Suspected of TB, Corona fearing investigation, some end up in danger

Durg. 63-year-old Vimala Tiwari (name changed), living in the Navai region of Durg (Chhattisgarh) district of Chhattisgarh, got so bad in the last week of December 2020 that she had to be admitted to the ICU for a week. . Earlier, he was treated at Chandulal Chandrakar Hospital, Bhilai. It was not possible to get treatment here, doctors advised to take them elsewhere. In the investigation report, his heart was found to be filled with water. Family members hurriedly admitted him to the Advanced Cardiac Institute, Raipur, run by the state government. Here, his treatment started under the supervision of Dr. Smit Srivastava.

Dr. Smit Srivastava says that the patient was admitted in critical condition. If there was a delay in extracting water near the heart, then his life could be lost. In counseling, patients and their families said that in August 2020, they had symptoms of Kovid such as cough, fever, loss of appetite, constant weight loss, but due to fear they did not go to the hospital. He gave some medicines with the advice of a nearby doctor. It also brought relief initially, but suddenly his health deteriorated again in December. After his condition improved, other investigations found him suspicious of tubercle bacillus.

Highly Suspected Patient here
With the aim of identifying TB patients and providing timely treatment to them, Dastak 2021 campaign is being run in the entire state including Durg district. In this campaign, TB Warrior Himani Verma, who was playing the main role in Durg district, said that on January 12 this month, his team reached different areas including Camp-2 Surya Nagar, Shyam Nagar of Bhilai. Here 5 people got severe symptoms of TB. Despite their known symptoms in their counseling, these people did not go to the hospital because they were afraid that they would be found positive in the corona virus (Kovid-19) examination and they would have to follow its protocol.

Impact on employment
Himani says that out of 3 people who got severe symptoms of TB in Shyam Nagar and Surya Nagar of Bhilai, 2 are 21 and 23 years old. Apart from this, the age of one is 53 years. All three carry on the business of selling fruits. He told that if Kovid-19 was found positive in them, then under protocol they would have to remain quarantined for 17 days. This would have an impact on their employment. So they did not go for investigation. He had no idea that Kovid could have TB instead.

Kovid-19 affected TB test
Dr. Anil Shukla, District TB Officer, Durg, says that the epidemic of Kovid-19 has had an impact on the campaign against TB. From March 2020 to November 2020, our team could not work in the field. Due to this, the notification of TB patients could not be done. Referring to the data, Dr. Shukla says that from January 2020 to December 2020, the target of total sputum examination in Durg district was 16 thousand 296, out of which we were able to do only 8 thousand 317. The target of Sputum positive was 1584, of which only 648 could be achieved. The team could not work in the area due to the risk of corona infection.

Dastak-2021 gained momentum
Dr. Shukla explains that TB patients are being rapidly diagnosed under the Dastak-2021 campaign. In the Durg district, TB Warriors are going to different areas with the help of some other organizations including Rich Institute. Different teams of 20 TB Warriors are touring the areas. Under Dastak 2021, from January 1 to January 15, the team consulted a total of 25 thousand 665 people in the Central Jail, Old Age Ashram, Slum Area and Khadan areas of the district. Out of this, common and severe symptoms of TB were found in 336 people. All samples have been sent for testing. Till January 15, 18 of these TBs have been confirmed.

Symptoms of TB and Covid are similar
Dr. Anil Shukla, DTO of Durg, says that both the symptoms of coronavirus infection Kovid-19 and TB are almost identical. In both the diseases, cough, cough with sputum, chest pain, weakness, fever, loss of appetite, complains of lack of taste. In such a situation, suspicious people do not understand the difference between the two diseases. Therefore, TB test has been made mandatory for patients getting Kovid positive. Similarly, Kovid test is also being done for new TB patients.

What to do in case of confusion?
Himani Verma, a TB warrior working in the fort on behalf of the Rich organization, says that TB disease is being found in people of every category, but the most affected are people from the food and slum areas. In such a situation, awareness campaigns are being conducted in these areas. However, if there is confusion about Kovid and TB after getting symptoms, then one should immediately go to the nearest health center. TB should be checked if there are symptoms even after the negative test report is negative. So that treatment can start in time.

TB spreads from one to the other
Significantly, the bacteria is called TB due to a bacterium called Mycobacterium tubercloi. If someone happens, it can spread the infection to others. Its bacteria spread rapidly. Therefore, like Kovid, TB patients should not spit in crowded areas. Mask or handkerchief should be kept on the mouth. The immunity power of TB patient like Kovid decreases, due to which the medicine does not work quickly.

