Mahasamund Collector's meeting of the deadline


Collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta took a time-limit meeting in the meeting room of the District Office here today. In the meeting, he said that the Model Code of Conduct has been implemented in connection with Vidhan Sabha elections 2018. He said that hoardings, flakes, slogans etc. have been removed from all the places. He told all the concerned officials that the information provided about the distortion of property at different places has been made available to the district election office immediately. He also said that all SDMs and CMOs removed illegal hoardings immediately and also made them doomedal. Make sure to list the valid hoardings and their numbering. He also gave directions to the Chief Executive Officers of the District Panchayats in this regard.
The collector and district election officer said that the training programs of the polling parties and the training programs of the Sector Officers should be done immediately and trained. He said that all the Sector Officers appointed for the Vidhan Sabha Elections 2018 will keep complete information of EVM machine and VP pat and will be aware of its functioning and procedures.

He also instructed the training of micro observers. In the meeting, he said that all SDMs, CEOs, CMOs should now prepare for distribution of voter slip for assembly election 2018. He instructed to mark the polling station for web casting. He has instructed to sweep sweep programs at a faster pace and better. In the meeting, District Panchayat CEO Mr. Riturraj Raghuvanshi, Forest Officer Mr. Alok Tiwari, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Joint Collector Mr. Shivkumar Tiwari, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue and various departments district level officers were present.


District Election Officer took an awareness rally and became aware of voting


On the guidance and direction of District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Duga, sweep program is being organized for the purpose of increasing the percentage of voting in the district. In the same district, District Election Officer and Collector, Mr. Dugga, at the main gate of the district office, today made the people aware of the voting through the slogans for voting. On this occasion, he administered oath to them to vote. Thereafter, the District Election Officer was slogan to motivate voters to cast their votes and send all the members of their family to the office from the main gate of the office to the awareness rally.


13 vehicles seized for illegal mining


Collector Shri K.C. In the direction of DevSanapati, Mineral Officer Mrs. Triveni Devangan today while carrying illegal mineral transport with her team, 13 vehicles have been seized and kept in the police station for custody.

They said that 06 cars were found to transport 03 truck ballast, 02 tractor ballast and 01 407 truck bricks in Surajpur police station and illegal transport of a hawaii ballast in Vishrampur police station and 03 vehicles filled with sand in Jaynagar police station, 02 vehicle brick And a hawk ballast was found illegally transmitted.

Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 : Meeting of Standing Committee and Political Parties held in Vidhan Sabha area 06-Pratappur


Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.C. The meeting of the Standing Committee, Monitoring Committee and Political Parties for the Legislative Assembly General Election 2018 in Vidhan Sabha area 06-Pratappur was held in the presence of DeSenaNapati and the Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat and Returning Officer Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha.During the election campaign during the Model Code of Conduct, Mr. Deveshnapathy was informed about the restriction of going to house-to-house contact, use of SMS, Whatsapp, telephone and loud speaker etc. from 0700 am to 08.00 pm during the election campaign.

In the context of the order passed by the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of India has amended the para-02 (para -02) dated 05 September 2018, as mentioned in the above reference letter, that "during the 6th Model Code of Conduct, during the election campaign house Use of contact, SMS, WhatsApp, telephone and loud speaker etc. will be restricted from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM so that the common citizen According to the above information, the information given above will be brought to the notice of all the officials of the recognized state level political parties and all registered parties with respect to all the authorities and affiliates related to the election process and it should be widely publicized in the district. It will be taken care of that the Model Code of Conduct is applicable in the state. Programming is. Above instructions will automatically take effect.

The training was also given to the standing committee and political parties in the meeting. It was informed in the training that in each polling booth, voters are being motivated to cast ballot for free and autonomous voting in polling day, and the voting machine of the Election Commission, which is VV Pat is connected to the information given to the voters. Voter unit and VV in voter cell Pat machine will be kept. ' After voting by the voter, the number of candidates voted in VVPt's display segment, the name of the candidate and his simbal will be displayed for seven seconds which the voter will be able to see. Voting booth compartment will be re-verified from the wallet unit and VV pat machine screen. As soon as voter will be voted, at the same time, the candidate will get the lamp ready for the valet unit and at that time the slip will come out from VVP and the voter slip stand will remain for seven seconds in the slip.

