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Collector, Balak Ashram Kanakpur did the necessary guidelines given to the Inspecting Inspector

Balrampur 31 Jan

Shri Hiralal Nayak, collector of Balak Ashram Kanakpur of Vikaskhand Ramchandrapur, took a surprise inspection and took information about the arrangements of the ashram from the hostel superintendent and gave necessary directions.

The collector took information about the facilities and arrangements given by the students in the hostel. He asked the students poetry and hill. The Collector told the hill from 16 to 19 and asked the children to repeat behind them. During this, the student Pawan Singh told the song, the collector asked Pawan Singh to teach his team to sing In order to overcome fear, fear and suspicion from the children's mind, they instructed the hostel superintendent to collect the children daily and collect together all the other modes, including the hill, poetry, common sense, collective instructions.

He gave instructions to the hostel superintendent to take care of the children's cleanliness, health, improve the level of education of the children and to arrange food, drinking water, toilets. The collector has arranged for the distribution department for the health facility of Durgesh Verma for the development of health facilities and sweat arrangements for the children, the wages of the laborers working in the ashram, and arrangement of sports goods to discuss with the officer of Tribal Development Department. said.


Collector imposes restriction on raising of paddy from Mahavirganj, Trikunda Committee

Balrampur 31 Jan

The Collector Mr. Hiralal Nayak conducted an accidental inspection of Dhan Urpasan Kendra Tatapani, Bhavranmal, Mahavirganj, Trikunda, Dindo and Sanval. They have imposed an immediate ban on the rise of paddy after getting heavy irregularities in procurement of paddy in Mahavirganj and Trikunda Committee.

Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak undertook an accidental inspection of paddy procurement register and token register and other documents by reaching the paddy acquisition center, Tatapani, Bhanwarmal, Mahavirganj, Trikunda, Dindo and Sanval.

They found huge irregularities in procurement of paddy in Mahavirganj and Trikunda committee and due to the non-stacking of paddy in accordance with the rules and norms, immediately stopped the upturn of paddy from the committee and according to the stacking criteria of the paddy purchased from the committee employees. Instructed The collector said that after the last day of purchase of paddy, 31 January, there is a need for a microscopic examination of all the documents of the earning center.And in the committee, the physical verification of the paddy to the physical verification was done by the Nodal Officer, including the Manager, Manager, Paddy Purchase Incharge, Operating Board Member and Computer Operator. During the inspection, the Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Mr. Durgesh Verma, Naib Tehsildar Mr. Pancham Salam, Deputy Director Animal Mr. BP Satnami, Assistant Director Fishery Shri Murat Singh and other officials were present.

It is worth mentioning that 1394162.90 quintals of paddy has arrived in paddy production centers in the district so far. Out of which 79883.40 quintals thick rice and 1314279.50 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. There has been an uproar of 583888 quintals of paddy.


Organizing District Youth Parliament Program in Balrampur College

Balrampur 30 Jan

District Youth Parliament Program was organized in Government College Balrampur. The function was attended by Chief Guest Officer, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal and Special Guest Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Ramanujganj Shri Durgesh Verma.

In the program function, Chief guest Shri Shiv Anant Tayal encouraged the students and said that this is a good opportunity to promote their talents. Knowledge of the parliamentary process and the ideas of your peasant and opposition colleagues are learned to listen patiently and stay in discipline. SDM Ramanujganj Shri Durgesh Verma in the program congratulated the participants and said that this program is a golden opportunity for youth, through which they can express their views.

Principal of the college Mr. N. Of While giving good luck to all the participants, Deogan said that in the program, the participants expressed their views on the prescribed subjects while staying in discipline. He said that the young people talk about how to see India in 2022, expressing their views and expressing their views through the Youth Parliament Festival.He said that the aim of the Youth Parliament is to develop the ability to make decision-making decisions among young people and develop the sense of tolerance and respect for the opinions of other people.

Mr. Ramesh Patel, the nodal officer of the District Youth Parliament, gave a brief introduction to the program and said that a youthful opportunity was given by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India to express their views and problems surrounding the District Youth Parliament program is. Participants were evaluated on government policies on terrorism, climate change, play India and economic criminals, based on 5th Jury Members' Speak Proficiency, clarity of ideas, knowledge of the subject and conduct.