Free investigations and medicines
Durg DTO Dr Anil Shukla says that the screening and treatment of TB is done free of cost under the government's scheme. Depending on the symptoms of TB and the nature of the disease, the course of TB medicine is of minimum 6 and maximum 24 months. However, regular medicine is necessary for this.

TV Type - Plumonary TB
According to health experts, TB (Tuberculosis) is divided on the basis of its spread methods and affected organs. In most cases, TB affects the lungs and in this case, TB is called pulmonary TB or plumonary TB. A person affected by plumonary TB has a persistent cough for three weeks or more. Apart from this, he also has to face bloody cough, phlegm freezing, chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

Extrapulmonary TB
If TB is outside the lungs, it is called extrapulmonary TB. In this type of TB, bones, kidneys and lymph nodes etc. are affected. In some cases the person may have plummonary TB as well as extrapulmonary TB. This condition occurs when the infection spreads outside the lungs and starts affecting other organs of the body. In this way a person suffers from TB of the lungs as well as other organs.

Active and Lentant TB
TB is also divided into Active and Lentant TB. Lentant TB is one in which bacteria is present in your body, but it is not active. Due to which neither you feel its symptoms nor that disease spreads. However, in the blood and skin test of TB, you get to know about TB. Lentant TB can also be converted into active TB in the future for people whose immune system is weak. At the same time, bacteria spread in the body in active TB and you also know its symptoms. In this case, the patient needs immediate treatment. On active TB, the patient experiences symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, night sweats without any reason.

Those going to Mahasamund, Arang and Odisha will have to pay double toll, this will be recovered

The administration has fixed a tax of Rs 50 for a car and Rs 180 for a bus-truck, which is double. The reason for this is that the Rasni toll block, located about 25 km from here, will be closed as soon as this block starts.

Raipur. Those who are fond of traveling on the highway and frequent travelers will now have to loose more pockets. In fact, going from Raipur to Mahasamund, Arang and Odisha will now pay toll tax just 12 km from the city and temple Hausaad adjacent to Nava Raipur. The administration has fixed a tax of Rs 50 for a car and Rs 180 for a bus-truck, which is double. The reason for this is that the Rasni toll block, located about 25 km from here, will be closed at the start of this block, because there should be a gap of 60 km between the two points.

According to the information, Mandir Hussaad Naka will start only in the first week of February and the toll collection will be stopped in Rasni Naka as soon as it starts. Therefore, after closing the Rasni Naka, the toll there is also being added to the toll tax of the temple. The toll naka which started in Mandir Hasaud was built in 2016 from Sundernagar within the Raipur city limits on the first Ringroad-1, about 15 km from here. It had to be closed due to protests.

Hence the new toll created here
It was agreed to take Sundernagar Naco outside the city limits. That is why the temple was chosen. It may be connected to Nava Raipur, but is technically out of bounds of the existing capital. Sundernagar and Rasni Nakay were made together. Rasni toll naka has been going on since then. Since the distance from Mandir Hasaud to Rasni is only 14 km, it was decided to close the barrier and merge its tax here, so that people do not have to stop for toll tax again and again. This new system of toll tax collection has been created. Officials of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the road construction company Expressway informed that an agreement has also been reached on this new system.

There will be jam all the time
There may be a risk of daily jam in the toll plaza built before the temple of Godhoud on GE Road. The reason is that when going from Raipur, just before this block, Raipur is the intersection of Ring Road-3. Barely half a kilometer ahead of the barrier, the temple is a very busy intersection. There is a railway crossing and railway siding. Carts of rice and manure are emptied there. The traffic police also feared a jam at this block for the same reasons.

Two Naxalites, including woman arrested in forest, arrested, arms recovered

Two Naxalites, including a woman, have been arrested during a search operation in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh. Bombs, arrows and detonators were recovered from them. The police is trying to apprehend his other associates by making inquiries.

Bijapur In Chhattisgarh, the soldiers have once again launched a campaign against the Naxalites. It was successful in arresting two people, including a woman Naxalite, under the anti-Naxal operation in Bijapur here. It is reported that the accused Naxalites were hiding in the jungles between Chilkapalli and Raiguda. On suspicion, the soldiers siege and nab them. Other items including explosives have been recovered from the naxalites caught.

