Organized camp under Seamless Electricity Bill Scheme

Bemetra September 24, 2018- Under the Seamless Electricity Bill Scheme, camps will be organized on 12th September, 12 in Bemetra division and 12 villages of Saaza division. In these villages - Dangnia, Bahuwanwagaon, Banshapur, Garh, Gurud, Karman, Salhghori, Khambi, Kavarka kampa, Rampur, Sonpuri, Taregaon, Khangarpath, Boharadih, Anandgaon, Dehri, Lalpur, Chongkhpari, Badhra, Kodwa, Dakepur, Karamal, Hattanpan and Bagley is included. On Wednesday 26th September, camps will be organized in 14 villages of Bemetara division and 10 villages of Saaza division. In these villages, Pendri (Balasamund), Bawghatoli, Kusima, Dangniya, Sonpuri, Karchuva, Puran, Gadaghat, Bahanga, Karahi, Seoni, Murkuta, Sonpuri, Poussi, Ufra, Mudarparkal, Bharda, Khurusbod, Salhaypur, Naradi, Baggumar, Pathpongi and Kesari are included. On 27th September, 6 camps of Bemetra division and 5 villages of Saaza division will be organized. These villages include Banshapur, Jong, Lalpur, Jhal, Khapri, Tingalijewarra, Navagam, Pendravan, Mazgaon, Deorbija and Kareli.

Assembly election 2018 Sector Magistrate appointed to maintain peace

Bemetra September 24, 2018: - In order to maintain peace and law and order in the district under the Legislative Assembly Election 2018, the District / Chaki Area Revenue Officers have been appointed Sector Magistrate. Collector Mahadev Kaware said that in Tahsildar Bemetra Ms. Umaraj to Police Station / Chakey Bemetara, Naib Tehsildar Bemetara Rajkumar Maravi to Behari, Tahsildar Navagad Bhupendra Gaware to Navagad, Naib Tahsildar, Nandighat, S.L. Sahu to Nandghat, Tehsildar Birla, Ms. Neeta Thakur, Berla, Tehsildar, Saja Tarasingh Khare, Saaza, Tehsildar Khhamaria, Praful Rakk, Khammariya, Naib Tehsildar, Sajja Chandrashekhar Chandra Charkar, Parpodi, Naib Tahsildar, Sanjas Pauras Vental to Devakar, Naib Tehsildar, Berla Ajay. Chandravanshi has been appointed Kandarka, Naib Tehsildar Navagadh Ravindra Kumar Kurray as the Sector Magistrate.
Rishi Tiwari appointed Public Prosecutor

Bemetra September 24, 2018: - Ministry of Law and Legislative Affairs of the Government of Chhattarpur, Government Raipur by the Government Advocate / Public Prosecutor Bemetra, appointed on the post of District Bemetra, Mr. Rishi Tiwari Advocate, District Bemetra (Chhattisgarh) For the period of three years from July 13, 2018 or till the age of 62 years, the Government is appointed for the first time, whichever is earlier. Also, the Public Prosecutor has been appointed for the same period while exercising the powers conferred by sub-section (3) of section 24 of the Penal Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (No. 027474).

