Corruption of Congress leader's hanging hanging, mention of these two big contractors in suicide note

A case of money transaction is being mentioned behind the suicide. Right now the police is investigating the case.


A Congress leader has committed suicide in Mahasamund district. The name of the leader is being described as Shyam Sundar Aron. According to the information, the contractor committed suicide by hanging. Police also got a page of suicide note near the body. The leader has also mentioned the names of some people. A case of money transaction is being mentioned behind the suicide. Right now the police is investigating the case.

Cases can be a matter of millions of transactions

In Pithora area, a man named Shyam Sundar Aron committed suicide. According to the information, on Saturday morning Shyam hanged on the terrace of his house. When the deceased's wife reached the roof, she saw the body, then informed the police. The deceased was also the Vice President of the District Congress and used to work as a contractor

Released by Suicide Note

According to information from the sources, the police has recovered a suicide note from the body near the dead body. In this case, the deceased mentioned Nitesh Sighania of Bijigarh and Sushil Agarwal of Raipur. Both of them are also contractor by profession and the deceased used to work with them. It is being told that the Congress leader has told these two to the suicide note of their suicide. There can be a matter of taking about four crore rupees. Pithora Police is currently investigating the case.

Now in Naxalgarh, the drug smuggled, the police caught such a 10 crore ganja

The Kandagaon police in Chhattisgarh have exposed the inter-state smuggler gang. A truck carrying Odisha to Madhya Pradesh was caught by Kotwali police. The police were shocked during the check-in. Many packet hemp was recovered from the truck. The price of Ganja is being told more than one crore. After the information of the Kondagaon police, the police has started action against the ganja smugglers in other states of the country.

Disclosed during checking

According to the information received from the city Kotwali Police, informant of Ganja smuggling was received from Odisha. After this, the police arrested a truck by blocking the Narayanpur Chowk. During checking, the special chamber was made in the truck and the ganja was kept in large packets.

SP Sujit Kumar said that he was getting constant complaint of smuggling of Hemp. This time the police has entered the Naxalgarh and caught holders of Ganja smugglers.

Balrampur: The collector took the green flag from the Prime Minister's crop insurance awareness chariot

The Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme benefited maximum peasantry, for its widespread publicity, the collector Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha sent a green flag showing the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Awareness Rath. Due to natural disasters, insects and diseases, farmers have to suffer a lot. With the flood, typhoon, wet and heavy rain, their crop gets spoiled and the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme has been started by the Central Government to relieve them from such crisis.

    According to Notification of Crop Insurance Scheme, in the Kharif year 2019-20, crops of crops like irrigated / uninfected, urad, mustard, tur, peanut, soyabean, maize etc. will be insured. Also, the premium amount payable by the Sum Assured and 2% of the farmers has been fixed per hectare. The last date for inspection of crop has been fixed till 31 July 2019. In addition, the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Worker has been appointed in six tehsils of the district. Who will make adjustments to the applications in the bank. In the document for non-indebted farmers, the photocopies of Aadhaar card, fully filled proposal letter, affidavit of land sharing, copy of latest Khasra / Khatouani, photocopy of bank account passbook, sowing certificate, agricultural or revenue department must be issued by the employees is. For allotment of prime crop insurance, a committee / field wise agricultural chauft is being implemented in all the development blocks.

Janjgir: A 65 year old farmer troubled by paralysis has committed suicide

At present, the police has registered the case and is taking further action.

A case has been registered for the suicide of a 65-year-old farmer Gotti Ram Yadav on Sunday in Village Sothi of Bhamhenidih police station area of ​​Janjgir Champa district of Chhattisgarh. The farmer committed suicide by hanging in a village tree. At the moment, the reason behind suicides is being described as debt and disease. At present, the police has registered the case and is taking further action.

This is the whole case

Kotwar, of village village, about the suicide of farmer Gotti Ram, says that he has raised this day to be troubled by debt and paralysis illness. It is being told that a video of it is also viral on social media, which is being talked of about farmers' debt and disease.

Police officials said that the farmer had left his house around 5:00 am on Sunday morning and committed suicide by hanging himself in the village's farm. At present, the police is acting on the brink and taking action. Farmers' sons have been questioned about the loan. In this, they have not spoken about such a loan. They say that the deceased was suffering from paralysis for 3 years. Her condition was not well.

Lost boy got help from add sp

Mentally challanged child whose family is staying in maa Anandi temple got lost day before yesterday.The family was in distress as they are originally from Satna Mp and does not know many people in town .They try to connect to thana but everything is in vain.
The pandit of the temple mr pandy called add sp Richa mishra.After conforming his location miss mishra contacted add sp sagar and grp sagar.
The main worry is of time because the boy can take any train from the satation and can go she called some of her media friends also
At last at midnight the boy was found beneath the sign board of sagar station safe and sound all because of personal efforts of add sp miss mishra.