It has been told that the special team has achieved this success under the anti-Naxal campaign being run in the Awapalli police station area of ​​Bijapur. On 14 January, under the anti-Naxal operation, the district force and CRPF 229C Company personnel jointly left from Chopakalli, Chatalapalli, Raiguda for search operation. The next day when he was returning, some people appeared in the jungles between Chilkapalli and Raiguda while trying to escape. On this, the soldiers laid siege and captured them. Bombs, arrows, iron spikes and other items have been recovered from the naxalites who have been caught.

They were captured and brought to headquarters. In the interrogation there, the accused named their names Madakam Hinga and Kunjam Somri, residents of Chilkapalli. Electronic detonators, wire, battery, pencil cell, bicycle pellet, arrow, iron spike, wooden spike, camera, radio were recovered from the accused in checking plastic bags and bags. At the same time, other items including tiger, torch, injection, cable wire have been found from Mahila Kunjam Somri. Police officers are interrogating the captured woman and her colleagues, trying to gather information about their other accomplices. Significantly, Naxalite incidents have been carried out in many districts of Chhattisgarh. Many districts here are considered Naxalite affected.

Emerging atmosphere as soon as vaccine comes in Chhattisgarh, welcomes with fervor, great joy seen in people

In Chhattisgarh, there was an emotional atmosphere as soon as the corona vaccine came. People welcomed it by playing drums, bursting firecrackers. In the vehicle, the vaccine was passed through the public which was strongly welcomed.

Jashpur From today, the campaign to apply the dose of Covid 19 Vaccine has started. People all over the country have welcomed this vaccination campaign. The Corona vaccine was welcomed in a different way in Chhattisgarh. As soon as the vaccine arrived in Jashpur here, it was welcomed by bursting crackers with flowers, band eagles on its arrival there. As soon as the consignment of the vaccine reached there, the people welcomed it with the team of Health Department. The car in which the vaccine was brought was decorated with flowers. He was duly worshiped. Rotating the vaccine consignment in the vehicle and rotating it among the people, now the message was given to conquer the corona. Health department worker went with vaccine till Jai Stambh Chowk.

It was told that the first consignment of corona vaccine arrived in the district on Friday morning from Raipur. Officials of the health department and district administration duly worshiped the vaccine. The vaccine was then placed in a specially constructed vaccine room in the CMHO office. It has been told that in the first batch, the district has received 7 thousand 700 vaccines.

Along with this, on arrival of the first consignment of Corona vaccine in Sarguja and Balrampur district, the employees who brought the vaccine along with Dhol Nagara were welcomed. The vaccine was worshiped and stored in storage centers. On Saturday, corona vaccination was started in six centers of Surguja and three centers in Balrampur district under the protection of police personnel. In Chhattisgarh, not one or two, in many places, the corona vaccine was welcomed with a musical instrument.

Raipur: Satnam Sandesh Yatra and Minister Guru Rudra Kumar received a grand welcome by the office bearers and public representatives

No description available.

The Satnam Sandesh Yatra led from Bilaspur to Korba under the leadership of Public Health Engineering and Village Industries Minister Guru Rudrakumar. Satnam Sandesh Yatra, giving message of social unity, brotherhood, world brotherhood and peace, Minimata Chowk in Konarmod, Mulamula, Nariyara, Banhill, Taraud, Akaltara, Minister Kutighat, Konarmod, Mulamula, Naridra, by the community at various places.
In Ambedkar Chowk and other places, the office bearers, local public representatives and citizens welcomed the people by offering flowers, garlands and bouquets.
Minister Guru Rudrakumar gave the message of mutual brotherhood, equality, world peace, social unity through Sandesh Yatra. Minister Guru Rudrakumar was prepared to welcome the Satnam Sandesh Yatra at Ambedkar Chowk, village Barganwa, Kotgarh, Bamhanin, Parasahi, Karhidih, Buchihardi, Baloda, Bhilai, Korvi, Sarai Shringar, Dongri, Hardi, Khisora ​​and Pantora in Akaltara
The youth of Satnami society participated enthusiastically in the Sandesh Yatra along with dances, instruments etc. Minister Guru Rudrakumar garlanded the statue of Baba Saheb Ambedkar and Minimata, the first MP of Janjgir Lok Sabha constituency, at Ambedkar Chowk and Minimata Chowk in Akaltara and paid homage to him.
Distinguished citizens and society of the district including Mr. Raghavendra Pratap Singh, District Panchayat Vice President, former MLA Mr. Chunnilal Sahu, Mr. Ravishekhar Bhardwaj, Mr. Choleshwar Chandrakar, former President of Municipality Akaltara Mr. Khullan Sonwani, former Vice President of District Panchayat Mr. Ajit Sahu The officials were present.