After this there will be a slip in the drop box, at the same time the candidate will get a red lamp of the lamp and control unit and at the same time there will be a whip for 10 seconds. This will know that our voting has fallen. Voters have been instructed to take corrupt conduct and polling day not to drink alcohol and follow the code of conduct. Full information about the entire process and code of conduct was given in the training. In training, E.V. M.M. and V.V. Pat machine is involved in the polling day by mixing the machines at the time of the Mole Poll and after watching the activities, the pole is to be done. The blind voting voter will need the person who helps in the voting even after getting information of the Braille script, because the blind voters will not be able to see the demonstration on the VV pat screen. Practical information about the use of the VW pat machine for the standing committee and political parties present in the training.

Assembly election 2018 Voting for the three assembly of the district on 20th November Code of Conduct Immediately Improved

Bemetra 09 October 2018: - With the announcement of assembly elections 2018 in the district, the Model Code of Conduct has become immediate effect. Notification will be issued on October 26 for the election of Bemetra, Saza and Navagadh respectively in the three assembly constituencies of the district. Last date for nomination will be November 2, scrutiny of nomination papers (scrutiny) 03 November, last date for withdrawal of nomination will be November 5, voting date 20 November and counting will be done on 11th December. The entire process of assembly elections will be completed by December 13.
Follow Model Code of Conduct - District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware has instructed all government servants, political parties to follow Model Code of Conduct. He has said that all the workers should be fair and edit the election work with fair value. General Conduct for Political Parties and Candidates- No party or candidate should do any such work, which would increase existing differences between different castes and religious or linguistic communities or create a feeling of hatred or create tension. When other political parties are criticized, it should be restricted to their policies and programs, old practices and work, it is also necessary that all aspects of personal life should not be criticized, which should be related to the leaders of other parties or Should not be from the public activity of the workers, there should not be any criticism about other parties or their workers, who on the allegations whose truths Certified not occurred or break based on torsional went stated facts. To get votes, communal or communal sentiments should not be asked. Mosques, churches, temples or other places of worship should not be used as a platform for campaigning.

All parties and candidates should be honest with all such acts, which are "corrupt practices" and crimes under the election system - such as bribing voters, converting voters, impersonating voters, 100 polling booths Doing election campaigning within the meter, making public meetings during the 48 hour period ending the term for the end of voting and voters Take the ride to the polling stations and bring them back from there. All political parties or candidates should try to respect that they respect the right of peaceful and lawless domestic life of every person, even if they are against any of their political ideas or actions, opposing the thoughts or actions of the people Do not resort to the methods of organizing or holding demonstrations in front of their houses in any circumstances Should. Any political party or candidate should not allow his followers to use the land, buildings, premises, walls, etc. without the consent of the person for hanging banner, pasting information, writing slogans etc., without his consent. Political parties and candidates should ensure that their supporters do not create obstacles or dissociate obstacles in meetings, conferences etc. organized by other parties. A political party activist or auspicious people should not cause disturbances by asking questions in orally or in writing in public meetings organized by other political parties or by distributing the parachutes of their party; Where the meetings are being held by the other party, the posters removed by one party were not removed by the other party workers. Should not.
Meetings- The political party or candidate should inform the local police officers about the location and time of a proposed meeting at an appropriate time from time to time so that they can make necessary arrangements for controlling traffic and maintaining peace. . The political party or the candidate should already make sure that in that place where there is a proposal to make a meeting, no restrictive or prohibitive order (prohibition) is not applicable, if such orders are in force, then strictly follow them. Should be done if such exemption is required from such orders, then they should apply for time and get the discount. If there is a permission or license (license) for the use of loudspeakers or any other facility in connection with a proposed meeting then the party or the candidate should apply to the concerned officer very soon and get his permission or license. It is mandatory for the organizers of a meeting that they get the help of Police posted on duty to deal with the people who try to disturb or otherwise spread the disorder. Organizers should not take any action against such individuals themselves.

