Raipur: Weaker sections get rice for two months together now the doors of employment: Good governance and timely efficient management, coordination of food arrangements for the weaker sections of the state proved to be the most important

In the era of crisis due to corona virus infection and this global pandemic, the state government gave two lakhs of rice and nun (salt) simultaneously to two lakh 15 thousand families in Kabirdham district through the prevalent ration card, to their spirits. Is received. With this solid policy of good governance and timely efficient management, coordination of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, the system of food for the weaker sections of the state is proving to be the most important in prevention and prevention of corona virus infection. The basic necessity of human life is bread, cloth and houses. Over time, employment has also been added to this basic need. In the time of this crisis, the state government has made bread and employment a priority. To remove the worry of roti, two months of rice have been given free of cost. The employment problem is being overcome with special attention to prevent the spread of corona virus. Based on the demand of gram panchayats in Kabirdham district, jobs are being approved on large scale under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme. On the basis of maintaining mutual physical distance of the workers engaged in this work, the doors of employment are also being opened. There are more than three hundred small and large jaggery industries in the Kabirdham district. Skilled workers work extensively in these industries. To ensure continued availability of employment to all those skilled workers, jaggery industries have been started by maintaining physical distance.

    With this policy of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, the system of full meal for each of the families involved in BPL has been completed. In this long battle against Corona, no family will sleep hungry. All necessary preparations related to the ration arising out of this crisis have also been made. Additional arrangements of two quintals of rice have also been made in 461 gram panchayats of Kabirdham district. The basic objective of this system is that such families of the district who do not have ration card, for some reason that family has not been able to make their own ration card. The destitute destitute people who have not been able to make their own ration card, have a future policy of providing rice for such needy people. The problem of such families is being solved from the root by the Chhattisgarh government who have not been able to make their ration card. The process of creating a new ration card has also been started for the families deprived of the Food and Nutrition Security Act and the Chhattisgarh Public Distribution System. There is no need for such deprived families to come to the district panchayat, subdivision or district office. In the lockdown, necessary information can also be obtained by contacting the Secretary of the Gram Panchayat.

    In Kabirdham district, eliminating the worry of roti, on the instructions of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, Collector Mr. Avnish Kumar Sharan is distributing two months of ration and salt free of cost to all BPL families of the district. Arrangements have been made to distribute ration to the tribal Baiga families of the district residing in the Vananchal areas of the district. There are 2 lakh 15 thousand BPL families in the district under the Food and Nutrition Security Act and Chhattisgarh Public Distribution System. Antyodaya, destitute, Annapurna, priority and the disabled are included in these BPL families. In all the development blocks, the number of BPL families in Bodla development block is one lakh 96 thousand 988. Similarly, all the six urban bodies of the district include 18 Hajar 258 families holding BPL ration cards. There are 50 thousand 718 BPL families in Kawardha development block. There are 46 thousand 451 in Kawardha development block. There are 62 thousand 635 in Pandaria development block. There are 37 thousand 184 in Sahaspur Lohara block. Similarly there are 9179 BPL families in Kawardha Municipality. There are 1413 in Sahaspur Lohara Nagar Panchayat. There are 3570 in Pandaria Nagar Panchayat. There are 1254 in Pipariya, 1731 in Pandatarai, and 111 in Bodla. Two months of rice, 35 kg and 2 kg salt is being provided free of cost to all these families.

Raipur: Activities of women self-help groups in Korea district helped to normalize life even during the lockdown in remote Vananchal

People getting ration, vegetables and medicines sitting at home

Home delivery service reached about 7 thousand families

Women's self-help groups of 'Bihan' created more than 1.33 lakh masks

So far, more than Rs.12.50 lakhs have been paid in rural areas by bank creditors

Women of women self-help groups of the State Rural Livelihoods Mission 'Bihaan' in rural areas during the lockdown to distribute ration material to the people, make and distribute masks and pay wages to MGNREGA workers as a bank friend, pension to the disabled and the elderly It is playing an important role in making and making withdrawals from Jan Dhan accounts easy and normal transactions.

