Corona Warriors' important contribution in stopping corona infection -Home Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu honored Corona Warriors

Program organized in Gondwana Bhavan

durg 8 February 2021 / Corona Warriors deserve praise for the way Corona Warriors have served their people and controlled the growing risk of Corona infection in the district, despite the serious threat of Corona. This was stated by Home and PWD Minister Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu on the occasion of the program organized at Gondwana Bhavan.
The Home Minister said that Corona Warriors assisted people during the peak of the Kovid transition. Worked hard day and night. Durg district is an industrial district and there is a lot of movement from other states. Due to this, there was a lot of possibility of spreading of Kovid infection here. The Corona Warriors did important work to prevent this disaster.
The Home Minister said that social organizations also had good participation in it. He helped people a lot during the lockdown. Those trapped during the lockdown were greatly assisted by the Corona Warriors. Due to the quick availability of treatment by Corona Warriors, many patients were saved.
The event was organized by Om Satyam Teaching and Public Development Committee. Chairman Mr. Sitaram Thakur and Secretary Mr. Dilip Thakur thanked the Home Minister on the occasion. On this occasion, District Panchayat President Mrs. Shalini Yadav, District President Durg Mr. Devendra Deshmukh, Jeevandeep Committee Member Mr. Dushyant Dewangan and other public representatives were present.

Invitation of claim objection in publication of membership list of Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies

Jashpurnagar 08 February 2021 / Collector and Managing Director of Shri Mahadev Kavre, District Forest Produce Cooperative Union Marya. According to the information received from Jashpur, the membership list has been published by the Registration Officer for the election of the Board of Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Committees.
The Managing Director said that if any member has any objection in the published member list, he should submit the objection in writing to the Registration Officer or the authorized officer appointed by him to the institution office in official time till the last date of the membership list along with the proof of proof. Can. Separate information has been issued to members in this regard.
He said that the membership list of the first cycle included Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Society Pathalgaon, Ludeg, Kotba, Bagbahar, Bataikela, Pandaripani, Tapakra, Ganjhiadih, Konpara and Sagajor whose membership list was published on 11 February. The period for receiving objections from the members is fixed on February 19 and the last date for disposal of objections has been set as February 20.
Thus the membership list of the third cycle includes Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies Ankira, Lavakera, Udyan, Sanna, Kunkuri, Charaidand, Narayanpur, Galunga, Duldula, Kastura, Kersai and Jashpur. Whose membership list publication has been done on 15 February. The fixed date for receiving objections from members is February 23 and the last date for resolving objections is February 24.


Surajpur In Odgi block of the district, the benefits of the government schemes are not available to the common people, but the employees who implement the schemes are definitely getting the benefit of this.

Subhash Gupta

Surajpur  In Odgi block of the district, the benefits of the government schemes are not available to the common people, but the employees who implement the schemes are definitely getting the benefit of this.  The villagers of the village crusher in a written complaint to the collector today, if they believe that the allegation is true, then half of the government scheme has to be paid in bribe and half the amount is pressurized to work with quality.  K Basapati Singh, Ashok Kewat and Chhotan Singh said in a written complaint to the Collector on Monday that the construction of the well was approved for them under the MGNREGA, whose work was done by the beneficiary at his own expense and when  When it came to pay the amount, he was given only 83 thousand 7 hundred rupees in place of 1 lakh 52 thousand, while the remaining 68 thousand was apprehended, which is reported to be spent on bribes.  According to the villagers, 9 thousand sub-engineers, 6 thousand SDOs, CEO 4 thousand, PO and program officer 2500 .. 2500 hundred, Babu, operator 2.2 thousand, sarpanch secretary 10, 10 thousand and tea water expenses 4 thousand.  Similarly, out of the sanctioned 1 lakh 72 thousand rupees, 94 thousand 500 rupees were given.  The rest of it was also accounted for in the same order.  On the other hand, Ashok Kewat has been given only 40 thousand. While the approval of 4 lakh 50 thousand has been received.  The villagers have asked whether it is right that such amount is bribed and if it is right then how can the beneficiary do his work with quality also ..?  The villagers have alleged that the Panchayat Secretary who has done this work has been accused of embezzlement in the past and the sarpanch has gone to jail.  The villagers have said that in such a situation how will they get the benefit of the schemes of governance.  The villagers have investigated this and have demanded full amount and action.