Wife wanted to get rid of wife, raped friend, arrested both

After raping his wife with his friend, the accused husband divorced him on a stamp of Rs.50. Then they got married at the stamp of Rs. 50. When the victim and his family came to know of this conspiracy, they got an FIR lodged in the police station.


There has been a case of shyness to tarnish relationships in Chhattisgarh's Kavaldha. A case has been registered in Kawharda's Kotwali police station area. The victim told the police captain of the district his predecessor. After this initial investigation was done. Then the case has been registered. Police have arrested the victim's husband and his friend in the case.

According to the news published in Dainik Bhaskar, it is a shameful event to relieve the soil on the sacred relation of husband and wife. This strange case of rap has come out in Kotwali police station area. Where a husband, with the help of his friend, looted his wife beforehand. Then divorced on the stamp of Rs.50 and got them married at the stamp of Rs.50. When the victim and his family came to know of this conspiracy, they got an FIR lodged in the police station.


Such open truth
The Kawardha police arrested the accused, husband and his friend under section 376, 120, 34. The surprising facts have surfaced in the inquiry. The accused is a resident of 19-year-old Singhnipuri. He was married to the victim 40 days earlier. She wanted to get rid of the wife because of her love affair with another woman. Therefore, the help of his resident friend Rajnandgaon took help. The special thing is that the victim was a minor at the time of marriage. The accused husband's age is 19 years.

Mike left after rape
This marriage has also opened the poles of the women and child development department. After misbehaving, the accused husband left the victim in her mother's womb. After a few days, the accused went to Kamlesh's mother and told him to get married after stamping him on stamp. Then the conspiracy came out. Social meetings took place and the accused refused to keep on saying by being stigmatized. Then report in the police station.

Swindle building Adhar card

The incident is June 27. By blaming the Aadhaar card, the accused reached the cremation with his wife. The accused friend was also together. In the Tahsil office, sign the victim on two stamps. One stamp was related to divorce and the other accused was married to Kamlesh. After the notary stayed in the Lakshmi Lodge. After a while, the accused husband left his wife along with his friend. During this, Kamlesh allegedly raped her.

Husband created a plot
The victim told the police that we had been married 40 days earlier. I have read up to the 11th. After 10-15 days of marriage all went well, but husband's behavior changed. Used to threaten One day, he talked of running a smart card to make a smart card. We got out of the bike, but they put me on the bus from Lohara. This was my husband's friend in this bus. After sitting in the bus, asked me to meet in a bunch. After this we reached the Kali Garden of Kavaldha.

After 3 hours my husband came there and started making videos. Then threatened me. The other day, I brought a bump. Threatened to kill him and signed him to the hotel. I have been there for a while, saying and did not come back. During this, his friend committed a crime. Together they conspired and left me deliberately in the room. After this I went to my maiden I gave information about the incident there. Here, my husband's friends started pressurizing me to take me along to reach the police station.

Balrampur: 14 workers released from bondage, released through social media

The youth alleged that their mobile and Aadhar cards were also snatched.


In a Chennai company, 14 youths who were held hostage in Balrampur district have been released by the police and administration team. According to the information, 12 youths have been brought back from Balrampur, including four minor. In fact, one of the youth who had been hostage through social media last week had sent the video. After this video was exposed, the families had approached the police and administration for help. The hostages made by the hostages say that the people of the company called them by greed. In Chennai, they were assaulted. The youth alleged that their mobile and aspiration cards were also stripped.

Is the whole case

Actually a few days ago, the district police and administration officials had come to know that some youths of Balrampur had gone to Chennai to work. Here a company has kept them hostage. At the same time, the relatives had also asked the authorities to release their children.

Giving information, SP TR Kushma told that after the complaint of the area, the joint team of the district administration and police was sent to Chennai. Then 14 hostage boys were released from here. According to the police, the goods of 2 youths who had made a mortgage were not found. That's why the team will find the goods with the youth there and bring them back. The remaining 12 youths have been assigned to the Child Welfare Committee, where the statements of the youth were taken.

Chhattisgarh: Non-stop hearing in Nanavati case will be held in the High Court

The High Court has said that the petitioners who submitted the documents should submit their documents till August 14.

