Tulender Kumar Sagar Scout Master Teacher Education Awarded Shree Award

Mahasamund, 04 Oct 2018 / Mayaram Surjan, Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Choubey Colony, Raipur, organized the district level honors ceremony. As a result, Mr. Tuleendra Kumar Sagar Scout Master Teacher, Government Higher Secondary School, Patwa Mahasamund, was honored with excellent education for doing outstanding work in the field of education. This honor is given to him on state level honors on teacher day and for doing remarkable work at the district level. Special contribution in the field of scout guides, preparation of scout guides to the state award level, excellent work, active participation in all activities of the school, from time to time serving in their service, benefitting student girl students, unemployed, vulnerable, text to students To provide materials, writing materials, to make education edgy and attractive, all the feasts, national festivals and events in the days Provided for taxpayers.

 Mr. Jairam Sahu President District Sangh Mahasamud Bharat Scout Guide, District Chief Commissioner Mr. Poonam Chandrakar, Vice President of District Sangh Mr. Dawlal Chandrakar, Mr. Satpal Singh Pali, Mr. Swapnil Tiwari, Smt. Aishwarya Tiwari, Dr. Manju Sharma, Smt. Niranjana Sharma, District Education Officer, Ex-District Commissioner, Ska. Mr. B.L. Kurre, Mrs Ami Rufus, Principal and District Commissioner's Guide, Assistant Director Mr. Satish Nayar, Mr. Ajay Biswas, Mr. Himanshu Bharati, Vice President Mr. Kamal Luniya Mahasamud, Santosh Sahu, Ram Kumar Sahu Senior Skutter Ms. Anjali Baramal, Assistant Sports Officer, Vikas Jharkhand Education Officer, Mahasamund PK Sharma, Sameer Chandra Pradhan Principal, Sha.a.M.Sala, Pateva Mahasamund, District Secretary Shailen Central hero, District Organization Commissioner Mayuk Srivastava, District Training. Commissioner T. Rudsena, Smt. Madhu Tiwari, Treasurer, Smt. Chandrakantha Thakur, Smt. Prabha Parda, Surendra Manikpuri, Sushil Sharma, Mannulal Sahu, Pramod Kannauje, Local Union Secretary J. Taxes, Tukeshwar Gajendra, Ramkumar Nayak, Purnanand Mishra, Bhimsen Chandrakar, all office bearers and scouts guides scout guide family member greeted and wished for a bright future.

Organizing Women's Conference and Rally for Voter Awareness in Basana

As per the directions of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, in the Government Higher Secondary School of Basaana on the occasion of Mahasamund, 04th October 2018 / Gandhi jayanti, a Development Block level Women's Conference was organized to increase the percentage of voting in the forthcoming assembly elections 2018. . The resolution for this effect will be given to SDM by the women present in the conference, who will vote essentially for themselves and all members of their family. Saryapali Ms. Pooja Bansal brought it. On this occasion, he said, while addressing the women, that voters should always vote without any greed or pressure in accordance with their choice, voting can not take away our right to vote. About 7,000 women took part in the conference.

Under the high school ground awareness program of Basana, E.M.M. And VVPET was performed at three places. Women E.M.M. and V.V. By looking at the abdomen itself, women have confirmed their opinion by voting on the line by following the routine election process. Similarly, in the activities of the electoral literacy club, various sports were taught by the game Ludo, Roundabout, Snake Staircase, etc. Voting process. On this occasion, cultural program was also organized for the entertainment of women. Map of Chhattisgarh in India's map of Chhattisgarh, displaying a map of Mahasamund inside it, displaying the female power in beautiful manner. After the rally was organized, in the rally, women made awareness of voter awareness voter banner posters, slogans written by people and voting for people.