Arrested in Jharkhand's car while transporting 20 kg of illegal narcotics with marijuana, two accused and a woman

Prabhat Mohanty

Mahasamund: Mr. Superintendent of Police Mr. Prafulla Kumar Thakur and Additional Superintendent of Police, Mrs. Megha Tembhurkar, directed the sub-divisional officer to direct all the police station in-charge of the district to take action on illegal narcotics, marijuana and drugs and other drugs transported from other states. (Police) On the direction of Bagbahara Ms. Litesh Singh today, at 16/30 of 07/02/2021, information was received from the informer that a Maheroon color Hyundai company was varnished. In JH 10 AG 2560, three persons, including a woman, two men, who have been illegally transporting Ganja from Orissa towards Mahasamund, NH 353

On information, on reaching NH353 Main Road Pithora Chowk Bagbahara on Hamarah staff and witness, a little late on behalf of Khariar Road, Odisha, Verna car number of Hyundai company of a maroon color. JH 10 AG 2560, who was stopped by a siege, in which two men were seated, a woman was asked to know the name of the driver, his name was Ravindra Ghee, father Gokul Ghee, 39 years old, who belonged to Sakin Charbahl police station, Koksara district, Kalahandi, Orissa, and the person sitting next to him. Asked to know his name, Kaushal Ali, father Anwar Hussain, age 24 years, Sakin Ward No. 04, Jobapur Kothi Police Station, Jamubazar District, Siwani Bihar, and said that after asking the name of the woman sitting in the back seat, her name was Maghusmita Nayak husband Ravindra Ghee age 35 years. Sakin Charbahal police station Koksara district Kalahandi, resident of Odisha, said that the possession of which is 01. 20 kg of illegal drugs, Ganja precious Rs. 2,00,000. 02. Two pieces of mobile, old Istmali, Rs. 10,000 Rs. 03. One piece of hand, Precious Rs. 1000. 04. One Cash ATM card 05. Cash amount 2000 rupees 06. Verna car number JH 10 AG 2560 of a Hyundai company valued at Rs. 4,60,000, Rs. 613,000, according to the jetti sheet was captured and captured in the police.

The accused have been duly arrested in Sadar on 23/10, 23/15, 23/20 on 07/02/2021 respectively. The case has been presented to the court on judicial remand since the case is non-bailable. Crime no. 31/21 Section 20 (B) NDPS in Bagbahra police station against the accused Taking action under the Act is deliberating. The police station in-charge Swaraj Tripathi, assistant sub-inspector Bisali Ram Dhruv, constable Eklabyak Bains, constable Thakur Ram Patel, constable Vikram Lehre were specially contributed to the entire proceedings.

Jallap property
01. 20 kg Gram illegal narcotic marijuana marijuana Rs.2,00,000
02. Two Nos. Mobile Old Istemali Precious Rs. 10,000
03. Precious 1000 rupees for a cash hand
 04. One ATM ATM Card
 05. Cash amount 2000 rupees
 06. Verna car number JH 10 AG 2560 of a Hyundai company valued at Rs 4,00,000
        Total Joomla Rs 613,000

Surajpur: Visit program of Food Minister, Mr. Amarjeet Bhagat

Subhash Gupta

Surajpur: Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Minister of Economy and Statistics and Culture Shri Amarjit Bhagat will depart from Gauripara Ambikapur on Tuesday 9 February at 10 am for the village Barmali and reach there on foot on the Khirkhiri hill. From 2 pm to 3 pm, the village will depart from Badmali, Ambikapur for the district Surajpur and will participate in the cricket concluding program at village Kharasura.

 From 3 pm to 3.30 pm, the village will depart from Kharasura to Ramnagar and will meet the workers at the house of Santosh Pavle, president tribal cell, Sujarpur. From 3.30 am to 4 pm, the college will depart from Ramnagar for the college group Surajpur and will be the chief guest at the concluding program of the cricket competition. From 4 pm to 6.30 pm, they will leave Surajpur for Baikunthpur, District Korea and will attend the swearing-in ceremony of District Advocate Association Baikunthpur. From 6.30 to 8.10, will leave for discussion from Baikunthpur and join the local program. From 8.10 to 9 o'clock, Baikunthpur district will depart from Korea for Vishrampur and meet the workers at Vikas Singh's residence. Bauripara, a place of abode from Vishrampur, will leave for Ambikapur.