Professor Dr. Punit Kumar Rai, Professor of Jury Member, Government College, Shankargarh, Dr. Hemantpal Dhritlahar, Principal of Government College, Sanawal, Prof. Dr. Umesh Kumar Pandey, Professor of Government College Balrampur, Principal of Government College Ramchandrapur. Participants were evaluated by Mr. Shyam Bihari Pathak, advocate of Peiyush Kumar Tande, Balrampur.

64 participants from various colleges of Balrampur and Surajpur districts participated in the program, in which 5 best speakers were selected according to the prescribed criteria.

In the competition, the participants of Government College Balrampur, Shabanur I, Reshmi Raman Mishra College, Surajpur's Reshma Siddiqui II, Suresh Kumar Sarkar of Government College Balrampur and Mahendra Kumar Rajak remained in the third and fourth positions respectively.

Kamalesh Kumar, student of Ramanujganj, Government College, got 5th position. The prashasti certificate was given to the five participants. On this occasion, students of the college including faculty members, office staff were present.


Tribute given to Mahatma Gandhi's death anniversary

Balrampur 30 Jan

The date of the death of Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated every year as the martyr's day on 30th January. On the occasion of Shaheed Divas, today, at 11.00 am, wreaths and flowers were offered on the statue of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, by Additional Collector Shri Vijay Kumar Kuzur and Ramanujganj SDM Shri Durgesh Verma at Joint District Office premises and present officials / employees present in their freedom struggle Commemorate two minutes silence in memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives. 

On the occasion of the date of the death of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, in order to get rid of the drug addiction by signing the public by the additional collector in the favor of disintegration, the resolution and oath were given to the officers and employees present to create addiction and positive atmosphere.And in the 5th time at the time of the entry, girl students with more than 50 percent marks will be eligible for admission in the school. It is mandatory to enter the school within 15 days of the selection through the entrance examination. It is compulsory to present the 5th issue transfer certificate, residence certificate and caste certificate, photocopy of Aadhar card and health certificate of medical board at the time of the entry.



Storage and sale-prohibited non-standard fertilizers in the district

Balrampur January 29, 2019 / Deputy Director Agriculture District Balrampur-Ramanujganj has been appointed as Directorate of Agriculture in the Rabi Year 2018-19. A total of 20 fertilizer sample analysis from the institutional and private sector was received from Raipur. Under which, the State Fertilizer Quality Control Laboratory was sent to Raipur in lieu of analyzing a total of 14 fertilizers samples in Rabi from 2018-19 to the distributors from the institution and private sector in the Department of Agriculture. Based on the results of the analysis obtained by the Fertilizer Properties Control Laboratory, two fertilizer samples of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district were found at non-standard level in Kharif Year 2018-19. The first sample fertilizer inspector, Mr. Narasimha Bhagat, senior agricultural development officer, received the non-standard sample of fertilizer samples given for fertilizer maker M / s Navratna Fertilizer Pvt Ltd batch and manufacturer M / s Shriram Fertilizer Ltd. Batch March 2018 from M / s Sai Krishi Sewa Kendra Kusmi. Gaya. In which the amount of available and soluble phosphorous element and soluble potassium dioxide levels were found. The second analyzed sampling also found that the level of ammonium nitrate, available and soluble phosphorus pentaoxyide, soluble potassium dioxide and sulfur levels, lower than the amounts recommended by the Fertilizer Properties Control 1985 order, was also found. Due to which the fertilizer samples of the said batch have been immediately banned from distributing and selling in the district. The main purpose of fertilizer properties control is to provide the right quality fertilizers to the farmers and to make the storage and sale.

Committees constituted for e-tendering resolution

Balatarampur 29 January 2019 / E-Tender has been invited by the District Office for transport of food grains and other materials for the year 2019-20 under the Public Distribution System. The e-tender form is to be opened on 15th February 2019 at 11.00 am in the United District Office in Balrampur. District level committee has been constituted for the purpose of resolving e-tendering through Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak. Additional Collector Shri Vijay Kumar Kuzur, Assistant Food Officer Mr. P.L. Hansa, District Manager, Shri Pramod Kumar Jangde and Accountant Nan District Surajpur Mr. Dinesh Kumar Ojha.

