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Sukma: Laborers reach Kanta on foot as lockdown progresses, SDM said - Now getting very difficult

In view of the increasing number of coronavirus patients, the central government has decided to extend the lockdown 3.0 for two more weeks.


Sukma In view of the increasing number of coronavirus patients, the central government has decided to extend the lockdown 3.0 for two more weeks. At first the workers felt that the lockdown would open and work would begin. Now the lockdown has been extended again. In such a situation, the workers are facing a lot of trouble without functioning. Because of this, some workers have now reached the border area of ​​Konta.

According to Binda Sahu, a laborer who arrived in Konta, decided to walk with an 8-month-old girl under compulsion. Konta has arrived after running for 5 days. Many difficulties were encountered in these 5 days. According to Dhannu Sahu, Krishna Sahu, who lives in Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh, both of them had gone to Vijayawada with their families for wages three months ago. But as soon as the lockdown happened, our food and drink ended up in our money. Traffic was stalled, in such a situation we had no choice but to walk. So we went on foot with our children.

Labour told difficulties


I decided to walk but it was not easy at all. The laborer left for 2 years of Dhannu with Krishna's 2-month-old baby girl. The husband had the same on his shoulder and the wives had girls on his shoulder. Never had so much walking time. So it took 5 days to travel 300 km.


Binda and Pooja, who reached on foot, told that we would feed ourselves and the children with whatever we got from the people who came in the middle of the village. At present, 13 people including both families have been quarantined in Konta. After 14 days stay, they will be sent to home. The administration is helping all the workers.

Searching place

SDM Himachal Sahu said that the current 676 laborers have been kept in the quarantine. People are coming here every day. It becomes very difficult to keep everything. Everybody has to see a new place every day to keep up with social distancing.

Two accused arrested with 80 chestnuts in Sukma

Sukma Kotwali Police of Chhattisgarh, while carrying out a major operation, two accused have been arrested while transporting liquor illegally.

Sukma Kotwali Police of Chhattisgarh, while carrying out a major operation, two accused have been arrested while transporting liquor illegally. 80 chestnuts have been seized from the accused, whose estimated value is being mentioned as Rs 3 lakhs. After the action, the police presented both the accused in the court where they were sent directly to jail. This is by far the biggest action taken by the police.

Sukma Kotwali was informed on Sunday that liquor was being taken to Jagdalpur from Malkangiri district of Odisha in a pick-up vehicle. After that Kotwali in charge AK Nag created a team and the team started taking lock of vehicles by blocking from the morning. 80 pickled liquor was recovered after picking up the pick-up vehicle. After much questioning was done and the papers under the Excise Act were not submitted, the police came to bring two accused Jaganu Lalu and Sunil Baghel to Kotwali. Started the action under the Excise Act. Filed a case against the duo and presented them in the court from where they were sent to jail.

Naxalites killed in Sukma, more than half a dozen vehicles were handed over to the fire

Chhattisgarh again saw the horrors of the Maoists. Naxals handed over the vehicles engaged in the construction of roads in Sukma. Naxalites burnt more than half a dozen vehicles. On receiving the information about the incident, the police and security force team reached the spot.

According to the information, the incident belongs to the Gopalpally police station of Sukma. Road construction was going on here. Only then came the Naxalite around 5 pm and handed over half a dozen vehicles to the fire. While confirming the incident, ASP Naxal Shalabh Sinha said that there has been a loss of vehicles but there is no news of any damage to any laborer.

Please tell, the Golapalli area of ​​Sukma is Naxal affected area. Naxalites are carrying incidents of arson.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, Maoists blew up a police vehicle with IED blast in Gadchiroli in Maharashtra. In which 16 security personnel were martyred. The attack was carried out on the Kanchachi road at the Lange Bridge at 6 km from Kurkheda area.

Tell us, Naxalite activities are going on in Gadchiroli, a border area of Chhattisgarh for a long time. Naxalites can easily come from Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. The campaign is also being run from time to time to disperse the Maoists.

Suspected of Mukhbiri Naxalites killed two villagers

Sukma : Naxalites killed two villagers on charges of Mukhbiri in Sukma district. According to the information found On Wednesday, the Maoists had taken two villagers from Karigundam village in Kistaram police station area of ​​Sukma district. Naxalites killed both villagers by placing a public court in the village After this the bodies of both of them were thrown in the Naxalites. The names of both the villagers are being called podium mutta and coco lachho. ASP Naxal Operation Shalabh Singh has given this information.

Sukma: Two Naxalites, one Jawan injured, including eight lakh prize money in encounter

In Sukma district of Chhattisgarh, on Tuesday night there has been an encounter between police and Naxalites. In this encounter, the DRG personnel have killed two Maoists, including a reward of eight lakh battalion members. A trooper of DRG has also been injured in the encounter in Sukma's Chintigupa area. Superintendent of police Sukma Abhishek Meena has confirmed the encounter.

SP Abhishek Meena told that the DRG's search team was on the field investigation in the Chintigupah area yesterday. Meanwhile, the Maoists, who were already ambushing in the jungles of Minha, fired indiscriminately on the search team. The DRG personnel also took action on this. The soldiers got success in killing the two Maoists in this encounter.

In the encounter, a team of DRG personnel has also been confirmed by SP Abhishek Meena. SP Meena has informed about the killing of the Maoists, in the form of an 8 lakh battalion member Uica Sukka and one lakh prize militia commander Nupo Mutta. The injured jawan is being referred to as Mataram Hurra. In search of encounter from the site, the police recovered huge number of weapons and explosive material along with both Naxalite bodies.

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