Surajpur: Teachers Association submits memorandum to Bhatagaon MLA regarding his demands

Subhash Gupta

Surajpur: Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Surajpur submitted a memorandum to Bhatagaon MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Paras Nath Rajwade to raise the demands of teachers (LB cadre) including promotion, promotion, salary discrepancy, old pension mentioned in the public announcement letter in the budget session and to the Chief Minister. Seeking support with recommendations

Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Surajpur State General Secretary Ranjay Singh, District President Bhupesh Singh and other office bearers met Parliamentary Secretary of Chhattisgarh Government Parasnath Rajwade and handed over the copy of the public manifesto along with the demand letter and said that the public announcement letter of the government included the promotion, old pension Many demands have been made and there is a lot of demand that needs to be taken for the redressal. For this, the demand for raising the demands in the budget session of the Legislative Assembly and sending the demands to the Chief Minister along with the recommendations urged to take the initiative to fulfill the demands. On which the Parliamentary Secretary assured to fulfill the demands.

It is to be known that the teachers of LB cadre have not been promoted even once after 23 years of service, in the public announcement letter of the government it has been asked to implement it, but even after continuous demand, the authorities have not made a provision, similarly 28 thousand posts are vacant for promotion of assistant teachers, but the Education Department has not done any promotion, apart from salary anomaly, old pension, compassionate appointment, pending dearness allowance and additional service period from 2 years after merger in 2 years. Demand for fixation of pay giving weightage for the same is also pending.

Main demands

Promotion - Order of promotion should be made by assuming service period from the first appointment date,
Benefit has been given to the upper class by adding the service of the lower class of education workers, so the promotion order should be issued by providing the benefit for promotion by adding the earlier service period.

Promotion - Promotion is going on in all departments, it is known that thousands of posts of head reader are vacant in primary school, pre-secondary school, there is also a provision for promotion to the post of teacher, lecturer and principal, hence total educational service experience to LB cadre ( Pre-service) basis, it will lead to qualitative improvement in teaching system.

 Salary discrepancy - The salary of assistant teacher is less than that of lecturer and teacher, considering the primary education as special educational service, the pay scale of teacher and assistant teacher should be improved in proportion to the difference between the pay scale of lecturer and teacher and the teacher Pt / ni cadre. From 01/05/2013, the revised (equivalent) pay scale is issued with retrospective effect on determination of coefficient of 1.86 and the benefit of one weightage in 2 years has been given, ordering him to give 1 weightage in 1 year. Revise LPC is released.

 Retirement of old pension - Public declaration letter mentions action for restoration of old pension, so action should be taken to implement OPS (Old Pension Scheme) in place of NPS.

 Compassionate Appointment - On the pending case of Pt. Compassionate appointment should be granted.

 The order for dearness allowance pending from January 2019 should be issued soon.

  After merging in 02 years, the pay scale should be fixed giving weightage of additional service for 2 years.

        Among those who submitted the memorandum were Chhattisgarh Teachers Association Provincial General Secretary Ranjay Singh, District President Bhupesh Singh, Chandravijay Singh, Gaurishankar Pandey, Survind Gurjar, Nandkishore Sahu, Vijendra Sahu, Anil Chakradhari, Mukesh Mudaliar, Ramchandra Soni, Vijendra Sahu, Rahman Khan, Gauri Shankar Pandey. , Mithilesh Pathak, Motilal Rajwade, Satyapal Singh, Umesh Gurjar, Deepak Jha, Vijay Pathak, Chandrahas, Nand Kishore Sahu, Pitambar Marabi, Nagendra Singh, Vinod Keram, Chandra Dev Chakradhari, Rambaran Singh, Jitendra Pratap Singh, Rajesh Jaiswal, Dharmendra Bareth , Kusum Toppo, Suniti Kushwaha, Toshit Kushwaha, Roshan Gurjar, Phool Bai Ratre, Bodhan Ram Rajwade, Uttam Chandra Gurjar Shankar Jaiswal, Sobran, Silvina Kujur

