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Coaching of Spoken English free from April 1 Interested candidates will be able to register till one April

In the direction of Jashpurnagar 27 March 2019 / Collector Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar, students of all the English learners, along with the students of the district administration Jashpur, are going to start free English spoken crash course from 01 April 2019. This crash course has a large number of participants registered themselves. Participants wishing to participate in the crash course can register themselves till 1 April.
For this course, all interested students, students, knock-down staff, household women and other interested citizens can also join this crash course. This crash course will be held from 1st April to 15th May, 45th, in accordance with the batch wise classes in the district library Jashpur. Participants participating in this crash-course will be present in the district library at Jashpur on April 01, the participants who have not been able to register will be able to register themselves directly in the District Library. On the opening day of the course, on April 01, the coaching classes will be made in the morning and evening shift by making the batch according to the convenience of the participants.
Principal of the resolution, Vinod Gupta, informed that at least 10th passed candidates can be included in the interested participants of all age groups. Vivek Pathak, the subject expert of the neo-resolution, along with other experts will be taught in spoken English crash-course. It is understood that a Crash Course is being organized in the District Library for preparation of the Chief Municipal Officer Examination. For free spoken English crash course, you can contact Neo-Resolution Office, District Library or Mobile Number 9479240003.

District level workshop on voter awareness was organized

Under the direction of Surajpur 27 March 2019 / State Election Officer's direction and guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Deepak Soni and District Sweep Nodal Officer, Mr. Ashwani Devangan, under the direction of Ashwani Deogan, District Livelyhud College Parri Surajpur special workshop under Votant Awareness Campaign Was organized. Assistant Project Officer Dinesh Kumar presented his views related to the franchise, all were administered the oath, among whom the students were Supriya Kushwaha, Jitendra Tiwari, Rahul Jaiswal, KU Nirmala, Kalyan Singh and Rameshwar Prajapati Sweep Samanoyak Mohan Sahu, Gaus Beg, Balendra Sahu All the staff / staff members of college management are present in the workshop



Voter machine is being demonstrated by holding a stall in Collectorate, Bus Stand and District Sessions Judge - new voters are keen to know VV Pat with great eagerness

Under the guidance of Surajpur 27 March 2019 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Deepak Soni and under the direction of Chief Executive Officer and Sweep District Nodal Officer Mr. Ashwani Devangan, under the direction of "No Voter Dismissed", Collectorate Complex in the District, Bus Stand Surajpur And in the District and Sessions Judge Surajpur, the EVM and VV Pat Voter Machine are being displayed by stalling With the passenger's big curiosity in the stand, the process of casting vote using the voting machines and the VV pat machine of the vote is the center of attraction for the logo, the same district and sessions court, the court officials and the general public amounts Being present, the voter is looking at the process of voting through the machine, understand that the same in the Collectorate office The persons and authorities are using Votig machine by employees. Voter awareness campaigns are being carried out in the district with wide spread in the district, with a 'Running Ganga Vote' tag line.

District-level coordination committee (DLCC) meeting concluded

Surajpur 31 Jan

The meeting of the District Level Coordination Committee (DLCC) was held in the meeting room of Surajpur District Joint District Office in the presence of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati and in the presence of Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat. The Reserve Bank of India's LDO, while reviewing the deposits and CDs of different banks of the district-Surajpur. Mr. Chirag suggested In the district, 05 banks with more deposited funds, D.D.M. NABARD, Raipur General Manager District Trade and Entrepreneurship Center, Surajpur, APO NRLM, APO Duda, members of the leading District Manager, Surajapar, were directed to organize a meeting in February.

Thereby, the CD ratio of the district can be increased. The accounts of Prime Minister Janhana Yojana were directed to present the actual data of the beneficiaries of Prime Minister Jyoti Jyoti Bima Yojna, Prime Minister's Security Insurance Scheme in the next meeting.

In the meeting, Collector Devsenapati was directed to present the scheduled place of BC (Banking Correspondent) working in the district, along with the concerned bank's banner display board, to submit the list within the next two days to the office of Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Surajpur. The convener of this meeting Mr. R.K. Nayak Leading District Manager Surajpur, Shri Rajendra Rahte (DDM), District Advancement Manager, National Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Raipur, Mr. M. Maha Maha Managers, District Industry Trade Center Surajpur, Mr. Avinash Kumar Executive Officer, District Antitrade Surajpur, A.P. Oo NRLM Regional Manager, CG State Rural Bank, Baikunthpur,

Manager of the District Headquarters Central Bank of India, Chief Manager of State Bank of India, Branch Manager PNB, Branch Manager IDBI, Branch Manager Bank Baroda, Branch Manager, Union Bank of India, Branch Manager Canara Bank and other bank assistant manager were present.


Divyang students submit their memorandum to the collector's name

Surajpur 31 Jan

Giving the memorandum to the Deputy Collector, Shri Ravi Singh, in the name of Collector, Shri KC Devsenapati, the trainees of Gyanoday Mute Deaf School Association, Vishrampur said that all of us are from Divyang Jan gyanoday Mute Deaf School Association, Vishrampur, in the month of December 2017 to October 2018. Admission was done to get training.

