662 polling stations have been created for the total of 4 lakh 91 thousand 541 voters in the district.

Balrampur 15 Nov.

The Legislative Assembly election 2018 Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak has stated that there are a total of 4 lakh 91 thousand 541 voters under the Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. There are 2 lakh 48 thousand 446 male and female voters 02 lakh 43 thousand 95. A total of 662 polling stations have been set up for the successful conduct of assembly elections. 134 polling stations have been set up for 01 lakh 05 thousand 300 voters coming out in Vidhan Sabha area no. 06-Pratappur, of whom 53 thousand 793 male voters and 51 thousand 507 are female voters. Similarly, in the 07-Ramanujganj, 264 polling stations have been set up for 01 lakh 88 thousand 650 voters, out of which 96, 27 are male and 92 thousand 623 are female voters and 08 Samari has been created in 264 polling stations for 01 lakh 97 thousand 591 voters. It has 98 thousand 626 males and 98 thousand 965 female voters.

Political ads require authentication one day before voting

Surajpur 15 Nov.

Mr. Subrat Sahu, Chief Electoral Officer of Chhattisgarh, has said that the authentication of the political advertisement published in the print media and a day before polling day is essential from the district level and the state level MCMC committee. Thus, the pre-certification of the political advertisement of the political party, candidate or other institution being published on November 19 and 20 is necessary.

Medical treatment instructions for voting staff

Surajpur 15 Nov.

According to the letter issued by the Chief Electoral Officer of Chhattisgarh on 9th November, according to the directive of the commission regarding the provision of medical treatment to the security forces, officials and employees associated with the election work while relaxing the rules of Sanjivani Sahayata during the Legislative Assembly elections 2018. Has received.

Collector and District Election Officer Shri K.C. Devsenapati said that during the Vidhan Sabha elections 2018, relaxing the rules of Sanjeevani fund, providing security to the security forces, officers and employees related to the election process, in relation to providing medical treatment to the Superintendent of Police, Chief Medical and Health Officer, in-charge of the vehicle system and in charge of staff welfare cell Kari asked to take necessary action as directed by the Commission.

Chief Electoral Officer has informed that in order to provide Medical treatment by the central Reserve Police, Outside security forces, Teachers cadre of panchayat and urban bodies, Non-governmental employees such as bus driver, cleaner etc, special category, Sanjivani Saha Yojana Regarding the guidance received from the commission. For election work, employees of Central Police Force from outside the state will be eligible for contingent treatment assistance under Sanjivani Saha for any type of accident under the geographical boundaries of the state during the election duty.

Such voting personnel, ie panchayat teachers, urban body teachers, who are not regular employees of the state government and whose cases are not considered under normal circumstances under the Sanjivani Sahayata Fund, they also have been given Chhattisgarh State For any type of accident under the geographical bounds, contingency assistance under Sanjivani Sahayana Saha Received will be eligible. During the election duty of non-government employees, such as drivers, conductors, cleaners, assistants etc. engaged in the election work, the eligibility of accidental aid assistance under the Sanjivani Sahayana Saha for any type of accident under the geographical boundaries of Chhattisgarh State will be eligible.

Guidelines for necessary arrangement near polling station

Surajpur 15 Nov.

Collector and District Election Officer, Shri K.C. Devsenapati said that directions have been issued to ensure the necessary arrangements near the voting center by the Election Commission for the smooth conduct of Legislative Assembly Election 2018. He has asked the dutiful officers and employees to ensure the action as directed by the Commission. Various instructions have been issued by the Commission for prevention measures near polling booths and for establishment of election booth by political parties and candidates. He said that no booth will be established by any political party or candidate within the 200 meters of polling booth. Even if there is more than one polling station, only one booth of the candidates will be established outside the 200 meters of polling place.

According to the season, instructions have been given to make booth by installing an umbrella, tarpaulin, cloth for two people by placing a chair and 1 table, and not to be covered with Kanat or tent. Each candidate who wants to install booth, returning officer will be informed in writing in advance, including the name of polling station, along with the written permission from the concerned official or local authority such as corporation, municipal, district council etc. The workers present in the booth have to keep these permissions together to present the police, electoral officials. Such booths will be used for distributing non-official identity slips to voters. This identity slip candidate will be nominated in the format prescribed by the candidate, names of political parties, symbols. Only one banner on the booth where the candidate's name, party and election symbol can be displayed.

Such a banner should not be more than 3 feet long and one and a half feet chaudee. This banner will be removed by the authorities after its violation. Under any circumstances, the voters who have entered the crowd or polling will not be gathered on the booth. According to the rules established by the commission, it will be recognized by being engaged in an inked ink finger. The workers present on the booth will not obstruct the voters who are going to cast their vote, going to the other booths booths or obstruct the independence of the voters' franchise. No voter will be tempted and bound to come to the booth so that he comes in a particular booth and the voter can take non-official identification slip for voting by going to the booth of the candidate or party candidate.