A total of 1 lakh 33 thousand 348 masks worth more than Rs 24 lakh have been made by 151 women members of 52 self-help groups of Bihan in Korea district. With this, while the essential supply of masks in all the areas of the district remains uninterrupted, women are also getting financial support. The women of the groups are providing ration, vegetables and medicines to the people at home, so far these women have provided home delivery service to about 7 thousand families. More than 1.33 lakh masks have been prepared by women self-help groups of 'Bihan' in Korea district and more than Rs 12.50 lakh have been paid so far in rural areas by bank associates in the district.

he supply of vegetables, ration and medicines at the market rate to the families residing in the remote village of rural area of ​​Korea district has also become possible with the help of self-help group. In such a situation of lockdown, the group's Didis have started the Bihaan Ghar Reach Service through the "Bihan Korea Mart" with the help of the government, through which the Panchayat-wise roster will be made through the secretaries of the Gram Panchayats to reach the Panchayats. The day has been set. Siddi Bihan Mart has been issued a pass by the government, with the help of which the rationing materials, masks, green vegetables, essential medicines, etc. are being provided at home keeping in mind the sanitation and physical distancing (social distance). So far, home delivery service has been provided to about 7 thousand families in more than 100 panchayats under about five development blocks and this sequence is going on continuously.

According to the present situation, when no one is going out of the house, it is necessary to have money for the purchase of essential goods. Banks are actively working to ensure availability of money to the people. Now that all the means of transport have stopped, financial services are being provided in 41 villages of remote Vananchal in Koriya district by the Bank of Sakhi-Digi-Pay. This includes wages to MGNREGA workers, pension payments to differently-abled elders, and withdrawals from the Jan Dhan accounts of women and general payments. The bank is working to provide cash to the beneficiaries after reaching from house to house and taking care of sanitation and social distance. So far, more than 12 lakh 50 thousand amount has been paid by these bank associates during the lockdown in rural areas.

Under the National Rural Livelihood Mission "Bihan", funds have also been provided in the form of Disaster Fund at village organization level in Korea district to deal with the situation of disaster caused by Kovid-19. Which is being used by the village organization to help the poor and the disabled. Under the help of this Disaster Management Fund, 400 village families have been given financial assistance of more than Rs 2 lakh for ration, health and other necessary work by 20 village organizations. In this way, the activities of the group are continuing in various fields.

Women self-help groups in Korea district have been able to conduct life as usual during the lockdown in remote Vananchal. In the rural areas of the district, both the ration and the amount are being made easily available to the general public by the sisters of the women self-help groups. Along with this, the work of providing millions of villagers as the simplest and easiest resource mask to avoid the global pandemic is also being done by them. The Sisters of Aajeevika Mission, headed by the District Mission Management Unit working under the Korea District Panchayat, have made everything easier from dedication and service in the district covered by Vananchal. The country was locked in to deal with the situation arising out of the global epidemic. In such a situation, the people of self-help groups went ahead and took up the task of building the necessary resource masks to protect people from this epidemic as well as the availability of essential goods. The purpose of the lockdown will be fulfilled only when every person wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, but the district has a population of about 06 lakhs. Such masks were not available in the market. In this way, a total of 1 lakh 33 thousand 348 masks worth more than Rs 24 lakh have been made by 151 women members of 52 self-help groups of Bihan in Korea district. This has resulted in uninterrupted supply to all areas of the district.

Ambikapur: Employees got jobs from MNREGA: compliance of physical distance at work: 7728 laborers of 234 Gram Panchayats got employment

Due to the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of infection of Kovid-19, MNREGA work has been started on a large scale in the Gram Panchayats of the district as per the instructions of the government. According to the guideline issued by the government, from 1 April 2020, the wage rate of MNREGA has been increased to Rs 190 per day. There is a communication of enthusiasm among the workers due to increase in the wage rate. For the work of MNREGA, the workers are being made aware by the Assistant and Secretary under the directives issued by the government. Workers at the workplace are regularly doing various beneficial activities, taking a distance of 2 meters keeping in mind the physical distance. The laborers are working with face masks as a protection against infection, with a handkerchief, a handkerchief with a nose and a mouth. Physical distance and other precautions are being monitored by MNREGA officials. Handwash, soap and water have been provided at each site for hand washing.