Before training by Gyanoday Mute Deaf School, Vishrampur, we were told that all of you will be provided computer training, but there will be training of beauty parlor, two-wheeler repairing work and embroidery etc.It was also informed by the previous institute of training that the amount will be given from the value of 300.00 per day. Prior to training, all of us were taken from the original documents (Aadhar card, medical certificate, pass) institution.

Eating and drinking did not get well and the house also did not let go. It was informed by the staff of the institution that the amount was received from the value of 10000.00 per beneficiary for the training of the institution but we have not been given full amount and certificate to all that demand has been given in the complaint and certificate .


Completed students' examination under Skill Development

Surajpur 31 Jan

According to information received from the Principal of Government Higher Secondary School, Kandari, Mr. Lakhan Lal Sonkar, under the direction of Collector Mr. K.C. Devsenapati, the SSC Certification Program is under implementation in Surajpur district under the skill development program in the state. This includes various Higher Secondary schools in Surajpur district. The program was also organized in the Government Higher Secondary School, Kendra, last day.

In which the SSSC certification examination was conducted for class X students / students. In which all the students of telecom participated. These students are getting training in telecom sector of Skill Development. The trainer from the telekam sector run by the school was Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh and External Examiner Mr. Ajay P. Dhawle.

Who was sent for the assignment work by NSDC Delhi. SSC. For certification, Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh had already given information to the students of the school, which did not cause any kind of problem.

Examiner Shri Dhawle said that Class X of Telecom students were fully prepared for the examination, so that the assignment program was very good and they were getting very conscious in the direction of the students' skill development.In the coming days, the Principal of the school Mr. Lakhan Lal Sonkar and other teachers have made significant contribution in the certification assignment work of these students. External examiner, including Principal Mr. Sonkar, greeted the students while wishing for the bright future of the students.

Rs 40 lakh sanctioned to 10 beneficiaries of natural calamity victims

Surajpur 31 Jan

According to information received from Additional Collector Shri KP Singh in the direction of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, 10 beneficiaries of natural victims have been given financial assistance of Rs. 40 lakhs. According to the issuing order, the death of the deceased resident of village Narola Satipatra under the release order, death of Nanhotu, self-Ramvroksha, of Gopa, on August 15, 2017, due to the death due to drowning of water in the well, due to the death of the nearest person, his wife, Phulasari husband, Self Nanchhotu,Due to the death due to drowning of water in the well of the village due to death due to drowning in the water of the well on December 03, 2017, the father of Arvind Khan Ramnaresh, father of Aslam Khan, father of Aslam Khan, a resident of village Bonga, Died on February 18, 2018, due to his death due to drowning in water, his father Alam Khan Abdul Abdul Gaffar,Death of the deceased resident of Chichidand, husband of Biphan caste Kodak, died on October 26, 2017, due to the dying of water in the well, his husband, Biffa, Roha, died due to the death of Bharat ADE Maheshwar Jati Gond of the deceased resident of village Tukudand 03 September Due to death due to drowning in the water of the well in 2017, the nearest ward of the deceased is to his father Maheshwar A. Ramaraj,Death of the deceased resident of Gram Kasi, Sukhram, Somuru, Kangar, died on April 13, 2018 due to the death of aerial power due to the death of the nearest person of the deceased, his father, Somuru, Gokul, under Vikaskhand Surajpur, the resident of village Parri's LalMan Bai, husband, Daduram, Jati Rajwar. Due to death due to drowning in the water of well on November 19, 2017, the nearest ward of the deceased is to her husband, Dadur Ram, R. R. Paryari Oh,Due to death due to drowning in the water of Hadhl Nala on 16th January, 2018, the deceased resident of village Jageshwari, son of Somesari, of Maheshpur, died due to drowning in the water of her husband, her husband Somaar Saif A Raja, sons / daughters Dilip, Devanti, Shushila, Kaushiles, Basanti , The financial assistance amount of four lakh rupees has been sanctioned to Sheila Aa.

In the anticipation of the amount allocation, the demand number 58 will be deemed to be in the anticipation of allotment in the fiscal year 2018-19 under the Top 2245 Natural Disaster Relief.

Similarly, due to death due to drowning in the water of well on August 24, 2016, due to the death of her husband, Himesh Lal Jati Rajwar, Tumun husband of village resident, village Kenapara, under development block Bhayyathan, her husband, Hiramal Lal, RamlalAnd the death of Santosh Singh, a resident of village Durgapur under Vikaskhand Parmanagar, was approved by the financial assistance of four lakh rupees to his father Jamalu al Imam, after the death of Jamal Gond, due to his death due to drowning in water on November 10, 2017. has gone. In anticipation of the amount allocation, the demand number 58 top 2245 will be economical in anticipation of the allocation for financial year 2017-18 under natural calamity relief.




