr. Jitendra Ekka gave useful information about the use of water bodies for use as a tool for the use of water of the water, selection of water storage structures and selection of drainage bonds. Officers of other departments including Deputy Director Agriculture, Executive Engineer, Water Resources were present in the workshop.

District level workshop on voter awareness was organized

Under the direction of Surajpur 27 March 2019 / State Election Officer's direction and guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Deepak Soni and District Sweep Nodal Officer, Mr. Ashwani Devangan, under the direction of Ashwani Deogan, District Livelyhud College Parri Surajpur special workshop under Votant Awareness Campaign Was organized. Assistant Project Officer Dinesh Kumar presented his views related to the franchise, all were administered the oath, among whom the students were Supriya Kushwaha, Jitendra Tiwari, Rahul Jaiswal, KU Nirmala, Kalyan Singh and Rameshwar Prajapati Sweep Samanoyak Mohan Sahu, Gaus Beg, Balendra Sahu All the staff / staff members of college management are present in the workshop



Voter machine is being demonstrated by holding a stall in Collectorate, Bus Stand and District Sessions Judge - new voters are keen to know VV Pat with great eagerness

Under the guidance of Surajpur 27 March 2019 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Deepak Soni and under the direction of Chief Executive Officer and Sweep District Nodal Officer Mr. Ashwani Devangan, under the direction of "No Voter Dismissed", Collectorate Complex in the District, Bus Stand Surajpur And in the District and Sessions Judge Surajpur, the EVM and VV Pat Voter Machine are being displayed by stalling With the passenger's big curiosity in the stand, the process of casting vote using the voting machines and the VV pat machine of the vote is the center of attraction for the logo, the same district and sessions court, the court officials and the general public amounts Being present, the voter is looking at the process of voting through the machine, understand that the same in the Collectorate office The persons and authorities are using Votig machine by employees. Voter awareness campaigns are being carried out in the district with wide spread in the district, with a 'Running Ganga Vote' tag line.

Dismissal of proposed amendments in forest law Congress Government - Kisan Sabha

The Chhattisgarh Kisan Sabha has opposed the proposed amendments in the Indian Forest Act by the BJP Government of the Center and said that this has exposed the anti-tribal and corporate character of the BJP government.


In a statement released here today, Rishi Gupta, general secretary of Kisan Sabha, said that if these amendments are accepted, then tribal rights law and Pesa law will be completely neutralized, as the proposed amendments will be given to Forest Officers To restrict the rights of people living in and to harass them, to displace them without their consent and to corporate Gives unlimited rights to delegates to forest areas. Many streams of these proposed amendments are the same as Armed Forces (Privilege) law like 22A (c), 26 (3), 29 (3), 30 (b), 34 (c), 66 (2) etc. It is clear from this that this government is declaring a war against 10 million tribals residing in forests.


The Kisan Sabha leader has said that the opinion of the state governments on these amendments has been sought and the Congress should dismiss the Bhupesh Baghel Government without delays. The Kisan Sabha has raised objection even at the time of the proposed amendments, as this step deprives the government of giving new opportunities to policy decisions.


He said that it is clear from the corporate policies which are being implemented by this government, that the real intention of the government is to entrust the affluent forest estate to the corporates and to crush every legitimate voice and movement that arises against it. The Kisan Sabha has said that the efforts of this government have been thwarted in the case of eviction from the forest and in this case it will be defeated by the mass movement. This issue will also be made into the electoral agenda in the state.

Sanjay Parate

Chhattisgarh Kisan Sabha

Noorani Chowk, Rajtailab, Raipur (C.G.)

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