The party or candidate conducting the procession should already decide on which time and place the place will start, which route will go through and at what time and where will it end, usually a change in the program Should not be. Organizers should advise local police officers about the program in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements. The organizers should ensure that no restrictive order (prohibition) is in force in the areas through which the julos to pass, unless a special exemption by the competent authority is given, the restrictions should be followed, the traffic The rules and restrictions should also be followed carefully. Organizers should arrange for such procession in such a way that it can be possible to get a procession without interruption or obstruction in traffic. If the procession is too long, then it should be organized in pieces of appropriate length so that at convenient intervals especially In places where the procession is to go through the intersections, the route can be given from time to time for the halted traffic and thus To avoid congestion Ri traffic. The arrangements for the procession should be such that as far as possible, they should be kept on the right side of the road and the instructions and advice of police posted on duty should be strictly followed.
If two or more political parties or candidates have proposed to procure a procession by the same route or part of it at about the same time, then the organizers should establish a connection between them long before the time and plan such schemes to create conflicts in the procession Do not interfere or obstruct traffic. The support of local police will always be available to make satisfactory arrangements. For this purpose, the parties should contact the police as soon as possible. Regarding walking with things carried by people involved in the procession, whose unwanted elements can be misused in special moments of excitement, political parties or candidates should have maximum control. Any political party or candidate should not carry the effigies of members of other political parties or their leaders, burn them in public place and other similar performances.

Assembly election 2018 Nodal officers appointed for Sector 32

Sector officials have been appointed for the physical verification of the polling centers, verification of the route of polling centers and effective control and supervision of the polling booths and the independence of the election process independently during the Korea, October 09, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018. District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, while making an original revision in this Appointment, in the field of field no. 01, Bharatpur-Sonhat, Sector No. 32 Ramgadh, lies between Route 42 and 43, due to the distance and hilly area, Sector No. 32 Ramgarh Has been divided into two parts. He has been appointed as the Sector Officer of the departmental officer, Mr. SK Chackey, Sub-Divisional Officer, Water Supply Sub-division Sonhat for Sector 32 B Ramgarh, for the sub-forest area of ​​Guruvasiddas National Park, Bekunditpur for Sector 32 A Semaria, Mr. Babu Lal Jaiswal and Sector 32 B Ramgarh. He has given the appointed officers to the appointed officers of the entire election process to ensure fair and peaceful completion.

Assembly election 2018 SDM will allow loud speaker and promotional vehicles

Korea, October 09, 2018 / District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has said that during the assembly elections 2018, organizing public meetings, the use of loud speaker in the meetings, loud speaker Use, permission of the Julius and its route will be determined by the departmental penalties of the respective area.
             Collector Dugga has also issued necessary instructions to all the sub-divisional magistrates for this. Mr. Dugga has told all the departmental magistrates that all permission should be given in accordance with the priorities of first come first serve. Long-term booking of important sites in urban areas will not be allowed. Allow on the basis of rotation in market days In the application form, the information about the place, time, upcoming specialties, key speakers and potential crowd of general public will be taken. The concerned people should be given the application of at least three days before the application form.

   Collector Dugga said that in the event of obtaining more than one application for one place and time, other applications should be invalid due to the reasons for explaining the reasons and also the information should be given to the concerned. Route information should also be taken while allowing Julus and Rally, and if there is any other permission in the root of the Jullus, the place of the General Assembly should be changed. He said that in any situation the permission for the meeting should not be given after 10 o'clock in the night. In the special circumstances, from 10 am to 12 pm, permission will be given by the District Magistrate.

       The Collector has said that the convoy of vehicles should not be more than three in any situation. If it is high then it should be broken. Vehicle engaged in security arrangements will not be included in this restriction. He said that the list of vehicles put in the election campaign by candidates of the candidates or their respective political parties, should be sent at the time of allowing permission to the District Election Office. The details of which the registration number of the vehicle, the nature of the vehicle, the assembly area that will be used in the Tehsil and the details of the vehicle owner should be included. Seized vehicles without permission Information regarding the action taken in this regard will be made available to the control room and relevant returning officer established in the district office at 5 pm daily.