According to the information received from the District Panchayat Office, 1 thousand 559 works have been started under MGNREGA in 234 gram panchayats of Surguja district, including land leveling, dubri construction, new pond construction, pond deepening, well construction, CPT construction etc. So far, 7 thousand 728 laborers have got employment for these MNREGA works. This has removed the worry of livelihood in front of these workers.

Raipur: Workers got work in the village itself amidst the lockdown after taking Rabi crops and ending farming and farming: Priority for natural resource management, water promotion work in MNREGA

340 works in progress in 165 gram panchayats
9 thousand 828 people got employment


In the midst of the ongoing lockdown to prevent infection of the corona virus, the state government is providing work under MGNREGA with the objective of providing employment to the villagers, managing natural resources and making them financially viable. 340 works are in progress in 165 gram panchayats of the district, in which 9 thousand 828 people are getting employment. This work is being done following the directions of social distancing and security.

  Mr. Purushottam, Mrs. Rukhamani, Mr. Ramkumar, Mrs. America, Mrs. Neera, Mr. Narendra and Mr. Krishna Kumar working under MGNREGA in village Mokhala of Arang block Has no work and livelihood problems arise. Lockdown has been done across the country at this time. We cannot go to any other work even if we want to. The government has sensitively provided work for rural laborers in the village itself.

Similarly, Mrs. Santoshi, Mrs. Rukhmani, Mrs. Purnima, Mrs. Satyavati, Mrs. Dasoda etc. of village Nisda of Arang development block praised the government's work in this hour of crisis. He said that because of no other source of financial resources available to the rural laborers, it would be difficult to make a living. In such adverse situation, the government has given great support to the rural laborers by giving them work. Along with work, the government has also given two months ration free of cost. All of us will follow the instructions and social distancing taken by the government, so that all of us will be liberated from them.

Masks have been distributed to laborers in Gram Panchayat and social distancing is also being followed by hand washing at the work place. Presently water conservation and water promotion works are being done on priority. This includes private dabber construction, pond construction, pond deepening and drainage. Similarly, poultry and goat sheds, well construction, vermi stitch work are also being done to ensure employment to the villagers as well as livelihood.

  Work is in progress in 20 districts of Abhanpur development block, 75 in Arang, 25 in Dharsinwa and 42 gram panchayats of Tilda Janpad Panchayat. Approval has been issued giving priority to the beneficiary-oriented works in the current financial year. Apart from this, 4869 beneficiary-oriented works of the financial year 2019-20 are being started in each gram panchayat on priority basis.

Janjgir-Champa: 130 people stranded due to lockdown in Janjgir-Champa district. Shelter: Proper arrangement of housing, food and other necessary materials: Regular health check-up of all

Due to the lockdown implemented for prevention of infection of Kovid-19 under the guidance of Collector Shri Janak Prasad Pathak, housing, food and regular health tests have been arranged for the stranded people of other states and districts in the district. In Janjgir-Champa district, 130 people stranded in other states, district have got shelter. For these, convenient accommodation has been made at various places.

 14 people have been accommodated in Sakti's Pre Matric Scheduled Caste Hostel, 21 in Pre Matric Scheduled Tribe Hostel, 15 in Baradwar Hostel, 33 in the hostel of Jajaipur. Relief camps have been arranged at two places in Akaltara in which 12 people have been accommodated. Two people are staying in a relief camp in Baloda. 27 people are staying in Janjgir and 6 in Champa. The staying people mostly belong to other state and other district.

All these have not been able to return to their home village, due to the lockdown implemented to control the infection of Kovid-19. So the problem of housing and food had arisen in front of them. As soon as the district administration received the information, a relief camp was arranged by the Revenue Department, where food, ration, clean drinking water etc. are being arranged. Medicines are also being made available to the people staying in the relief camp, as per the need, by regular health examination by the doctors. Apart from this, other necessary materials have also been provided. All the distressed people staying in these relief camps of the district are satisfied with the arrangement of accommodation and food provided by the district administration.

