Observer inspection of polling centers

Balrampur November 17, 2018 / Assembly constituency No. 07- Mr. K.C. Chaman, General Observer of Ramanujganj, met with the voters of the area after accidental inspection of polling booths made on November 20. A surprise inspection was conducted by Pollar Sagarpur, Maharajganj, Jahadih, Krishnanagar and Sangwari polling booths by the observer Mr. Chaman. During this, he reviewed the preparation of the system in the polling booths according to the criteria set by the Election Commission in the polling stations. He met the villagers, the BLO Information about the voter slip being distributed by the people and appealed to the villagers to vote fairly and impartially.

Appointed assistant nodal officer and assistant staff for sending report on polling day

For all types of reports to be sent on Ballarampur 17th November 2018 / Vidhan Sabha Elections 2018 polling day, Nodal Officer has imposed a staff duty on the working of Assistant Nodal Officer and his Assistant Staff as directed by Additional Collector Mr. Vijay Kumar Kuzur.
Assistant nodal officer for Vidhan Sabha Area No. 06-Pratappur, Mr. Pataram Singh has been made Assistant Director, Mobile No. 9827811531 and will be Patwari as his associate employee. In which Mr. Akhilesh Gupta, Mobile Number 8878409426, Mr. Sujit Bajor Mobile Number 9407698287, Mr. Vidyasagar Gupta Mobile No. 9165916757, Mr. Vijay Lakra Mobile Number 9575466577 and Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh Mobile Number 9669641495. Legislative Assembly No. 07-Assistant Nodal Officer for Ramanujganj Mr. Nirmal Thakur Executive Engineer has been made Public Works Department Mobile No. 9425572285 and will be Patwari as his associate employee. Shweta Bhagat Mobile Number 6260207761, Alpana Tirkey Mobile Number 8120592093, Priyanka Dhive Mobile Number 9644817804, Surab Das Mobile Number 9753874979, Sri Vimales Singh Mobile Number 8120806173, Abhishek Gupta Mobile Number 9131189190, Sri Siddharth Yadav Mobile Number 8819999027 Vidhan Sabha Area No. 08 - Assistant Nodal Officer for Samari, Shri B.P. Satnami Deputy Director Veterinary Censor has been made mobile number 9424181936 and will be Patwari as his associate employee. Among them, Hamid Raza Mobile Number 9669085325, Mr. Manish Singh Mobile Number 9691095111, Sri Satyajivan Ravi Mobile Number 8085572663, Renu Panna Mobile Number 6260036023, Sushila Toppo Mobile Number 9691066877, Revenue Inspector Anita Beck, 9516258517. Similarly, the duty of the fourth class employees has been imposed for the three assembly constituencies.

Training of micro observer

Training for the smooth implementation of Balrampur 17th November 2018 / Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018, today, the training of the micro-observer appointed for the assembly constituency No. 06-Pratappur, 07-Ramanujganj and 08-Samrari, coming under the Balrampur-Ramanujganj district.
 Collector, District Election Officer, Shri Hiralal Nayak, general observer of Vidhan Sabha constituency Pratappur, Vijay Kumar Nayak, general observer of Ramanujganj assembly constituency, Shri K.C. Information about their responsibilities was given to the micro-varsagers, who were trained by Mr. Indra Singh Rao, general observer of Chaman and Samarhi assembly constituency. It is known that the micro-observer will be made aware of the entire process of voting in the polling stations set up by the trained microazeververs and the general observer of the respective area will be made aware. On this occasion, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Durgesh Verma, Master Trainer Mr. Vimal Dubey and trainees were present.


Notice issued to 27 candidates till date till date by District Media Audit and Monitoring Committee constituted for upcoming assembly elections

Koriya 17 Nov.

According to the Election Commission of India, the meeting of District Media Audit and Monitoring Committee constituted for the forthcoming assembly elections is being done by the Chairman of the Committee and the District Election Officer Mr. Narendra Dugga. Various aspects of social media are being monitored by the MCMC members and the notice is being issued against the concerned people on the suspicious news. In this link, 27 notices have been issued to the candidates of different political parties by MCMC so far. Apart from this, the observers appointed for the district are also taking time to get information about the activities of MCMC. It may be mentioned that in the committee, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, Mrs. Tulika Prajapati, Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvashi, the Departmental Officer Revenue of Bekundipur section, Mr. PV Khes, Assistant Manager of Mannagar, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Mr. Ratnesh Kumar Jharia, Bekundipur An independent senior citizen of village Mahalpara is a member of Sri Satya Prakash Gupta.

