Assembly election 2018 Zonal officer appointed for assembly constituency

Bemetara November 13, 2018: - Zonal officers have been appointed in the three assembly constituencies of the district to ensure smooth and peaceful completion of assembly elections in 2018. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kavre has appointed 15 officers under Zaza Assembly constituency as Zonal officers. These include Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Panchayat, Saja Prakash Meshram; Zone-Kanha, Assistant Engineer, Water Resources, Bemetra, Vishnu Meshram, CmO. Thankhamhariya Lalji ChandraCare to Thankhmaria, Anu. Max. Public Works Department, Saza B.L. Patel was given Padmasura, assistant land conservation officer, Saza Ashutosh Shrivastav, to Khairjitikala, District Registrar Bmeetara Kumar Bhurai, Assistant Food Officer Gitesh Chand Mishra, Kehka, CMO Saza Ashwani Chandrakar, Assistant Engineer, Water Resources, Bemetra Gayatri Sahu, Bija, Development Officer, Saja Dr. Neelima Gadkari to Mohagaon, Executive Above P.H.E. Project Ms. Ashalata Gupta to Beagoda, Assistant Food Officer Bemetara Arun Meshram, Bhatgaon, CMO Paropody Ms. Anuradha Rajamani has been posted as Paropody, General Manager, District Industries Center, Kamal Singh Meena, Gadaadi, Forest Area Officer, Saza, Shri Dinesh Sahu as Deokar Zonal Officer. Apart from this, two officials have been kept in the reserve in which the District Co-operative Central Bank, Bemetara R.S. Kashyap and CMO Devakar Rajesh Banjara are involved.

Observers inspect training center

Balrampur 13 Nov

Legislative assembly election by the Election Commission of India, 2018, Assembly constituency No. 07 - appointed as the general observer for Ramanujganj Mr. K.C. Chaman Mr. Indra Singh Rao, the general observer appointed and 08 Samarri, is the presiding officer of the polling party at Naveen Laillyhud College, Bhelwadi. Examine the training being given to voting officer 1, 2 and 03. He is being trained by voting officers from EVMs. And VV Take a look at the operation of Pat machine and before the voting and after the voting.

E.V.M. is preparing for voting

Bemetara November 13, 2018: - Elections will be held for the three assembly constituencies of the district on November 20, 2018, under the second phase of Assembly Elections 2018. For this, 850 booths have been installed. Voting Unit, Control Unit, VV Pete Machine sealing work was done by the Siling Officers and Assistant Sailing Officers engaged in Duty in Agricultural Produce Market Complex Bemetara today. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware observed the working of the sealing.


Exit poll will stay on the ban

Bemetra November 13, 2018: - Chief Election Officer, Chhattisgarh, directed the Excise Department, Chhattisgarh, to ensure the action in accordance with Section 126 (a) and Section 126 (1) (b) of the Public Representation Act under the Assembly General Election Program 2018. Have gone. Under this Act, no person has been assigned for the end of voting for any election in that voting area in any polling area, do not make an exit poll (exit poll) during the 48 hours ending in time. can. Apart from this, the result of any issued opinion poll can not even present any conclusions related to the public by the print, electronic, media, cinema, television or other similar materials during the period.


Observers Viewed Media, C-Visil and Control Room Overview

Balrampur 13 Nov

Legislative assembly election by the Election Commission of India, 2018, Assembly constituency No. 07 - appointed as the general observer for Ramanujganj Mr. K.C. Chaman Mr. Indra Singh Rao, appointed general observer for and 08-Samarri, has organized the Media Certification And Monitoring Committee, C-Vizil and I.T. Inspecting the acquisition room installed for the cell center, control room and electoral work, he inquired about the situation, during this period he reviewed the register being made in all the branches and gave necessary directions to the officials and staff.

Regarding issuing medical treatment to officers / employees engaged in election work

Bemetra November 13, 2018: - In relation to providing medical treatment to the security forces and officers, employees associated with the election work, while electing the assembly election 2018, Sanjivani fund relief, Chhattisgarh's Chief Electoral Officer has appointed Chief Secretary General Administration Department Chhattisgarh The letter is issued. It has been said in the letter that the Central Reserve and Police force related to the election work, to provide medical treatment assistance from the outside, the security forces, the Panchayat, the urban areas, the teacher's cadre and the non-civilian personnel, the buses, drivers, cleaners etc. Guidance has been received regarding sanjivani aid fund scheme. Number-01- For the purpose of election, employees of the Central Police Force who came from out of the state will be eligible for accidental treatment / assistance under the Sanjivani Sahitya Fund for any type of accident under the geographical boundaries of the state during the election pledge.
02- Such voting personnel, ie Panchayat teachers / urban body teachers, who are not regular employees of the state government and whose cases are not considered under normal circumstances under the Sanjeevani Sahayata Saha, they are also given the election during the election term. .G. For any type of accident under the geographical boundaries of the state, there will be eligibility for accidental treatment / assistance under the Sanjeevani Sahayata Fund. 03- During the election pledge to the non-official employees attached to the election work, such as driver / conductor / cleaner / assistant etc. For any type of accident under the geographical boundaries of the state, there will be eligibility for accidental treatment / assistance under the Sanjeevani Sahayata Fund. In the event of severe injury due to accidental accident during the election work of the above mentioned persons, the Sanjivani Sahitya Kaushak will be eligible for assistance on this condition, without giving any related payment to the concerned medical institute Will be done. The certificates of being employed in the electoral office of respective personnel will be issued by the Collector and District Election Officer. Support on which basis will be approved.