Assembly election 2018 Appointed zonal officer

Bemetra September 24, 2018: - Zonal officers have been appointed in three assembly constituencies of the district to ensure smooth and peaceful completion of the Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 in the district. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware has appointed 26 officers under the Navagadh constituency as Zonal officers. These include Food Officer Bemetra Bhupendra Mishra, Zone-Tammari, six. Project Officer District Panchayat Bemetra GP Pandey to Nandighat, A.D. Navagadh Water Resources CR Spreading Sahu, CMO Beat up Sanjay Singh, executive engineer, R.E. Mrs. Sana Sonal Huffmann to Putpura, District Marketing Officer Bemetara R.S. Sambhalur, Vikalchand Education Officer, Navagad Balllal Chaturvedi, Lalmore to Gordhikala, Deputy Director Social Welfare Bemetara BR More to Badarana, District Excise Officer Bemetra S.N. Swapanji, Assistant Engineer, Prof. G.O. Bemetra B.C. Gupta to Nandal, CMO Navaghat Sanjay Bhimate to Navagad, SDO Krishi Bemetara Rajkumar Solanki Murata, Manager District Industry Center Bemetara Gopal Rao, Dean Agricultural College Bemetara GK. Awadhiya, Gandiya, Assistant Engineer, G.C.Y.O. S.D. Raman to Murkuta, Anne.PH.E.E. Bemetra S. Netam to Gangapur, A.D. Loniwi Navagad U.K. Devangan has been transferred to Umairia, Assistant Engineer, Prof. G. Sr., Bahaharsari, District Mineral Officer, Mrs. Meenakshi Sahu. K.R. Tandai bearded, assistant director Khadi Gramodyog KP Semaria to Parathas, work. A P.M.G.SY Bemetra S.K. Sahu to Khandasara, T.P. Max. District Analyst Bemetra Praveen waves to Mohatra, six Project Officer District Panchayat Bemetra M.P. Banther has been appointed as Attariya, Assistant Project Officer, District Panchayat Bemetara Vivek Goswami, Assistant Assistant Officer Ashok Kumar Singh Chandanu and Forest Officer Bemmetra Tilochan Sahu as Mohanjega Zonal Officer. Apart from this, three officers have been kept in the reserve, among them, Principal Shah Maha. Bemetara da D.D., Civil Surgeon Bemetra da Satish Sharma, six District Education Officer Sunil Tiwari is involved.

It has been stated in the order issued by the collector that the concerned zonal officers should observe the route according to the route chart of their zone area, inform the concerned department if inspection and verifying the door, window, furniture repair and access road damaged by the polling station building. So that the necessary improvements can be made. To be present in the election training itself and also to train members of the polling party. In the polling station building, the assembly election 2018, the number of polling station, the name of the polling station, should be written at the intimate scene. Identifying the sensitive village from the point of view of formation of the Village and Ward wise Awareness Group, give information in the enclosed form. Incorporate 05 to 10 non-political persons in the group, which will organize group discussion, rally etc. in the village and give information about crimes under Section 171B. In the form the police station will sign the charge.

Chief Minister's Vishal Sabha in Saaza

Will give 138 crore 5 lakh rupees development works to the residents
Bemetra September 24, 2018: - During the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will arrive in Saza in Vikalkhand, Bemetara district on September 26. Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh's main hospitality will be inaugurated at 2.00 pm in the inaugural ceremony of various development works, fundraising and distribution of materials. Where he will address the huge General Meeting and give the citizens a loan of 138 crores worth of development works. The program chaired by the Minister in charge of the district, Mr. Punnulal Mohle. Shri Dayaladas Baghel, MP, Parliamentary constituency Shri Tamrampraj Sahu, Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Bachchand Bafna, MLA Bemetra Mr. Avdesh Singh Chandel, District Panchayat President, Smt. Kavita Sahu, President of District Panchayat Saja, Mr. Om Prakash, as Special Guest. Verma, Chairman of Nagar Panchayat Saza, Mr. Manoj Jaiswal has been held in the presence of dignified presence. Development exhibitions based on government schemes and programs will be set up by different departments of the district.

Chief Minister approves development works worth Rs 13.85 crore in Bemetra district

Distribution of crop insurance of 87 lakh rupees to farmers
Rs. 34 lakh under the Rajmata Vijaya Range Kanya Vivah Yojana, distribution of Rs. 50.88 lakhs under the Ninehal Scholarship Scheme
During the Atal Vikas Yatra, there will be the Vishal Sabha
Bemetra September 24, 2018: - In the General Assembly held on 26th September, 2018 in the district headquarters, Saza, during the Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated 68 different construction works of the cost of 138 crores 05 thousand 13 thousand rupees and laid the foundation stone To the development work. In this, the launch of 15 different construction works of 54 crore 37 lakh 54 thousand rupees and the construction of 53 different works of 53 million 67 lakh 59 thousand rupees for the construction of various lands. Under the Rajmata Vijayarajya Kanya Vivah Yojana, Rs. 34 lakhs, distribution of rupees 50.88 lakhs under the Ninehal Scholarship Scheme will be distributed in the function. Collector Mahadev Kaware said that the Chief Minister Dr. Singh will inaugurate the works, in which major upgradation of Saja-Somikal-Chilphi-Bendari-Ranvirpur road is 13 km. The cost of work is Rs 24 crore 09 lakh 28 thousand rupees, rest house in Thankhmahari Rs.1 crore 19 lakhs, officers in saja, housing construction work for employees Rs. 4 crore 88 lakhs, sub health center accounts 7 lakhs rupees.