Registration for third state-level half marathon till 15th February

Surajpur 30 Jan

The third state-level half-marathon race will be held by the Chhattisgarh Sports and Youth Welfare Department on Sunday, 24th February 2019 at Atal Nagar, Raipur, from 7:30 am, the online registration has started. In-charge sports officer Mou Gaus Beg said that 21 km of women, men and senior citizens in various marathon marathons And a 3 km trecikil race for Divyanogo and 1 km for visually impaired people will be organized.

The online registration can be done by downloading the Raipur Haaf Marathon 2019 from the Google Play Store for registration through the official website of the Sports Department www.sportsyw.cg.gov.in and from the mobile app. The last date for online registration is February 15, 2019. For more information regarding marathon, contact can be made in the Sports and Youth Welfare Department of Surajpur District.

The martyrdom day of the Father of the Nation celebrated in the Government Higher Secondary School Kendra

Surajpur 30 Jan

According to the information received from Principal of Government Higher Secondary School, Kendra, under the direction of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, the Government Higher Secondary School, Kandari celebrated 72th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi as the martyr's day.

All the students / students and teachers of the school, holding a tune of 2 minutes by organizing a tribute meeting at 11 am in the lonely stadium of Village Kandari, will celebrate the worship of Pujya Bapuji and the nation, while sacrificing the sacrifices and freedom fighters. Has been offered. Also, his contribution to nation building was remembered.

Addressing the students / students on this occasion, Mr. Rajiv Kumar Singh, Program Officer, Raseo said that Pujya Bapu gave the message of truth, non-violence and humanity to the whole world. He was the world's largest humanist. He devoted his whole life to serve the nation and humanity.

He will always be indebted to the entire nation for his contributions in nation building. Teacher Shri Arun Kumar Dwivedi said that Gandhiji was a Karmayogi. His whole life was sacrifice and philanthropy.

While highlighting the principles of truth, non-violence and satyagraha of Gandhiji, he appealed to all the students / students to follow the ideals given by them and take inspiration from them and move forward in life.

All staffs and students of Vidyalaya, including teacher Urmila Singh, Lilavati Rajwade, Jayasinta, self-helpers like Munita Singh, Yashvanti, Bharati, Kanchan, Omvati, Sanjay, Ambikeshwar, Sonkumari, Pradeep Sahu, Poonam, Shanti, Ramkumari, Sonu Singh and Ajay in the program. / Students were present

Organized for organizing Legal Awareness Camp in Government Higher Secondary School, Nawapara Art

Surajpur 30 Jan

According to the information received from the Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi, in the direction of District and Sessions Judge Mr. DL katakwar, a legal awareness camp was organized on January 29, 2019, at Government Higher Secondary School, Nawapara Art.

In the above camp, Shri Shiv Prakash Tripathi said in his excellence that the Legal Services Authority, in a comprehensive way, resolved the problems of the common man with the problems related to justice, from the Taluka level to the Supreme Court. Providing free legal assistance is providing people with accessible and cheap justice.

But in the absence of information, people are still unable to take advantage of the free feature. Describing the functioning of the District Legal Services Authority and the State Legal Service Authority and the National Legal Services Authority and the legal advice of free legal aid, he said that the men and women belonging to the general category and backward classes whose annual income is not more than one lakh fifty thousand, leaving them Tax women,The child, the flood victims, the crazy person, a Scheduled Caste tribe person is eligible for free legal aid. Shri Tripathi informed about gender crimes in connection with the Protection of Children Act 2012 and said that keeping in view the rising gender crimes with the children, the constitution has been tightened by amending the Constitution.

He told that earlier girls were in the category of crime-teasing etc., but now the girl is going to see it with a bad eye after pursuing it without having to send a message through mobile or other medium to disturb the girl in the category of crime in the law. Come on, which are non-existent. They told that rape happens with teenage girls,So now the judge has the right to give him life imprisonment or death sentence. While giving detailed information regarding the Indian Penal Code 363, 366, 376, giving examples of crimes against electronic media (cyber crime) instructed children to be cautious and the Right to Information Act, the Prevention of Child Labor Act The information given to children is given in detail.

In the camp, PLV Shri Satya Narayan Singh told about the Tonehi torture act and said that in the name of superstition like Tonehi in Chhattisgarh, women are being tortured and tortured till their assassinations, they said that many thugs in the name of Tonio - Panda, Baba's shop is going on,Those who are pursuing their superstition like Tonehi in society are running their business. While it is non-bailable offense to identify tonehi in the name of Tonehi in the name of Tonehi or in the name of Tonehi, even then in the name of blind faith like Tonehi, women's murders and torture can be seen in papers, mainly due to rural There is a lack of education and awareness in the areas.He gave information about the services of Motor Vehicles Act, Domestic Violence, Sanchi Forest Stop Center in detail.

In the above camp, Mrs Hemant Singh, Principal of Navapara Arts, PLV Shri Umesh Kumar Rajwade, Teacher Degree Mr. Vikash Kumar Minj, Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Smt. Devendra Kumari, Savitri Kanwar, Sunchan Bharadwaj, Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Radheshyam Kiran were present.




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