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Bilaspur: Action taken on sale of illegal liquor

Under the direction of Collector and Assistant Commissioner Abikari, on December 18, 2017, in the dry day declared on the occasion of Gurugasi Das Jayanti, the action was taken against Excise Inspector in different areas by setting up 4 teams through Excise Executive Staff against illegal liquor sales, transport, holders.

    Excise sub-inspector Nil Bilaspur North by Shiv Prasad Keetat Ching Rajpara police station 5.760 bulk liter native Madira Plane, excise sub-inspector Dharam Takhpatpur by Ranglal Gond resident of Yadunandan Nagar 9 liter Desert Madira Plane and similarly in Vishnu Chowk Tifra market Dharmendra Verma motor Cycle number cg 10 AD 0992 from 2 petty paddy while transporting the country's liquor liquor and seized them under judicial proceedings and arrested under section 34 (2) and 59 (A) of Excise Act.

    Similarly, 10 liters of liquor liquor, 10 Pav Desi liquor plains from Nagaoi residents, 10 Roha Suryavanshi resident from Bahrrai, 02 liters of raw liquor from Patlapali of Mangal Singh resident of Pattalpali and 10 poo Desi liquor plains from Nagai, resident of Rohit Sarathi resident of Ching Rajpara Sarakanda, 25 PU country liquor plane, Shekh Babba resident Pathan Para Chindidih, 12 Poo Desi Wadir Plane, 2 liters of Bhatti raw liquor from Samra resident of Ugrasar Sahu and a L'Prasad Suryavanshi resident Chorha 3 liters hand Deori station Ratanpur furnace went proceedings arrested under Section Chhattisgarh Excise Tax Act seized raw liquor 34 (1) (a).

    In the joint team of excise department, Excise Inspector Nitin Shukla, Ashish Singh, Anil Mittal, Gopal Sahu, Sameer Mishra, Vikram Anand with Excise Chief Reserve Shri Ramesh Dube, Rakshak Srivastaram, Rajesh Pandey, Navneet Pandey, Rajkumar Kashyap and other staff included Were.

Warrants were since long pending against Sona in four Naxal-related incidents, including an attempt to murder, arson and loot

Bijapur :{agency} The police on Thursday arrested a Maoist, carrying a reward of Rs 3 lakh on his head, in Chhattisgarh's Bijapur district.

Punem Sona (30), who was active as deputy commander of the Local Organisation Squad (LOS) of Maoists, was apprehended from a forest near Futapalli village under Usoor police station area, a police official told PTI.

Acting on specific inputs about the presence of Sona in Futapalli village, around 450 km from here, a team of local police yesterday launched a search operation near the area, he said.

The patrolling team waited in a concealed position in the forest for the cadre before catching him, he said.

Warrants were since long pending against Sona in four Naxal-related incidents, including an attempt to murder, arson and loot, the official said.

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