Arrangement of strong security forces during the voting in the district The Superintendent of Police apprised the observers about the availability and arrangement of the security forces.

Mahasamund General observer general observer, Mr. Deepchand, appointed for the four assembly seats in the district including Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, Mr. D.J. Jadeja, Shri Badri Nath Choubey, Shri R. In the presence of Rajesh Kumar, Expenditure Observer, Shri Ram Singh Shekhawat and Security Observer Dr. Siddharth Mohan Jain, Superintendent of Police, Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh, held a meeting of the Collectorate here today to arrange for the security forces to complete the poll in the district in connection with the assembly elections 2018. In connection with detailed information through PowerPoint presentation. He said that adequate arrangements have been made for the security forces for the purpose of conducting smooth polling in the district. He said that uniformed and special police officers would be deployed at all booths. The Superintendent of Police told that the security forces will be deployed at the places like Strong Room, Thana, Naka Point etc. He also informed about the Naxal-affected, sensitive, politically sensitive places. He said that each camp of the paramilitary forces will be deployed in the Naxal affected areas at 16 places in the district. Out of these forces, the forces will be deployed in the Naxal-affected areas of polling stations. In this regard, he explained the distribution system and their deployment of security forces in this regard. The meeting was also conducted by the Director of Information and Science, Shri Anand Soni and the Micro Observer was also randomized. Apart from this, details of webcasting locations were also provided in detail. On this occasion Additional Officers including Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan were present.

V.L.O. Release of cent percent photo-voter slip by November 15 Distribution

Balrampur 13 Nov

Legislative assembly election by the Election Commission of India, 2018, Assembly constituency No. 07 - appointed as the general observer for Ramanujganj Mr. K.C. Chaman Mr. Indra Singh Rao, appointed general observer for and 08 Samarri, has submitted the VLO in the Tehsil office, Balrampur. Provide necessary directions in relation to distribution of photo-based voter slip through meeting. Assembly constituency 07-Ramanujganj's observer Mr. K.C. Chaman VLO of polling booths under Balrampur tehsil In the meeting that said that every voter can use his franchise, ensure that the distribution of phototed voter slip is to be counted by 15th November. This work is very important, so you yourself start today the distribution work of photo voter slip.

He said that from 16th November we will go to the polling booths and inquire about voter slip from voters. He said that the V.L.O. The voting center will be the most voted, the information will be sent to the Election Commission of India.

Assembly constituency 08. General Inder Singh Rao of Samari told that all VLOs The list of voter slip distribution will be given daily and the voters who will not be able to get the voter slip for any reason. Such voters can come to vote on polling booth on polling day day. So all V.L.O. On the day of polling day, sitting at a distance of 200 meters from polling booth and distributing phototed voter slip. In the meeting, Shashi Shekhar Mishra, Tehsildar of Balrampur Tehsil, presented the present VLO. Gave detailed information regarding the process of distribution of photo-voted voters.


Commissioning begins in EVM

Mahasamund In the presence of general observers and officials and representatives of political parties, the Returning Officer of the State Legislatures including Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, and the election commissioners of the Saraipali, Basna, Khalari and Mahasamund assembly constituencies of the district today. Commissioning in EVM started in Agricultural Produce Market Patiyazar Mahasamund Or.
On this occasion, the Collector inspected the prescribed chambers for all the assemblies and said that all the officers and staff involved in the commissioning work should work in accordance with the prescribed arrangements. He told all the employees that VV Pat and EVM machines should be kept and arranged in the prescribed order. General Electionee of Mahasamund, Mr. Deepchand, Mr. D.J., by the Election Commission of India for the Assembly Election 2018. Jadeja, Shri Badri Nath Choubey, Shri R. Rajesh Kumar, Additional Collector, Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. B. S. Officials of Marakam, political parties and commissioning officers, employees were present.


Commissioner Shri Chorendra taking a meeting of the officers of Saryapali and Pithora and the necessary directions in relation to election Inspection of polling stations of Saraypali

Mahasamund On 12th November 2018 / Raipur Divisional Commissioner Mr. G. S. Churendra, in the presence of District Panchayat office, Saraypalali and St. Francis School of Pithora, Sub-Divisional Officer, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, Chief Municipal Officer, Sector Officer Presiding Officer, Voting Taking the meeting of the parties and revenue officials While giving necessary guidelines regarding the election to the officials, he said that instructions have been given for arranging basic essential facilities in the polling booths. In order to ensure fair and smooth execution of elections, following the Model Code of Conduct in the Assembly Election, law and order code of conduct, every report of the control room, every day report regarding property deformation, should be reported daily. He instructed the sector officials to inspect the basic amenities like booths, washrooms and cleaning of the polling booths and complete them through public co-operation. He asked permission to set up a party or pandal outside the 200 meters outside the polling booth on the day of polling. Sector officials asked to take care of the ramps in each polling station and to ensure that the width of any rump is not less than the width of the wheelchair. Instructions were given to the Chief Executive Officer in the urban areas, the Chief Municipal Officer in the urban areas and the Chief Executive Officer in the rural areas to arrange necessary basic facilities at polling booths. Apart from this, he also inspected the polling station number 127 and 128 Saraliya. He has instructed the Returning Officer to give information to the candidates and political parties, if they are being circulated without permission. On this occasion, Mr. P.C., Departmental Officer, PWD, Pithora, Mr. Subhapali's Sub-Divisional Officer Mr. Vinay Kumar. Ekka, Tehsildar Vanasingh Leaderam, Mrs. Lalita Bhagat and other officials were present.


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