In the committee, District Public Relations Officer Shri Laxmikant Kosaria is discharging his obligation as Member Secretary. This Committee will examine the applications for the scrutiny of advertisements for political parties, candidates, other persons related to the general elections of the assembly, during the period of the applicability of the Code of Conduct related to election for telecasting, political advertisement on cable networks. Is settling.

Assembly election 2018 District Election Officer Shri Narendra Dugga reviewed the distribution material distribution center Distribution of content to polling parties today

Korea, November 17, 2018 / District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, today, after reaching the voting material distribution center government Ramanuj Higher Secondary School, took stock of EVMs and VVPates together with the entire voting material for the forthcoming assembly elections 2018. During this period, he got information about the dispatch of polling parties and the arrangements for material return and counting.
District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Duga filling the voting forms and sealing at the designated places in machines, connecting the control unit, ballot unit and VVPAT together, pre-polling moppole and then pressing close, result and clear button. Regarding the training provided in relation to the inevitability of the CRC and the inclusion of indelible ink in the finger of the voters Received information and provided necessary instructions to the concerned
District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, during the observation, also examined the selected cells in Ramanuj Higher Secondary School for distributing the material to the voting parties in the Korea district for assembly elections 2018, for return of post-poll return and counting of votes. Thereafter, he took information from the concerned authorities regarding the acquisition of vehicle for the election in Korea's district. It is worth mentioning that the distribution of the material to the polling parties will be done on 18th and 19th of November and the material will be withdrawn after the voting on November 20 and the counting of votes will be done on December 11. Officers who had important role in the assembly elections were present on this occasion.


Assembly election 2018 Notice to 03 candidates who did not submit accounting expenses and candidates

In the Legislative Assembly elections in 2018 by the Election Commission of India, November 17, 2018, India has asked the candidates to submit the expenditure of expenditure before the expenditure observers. In the same episode, the accounts of election expenditure are being presented before the expenditure observer, Mr. Pradeep Shukla, by the candidates of all 3 assembly constituencies in Korea district. But 03 and the candidates did not appear in the inspection dates held by the Expenditure Observers on November 11 and November 14 nor were the accounts of their election expenditure presented. The expenditure observer took it seriously and instructed the returning officer to issue notice to them. Likewise, other candidates have been instructed to issue the letter to the concerned returning officer for the speedy completion of other related pitfalls.
Returning officer of Vidhan Sabha Area No. 3 Bakunthpur, Mr. Narinder Kumar Dugga issued notice to non-meritorious candidate Shri Ramnarayan Sahu, Mr. Chintamani Sandhilya and candidate of Indian Panchayat Party Mr. Ram Pratap Sahu for not showing the absence and absence of election expenses in inspection dates. is.
Returning Officer Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has re-examined the candidates concerned that by 18th November, make sure to submit accounts with their satisfactory explanation. Otherwise, they will be prosecuted under the prescribed provisions of the Indian Penal Code 171 (1), in view of the failure to submit the accounts under section 77 of the Representation of the People Act.


Assembly election 2018 Criminal cases newspapers and TV Notice to Shri Sanjay Singh Kamro for issuing notice in channels

According to the order of Election Commission of Korea, 17 November 2018 / India, the returning officer of the District Election Officer and the Returning Officer of the Vidhan Sabha Area No. 3 Bakundathpura, Mr. Narendra Dugga has issued the newspapers and TVs of criminal cases. In connection with the release of channels, Mr. Sanjay Singh has issued notice to the comrades. According to the Election Commission of India, whether the criminal cases are pending or in the case of dushasiddhi cases in the past, after the last date of withdrawal and two days before the date of polling, newspapers and TVs on three occasions Channels have been expected to publish declaration about such criminal cases. But in the two newspapers (Chhattisgarh and Haribhoomi), the evidence has been presented to the Office of Mr. Sanjay Singh Kamro. Returning Officer of District Election Officer and Vidhan Sabha Area No. 3 Baikunthpur, Mr. Narendra Dugga on three occasions, newspapers and TVs. The channels have been issued in order to provide newspapers and cuttings of TV channels to the CD office of the channel, so that the above evidence can be pressed for the state election officer Raipur.

Assembly election 2018 Information about the voting will be done on time through C-Taps Application: Mr. Subrata Sahu The Chief Electoral Officer has taken an election preparations for six districts including Korea in two days.

