Approved amount for the restoration of 06 hostels and 01 Ashram

Bemetra June 24, 2019: Administrative Assistance has been given to Collector, Tribal Development Department, and Tribal Development Department, Bemetara by Collector Mahadev Kaware for the renovation and renovation of various hostels. These include the pre-matric scheduled caste hostels for the Scheduled Castes girl hostel, Sambalpur and the hostel hostel for Navagad, 282620 and Rs. 273856, respectively, under development block, under the Development Block, Bemetara, Scheduled Caste hostel hostel, girl hostel and post matriculation. Scheduled Caste hostel hostel repairs Administrative sanction of 384674, 281653 and 296966 respectively for E is Similarly, Administrative approval of Rs. 389982 has been provided for the construction and renovation work of Post Matriculated Scheduled Caste hostel hostel in Bemetra and Rs. 400872 for the renovation work of Scheduled Castes for boys and girls in Ashram, Navagad. The administrative approval has been provided.


Order to propagate the Prime Minister's Labor Yogi Mudhan Yojana to Panchayat Secretaries

Bemetra June 24, 2019: - In the District Bemetra, a meeting of Gram Panchayat Secretaries was held in Development Block level by collector Mahadev Kaware in the last few days of development block Saaza, Berla, Bemetra and Navagad. In which the Labor Department officials and employees were informed about the Prime Minister's Labor Yogi Mansa scheme. In this regard, the collector instructed the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat to send a monthly report per month by the publicizing the Prime Minister's Labor Yogi Mansa Yojana, and according to the Panchayat wise target of the Secretary, Employment Assistants. Mr. N.K. Sahu, Labor Officer, under the provisions of the Contract Labor Act, 1970, for registration / renewal of the contractors and the provision of child labor under the provision of Kishore Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 Amendment Act, 2016, The ban is restricted and the planning of 107 notified hazardous business / processes of teenagers from 14 years and 18 years of age are completely prohibited. to be provided. At the same time, the minimum wage rate was given in different establishments, currently unskilled labor rate is 323 = 00, semi-skilled labor is 348 = 00 and skilled labor rate is 378 = 00 and the agricultural wage rate is 240 = 00. Registration and other plans were also discussed in detail.


In case of irregularity in midday meal scheme Services for two self-help groups aborted

Bemetra June 24, 2019: - The collector's court has canceled their services due to irregularities in the mid-day meal scheme for two women self-help groups in Bemetra district. In this, because of the irregularity in the Saldha, Tehsil Berla, District Bemetra (Chhattisgarh) Midday Meal Scheme, by Chairman Goma Bai Sahu and Dattatreya Women Self-Help Group Chairman Mrs. Rukmani Bai, through Prayagraj Women Self-Help Group Saldda, M.D. .M. The operation of the scheme has been canceled. An inquiry report was submitted on the order of inquiry by the Development Block Education Officer, Berla. According to which irregularity has been found in the mid-day meals by the two women's self-help groups. On the confirmation of the said complaint by Vikas Block Education Officer, Berla, the work of the midday meals was done by Jai Chaturbuji Women Self. In connection with the grant of assistance group, after the approval of the Sub-Divisional Officer, Berla, on 06 June 2019, the respondent number 02 has been ordered to conduct Midday Meal in the Government Primary School Saldha Development Block Berla. Due to the order issued by the Development Block Education Officer, Berla, according to the law, 06 June 2019, the appeals submitted by the appellant have been rejected due to lack of support.

On the confirmation of the said complaint by Vikas Block Education Officer, Berla, the work of the midday meals was done by Jai Chaturbuji Women Self. In connection with the grant of assistance group, after the approval of the Sub-Divisional Officer, Berla, on 06th June, 2019, the respondent number 02 has been ordered to conduct Midday Meals in the Government Government Primary School and the East Secondary School Saldha Development Block, Barla. Due to the order issued by the Development Block Education Officer, Berla, according to the law, 06 June 2019, the appeal submitted by the appellant has been rejected by the Collector Justice Bemetra. Sdm New women group - Jai Chaturbhu Women Self Help Group Saldha, after MDM approval by Berla; The responsibility for implementation of the scheme has been entrusted.