Dantewada Police gets big success against Naxalism, 32 Naxalites surrender

Dantewada Superintendent of Police (SP) Abhishek Pallava said that other Naxalites, including 10 women, surrendered at the Barsoor police station, saying they were affected by the rehabilitation drive of the district police and were disappointed with the 'hollow' Maoist ideology


Raipur. In Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, 32 Naxalites surrendered collectively to the police on Sunday. According to the police, four of those who surrendered had a reward of four lakh rupees on their heads. Dantewada Superintendent of Police (SP) Abhishek Pallava said that other Naxalites, including 10 women, surrendered at the Barsoor police station, saying they were affected by the rehabilitation operations of the district police and were disappointed with the 'hollow' Maoist ideology.

Pallava told that out of 32 Naxalites who surrender, 19 are residents of Bakeli village. While there are four Korkotti and three each from Udenar, Tumarigunda and Matasi villages. They told that they are accused of attacking police teams, attacking officials associated with organizing elections and landmines. He said that four of them had a prize of one lakh rupees on their heads.

The police has not revealed the identity of the surrendering Naxals, citing security reasons. These are from the Naxalite Dandakaranya Adivasi Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan, Revolutionary Women Adivasi Organization, Chetna Natya Mandali (Cultural Branch of Maoists) and Janatana Government Group. (Input from language)

22-year-old man raped a 40-year-old woman by giving a lift in a car, 2 accused in custody

The police officer said that on the second morning, the woman found injured near the village in the morning, she was admitted to the hospital and the police was informed about it.


Raigad In Raigad District of Chhattisgarh, police have detained two accused on charges of raping and attempting to murder a woman. Raigarh district's Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma said on Saturday that the police have detained two accused on charges of rape and murder of a 40-year-old woman in a village under Lailaunga police station area.

Verma said that the family of the woman has complained to the police that on October 17, the woman was going to Pathalgaon in Jashpur district with a lift in the vehicle of Santosh Yadav (22). Yadav was accompanied by a minor relative in the vehicle. He said that Santosh raped the woman close to Khalkhiya village and when his relative failed to rape her, he tried to kill her by hitting a stiff steel on her face.

Was admitted to the hospital and informed to the police
The police officer said that the woman got injured in the morning near the village the next day when she was admitted to the hospital and the police was informed about it. The woman was first admitted to Raigad district hospital in critical condition. When the condition did not improve, he was later sent to Ambedkar Hospital in Raipur. Verma said that the accused Santosh Yadav and his minor relative have been detained by the police on charges of attempting to rape and murder the woman.

Six accused arrested and sent to jail

Let me tell you that some time ago the news came out that half a dozen youths gang raped on Thursday on Thursday with a 17-year-old minor tribal girl of a village under Mirza Chaki in Sahibganj district of Jharkhand. Acting on its complaint, the police arrested all the six accused and sent them to jail. Sahibganj Superintendent of Police Anuranjan Kisapota said on Saturday that all the six youths involved in the crime of gangrape on the way to Baskodih on Thursday night were arrested and sent to jail on Saturday.

Marwahi By-election: Renu, wife of former CM Ajit Jogi, is seeking justice by roaming around, know the reason

Marwahi Assembly By-Election: By-election is being held on the vacant Marwahi assembly seat after the death of former Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Ajit Jogi (Ajit Jogi). Before the vote, the nomination of Jogi Congress leader Amit Jogi (Amit Jogi) has been rejected.

Raipur. The by-election is being held in the Marwahi Assembly By-election 2020, which was vacated after the death of former Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Ajit Jogi. This time in the by-election, no member of the Jogi family and his party has got a chance to contest the election. Because the nomination papers of Ajit Jogi's son Amit Jogi and daughter-in-law Richa Jogi have been rejected, denying the caste certificate as false. While two other members have not been able to contest elections due to not getting the B form of the party within the stipulated time frame. Jogi's party, Janata Congress, is calling this eviction from the election as an injustice done to him in Chhattisgarh.