Chief Minister Dr. Construction of high level bridge construction works on the Amaner river between Sukhbirkhal and Sukhrikhurd, costing Rs. 7.77 crore, cost of construction of high level pool construction work (Lonavidu Cetu division Rajnandgaon) on Karva Nala in Bamhani, Samandwara road, in which lion works; Work 60 million, cc Construction of road co-groove in Kopadbury, Agari, Lakhri, Taurasemaria, Rs. 56 lakhs, Hedidob reservoir top and canal work in the canal and construction of pucca works, Rs.2.22 million rupees, repair of architectural wall of Karwa distribution wall, pitching work of the flax band Slus Restoration of Gate and Small Canals Rs. 10 crore 15 lakh, remuneration of damaged right, main canal remodeling and lining a single aquacoot Defense Construction 2 crore 98 lakh 70 thousand rupees, Dotu diversion scheme of the left bank canal of R. Construction of aqueduct at 7680 (DMF) 39 lakh 26 thousand, Karsara Nalajal feeding scheme 51.65 lakh, Banneranka water supply scheme 53.87 lakh, Borrati Naljal feeding scheme 55.38 lakh, Somikkhurd drainage feed scheme Rs. 17.27 lakh , Sauksha (Lalpur) Naljal feeding scheme Rs. 17.31 lakh, Somikal naljal feeding scheme Rs. 19.09 lakh, Shyampuramppa Naljal feeding scheme Rs. 15 lakhs, Bhadakala and Bhandarkari drainage supply scheme 19.95 lakh for the work to build a fully-equipped Tue building Karesra 10 lakh, pinching action of the pond near Gutan village Tendobata and pond mercury Gutan leveling 15 lakh, Tendobata Ward No. CC in a Road construction work Rs 10 lakh, Higher Secondary school Devkar Access road, Primary health center Devkar access road 16.08 lakh, Pathrrikkal Highschool road construction work 12.20 lakh, High school building Kanhera reaching road 19.75 lakh, Bareh, Khapri, Islapur, Chizgaon , Construction of Paleni, Barga road, Rs 56.53 lakh, Gharivari dam to Turasemaria reach road construction work Rs 31.07 lakh, from Mohitra check Mleedih route includes both sides of the groove construction 19.98 million rupees, Saja four sub-health center serves 28 lakh for construction under the block key.

Chief Minister Dr. On this occasion, on the occasion, 798 farmers in various schemes will provide insurance cover of Rabi season 2017-18 under the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme amounting to 87 lakh 40 thousand rupees. Under Chief Minister Rajmata Vijayarajya Kanya Vivahan Yojana, Rs. 34 lakhs to 170 beneficiaries, Rs. One lakh 56 thousand rupees to 32 beneficiaries and Rs. 5 lakh 88 thousand rupees to 2638 children under the Ninehal Scholarship Scheme under Sister Maternity Aid Scheme. Apart from this, the Chief Minister will also distribute the incentive amount of the crop to the farmers. Apart from this, the distribution of gas connections under Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, distribution of tool kits to the workers under the various schemes of the Swayam Health Card, Labor Department.

Under the sweep program, the colleges and the village panchayats of the district

Conduct Voter Awareness Program in
Under the guidance and guidance of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, Mahasamund, 24th of September 2018, voter awareness program is being organized in various colleges and village panchayats of the district. In the same quota, Vitapet machine was exhibited by Verma by the Master Trainers Mr. Ramesh Soni to villagers in Village Lohardipur of Vikashand. Apart from this, they were given information related to voting. Similarly, in the Shyam Balaji Mahavidyalaya Mahasamand, situated in the district headquarters, the street plays were demonstrated by the students under voting awareness program.

Flying team training today

Today, on September 25, 2018, under the chairmanship of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, Mahasamund, 24th September 2018, training has been organized in the collectorate meeting room from 3 noon. Training related to the Expenditure Accounting Team, Flying Team, Static Surveillance Team, Video Observation Team, Video Surveillance Team, MCMC, Model Code of Conduct, Assistant Expenditure Observer, Expenditure Control Cell, Control Room Duty In which the concerned officials have been asked to appear at the appointed time.