A total of 27 people have been accommodated in the Pre Matric Scheduled Caste Boys Hostel at Kera Road, Janjgir. Which includes five women. Sukhram of Madhya Pradesh, who stayed in the relief camp, said that 11 youths from Madhya Pradesh were going to start work at Ita kiln in Jharsuguda. Eta kiln could not start due to lockdown. Due to which problem of housing and food had arisen in front of them. He set out from Jharsuguda on foot to go to Madhya Pradesh by the river. Villagers of village Madwa near Champa intercepted him and interrogated the district administration. SDM Janjgir arranged for lodging, etc. at the relief camp.

       While staying at the camp, Mr. Deepak Gandharva told that he is a resident of Sidhi district. He had arrived for work in the brick kiln a few days earlier. Employment not found due to lockdown. The problem of living and eating has arisen. Due to the closure of the rail-bus facility, he was going straight to his home village Madhya Pradesh by the way of the river. He is accompanied by the youth of Shahdol and Sidhi district. He said that fresh nutritious food is being provided at both the relief camps. All the necessary materials for living, sleeping, bathing etc. are provided here. They wish to go home. They are in touch with family members through mobile phones. Here, they have told their family members about the arrangement of food, accommodation etc. He is also satisfied. The lockdowns are awaiting removal. Health test done by a doctor, all are healthy. He has expressed his gratitude for the arrangements made by the district administration for the relief camp. Similarly, Shri Ashish Pandey and Shri Ramdulare Pandey of Bhanupratappur also came from Yajmani's work. They could not go back due to lock down. They are also staying in the relief camp. Food and lodging arrangements have also been made for 5 monks of Naila railway station. They were also tested health, all are healthy.

Rajnandgaon: Gratitude to the relief camp laborers, district administration and their team: I am missing the house but, I got a family atmosphere in the road, in the relief camp: We felt that we are here

Lockdown has been done in our country to prevent the worldwide side effects of Corona virus Kovid-19. Due to the lockdown in Chhattisgarh, workers and laborers from different states could not reach their homes. The workers and needy people of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and other states have been kept in a lockdown in the relief camp of road chieftain of Maharashtra border in Rajnandgaon district. Collector Shri Jayaprakash Maurya took up the task of working on war footing for the supervision and relief of these workers. It was challenging to provide facilities for these laborers stranded in different conditions from the forests to different places. But Collector Shri Maurya and his team worked day and night with a sense of service, considering these workers as part of their family. This is the reason that today in this relief camp, the laborers, despite being away from their family, consider the people here as their own and they also feel happy.

                Under the guidance of Collector Shri Jayaprakash Maurya, a relief camp is being conducted for the people of different states in the lockdown at the forest depot of the roadside of Maharashtra border of the district. Proper arrangements have been made for food and accommodation for the people living in the camp. Drinking water and mobile toilets have been arranged. Various sports and LED and DJs have also been installed for entertainment. Water tanks have been installed at the camp site. Facility of playing cricket and football is being provided here. 24-hour treatment facility is being provided. With the Police Assistance Center, a switch has been put in place for mobile charging. Meals have been arranged in the afternoon and night with breakfast in the morning. People are being served breakfast and food on time. Special attention has been given to cleanliness at the camp site. Dustbins have also been kept in place. Adequate water is being supplied for bathing and drinking water. Fans and kulars have also been installed in the large hall of the depot. The people residing in the relief camp expressed satisfaction over the various arrangements made by the district administration. Many people said in the discussion that family atmosphere is being provided by the district administration to the unknown people. Any problem is immediately resolved upon giving information. Adequate lighting is provided.

