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A sudden fire in the N2 conveyor belt of NMDC mine, fire brake found

In Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, there was a sudden fire in the K N2 conveyor belt of Kirandul NMDC mine on Wednesday morning. After seeing the fire, the workers got stumped, after which the employees immediately informed the Fire Brigade of CISF.

Here, the fire brigade's team, which reached the spot, got the chance to extinguish the fire after about two hours of hard work, about 12 thousand liters of water from three tankers.

At the moment, the reasons for the fire are yet to be disclosed. However, the fire has been fully controlled. At the same conveyor, it is difficult to enter due to smoke.

According to the team of fire brigade, the conveyor line is not a ventilator. Due to this there was some difficulty in controlling the fire. The team says that even earlier NMDC's conveyor belt was damaged by the Naxalites by arson. So people are curious to know the reasons for the fire.

Right now, the Kirandul police will investigate the reasons for the fire. However, the police filed the case and started the investigation process.

4 Naxalites arrested in Dantewada

Dantewada: The security forces have arrested 4 Maoists while taking action on Monday. Superintendent of Police Kamlochan Kashyap said that all Naxalites caught are active members of Kitechalayana Area Committee of the militias.
They have been arrested by the police by the siege. Their names are Baman Mandavi, Sannu Kavasi, Joga Karatami and Ayata Mandavi. The police claim that all these Naxalites were playing an active role in the Gudra area. Those arrested by the Kuakonda Police and the CRPF-195 Battalion were arrested while taking joint action.
The arrested Maoists had 3 permanent warrants from 2010 on Baman Mandvi. All the Naxalites were involved in crimes such as fire brigade, mixer machine fireworks and road cutting in large gudra.They are being said to be involved in the execution of several violent incidents in collaboration with Amega's Janamalisia Commander of Katekalayana Area Committee.


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