So far 1310334.50 quintals of Paddy purchased in the district

In Balrampur 29 January 2019 / Kharif marketing year 2018-19, paddy is being procured at the support price from 23752 registered farmers in 37 paddy cultivation centers of 28 Cooperatives of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. So far 1310334.50 quintals of paddy have been arrived in the district's Paddy procurement centers. Out of which 72510.40 quintals thick rice and 1237824.10 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. There has been an uproar of 564608 quintals of paddy.
The cooperative committee of the district is in 31872.80 in Kapildevpur, 29405.20 in downhat, 45933.60 in Kuseman, 64515.80 in Kameshwar Nagar, 7765.80 in Kodawa, 35726 in Gopalpur, 41301.60 in chando, 45729 in Jamari, 4130.40 in Jodpaath (Bharatpur), 8955 in Dipedeh, 22371.20 in Dongro , Tripura 85408.10, Dhandhapur 36280.80, Daura 26357.60, in Passa 13028.40, Barakagaon 26745.60, Barikikal 41332.80, Tatapani at 24658.40, Baradar at 20730, Baris 56008.80, Balngi 10640.20, Balrampur 68378.80, Maharajganj 46349.1 0, in Bhulshikal 13194, 74990.40 in Bhanajaranganj, 64132.40 in Mahavirganj, 23970.20 in Raghunathnagar, 12470 in Jigari (Basen), 55768.60 in Rajpur, 36665.60 in Ramchandrapur, 41046 in Ramnagar, 37380.40 in Basantpur, 41085.60 in Vadfanagar, 32182.20 in Dindo, Virendranagar 35395.60 in Sewari, 36949.40 in Sewri and 7416.80 quintals in Samaria has been purchased from the paddy farmers.

Excellent work-officers-employees honored

Balrampur 28 Jan

On the occasion of Republic Day, on 26th January, 2019, the Chief function was honored by the administration by giving a certificate of appreciation to the officials who were doing outstanding work.

Sub-inspector Shri Ram Bilas Singh, Subedar Shri Vikas Narang, Pradhan Rakshak, for display of better discipline, Deputy Inspector Rupesh Narang and Assistant Deputy Inspector, Rajkumar Sahu for outstanding work in crime research, for better work, inspector of Police Department Saifullah Siddiqui in the program. Shri Amar Vilas, Rakshak (Driver) Shri Shanti Nandan Tirki, Assistant Deputy Inspector Shri Rajendra Pandey, Shri Sudhir Singh, Mr. Mangal Singh Jangheel, Assistant Sub Inspector for Excellence in Excellence in the Outcome of Criminal Offenses, Assistant Deputy Inspector Shri Santosh Rai, Rakshak Shri Bansheedhar Gupta and Shri Chandan Pankara for the performance of the noble conduct.

Shri Pradeep Kumar Sana, Mr. Rajkishor Pankara, Shri Amit Kumar Nikunj and Mr. Suyesh Kumar Pankara, Reserve Manoj Gupta and Shri Indrajit for better work in Naxal sector, reserved observer for excellent work in the assembly elections, Mr. Sanat Thakur, Inspector Shri Rajesh Khalkho And Deputy Inspector Shri C.P. Tiwari, Deputy Comptroller, Mr Komal Bhushan Patel and Rakesh Rakesh Tiwari, for the outstanding work in permanent warrant Tamil, Principal Rakshak Yogendra Jaiswal and Ms. Sheela Lakra, Vip for preventing human trafficking and for outstanding work in missing human beings. Inspector JCO for excellent work in security Mr. Manjit Singh and Dog Master Mr. Neeraj Verma, Police Friendly Citizens were honored with the citation of Police Friends Mr. Rakesh Verma and Mr. Sanjayat Yadav.