The Jogi family may have been ousted from the Marwahi elections, but they have not given up. The Jogi family is traveling to Nyaya, accusing them of being unjust in the Marwahi elections. This work has been taken up by Renu Jogi, wife of the late Ajit Jogi himself. She is informing the public about the injustice done to her from all the booths of the Marwahi assembly to the sector. This mission has been given the name of Nyaya Yatra, which will go everywhere in Marwahi Assembly.

Hostility victim
State President of Jogi Congress Amit Jogi has said that my father and I understand political hatred, but the people of Marwahi will surely punish Jogi Ji's daughter-in-law for making them a victim of enmity. Taking an important meeting of all the sector in-charge and booth level activists of Marwahi Assembly, everyone has been asked to make this journey a success. Amit Jogi folded his hands in front of everyone and told himself that he had deficiencies and all his orders were sought through slips. According to Amit Jogi, according to the orders of all of you against this injustice done with Marwahi, now we will take a journey of justice and go to the people. In every village of Marwahi, in every street, the public will visit the Nyaya Yatra of Congress, which will be not for votes but for more important demands, for justice.

Chhattisgarh: A woman officer was beheaded when she sent a notice to remove ballast on the road

In Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, the order to remove building material from the road on Dhamtari went to an elderly person so violent that he hit a woman engineer with a piece of wood. The police has arrested the accused.


Raipur. In Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, there was a lot of uproar over the matter of removing building material from the road. A man named Murari Dhamar, living in the Amadi Nagar Panchayat of Dhamtari, attacked a woman officer in this case. The accused hit the female engineer with a piece of wood, which severed the officer's head. The female officer was immediately taken to the hospital, where she had to put 7 stitches in her head.

According to the information, Murari, who lives in the Amadi Nagar Panchayat of Dhamtari, had dropped the building material on the road itself. Due to the ballast and other items being kept on the road, people were having trouble in walking, as well as the balance of many drivers was deteriorating due to accidents. Due to this problem of common people, 4 days ago, the Nagar Panchayat gave notice to Murari Dhimar and ordered the removal of the material. But he did not remove the material.

After this, all the engineer Pooja Sarva of Nagar Panchayat arrived there yesterday and asked the accused to remove the building material. On the removal, the Nagar Panchayat also warned to seize the material. Local people said that the warning given by the female officer to Murari Dhimar passed away. So when Engineer Pooja Sarva started returning to the office after giving instructions to her, the accused hit a wooden beet from behind and gave it to Pooja Sarva. This caused Pooja's head to burst. He was immediately taken to the hospital.

Here, the police arrested the accused person in the case and registered a case of attempt to murder against him. According to the police, the accused is 61 years old. When the police asked her the reason for attacking the female officer, she said that the woman officer was shouting at me in front of the whole village. The material was threatening to be confiscated, so I killed it. (Input - Aditya Rai)

5-year-old girl raped by 11-year-old boy, police detained accused child

Officials said the girl's family has complained to the police that the 11-year-old boy, who lives in the village, took the girl to the banks of the pond on the pretext of fishing and raped her there.


Balrampur. Police have detained an 11-year-old boy in the case of raping a five-year-old girl in Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh). Police officials of Balrampur district said on Tuesday that the police has detained an 11-year-old boy in the case of raping a five-year-old girl on October 10 in the Widefranagar Police Station area of ​​the district. Officials said that the investigation was started when the girl's family informed the police on Tuesday about the incident.

He said that the girl's family has complained to the police that the 11-year-old boy living in the village took the girl on the banks of the pond on the pretext of fishing and raped her there. Police officials said that the girl's family reached the police station on Tuesday and they informed the police about it. After that, a case was registered against the boy and an investigation was started in the case. Police officials said that during the last two weeks, a total of five rape cases including one gang rape have been registered in the district so far.

17-year-old teenager commits suicide

Let me tell you that the news came in the past that in Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh, about three months ago, a 17-year-old girl, who was allegedly gang-raped, committed suicide. After receiving the information of the incident from the police, he registered a case and started the investigation. Police officials of Kondagaon district had said that we have received information from local media reports today that on July 19 in Dhanora police station area, five people allegedly gang-raped a minor teenager, after which he committed suicide.

 Earlier, the police had no information

Officials said that before the incident, the police had no information, nor did anyone give any complaint. However, the teenager's uncle says that he had informed the police, but no action was taken. The Inspector General of Bastar Region, Sundarraj P, had said that the police had received information that a girl had committed suicide after being raped in Dhanora police station area of ​​Kondagaon district a few months ago. After the information, the Superintendent of Police and other officers of the district reached there today.

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