Claim-objection till September 27

Applications for the post of Assistant Grade-3 (Contract) and Bhadri (collector rate) for the office of district election office and sub-divisional officer offices were invited for Mahasamund, 24 September 2018 / Assembly General Election 2018. Selection of received applications has been released by the committee after the list of eligible eligible non-qualified applicants has been released. If there is any objection to any candidate in this regard, he can present objection by presenting the necessary certificate by presenting himself at the office of the District Office (Collector) BTI Road, Mahasamund, from the date of its release till September 27, 2018. More information or list of this can be seen in the information board of the district office or on the website of district of the district.

Collector meets Lee Nodal and assistant nodal officers Preparations review

Mahasamund, September 24, 2018 / For the forthcoming assembly election 2018, the Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta has been assigned the responsibility by nodal officers and assistant nodal officers. Preparations have been started for proper discharge of those responsibilities. In this regard, Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta took a meeting of the nodal and assistant nodal officers in the meeting room of Collectorate here today. Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, SDM Saraipalali Ms. Nupur Rani Panna, Additional Superintendent of Police Mr. Sanjay Dhruv, Additional Collector Mr. Mohammad Sharif Khan, Joint Collector Mr. Shivkumar Tiwari, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. B.S. Murmur was particularly present.

In the meeting the Collector and District Election Officer directed all SDMs to complete the data updation as the priority of the applications received in respect of the electoral rolls of their respective areas. He said that EVM machines and VVPATs are being displayed in four assembly constituencies of the district. In the meeting, the District Electoral Officer said that programs should be ensured at a large level by speeding up the sweep program. In the meeting of the Nodal and Assistant Nodal Officers, he said that to ensure the immediate removal of illegal hoardings in the district, to ensure the chief executive officer of the CMO and urban panchayats of urban bodies, to ensure the work of executive officers. He said that from where the voting material is to be distributed in the district, it will have a good effect. Apart from this, they have made a list of vehicles for the traffic system.

Hardworking farmers of the diocese will receive a Rs 2400 crore Paddy bonus: Dr. Raman Singh

Bilaspur: Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, addressing Amsabha at village Kotami of Pedara Vikasakhanad of Bilaspur District on Sept. 24, said that hardworking farmers of the state would get a bonus of Rs 2400 crore this year upon purchase of Paddy at the support price. In order to unleash a fair price of paddy to the farmers, Shri Narendra Modi has made a lump-sum increase of 200 rupees per qtls in Paddy's support price. The state government is giving paddy bonuses of Rs 300 per QTLs this year. The farmers will get the price of qtls Paddy from 2050 to Rs 2070 per farmer. Unhoene will also be paid a bonus amount with Paddy's support value to farmers upon starting Paddy's purchases from November. Marwahi is also the area of hardworking farmers. It will also benefit the farmers of the region with the whole state.

In the General Assembly of the Government of Marwahi Higher Secondary school field, urban Administration Minister Shri Amar Agarwal, chairman of Zila Panchayat, had several janaparatinidhi and a large number of rural villagers including Shri Deepak Sahu. The Chief Minister has occasion

The chief minister said that farmers are being given the facility to pay flat-rate electricity bills on more than one irrigation pumps of up to 5 horsepower. The state's single-light stripe is being facilitated by over 12 lakh impoverished households, whose power consumption is more than 40 units per month, paying for a flat rate electricity bill. The farmers are being provided with a loan without interest from the cooperative banks. The chief minister said the Teduupatata bonus of Rs 750 crore will be disbursed to teduupatata collectors of the state during the one-month development journey. He said that the mother Danteshwari and mother Bamleshwari had started taking blessings. In this development journey I have raced to seek the blessings of the public Janardan. It is a journey of public confidence. I consider it sacred to visit pilgrims.

The Chief Minister mentioned various schemes of the State Government, including the Chief minister's Food Safety plan, Chief Minister's Health safety plan, prime Ujjwala plan, prime housing scheme, solar Sujala scheme on the occasion. He said the Prime Minister Mr Males







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