Savita Singh, Rajahin Singh, Nand Kumar Singh Vartwari Paikra, Umesh Yadav, Lalan Sai, Mahendra Kumar Uike, Ramkisun Singh, Ram Sagar Jaiswal, Gulab Singh Dimension, Ashok Singh, Ramalakshman Singh, Ramlal, Reshma Toppo, Niranjani Singh, Dharmaraj Singh, Ganga Prasad, Shivratan Ram, Rakesh Gurjar, Ramesh Gurjar Roshan Gurjar, Chandrika Singh, Adeshwar Gurjar, Satyendra Gurjar, Indra Prasad Singh, Indrapal, Luv Kumar, Shiv Sharan Singh, Phulbai Ratre, Chandravati Singh, Seema Singh Hiraman, Rajudas, Tejuram Kamlesh Packra Sampat Singh, Suraj Mercam, Virendra Sahu, Sukhdev Singh, Sarju Prasad, Ramgovind, Puran Ram Rajwade, Daya Ram, Arvind Tiwari, Lalsay Andilya, Nanka Singh, Tarkeshwar Singh, Jitendra Nath Dubey, Anuj Rajwade, Tilak Dhari, Naushad Alam, Virender Packra, Vijay Yadav, Tekram, Mubarak Ali, Aditya Yadav, Dayanand Rajwade, Satyapal Singh, Govardhan Singh, Anil Chakradhari, Satish Kumar, Rupesh Rawat, Pankaj Singh, Gulab Dewangan, Kameshwar, Shriram Yadav, Vijendra Bharti, Uttam Rajwade, Bodhan Rajwade, Arvind Gupta, Lalkeshwar Rajwade, Sugriva Kushwaha, Dhirendra Kushwaha, Ramdev Packra, Arun Kumar, Arvind Singh, Sunil Kushwaha, Khir Rodhan Singh, Shyamlal Yadav, Rajesh Mishra, Tuleshwar Rajwade, Ranjit Singh, Sohan Kannaujia, Somnath Nagesia, Shibalal Patile, Harilal Ekka Manohar Khes, Ramkishun Singh, Ram

Suspected of TB, Corona fearing investigation, some end up in danger

Durg. 63-year-old Vimala Tiwari (name changed), living in the Navai region of Durg (Chhattisgarh) district of Chhattisgarh, got so bad in the last week of December 2020 that she had to be admitted to the ICU for a week. . Earlier, he was treated at Chandulal Chandrakar Hospital, Bhilai. It was not possible to get treatment here, doctors advised to take them elsewhere. In the investigation report, his heart was found to be filled with water. Family members hurriedly admitted him to the Advanced Cardiac Institute, Raipur, run by the state government. Here, his treatment started under the supervision of Dr. Smit Srivastava.

Dr. Smit Srivastava says that the patient was admitted in critical condition. If there was a delay in extracting water near the heart, then his life could be lost. In counseling, patients and their families said that in August 2020, they had symptoms of Kovid such as cough, fever, loss of appetite, constant weight loss, but due to fear they did not go to the hospital. He gave some medicines with the advice of a nearby doctor. It also brought relief initially, but suddenly his health deteriorated again in December. After his condition improved, other investigations found him suspicious of tubercle bacillus.

Highly Suspected Patient here
With the aim of identifying TB patients and providing timely treatment to them, Dastak 2021 campaign is being run in the entire state including Durg district. In this campaign, TB Warrior Himani Verma, who was playing the main role in Durg district, said that on January 12 this month, his team reached different areas including Camp-2 Surya Nagar, Shyam Nagar of Bhilai. Here 5 people got severe symptoms of TB. Despite their known symptoms in their counseling, these people did not go to the hospital because they were afraid that they would be found positive in the corona virus (Kovid-19) examination and they would have to follow its protocol.

Impact on employment
Himani says that out of 3 people who got severe symptoms of TB in Shyam Nagar and Surya Nagar of Bhilai, 2 are 21 and 23 years old. Apart from this, the age of one is 53 years. All three carry on the business of selling fruits. He told that if Kovid-19 was found positive in them, then under protocol they would have to remain quarantined for 17 days. This would have an impact on their employment. So they did not go for investigation. He had no idea that Kovid could have TB instead.

Kovid-19 affected TB test
Dr. Anil Shukla, District TB Officer, Durg, says that the epidemic of Kovid-19 has had an impact on the campaign against TB. From March 2020 to November 2020, our team could not work in the field. Due to this, the notification of TB patients could not be done. Referring to the data, Dr. Shukla says that from January 2020 to December 2020, the target of total sputum examination in Durg district was 16 thousand 296, out of which we were able to do only 8 thousand 317. The target of Sputum positive was 1584, of which only 648 could be achieved. The team could not work in the area due to the risk of corona infection.