If any officer is negligent in the immediate compliance of written instructions, then he is guilty of discharging governmental obligations. Commission to maintain law and order in the election process at the voting site on polling day and on counting day on counting day, bringing the cell phones, cardless phones, wireless phones, etc. within the radius of 100 meters of these sites and other persons authorized in the house. And does not allow use. These guidelines have been directed to bring all the candidates, their election agents and all the political parties in compliance with the information and strict adherence.

Issue of objectionable / ineligible list of Multipurpose Health Worker (Female / Male)

Surajpur 15 Nov.

According to the information received from Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. V. Vaish, in the direction of Mr. K.C.Devsenapati, Collector, till July 22, 2018 for training of Multipurpose Health Worker (men) and for Multipurpose Health Worker (Women) training till 03 October 2018, Chief Medical and Health Officer The application was invited in the office.Whose character / ineligible list can be viewed from the notice board of the office and the notice board of the website of Surajpur District. Candidates / candidates in the said list are required to submit claim objection if they can appear in the office Chief Medical and Health Officer Surajpur by 05.00PM on November 19, 2018. No claim will be entertained on the claim objection received after the prescribed.

Training today on 16th November at Government Children's Higher Secondary School Surajpur

Surajpur 15 Nov.

According to information received from Collector and Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. KP Singh, in the direction of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. K.C. Devsenapati, the election material distribution and collection center for the assembly elections 2018, IIT Bhawan Parri Surajpur, Districts for Distribution and Storage Duties of the work officers / employees in different offices of has gone. In which the Department of Materials distribution and Storage Officer for the Regional Area 04 Premnagar Mr. H.R. Kanwar V. Officer, District Panchayat, Surajpur, 05. Incharge Officer for distribution and collection of material for Bhatgaon, Mr. Upendra Tiwari, Taxpayer Officer, District Panchayat, Surajpur, and Distribution of material for 05 Pratappur.

And Mr. S.N. Patel, the Chief of the charge in-charge, has been appointed as the Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Surajpur. Training of all the designated officers / employees for distribution and collection of legislative election material will be done today at 16:00 in the Government Children's Higher Secondary School Surajpur on November 16.

Collector flagged the cycle rally and flagged off

Bemetara 15 Nov.

Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre flagged off the cycle rally in Jayastambh Chak Bemetra at 3 o'clock today. In order to promote voter awareness under Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (Sweep) in the district, a cycle rally was organized at District Headquarters Bemetara. District Education Officer G.R. Chandrakar, in-charge sports officer Nageshwar Tiwari, assistant statistical officer Sunil Tiwari, Dinesh Gautam and Varsha Gautam were present. In which the cycle rally started from Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Bemetara, through the students of different schools. Starting from the Girls Higher Secondary School, Jayasthambha Chowk, Ghadi Chowk, Sheetla Mandir Chowk, Singhaghori, and back watch check, Pratap Chak, Pierce check, finished in the Government Girls Higher Secondary School.

Expenditure observer meeting

Bemetara 15 Nov.

Expenditure Observer Mr. Ankit Anand today took the meeting of the Audition team, video observation team, expenditure surveillance team in the District Panchayat Sabha room. On this occasion Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre, Deputy Collector Smt. Silly Thomas, Treasury Officer Shri V. G. Subgroups, including other officers were present.

The Expenditure Observer instructed the team-in-charge to perform their duties promptly, 72 hours before polling day. Complaints regarding the violation of the Model Code of Conduct, wherever there is a complaint, then take necessary action according to the rules. The Flying Skat team can work in alerts in their respective fields. Be sure to check the movement of vehicles, that there is no transport to any kind of object affecting voters.

Distribution of election materials on November 19

Bemetara 15 Nov.

The election material for the ballot going to be held on November 20 in the district will be on November 19. Election materials will be distributed to the presiding and voting officers of Vidhan Sabha constituency, Saza, Bemetra and Navagadh, from the Agricultural Produce Market Complex located at District Headquarter Bemetra.

Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre said that the election material will be distributed on Monday 19th November. For this, all the polling parties have been asked to be present at 7 a.m.

At the time the voter slip is distributed, the poster stuck at the appointed place, the collector took the li BLO Meeting of

Bemetara 15 Nov.

Collector Mahadev Kawre took a meeting of the supervisors of the Women and Child Development Department in the meeting room of district panchayat this morning. Through information received about the distribution of voter slip and given necessary instructions. Distribution of voter slips is being distributed to all the registered voters by the booth label officer for going to the polls on November 20 for the three assembly constituencies of the district.

The Collector also instructed to ensure that the posters received from the Election Commission are displayed at the fixed place in the polling station. Voting support centers will also be made on the day of polling, in which BLO Sit down, not in the election agent's booth. The collector said that those voters who do not break the slip should submit it to the concerned returning officer in the closed envelope. In order to promote women's awareness, Sangwari polling centers are being set up in all the four block headquarters of the district.

In this polling booth, all the officers and security personnel of the polling party will be women. The Collector instructed to make an attractive arrangement for the Sawari booth. Make Rangoli etc. outside the polling booths, but keep in mind that no political party's election symbol should be displayed in it. In the meeting, CEO of District Panchayat S. Alok, District Women and Child Development Officer Manoj Sinha and Shri Chandrakar were also present.

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