VVPat EVM in the program Master Trainer Ramesh Soni, E.L.C. activities, Master Television Male Shri Manoj Sahu, Chandrabhanu Mishra and Kalpana Chauhan performed the work of making the map. Shri Vikas Soni Engineer Rourbon Mission settled, Chandrahas Nag, Shri Vivekanand Das, Project Officer Women's Child Development Department Basana, Shri R. K. Verma, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Basana, Chief Municipal Officer Nagar Panchayat Basana, Tehsildar Basana, were supported. The cultural program was presented by Mr. Vivekanand Das and his team. The rally was led by Mr. E Nand Project Officer Literacy Pithora and Jyoti Mishra Supervisor, Pramod Kannauj, Assistant Nodal Officer, Sweep. The program was conducted by Ramesh Kumar Soni and non-vigilant Mr. Rekhraj Sharma District Project Officer and Secretary, Speech Mahasamund did. In order to make the program successful, NC Saw, Dr. Abhishek Agrawal, MDM, Virendra Baghel, Bugti, Yogendra Sah and Women's group have a special contribution.

Voter mass awareness campaign released under "Vibrant voting" theme under Voter Awareness Campaign

Surajpur: According to the directive of the State Election Commission, and under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.D. Devasanapati today, for the wider publicity campaign of voter mass awareness campaign under "Vibrant voting" theme under Voter Awareness Campaign. In order to encourage voters to use their franchise through Divyang and third gender icon Wyong Shri God Yadav Divyaang Vidhan Sabha Bhatgaon, Divyaang Vidhan Sabha Pratappur and Divyang Shri Baban Ram Vidhan Sabha Premanagar and as the third gender icon, Kajal district as Surajpur branded as Brand Ambassador and Shalu as a member, Sweep in entire assembly areas under Surajpur The campaign for dissemination of voter mass awareness campaign is being done.

DL.ED. Second year contact class from 07th October

Balrampur 04 Oct 2018 / NIOS D.L. ED. Run by Raipur Second year connection will be conducted from 07th October 2018 in Government Higher Secondary School Balrampur. School Principal Mr. Vimal Dubey has informed that in the first class of the first year of the syllabus, the attendants must register their presence in the second year of contact classes. Assignment date is fixed till 23 November and the forthcoming first examination will be held in December 2018 and the second examination will be held in February 2019. Therefore, compulsorily submit the examination fee of Rs.1000 by October 15 online.

Instructions regarding Model Code of Conduct for Assembly Elections 2018

Surajpur 04 Oct1018 / According to the information received from the Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Shri KP Singh, in the direction of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. KC Deesanapati, the letter no. 509/241 / ECI / LET / FUNC / RCC / 2011 of the Chief Election Commission. During the election campaign during the election code of conduct as per the directive dated April 20, 2018, going home-to-contact, SMS, Whatsapp, Tel and L Evaporates night speaker use, etc. is mentioned to be banned from 07 pm until morning 08 o'clock. In the context of the order passed by the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of India has amended the para-02 (para -02) dated 05 September 2018, as mentioned in the above reference letter, that "during the 6th Model Code of Conduct, during the election campaign house Use of contact, SMS, WhatsApp, telephone and loud speaker etc. will be restricted from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM so that the common citizen According to the above said information should be brought to the notice of the concerned state-level political parties and all registered parties with respect to the information related to the information related to the election as above and to promote the spread of the district in all its respective districts. It is important to note that the Model Code of Conduct applies to the state The above command will automatically take effect.

General Meeting of General Assembly and General Administration Committee of District Panchayat on 06th October

Surajpur 04 October 2018 / In the direction of the Collector Shri KC Deesanapati, according to the information received from Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, the meeting of the District Panchayat General Assembly was adjourned on September 19, 2018, which was held on October 06, 2018 General Meeting from 01 am and General Administration Committee meeting from 3 pm onwards, under the chairmanship of District Panchayat President Shri Ashok Jagte. District went held in the lobby of the Panchayat Surajpur. All concerned have been asked to attend the meeting essentially.