Korea, November 17, 2018 / Chief Election Officer, Mr. Subrata Sahu, has reviewed the preparations for the six districts in the last two days and gave necessary directions to the officials. During the two-day stay, he reviewed the preparations related to election of Sarguja, Surajpur, Korea, Balrampur, Janjgir and Balodabazar districts. On Friday, on the second day of the tour, he reviewed the preparations by meeting with officials in Balrampur-Ramanujganj, Janjgir-Champa and Baludabazar-Bhatapara district. During this, he also reviewed the polling stations and counting places.
Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu today instructed the officials to ensure basic arrangements in the polling and counting centers and arrangement of ramps for the divisions during the meeting with officials in the three districts. He also informed about the commissioning, randomization of electronic voting machines, distribution of postal ballots on time to officials / employees, webcasting balloting centers and women polling booths being made for women voters. Shri Sahu instructed to ensure power supply during the elections.

Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu asked for adequate security of the Strong Room and counting sites. Mr. Sahu instructed all Sector officials to download the C-Tapps application in mobile and train them in connection with its usage.
Shri Sahu took information about awareness campaigns and programs being run in different districts for voter awareness. While appreciating the innovative efforts being made for this, he hoped to get more votes in this phase. He said that in the way the youth and women have got awareness about the voting. It has increased expectations of 100 percent of the vote.
Nandal Officer and Inspector General of Police, Dipanshu Kabra said that the propaganda will be fully blocked by the rally and meetings during the 48 hour period of polling and ensure the use of vehicles in the number fixed by the political parties. Shri Kabra instructed the officials to ensure the arrangements for the oustees in the assembly constituencies to leave the place 48 hours before polling.
Additional Chief Electoral Officer Shri S. Bhartidasan said that candidates in the print media in the second phase of polling on November 19 and 20, can publish candidates, political parties or other organizations after the certification from the political advertisement media certification and monitoring committee.

Shri Sahu visited the polling booth of Patna, Sangari polling station of Jamia Nagar and material distribution and return and counting site of the District of the District, located in the district headquarters, Baikunthpur, after observing various rooms by visiting Rajshree Ramnuj Higher Secondary School, Bakundathpur and there, electricity, water, toilets, furniture And to ensure the arrangements of ramps etc. for the Divisions. During this time they saw the programs of voter awareness organized at these places. He also took part in the voting booth organized by students and ordinary citizens in the Bakunthpur District Collectorate Complex. He praised the huge and attractive Rangoli made under the Voter Awareness Campaign to inspire voters. Shri Sahu also appreciated the various programs and efforts being run under voter awareness in Korea district.
On this occasion, the security nodal officer of the Assembly election and the Inspector General of Police Mr. Deepanu Kabra, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr s. Returning Officer of Bhartidasan, District Election Officer and Vidhan Sabha Area No. 3 Baikunthpur, Mr. Narinder Dugga, District Superintendent of Police, Mr. Vivek Shukla, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Returning Officer of Bharatpur-Sonhat, Assembly Area No. Shri R.A. Kurnavanshi, Assembly Area No. 2, Returning Officer, Maninderagar, Mrs. Tulika P Other prominent officials were present at the meeting.