Assembly election 2018 Instructions for preventive action while maintaining law and order during elections

Korea, October 09, 2018 / District Election Officer and Collector, Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, during the Legislative Assembly elections 2018, regarding the proceedings of the Prevention of Restrictive Law System for peaceful and unbiased elections, the Election Commission of India, New Delhi will take preventive action against the Superintendent of Police Is directed in relation to. As per the order of Collector and District Magistrate, proceedings against persons involved in pre-election crimes should be made under the section of the penal procedure against Tamilnadu and its regular review, habitual perpetrators, against the perpetrators of the criminal procedure. Section 144 The Code of Criminal Procedure should keep a close watch on people coming from outside the district. In this regard not only should be monitored, but also should be done in depth checks of hotels, lodges, taverns and Dharmashals regularly. If any undesirable element is found during the investigation, immediate action should be taken against it. If there is a habitual criminal in the gambling act in the district, they should also be monitored and strict control should be placed on gambling, speculative etc.. It should be strictly controlled for illegal sale of liquor. Announcement of shubhak day It should also be taken into consideration by the Arms Act, fatal weapons and illegal weapons etc. Not even in the area. The hidden elements should be monitored on bail. Action should be taken against History Sheeter Badmashs Due to the consequences of lorry, small vehicles and all other vehicles, the intensive investigation should be done to the effect that the undesirable elements can not carry out arms and ammunitions from outside in the constituency. The collector has said that the instructions should not be followed to fulfill the data, but in the district, there was peaceful atmosphere during the assembly elections and undesirable elements could not get any opportunity. Those polling stations have been declared sensitive, the above mentioned activities should be specially done in those areas and it should be reviewed in a time bound manner. The District Magistrate has directed the Superintendent of Police to issue necessary instructions to the concerned station officer in order to ensure that the Assembly elections are resolved smooth, smooth and peaceful. He said that during the election, such officers-employees who have been appointed for the election of duty, should be fair and fearless and follow their election duties and ensure that their impartiality is also reflected in their activities. Keep in mind also in your area that no political party or candidate is being involved in the election campaign of any government employee. If an employee is engaged in political activities, then his information should be given to this office immediately.

Assembly election 2018 Vehicle will be acquired if public representatives are found to abuse government vehicles

Korea, 09 October 2018 / District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga said that the Code of Conduct has become effective in the district. For the completion of the Legislative Assembly election 2018, the President of the Central, State Government Public Sector Undertakings, Chairman of Local Body and other People Representatives for misuse of government vehicles allocated for their respective obligations, Vehicles under harsh proceedings under Section 160 will be acquired.


Assembly election 2018 Instructions to strictly follow the Property Deception Act

Korea, 09 October 2018 / District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has issued instructions to strictly follow the Property Discrimination Act during the Legislative Assembly elections 2018. In the order issued by the District Magistrate, it has been said that slogans are written on government-non-government buildings, banners are placed, posters are advertised, and campaigning on electrification and telephone poles for campaigning by political parties and their candidates. The related flag is imposed, due to which the nature of the government property becomes distorted. In this regard, by the Government, six. The Property Distortion Act, 1994 has been passed. It is clearly mentioned in Section 3 of this Act that anyone who distorts a property by writing in or without any written permission of the owner of the property, by writing or marking any property ink, tray, color or any other matter. It will be punishable with fine which can be up to a thousand rupees.

          In the order issued by the District Magistrate, it has been said that during the election campaign, if candidates of different political parties or contesting candidates are distorted by writing any slogans on the divisons of any government and non-government building, elections on the pillars of electricity and telephone Publicity related flags are placed or government property can be distorted by placing such posters and banners Land, on a poster and banner section to remove to remove the slogans and Tehsil level "Public Property Protection Group" has been set up with immediate effect. In this squad, permanent Geng employees of Public Works Department will remain in adequate number. This team will work directly under TI or Police Station charge supervision. If a political party or a candidate contesting the election is distorted by the written consent of his owner without any personal property, the owner of the private property, after filing the first information report in the concerned police station, Action will be taken to prevent misbehavior and on the basis of first information report relating to the station in-charge, duly investigated Will present the challan in the court. The police station will present weekly weekly report related to the action taken in this regard in the district election office.

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