Dastak-2021 gained momentum
Dr. Shukla explains that TB patients are being rapidly diagnosed under the Dastak-2021 campaign. In the Durg district, TB Warriors are going to different areas with the help of some other organizations including Rich Institute. Different teams of 20 TB Warriors are touring the areas. Under Dastak 2021, from January 1 to January 15, the team consulted a total of 25 thousand 665 people in the Central Jail, Old Age Ashram, Slum Area and Khadan areas of the district. Out of this, common and severe symptoms of TB were found in 336 people. All samples have been sent for testing. Till January 15, 18 of these TBs have been confirmed.

Symptoms of TB and Covid are similar
Dr. Anil Shukla, DTO of Durg, says that both the symptoms of coronavirus infection Kovid-19 and TB are almost identical. In both the diseases, cough, cough with sputum, chest pain, weakness, fever, loss of appetite, complains of lack of taste. In such a situation, suspicious people do not understand the difference between the two diseases. Therefore, TB test has been made mandatory for patients getting Kovid positive. Similarly, Kovid test is also being done for new TB patients.

What to do in case of confusion?
Himani Verma, a TB warrior working in the fort on behalf of the Rich organization, says that TB disease is being found in people of every category, but the most affected are people from the food and slum areas. In such a situation, awareness campaigns are being conducted in these areas. However, if there is confusion about Kovid and TB after getting symptoms, then one should immediately go to the nearest health center. TB should be checked if there are symptoms even after the negative test report is negative. So that treatment can start in time.

TB spreads from one to the other
Significantly, the bacteria is called TB due to a bacterium called Mycobacterium tubercloi. If someone happens, it can spread the infection to others. Its bacteria spread rapidly. Therefore, like Kovid, TB patients should not spit in crowded areas. Mask or handkerchief should be kept on the mouth. The immunity power of TB patient like Kovid decreases, due to which the medicine does not work quickly.

Free investigations and medicines
Durg DTO Dr Anil Shukla says that the screening and treatment of TB is done free of cost under the government's scheme. Depending on the symptoms of TB and the nature of the disease, the course of TB medicine is of minimum 6 and maximum 24 months. However, regular medicine is necessary for this.

TV Type - Plumonary TB
According to health experts, TB (Tuberculosis) is divided on the basis of its spread methods and affected organs. In most cases, TB affects the lungs and in this case, TB is called pulmonary TB or plumonary TB. A person affected by plumonary TB has a persistent cough for three weeks or more. Apart from this, he also has to face bloody cough, phlegm freezing, chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

Extrapulmonary TB
If TB is outside the lungs, it is called extrapulmonary TB. In this type of TB, bones, kidneys and lymph nodes etc. are affected. In some cases the person may have plummonary TB as well as extrapulmonary TB. This condition occurs when the infection spreads outside the lungs and starts affecting other organs of the body. In this way a person suffers from TB of the lungs as well as other organs.

Active and Lentant TB
TB is also divided into Active and Lentant TB. Lentant TB is one in which bacteria is present in your body, but it is not active. Due to which neither you feel its symptoms nor that disease spreads. However, in the blood and skin test of TB, you get to know about TB. Lentant TB can also be converted into active TB in the future for people whose immune system is weak. At the same time, bacteria spread in the body in active TB and you also know its symptoms. In this case, the patient needs immediate treatment. On active TB, the patient experiences symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, night sweats without any reason.

Those going to Mahasamund, Arang and Odisha will have to pay double toll, this will be recovered

The administration has fixed a tax of Rs 50 for a car and Rs 180 for a bus-truck, which is double. The reason for this is that the Rasni toll block, located about 25 km from here, will be closed as soon as this block starts.

Raipur. Those who are fond of traveling on the highway and frequent travelers will now have to loose more pockets. In fact, going from Raipur to Mahasamund, Arang and Odisha will now pay toll tax just 12 km from the city and temple Hausaad adjacent to Nava Raipur. The administration has fixed a tax of Rs 50 for a car and Rs 180 for a bus-truck, which is double. The reason for this is that the Rasni toll block, located about 25 km from here, will be closed at the start of this block, because there should be a gap of 60 km between the two points.

According to the information, Mandir Hussaad Naka will start only in the first week of February and the toll collection will be stopped in Rasni Naka as soon as it starts. Therefore, after closing the Rasni Naka, the toll there is also being added to the toll tax of the temple. The toll naka which started in Mandir Hasaud was built in 2016 from Sundernagar within the Raipur city limits on the first Ringroad-1, about 15 km from here. It had to be closed due to protests.