Medical Officers Duty with Zonal Officers to Provide Medical Facility

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - With the Zonal Officer to provide medical facilities to the polling personnel appointed for the polling in the constituencies of the district 68-Saaza, 69-Bemetra and 70- Navagad under the Legislative Assembly election 2018 Officials have also been deployed. Among them, Dr. Kanha for Dr. Satish Kumar Devaangan Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Dube Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Khankhmaria GS Thakur, Medical Officer, Shri Brajesh Kumar Dubey, Assistant Medical Officer, for Khairagitika, Mr. Ravikumar Verma, Assistant Medical Officer, Dr. Vipin Kumar Soni for Medical Officer, Kehka for Dr. Mujibrahman Khan Medical Officer, Dr. a. K. Verma Development Block Medical Officer, Dr. Manish Kumar Thakur Assistant Medical Officer, Mohagaon for Dr. Bija. Dr. Anup Gautam Ayurvedic Medical Officer, Dr. Bijagod for Dr. Dr. Bhojram Chandrakar Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Bhatgaon Shravarda Sharma Medical Officer, Mr. Aishwarya Kumar Sahu, Assistant Medical Officer, for Dadaadi, duty of Mr. Rajeev Tiwari Assistant Medical Officer has been imposed for Mr Khameneshwar Sahu Assistant Medical Officer, Deokar.
For the Zone Area of ​​Area 69, Beamantra, Dr. Bodheshwar Singh Verma Medical Officer, Bemmantra Dr. Dr. Meshram Medical Officer, Dr. Vijaya Raman Medical Officer, Dr. Mamta Gaware Ayurveda Medical Officer, Bahamohatra Dr. Dr. Chandra Prasad Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Nineva. Prasanna Soni Medical Officer (Dental), Dr. Gulshan Kumar Mandalay Medical Officer, Kunda Ganga Yadav Assistant Medical Officer for Sarda, Dr. Bhandani Dr. Khia Singh Patel, Assistant Medical Officer, for Parapoda, for Dr. Katiyar Ayurveda Medical Officer, Deorbija, Dr. J.K. Kunj Vikas Khand Medical Officer, Pond D. Dr. Pradeep Ashtkar, Medical Officer, Lenjwara, Dr. Mrs. Yamini Joshi Assistant Medical Officer for Birla, Mr. Chintaram Sahu Assistant Medical Officer for Kusami, Mr. Sumit Mishra Assistant Medical Officer, Ananda Gondu for Bargaon, Smt. Bharti Yadav, Assistant Medical Officer, Bhimbauri. Latika Rani Devangan Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dr. Hassda Kamalakant Meshram Medical Officer (Dental), Dr. Ghanaram Gaikwad Ayurveda Medical Officer, Dudhi has been imposed the duty of Mrs. Lakshmi Verma Assistant Medical Officer.
Similarly, for the assembly constituency 70, Nagar Tammari, Mrs. Pratima Jangde, Assistant Medical Officer, Nandighat, Mrs. Tarannum Anjum, Assistant Medical Officer, for Drilling, Dr. Atul Singh Parihar, Ayurveda Medical Officer, Shri Kamlesh Kumar Jangde, Assistant Medical Officer, Putpura for the shoot, Shri P. R. Padekar, Assistant Medical Officer, Sambalpur, Shri M.K. Jaiswal Assistant Medical Officer, Dr. Gadhikala L. D. Thakur Vikas Khand Medical Officer, Mr. Anup Kumar Assistant Medical Officer for Badnara, Dr. Ramkumar Mahilaunga Assistant Medical Officer, for Narmada, Dr. Prakash Nate, Assistant Medical Officer (Dental) Dr. Navagad Preeti Thakur Medical Officer, Dr. Devendra Kumar Upadhyaya Medical Officer for Murta, Dr. Dilip Chandravanshi Medical Officer, Dr. Gania Sharad Kohadas Vikas Khand Medical Officer, Murakuta for Dr. Dr. Daimanlal Yadav for Medical Officer, Gangapur, Medical Assistant for Gangapur, Mr. Yogeshwar Prasad Janghel Assistant Medical Officer, Umaria for Smt. Pushpa Jaiswal, Assistant Medical Officer, for Behari, Dr. Shri Mahendra Singh Thakur Assistant Medical Officer, Khandasara Dr. Swati Sharma for Ayurveda Medical Officer, Semaria Rishabh Sharma Medical Officer, Dr. Praveen Sapre for Medical Officer, Atariya, for Mohatra. Anita Dhruv Medical Officer, Dr. Dr. Dhruv Narayan Nayak Assistant Medical Officer, Moharanga for Shobha Nishad Medical Officer, Chandanu The duty of Vinay Kumar Tamarkar Medical Officer has been imposed.

Voter Selfie Zone in every polling station

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - Chief Electoral Officer, Shri Subrata Sahu has instructed to create Voter Self Zone in each polling station in order to increase the number of voters in the assembly elections and to increase voting partnership. Posters will be installed in such a place at a height of about four to five feet in the same building outside each polling station so that the voter can stand in front of the poster and take selfie from his mobile.
CEO to pull out selfie, tag Chhattisgarh
After taking selfies, voters will name their EPIC card and assembly constituency. You will be able to post your blog and post a comment on this blog with your friends / blogs. Voters can send their self-help desks to the Visitors / Humboldt.

Each assembly will have five outstanding selfies selected, will be given awards
Five excellent selfies will be selected in each assembly and attractive prizes will be awarded to them. District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware has appealed voters to take self-participation in large number of voting so that these memorable moments will be recorded forever in their mobile gallery. He has also instructed the officials to prepare the Self Zone in all the polling stations.

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