Gram Panchayat Basine suspends Sarpanch

Bemetra June 24, 2019: On the directive of Collector Mahadev Kaware, an order issued by Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Bemetra, was found to be serious due to section 40 of the Panchayat Raj Act 1993 against the Sarpanch of the Gram Panchayat Basni, the Sarpanch of Punaram Pathak. . Section 39 of Panchayat Raj Act 1993 has been suspended from the post of Sarpanch.


On the sale of paddy and manure at a non-standard level, there will be a strong action-collector

Order to make KCC at committee level through Shivir
Meeting of Food, Cooperatives and Agriculture Department concluded

A review meeting of Food, Cooperative, Seed Corporation, Fisheries, Nan, Markfed, Veterinary, Horticulture and Agricultural Department was held in his chamber located in District Collectorate under the chairmanship of Mr. Domon Singh, Chief of the Corporation, on June 24, 2019. In the meeting the collector gave instructions to the concerned to make KCC at the committee level through Shivir. In the same way, they talked about keeping an eye on the sale of paddy seeds and fertilizers at a non-standard level and keeping an eye on them.

In the meeting, the collector informed the officers presenting the proposal, taking into account the status of manure, condition of seed storage, distribution and savings, loan waiver certificate, renewal of PDS, old national card and building for nation shop. . He informed the officials of the food department about the storage of the quantity in the adequate quantity in the unrestricted national centers. The Deputy Director of the Agriculture Department received information on the latest condition of storage and distribution of Kharif crop seeds and updated status of savings.
Deputy Director of the Agriculture Department informed that different varieties of 12 thousand 170 quintals of paddy have been stored, out of which 3 thousand 399 quintals have been distributed and 8 thousand 771 quintals of paddy are left. Similarly, 98 quintals of pulse has been stored, out of which 40 quintals have been distributed and 58 quintals of pulses are still left. Available to the farmers for the society.

District Marketing Officer informed that 7 thousand 712 MT of manure has been stored in the district, out of which 5 thousand 243 MT of manure has been distributed in the committee and 2 thousand 469 MT of manure is still left.

The Collector gave all the officials present in the meeting to give maximum benefit to all the beneficiaries in view of the upcoming Monsoon Session. On this occasion, the respective officers and staff were present.

Meeting of general meeting of Baikunthapur Janpad Panchayat on 26th June

The meeting of General Assembly of Korea Jun 24, 2019 / Baikunthpur District Panchayat has been held on 26th June. In the meeting, review of development works, other issues including Social Assistance Pension Scheme will be discussed. The Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat Baikunthpur has urged the concerned, including the President, Vice President and all the members of the Janpad Panchayat, Bekundthpur, to be present at the place and time.

Rs 40 lakh sanctioned for the heir of deceased in natural calamity

Korea, June 24, 2019 / Collector Mr. Doman Singh has approved the amount of Rs 40 lakh for the deceased in the natural calamity. He has sanctioned a total amount of Rs 4 lakhs to his successor, Shree Prem Lal, Shree Samvat and Mr. Bihari, after the death due to drowning in village Pondry of Sankravaria of Manandergarh, Vikashand.
Similarly, when the Collector died in a drain in the drain of the village Musra of Vikheshkhand Mannadgarh, he died on the death of his descendant, Mrs. Maya Gupta, the village of Hanslal of village udayana, on the death of his successor, Mr Jalal, Vikaskhand Sonhat, from village Saralia of Sugani Bai of Village Beliya, In case of death due to drowning, his heirs, Shrimati Manmatya, his heir, on death of village Jogia, from the cemetery of Umesh Kumar. When the death due to drowning in the pond of village Rautsarai in village Rautsarai, their heirs died due to the death of their deceased Shree Dasasi and Rakesh Kumar of Gram Ghagra, and his successor, Shivnath and Vikaskhand, Bharatpur's Village of Zhivprasad died in Dame. Upon his death, when he died in falling in the well of Ramprasad of his predecessor, Smt. Janmati, village Nerua, his successor, Shri Gautam and Gram Jan After the death of Uma Sahu of Kapoor, he has sanctioned a sum of 4-4 lakh rupees for his heir, Shri Shivkumar Sahu, after his death. They have sanctioned this amount under the natural disaster relief under the provisions of the Revenue Book Circular.