The work is being done to keep us happy all the time -

                Mr. Rahul Kumar of District Palamu Jharkhand told that he went to Nagpur to work. Returning from Nagpur on foot. The officials of the district administration Rajnandgaon have kept us in the relief camp. Every type of necessary facility is being provided here. However, if you are living hundreds of kilometers away from your house, you remember the house. But the family atmosphere found in this relief camp is not less than home. People are living here in mutual harmony and are also helping each other. Unknown people like us in the camp are being tried all the time. It has a family-like atmosphere here. The Collector and Superintendent of Police come to the camp site and inquire about our situation. Rahul Kumar told that we are getting more facilities than expected. 24-hour medical facility is being provided here. Health check-ups are done by doctors immediately when needed. Arrangements have been made to play cricket and football for entertainment. There is a fairly good arrangement. Rahul said that the biggest thing is there is no discrimination in the camp. We have not even realized that we are residents of other states. He told that he has been living in the camp since April 1.

Improved eating arrangements -

                Mr. Santosh of Malkangiri Odisha said that we had gone to Hyderabad in connection with livelihood. On not getting work from there, went to Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. A sudden lockdown was reported at the same time as the building was engaged in construction work. Then work stopped there. We were going home with a rented vehicle. After crossing the border we have been accommodated in the relief camp by the district administration. Adequate arrangements for food and accommodation have been made here.

If you want to cook yourself, then ration material is provided immediately.

                Shri Bablu Sharma of Garhwa district of Jharkhand said that we have a team of 60 people. Went to Nagpur for work. Work stopped in Nagpur due to corona virus infection. Our team was returning from Nagpur. We have been kept in the relief camp of road chieftains citing lockdown by the district administration. There is good arrangement of food and accommodation. Apart from other essentials of daily use, we have also been given cloth. We have also been provided sports and recreation facilities to spend time. If we want to cook, we are provided with ration materials immediately.

Good sanitation

                Shri Shiv Kumar Ram of Garhwa district of Jharkhand told that we were returning from Nagpur on foot. We have been placed in the camp by the officials of the district administration and police administration on the border. It has been here for 16 days, there is adequate arrangement of food, accommodation and cleanliness. Poha, watermelon, banana are given at breakfast in the morning. Food is also being served in the afternoon and night.

All facilities are available without saying -

                Shri Aryan Kumar Bharti of Garhwa district of Jharkhand also appeared completely satisfied with the arrangement of relief camp. He said that in Nagpur, we suddenly came to know about the lockdown due to corona virus infection. We set out on our way home. We have been detained and lodged in a relief camp on the border of Chhattisgarh. It has been kept here in the Quarantine Center for 14-15 days. We got a family atmosphere after coming to the camp. Any problem is resolved immediately. All the arrangements are being made by the administration without saying. Food, accommodation and other essential basic facilities are being provided in the camp site.

                Mr. Umlesh Kumar of Palamu Jharkhand said that he has stayed in the relief camp for 14-15 days. Returning from Nagpur on foot. For the last two months in Nagpur, he was working in construction work. Everything is good for eating and lodging in the relief camp. Adequate water arrangements have been made for drinking.

Jagdalpur: Relief being provided to refugees in 41 relief camps in the district during lock down: facilities being provided to about 1084 refugee people from other states and districts

The needy migrant laborers affected by the lockdown are being provided by the district administration as per the instructions of the relief government by ensuring necessary arrangements including food, accommodation and medical facilities. In district Bastar, about 1084 people are being provided relief through a total of 41 relief camps including 39 camps and 2 NGO camps. These needy people, the schools, ashram schools, community buildings operated in the seven development blocks of the district are being used as shelter. Stopping, eating and drinking and necessary health tests are also being done at the said places. Apart from this, during the lockdown, on 14 April 17254 the district administration has ensured the availability of ration to the non-ration card holders through Gram Panchayat and 132 people by NGOs. Besides, arrangements are being made to feed 6671 people to NMDC and 209 people to the railway and crusher plant.

      Parashuram, who stayed at the village Dhobiguda relief camp in Bakavand block, said that he is a resident of Baloda-Bazar district. He had come to work in a Itabhatti got stuck here in lockdown but the administration has arranged for us to stop, eat and drink. . Parshuram also thanked the state government for this. Similarly, Shastri Mandavi, a resident of Dharsiva, told that he had come with family members to see Danteshwari Mata. Stuck in the lockdown on the way back, they and family members have been stopped at the Village Metawada School in Bastar development block, where the government is providing accommodation and food facilities.