The High Court has given a major decision to the Chhattisgarh's most-known Nan scam case. Now there will be a non stop hearing in the court of this high profile case. According to the information, the case will be heard in the Division Bench of CJ from 26 August to 2 September, Day-to-Day. At the same time, the High Court has said that the petitioner who submitted the matter, whoever submits the document, will submit it till August 14. It is known that the Citizen Supply Corporation (NAN) in Chhattisgarh had had hundreds of crores scam. Hammer Sajwadi NGO, Advocate Sudip Shrivastav, Virendra Pandey and others had filed a public interest petition in this matter on the matter. This was the case in the division bench of the High Court Chief Justice.

What is the non-scandal?

It is alleged that millions of quintals of poor rice were taken from rice mills in Chhattisgarh and instead of crores rupees was bribe. Similarly, the transport of the civil supply corporation has also been a huge scam. In this case, 27 cases were registered against the accused. Of which 16 were presented on June 15, 2015, the indictment paper was presented. In the case, a letter was written to the Central Government for permission to act against two senior IAS officers, Dr. Alok Shukla and Anil Tuteja.


The shoe-stocking unloaded land, the collector sahab, the tray hull and sowing

The collector of Bemetara Mahadev Kawre, from Sinhauri, saw a farmer named Dasharath Sahu in the field of Khilora village and planting it in the field.


After the rains started in Chhattisgarh, the farmers came out to solve the fields. On Monday, the collector Mahadev Kaware of Bemetara district came out towards the fields to understand the problems and problems of farmers. During this time, a sight was seen even when the collector could not stop himself from seeing the farmer cultivating the plow and taking off his shoes and socks himself to cast himself into the field.

... and collector sang threw the tax

Mahadev Kaware, the collector of Bemetara, saw a farmer named Dashrath Sahu in the field from Sinhaurori to Khilora village, while sowing and plowing in the field. Bemetara collector Mahadev Kaware took up the plow himself to understand himself and his sorrow, and sowing a soybean filled with soybeans in his hand and sowing began to sow. About two and a half kilogram soyabean sown collector Mahadev Kavre with his hands. At the same time, holding the plow tied with two buffaloes, the collector plowed over it. In a hand where the sticks, the plow on the other hand and the pressure on it, the collector deep plowed it.

'Do not get the fruits of peacock hard work'

Farmer Dasharath said that the collector Sahab has made a good harvest, so that the soya bean plant will be dense and the production will also be good. Farmer Dashrath was curious to see his collector traditionally cultivating. Collector Mahadev Kaware jokingly told the farmer whether the fruits of peacock hard work could be obtained. Collector collects information from farmers about all kinds of problems coming in time of farming and they also ask for their distress or distress. The farmer happily conveyed thanks to the District Collector, who said that enough for me is that the farmer has come out to collect the shoe stock in a farmer's farm and to collect the district collector.

CM Bhupesh Baghel said that Amit Jogi, the mother of the mother, was linked to alcohol, and got the answer - damn it!

State Congress President Amit Jogi of Janta Congress, Chhattisgarh (J) said that CM will see that the maternal grief has been linked to the sale of liquor and tweeted about it.


Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has triggered a political stir with a tweet of former CM Ajit Jogi's son Amit Jogi on the occasion of his maternal grief. State Congress President Amit Jogi of Janta Congress, Chhattisgarh (J) linked the sale of alcohol to mourn by the CM's visit. This tweet is also getting different responses on the social media.

Chief minister Bhupesh Baghel's mother, Bindeshwari Baghel, passed away on Sunday evening during treatment. After this, along with all the political parties, the CM will be seen from every section of the state and will pay tribute to the mother. Meanwhile, Amit Jogi has a tweet on Sunday evening.


Wrote in tweets
In the tweet, Amit Jogi has tried to link the death of mother Bhupesh Baghel to mother's death. Amit Jogi wrote, "The chief minister should give his mother a whim and decide whether he or she should stop drinking liquor shop or me." Amit Jogi has given information in another tweet that he is going to Baradwar on Monday to support the movement (liquor ban).

'well damn'
Amit Jogi, the timing of his tweet about the demand for alcoholism, is being criticized fiercely, people are also telling him shameful. Vyomesh Shukla writes on the social networking site Facebook - A weird idea of ​​deprived politics. See the tweet of this son of Amit Jogi, son of former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Ajit Jogi. Recently, the news of the death of the current Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is going on. This tweet is also mentioned in this tweet, but how violent it is. Is it not necessary to remain silent in the grief of death even now? You are blessed. Damn you

Devendra Yadav, MLA of Bhilai Nagar wrote - Some people are extremely shameless, their seeds of rituals are lying in this way. Politics can be 365 days, but the people of Atal imitation are shamelessly clinging to the shamelessness. The credentials can be improved, the Congress worker is Gandhian. This does not mean that you will become a sibling follower.

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