Division of work between deputy collector

Surajpur 04 Oct1018 / Collector Shri K. Deveshnapati said that due to the posting of deputy collector Shri Waheedrahman, the work has been divided till the next order. District Police Inspector, District Collectorate, Land Records and Population Survey of the District Collectorate, District e-Governance Society, Archeology Tourism and Culture Branch and other work assigned to the Deputy Collector, Mr. Ravi Singh, and Deputy Collector Mr. Waheedrahman. , Small savings branch, grow more food, branch of twenty-point branch, national child labor project, women commission / cow commissioner / minority Commission / Scheduled Castes, Tribe and Backward Classes Commission / Youth Welfare Commission / Human Rights Commission / Dharmas Commission, Nodal Officer, BRICS, Scouts and Guides, Sixth Child Welfare Council, District Soldier Welfare Board, Audit and Inspection Report, Environment Branch, Documents Verification, Nuptial Branch, Inward / Outward Branch, Audit and Inspection, Assistant (Revenue / General), Revenue Accounts Branch, Home Guards, Sports and Youth Welfare, Urban Development Agency, Right to Information Act, Right to Information Act, Appellate Authority, Senior Clerical Branch, District Hospitality Officer, Land Acquisition Branch, Judicial Branch, Arms License Branch, Department of Relief and Disaster Management, District Nazrar Branch, Neighborhood Lease Renewal, Government House Allocation related work, freight control officer, marriage registration officer (entire district Surajpur), issue of successor certificate, public service c Daily Police Report, all work relating to the Runtime Act, Employee Welfare / Counseling Committee, English Record Cells, Revenue Records Cell, Chief Replicator Branch, Janadarshan Branch, Complaint Branch, Old Age Complex, Life Deep Committee / Patient Welfare Committee, Third and Fourth Class employees Work relating to pension cases of third and fourth grade employees, road accident Other tasks on the fund and from time to time has been split. Deputy Commissioner of the Deputy Collector, Shri Ravi Singh, Mr. Wahidur Rahman and Deputy Collector, Mr. Waheedrahman will be the Deputy Commissioner of Link Offices Mr. Ravi Singh.

Mizals Rubella campaign program on 6th October at District Hospital, Bekundpur. The state's Labor Minister, Shri Rajwade will be the chief guest of the program.

The Mizals Rubella campaign program will be organized at the main hospitality of Korea, 04 October 2018 / Pradak, Labor, Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Shri Bhayyalal Rajwade, from 12 noon on October 6 in the premises of the District Hospital, Bai Kuntpur. Collector Shri Narendra Singh Dugga and Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, Mrs. Tulika Prajapati will be present as special guests in the Mizals Rabella campaign program organized under the chairmanship of Mr. Ashok Jaiswal, President of Municipal Council, Bacunditpur.
Collector Shri Narendra Singh Dugga has urged the citizens of the district to get vaccinated for all children from 9 months to 15 years under the Mizals Rubella campaign. He said that this vaccination will be done by health workers in all Anganwadi centers, government and private schools, madarsas and ashrams.


Newborn infants get better medical care

Balrampur 04 Oct 2018 / In order to provide better medical facilities to newborns, intensive neonatal medicine unit has been set up at Balrampur District Hospital. Which was inaugurated today by Municipal Council President Mrs Ravika Ekka.

With the introduction of intensive newborn unit, the reduction in infant mortality rate in the district will be possible and severely ill children will be treated better. Specialist Pediatric Disease Dr. Liladhar Singh said that during the 0 to 28 days of the medical unit, children will be taken care of with children born with low weight and children with ventilator support. Opportunity for the launch of the unit was reviewed by the Additional Collector, Mr. Vijay Kuzur, District Hospital. He asked the Chief Medical and Health Officer and other officials of the health department to give special attention to the cleaning of the hospital. On this occasion, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Dnyanesh Kumar Choubey, Shivil Surgeon Dr. R.K. Tripathi, including health officials of the Health Department were present.

General Meeting of District Panchayat on 06th October

The meeting of the General Assembly of the District Panchayat under the chairmanship of Smt. Kalawati Marakam, President of District Panchayat, October 04, 2018, has been convened in the meeting room of District Panchayat at 2 pm on 06th October. Mrs. Tulika Prajapati, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, Smt. Sarojini Kamro, Vice President of District Panchayat, Smt. Phoolmati Singh, Member of District Panchayat, Shri Devender Pratap Tiwari, Smt. Lilavati Kamro, Sri Ravi Shankar Singh, Smt. Sangeeta Sonawani, Shri Guruj Lal Singh Neti, Shri. Sharan Singh, Shri Ramkrishna Sahu and the President of all the Janpad Panchayat will be present at the prescribed date and time. The request has been made. Implementation of departmental schemes will be reviewed in the meeting.

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