Hence the new toll created here
It was agreed to take Sundernagar Naco outside the city limits. That is why the temple was chosen. It may be connected to Nava Raipur, but is technically out of bounds of the existing capital. Sundernagar and Rasni Nakay were made together. Rasni toll naka has been going on since then. Since the distance from Mandir Hasaud to Rasni is only 14 km, it was decided to close the barrier and merge its tax here, so that people do not have to stop for toll tax again and again. This new system of toll tax collection has been created. Officials of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the road construction company Expressway informed that an agreement has also been reached on this new system.

There will be jam all the time
There may be a risk of daily jam in the toll plaza built before the temple of Godhoud on GE Road. The reason is that when going from Raipur, just before this block, Raipur is the intersection of Ring Road-3. Barely half a kilometer ahead of the barrier, the temple is a very busy intersection. There is a railway crossing and railway siding. Carts of rice and manure are emptied there. The traffic police also feared a jam at this block for the same reasons.

Two Naxalites, including woman arrested in forest, arrested, arms recovered

Two Naxalites, including a woman, have been arrested during a search operation in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh. Bombs, arrows and detonators were recovered from them. The police is trying to apprehend his other associates by making inquiries.

Bijapur In Chhattisgarh, the soldiers have once again launched a campaign against the Naxalites. It was successful in arresting two people, including a woman Naxalite, under the anti-Naxal operation in Bijapur here. It is reported that the accused Naxalites were hiding in the jungles between Chilkapalli and Raiguda. On suspicion, the soldiers siege and nab them. Other items including explosives have been recovered from the naxalites caught.

It has been told that the special team has achieved this success under the anti-Naxal campaign being run in the Awapalli police station area of ​​Bijapur. On 14 January, under the anti-Naxal operation, the district force and CRPF 229C Company personnel jointly left from Chopakalli, Chatalapalli, Raiguda for search operation. The next day when he was returning, some people appeared in the jungles between Chilkapalli and Raiguda while trying to escape. On this, the soldiers laid siege and captured them. Bombs, arrows, iron spikes and other items have been recovered from the naxalites who have been caught.

They were captured and brought to headquarters. In the interrogation there, the accused named their names Madakam Hinga and Kunjam Somri, residents of Chilkapalli. Electronic detonators, wire, battery, pencil cell, bicycle pellet, arrow, iron spike, wooden spike, camera, radio were recovered from the accused in checking plastic bags and bags. At the same time, other items including tiger, torch, injection, cable wire have been found from Mahila Kunjam Somri. Police officers are interrogating the captured woman and her colleagues, trying to gather information about their other accomplices. Significantly, Naxalite incidents have been carried out in many districts of Chhattisgarh. Many districts here are considered Naxalite affected.

Emerging atmosphere as soon as vaccine comes in Chhattisgarh, welcomes with fervor, great joy seen in people

In Chhattisgarh, there was an emotional atmosphere as soon as the corona vaccine came. People welcomed it by playing drums, bursting firecrackers. In the vehicle, the vaccine was passed through the public which was strongly welcomed.

Jashpur From today, the campaign to apply the dose of Covid 19 Vaccine has started. People all over the country have welcomed this vaccination campaign. The Corona vaccine was welcomed in a different way in Chhattisgarh. As soon as the vaccine arrived in Jashpur here, it was welcomed by bursting crackers with flowers, band eagles on its arrival there. As soon as the consignment of the vaccine reached there, the people welcomed it with the team of Health Department. The car in which the vaccine was brought was decorated with flowers. He was duly worshiped. Rotating the vaccine consignment in the vehicle and rotating it among the people, now the message was given to conquer the corona. Health department worker went with vaccine till Jai Stambh Chowk.

It was told that the first consignment of corona vaccine arrived in the district on Friday morning from Raipur. Officials of the health department and district administration duly worshiped the vaccine. The vaccine was then placed in a specially constructed vaccine room in the CMHO office. It has been told that in the first batch, the district has received 7 thousand 700 vaccines.

Along with this, on arrival of the first consignment of Corona vaccine in Sarguja and Balrampur district, the employees who brought the vaccine along with Dhol Nagara were welcomed. The vaccine was worshiped and stored in storage centers. On Saturday, corona vaccination was started in six centers of Surguja and three centers in Balrampur district under the protection of police personnel. In Chhattisgarh, not one or two, in many places, the corona vaccine was welcomed with a musical instrument.

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