Similarly, veterinary auxiliary assistant Shri Abhishek Pandey, Program Officer MNREGA Mr. Ashwini Tiwari, Programmer Mr. Anil Gupta, Assistant Programmer Shri Ashish Kumar Dwivedi, Faculty Member Mr. Jai Kumar Pusham, Assistant Programmer Mr. Sachin Soni and Shri. Ashish Gupta, Assistant Grade-02 Shri Raisingh Poya, Assistant Grade-03, Firdous Ahmed, Mr. Chhotu Kuj Ravi Ashish Kashyap,Data Entry Operator Mr. Anand Kumar Devangan, Data Entry Operator Mr. Abhasak Kishore Gupta, Mr. Ashok Kujur, Mr. Vikas Parihar and Mr. Raisingh, Office of the Data Collection Officer for Excellent Work from Collector Office, Mr. Afzal Ansari, Assistant Grade-2 Shri Shivshankar Prajapati and Mr. Dharamjit Murmu, Bhartiya Smt. Kaushalya Minj, Office of the District Panchayat, for the best work in the office work. Rypaln officer Pramod Kumar Singh, Assistant Statistical Officer Mr. N.D. Manikpuri, D. P.M. NRLM Mr. Rajesh Singh, Speaker Mr. Avinash Singh and Housing Coordinator Mr. Amitabh Choubey, Deputy Forest Officer, Mr. S.N., for the outstanding work in the departmental works conducted under the Forest Department from Forest Department. Ex-Ombudsman Mr. Manoj Kumar Jaiswal, for the excellent work of creating awareness for prevention of elephants in the villagers,Forest guard Mr. Ajit Kuzur, PDS from State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited for excellent work while acting on wooden smugglers. In order to give commendable contribution in the storage, District Manager Shri Pramod Kumar Jangade, in the contribution of due liabilities in the District Office, was made by Tulal Shri Ramnarayan Bari,Lecturer (L.B.), Mr. Arun Kumar Verman, Data Entry Operator, Mr. Ritesh Kumar Pandey, Assistant Veterinary Field Officer, Mr. D., for outstanding work from Veterinary Veterinary Officer, for editing departmental / office work. .Rr. Siddar

DAESI from Deputy Director Agriculture The Rural Agricultural Development Officer, Sri Aurobind Kumar Rai, SHC for the outstanding work in the curriculum (Agriculture Education). And PMFBY Rural Sanitation Development Officer Shri Sanjay Kumar Yadav, Rural Development Extension Officer, Ms. Suranjana Bara, Department of Horticultural Development, Honey Shri Ramashree Prasad Verma for plantation work,Assistant Grade-03 Shri Ranjeet Khalkho and Data Entry Operator Shri Suresh Kumar, Public Education Committee for the outstanding performance of the postal work entrusted to the Excise Department, Development Block Project Officer, Smt. Bansi Singhdev for discharging the liability in the field of literacy.Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Vikas Bhagat, for the work related to construction work from Mr. Bachu Ram, Public Works Department, PWD Mr. Rajiv Verma for the outstanding work and Deputy Engineer, Mr. CP Thakur for the work of Public Works Department (Setu). Kanwar was honored with a citation.






De-addiction resolution and swearing-in will be held on January 30

Balrampur 28 Jan

On the occasion of the date of the death of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, on 30th January, a positive atmosphere for creation of a positive environment has been created in order to get rid of addiction by signing the resolution and affidavit from the public.

On this occasion, extensive rally, community discussion, speech, painting, song, dance, drama competitions, exhibition at the venue, distribution of cultural programs and the distribution of narcotics literature, in collaboration with the community in the district, Yoga will be demonstrated under the guidance of Yogacharyans for lectures by experts, quiz about the ill effects of Nashapan, and the resolution regarding non-abstinence and signing of affidavits and immunization.

On the occasion of Republic Day, peeps were drawn by the departments

Balrampur 28 Jan

On January 26, 2019, at the new stadium of the district headquarters Balrampur, the main function of the Republic Day was to showcase attractive clusters based on development by various departments. In which the first position was received by Department of Agriculture and second place Public Health Engineering Department.

On the occasion of Republic Day celebrations, the activities of agriculture, fishery, silk, gardens, public health mechanics, women and child development, forest, Panchayat and social welfare, assistant commissioner tribal development, Rajiv Gandhi education mission, education, veterinary services, The exhibitions were displayed on departmental schemes by Medical and Health, Food, Civil Supplies Corporation, District Marketing, Municipal Council, Traffic Police Department and Krishi Vigyan Kendra Balrampur.

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