                 15 refugees who stayed in the relief camp Nagarnar Balak Ashram said that they are truck drivers and helpers. They were going to Raipur in a truck in a long time, from there to go to their state Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan but due to the lockdown, the district administration has now Has stopped. Balbir, resident of Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, said that all kinds of facilities are being provided here, health tests have also been done to us.

Mungeli: During the lockdown, delicious food is being provided to the trapped workers and citizens from other districts of the state in relief camps.

In order to deal with the global infection of Novel Corona Virus (Kovid-19), the lockdown (lockout) has been announced by the Government of India for 21 days on March 23 and 18 days on April 14, ie, on April 14. During this time, the problem of food was created for the trapped workers and citizens of other districts of the state. The state government took the problem of food for the workers and citizens seriously and instructions were given to the district administration to provide free food to the workers and citizens. In compliance of which the Collector of Mungeli district, Dr. Under the guidance of Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure, the district administration took the initiative to provide free food to workers and citizens. On the instructions of the Collector, the Municipal Council of the district Mungeli and Nagar Panchayat Loremi, Patharia and Sargaon have conducted relief camps and are providing daily delicious food to one thousand workers and citizens by following the rules of social distancing there. . Collector Dr. From time to time, Bhure has courtesy visits from the workers and citizens present in the relief camp and is getting information about the food available to them and their health and to provide better and better facilities by getting feedback from the workers and citizens present in the relief camps. Being assured.

During this lockdown, Shri Ram Sewak of Police Station and Tehsil of Mainpur District of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Malkhan, Shri Sanjeev of Police Station Usarahar Tehsil of Narsana, stopped in Sarai (Relief Camp) near Local Rest Building, Mungeli. Rajiv, Mr. Reshav and Mr. Anil Kumar of Tehsil Jaswant Nagar told that no free accommodation and food is provided for them by the district administration If it were done, then a big problem would come in front of them They had to wander from rate to rate for food and accommodation. The district administration is arranging free accommodation and food for them. It will be a lifetime memory for him. For this, he has thanked the state government and the district administration.

Raipur: High Court judges and judicial service officers-employees paid one day's salary

52.44 lakh deposited in Chief Minister's aid fund

Mr. Bhupesh Baghel expressed gratitude


Chhattisgarh High Court Judges, Registry Officers-Employees and Subordinate Judicial Service Officers-Employees have voluntarily provided one day's salary to the Chief Minister's Assistance Fund to deal with the corona crisis and help the needy.
In a letter sent by the High Court Registrar General Mr. Neelamchand Sainal to the Principal Secretary, Government of Law and Legislative Department, Raipur, the assistance of Rs 52 lakh 44 thousand 689 in the Chief Minister's Assistance Fund, including the Chief Justice of the High Court, all the judges and officers-employees Information has been given on behalf of the Chief Minister's aid fund.

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has thanked the Chhattisgarh High Court judges and officers and employees of the Judicial Service for helping the citizens of the state in dealing with the global pandemic Kovid-19.

Raipur : Everyone in the affected area of ​​the Katghora will be tested :Quarantine each and every person who visits the affected area in the last 20 days

Fully sealed the affected area of ​​the Katghora

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel issued instructions to Principal Secretary and Collector of Health Department


On finding 7 positive COVID-19 patients simultaneously in Katghora in Korba district of the state, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has given firm instructions and asked the Principal Secretary and Collector of Health Department to seal the affected area of ​​Katghora and get everyone tested there. Has given instructions. He also instructed to form a special team for the Katghora, which will remain completely dedicated to the area of Katghora.

He said that all the people who have come to the affected area of ​​Katghora in the last 20 days and who have contact with them should be identified and quarantined.

He said that during this period, all the doctors, health workers and other government employees working in this area should also be tested. The Chief Minister directed that action should be taken on a war footing basis immediately by creating a special room in Katghora. He said that this news is a bit worrying indeed, but we had full preparations to deal with such an urgent situation.

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