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Dantewada: Social activist Soni Sodhi arrested, was about to convene

Jayprakash Bastar

Dantewada: Social activist Soni Sodhi has been arrested by the police. The police has arrested him under Section 151 Sodhi, who will be a gathering in the matter of release of prison inmates, which the administration did not allow Dantewada to attend this meeting. Rural Palanar area was reached from Bijapur and Sukma district, yet more information is awaited.

Children in this area of Chhattisgarh are readily reading the lessons of LAL ATANK!

During the assembly elections, the Naxalites had protested against elections and people's representatives, not only the wall of government schools, but also slogans in red in window, door, floor and black board.

Children from inner schools of Dantewada district are reading Naxal messages before the book in class this day. Children readily and often in mass loud voice. Its echoing teacher is listening every day but no one is forbidden nor the Naxalites are being erased. Let us know that the wall of more than two dozen schools in Dantewada district has been painted with Naxalite messages. Here anti-national things have been written with Naxalite slogans. It is being told that more than 6 months written to these slogans has passed. During the assembly elections, the Naxals had written slogan to the wall of the government schools opposing elections and people's representatives but not to the window, doors, floors and black boards, which still exists in the same way.

Do not be a national anthem, the reading of the Naxalite message is definitely there.

Children in government schools in Chhattisgarh are being admitted to Tilak. Upon reaching the school, the national anthem and prayer are provided to the children. Children are attracted to reading and enthusiasm for education and school, national-language and prayer is done with sports and toys. But in the schools of Dantewada, whether it is a national anthem or not, but children return to school and while returning home, the Naxalites do read the message.

There is a naxalized message on the walls of the school in Nilawaya, Burugam, Potali, Kikirpal, Kutarem, Hiroli, Maajum, Parchalei, Chikpal, Kourgaon, Cherpal, Manganar, Kausalnar, Kamalur, Kuper, Basanpur, Zirka in Dantewada. Children enter the school every day reading it. In the same way, even after the vacation, the Naxalites return to the house repeatedly.

The responsible officer said that

In this entire case, Education Officer Rajesh Karma says that the Naxal message on the walls of schools was before I took over my position. After taking over, I have directed all the BEOs and head readers to delete all such messages. Also, after removing the naxalite messages from the walls, the fotagraphs of the clean wall have also been procured.


This big statement given by CM Bhupesh Baghel on the movement of tribals in Dantewada

Tribal movement is continuing since Friday in protest against iron ore exploration on Nandiraj mountains of Balladila in Dantewada district. Under the anti-mine conflict of tribals, thousands of protesters gathered in Kirandul and surrounded the NMDC checkpost on Friday. This movement of tribals continues on Saturday. Due to this performance, the production of NMDC has been completely affected. This movement of tribals is also being discussed with the political party, trade union and employee organization. Now in this whole matter a big statement has come out of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Talking to the media, CM Baghel said that the previous government has done all the process of ore mining in Beladila. Now we have to review that how the last government has taken such a big decision for people without faith in the end. Need to investigate the entire process.


Indeed Dantewada Bailadila mountain range Nandaraj be NMDC's deposit Adani company -13 Number mine located on the mountain after the mining opposition tribesmen started. All the Gram Panchayats have prepared for the movement to save the Nandraj mountain. Under the banner of Jana Sangharsh Samiti, tribal people are encroaching NMDC. Trade unions opposing the privatization of deposit 13 are also in support of the movement. Found According to information Adani Group on September 20l8 created company Bailadila Iron Ore Mining Pvt Ltd ie Biaiompiel name and center on December 20l8 government granted lease by 25 years of mining in Bailadila this company. Forest Department has given environmental clearance in 2015 for mining of iron ore in 315.813 hectares in the deposit 13 of Baladila. On which NMDC and State Government CMDC had to jointly excavate. Later, it was transferred to private company Adani Enterprises Limited for 25 years.

Chhattisgarh: Security forces killed two hardcore Naxalites in Dantewada encounter

Naxalites have been attacked with security in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. It is being told that the encounter took place in Dantewada and Sukma border areas. It is also being reported that two Naxalites were killed in the encounter. After the encounter, the jawans have recovered the arms. DRG and STF jawans have taken this action. SP Abhishek Pallava has confirmed this.

According to the information, the DRG and STF jawans came out in search of the morning in the forest of Gonderaas on the border of Dantewada-Sukma. Meanwhile, the Maoists started firing on the jawans. The jawans also took retaliation while retaliating. Two hardcore Naxalites have been killed in the encounter of the jawans. The police is saying that a gun rifle and a 12-bore gun were also recovered from the spot. As a precaution, the area's search has been intensified. Alerts have also been issued in nearby areas.

After encounter 2 maoist arrested

Dantewada police today arrested two Maoists After encounter in Manganar forests the soldiers have arrested these two naxalites.One of the arrested Maoists is named Bawan He is a member of Naxalite Platoon number 16, The name of the second Naxalite is Lakshman Vetti He is the President of the Jantana government. On Bawan 2 lakh rupees reward have declared and On Lakshman 1 lakh rupees reward have declared.  Dantewada SP Abhishek Pallav has confirmed this.

8 lakh prize naxalite Police killed in encounter

Dantewada : Police have killed a prize naxalite in an encounter in the forests of Perpa in the Kirandul police station area of ​​Dantewada. SP Abhishek Pallav confirmed the incident. Based on information of the informant, the police killed Naxalite Mauia, 29, who were involved in Burqa Pal attack in the forests of Perpa.He also recovered 315 bore rifles from him.

Two Naxalites arrested during police search

Dantewada : Two Naxalites have been arrested from Kuwakonda area of ​​Dantewada district today. The names of the arrested Maoists were hunga markam and Dewa markam were involved in both naxal activities.Naxalite goods have also been recovered from them.

2 Naxalites arrested in Madadi blast

Dantewada police in Chhattisgarh claimed to have arrested two Maoists. One of the arrested Maoists is being called DACMS member and second member of the militia group. The arrested Naxalites are accused of involvement in harrowing incidents like fires, robbery and murder in vehicles. The police is also accused of being involved in the Madadi blast on the arrested Maoists. The police have seized the Maoists and arrested them from village Samalwar in Kirandul police station area.

Dantewada police has issued a press release regarding the arrest of Maoists. The Naxalites being named as Somadi Madkami and Hura Madkami are being arrested by the police. According to the police, the police is continuously doing surveillance in the Kirandul area under the Naxal protests. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the police seized two Maoists from the forest of village Samalwar in Kirandul police station area. It is being told that the Naxalites arrested were involved in the Madadi blast. On May 20, seven jawans were martyred in this blast.

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