Farmer Shri Shyam Lal gave thanks to the Chief Minister on his debt waiver

Mr. Shayam Lal, a farmer of Village Katgodi, of Vikas sadan, on June 24, 2019 / village development in Sonhat, thanked the Chief Minister for his debt of 40 thousand rupees. He told that farming cultivators are his main business. To cultivate, they have to take refinance loans and have to repay the loan. This year, he has sold 32 quintals of Paddy 2 thousand 500 rupees per quintal from his 19 acre farm.
Farmer Shree Shyam Lal said that the worry of debt restraints remained unanswered in his mind that he would sell the crop and one part of the received amount would have to be settled as a loan. Farmer Shree Shyam Lal informed that the forgiveness of the debt by the government has removed his concern and he has brought happiness in his mind as well as the entire family. The money that would have been spent in repaying the loan, would be spent on the education of the children of his family as well as in all the necessary tasks of the house and accumulated for the future to keep up for the accidental disaster.

"The school is going to grow, the people who have been laughed" Collector inaugurates Shala Pravesh Utsav 05 teachers of 06 schools get absent salary

Bemetra June 24, 2019: - From today, the government and private schools of Bemetara district have begun to be happy with the children. Today Shala Entrance Celebration has also been inaugurated from today. In the schools today, the children of Navodaya children were welcomed by wearing gulas and sweetening the children who entered Class I, VI and VIII. Collector Mahadev Kavre today reached various schools in the district and joined the school admission celebration school. He welcomed them by providing a book to the newly invited children under Jogi La Gaede Bar. Uniforms were distributed to children of primary and middle children with the book.

On the first day of education session 2019-20 after the summer holidays, the Collector gave his congratulations and greetings to the newly opened children at Government Higher Secondary School, Balasamund and Bawmohatra Primary and middle schools, Bhothidih, Bawamohatra, Navagon (Khudmudi) and Khudmudi. The Collector said that special attention should be paid to the reading-reading of the school for better examination results. The collector said that efforts will be made for career guidance of the youth in the district. Regarding the results of schools in the class X and XII board, the results of the schools are good, the teachers need to pay more attention to this. During the inspection of the school collector of village Ghtholi, it was found at 12.00 noon. The villagers said that the school was open today morning. For this reason the teachers were declared the leave of children by the teachers. While two schools are not operated in that campus. The collector directed the DEO to issue show-order notice against the teachers concerned. Mid-day meals were not operated in Village Ghattoli Primary School, the villagers said that it was being operated by Jai Maa Bambleshwari Self Help Group. Collector D.O. Asked to issue show-job notice.

 Inspired by the children, the collector highlighted the name of his parents, village and school by doing good reading. District Education Officer Shri C. S. Dhru said that the government is giving cycles to the students under the Saraswati cycle scheme for free books, uniforms and girls for the students. Education gets a new light Students can serve family, society and country by doing good reading. On this occasion, he welcomed the sweet young people of the newlyweds and welcomed them intimately. During the inspection, the committee coordinator of Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission, Kamod Thakur, B.E.O. Bemetra Mr. D. D. Dahariya, A.S.O. Sunil Tiwari B r c. Satish Sharma was present.

Remuneration payers of absent teachers- absentee teacher from the first day school during the surprise inspection of collector, Anita Tamrokar, lecturer, Panchayat, Kamlesh Kumar Singh teacher, L.B. And Sameer Shukla L.B. All teachers are from Government Higher Secondary School, Balasamud. During the inspection of the Collector, remained absent from duty. For this reason, the instructions for cutting the salary of the three people to the District Education Officer present on the spot. Similarly, assistant teacher of primary school Khudmudi, Mrs. Kiran Banjare and Arunima Ramtek were also found absent from duty today. The instructions for cutting the salary of both of them are DEO. Given to Similarly, the teacher of Government School Bhothidih, Udal Prasad Banjara, who was absent from duty today, will also be deducted a day's salary.

Workshop under Right to Information Act today

Bemetra June 24, 2019: For the Public Information Officer and First Appellate Authority under the Right to Information Act 2005, a one-day training workshop at district level has been organized on Tuesday 25th June at 11.30 am in the Vigyan Sabha of the Joint District Office.

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