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Chief Minister inaugurates Surajpur Joint District Office Building

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today inaugurated the newly formed District Office at District Surakpur, Surajpur with a cost of approximately 17.77 million. A total of 83 rooms in the ground floor of the newly constructed Joint District Office, 22 rooms in the first floor and two meeting halls have been built. Record Room, Nazrul Branch, Election Branch, Superintendent of Police, District Public Relations Office, District Planning Statistical, District Treasury, Agriculture Department, Garden Department, Women and Child Development Department, District Excise Department, Mineral Dept., District Industries Other District Offices, including the Department, Nijul Branch, will operate

By having all the major offices in one place, the common citizens will be comfortable in government work. On this occasion, the Home Minister Shri Ramsevak Pakra, Labor Minister Shri Bhaiya Lal Rajwada, Lok Sabha MP Mr. Kamal Bhan Singh, Former Minister Smt. Renuka Singh and Shri K.C. Deosenaapati was present.


CM inaugurates 61 development works of 258 crores in Pratappur - Bhumi Pujan

While addressing the mammoth Amber Sabha in Pratappur, headquarter of development block of Surajpur district, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that constant efforts are being made by the State Government for the all-round development of the state. As a result, there is a positive change in the life of every class. He said that after the formation of Surajpur district there is unprecedented progress in every region of the region. On the path of development, Surajpur district is now blazing like sun.
Chief Minister Dr. Singh inaugurated the various development works of the cost amount of Rs. 258 crores 47 lacs in the public meeting held in Pratappur today. Among them, the release of 44 works of Rs.97 crore 66 lakh and the cost of Rs. 160 crore 81 lakhs includes Bhumi Pushjan and Shilanyas of 17 works.
On this occasion, he also distributed checks and assistance amount of Rs 79 crores 66 lakhs under the benevolent funding schemes to the villagers. Chief Minister Dr. Singh announced a grant of Rs 20 lakh for construction of community shed in Shiva temple Pratappur and Rs 20 lakh for construction of community building at Baba Bacharaj Kunwar temple under Gram Panchayat Manpur.
Likewise, the government college announced a grant of Rs 15 lakh for the construction of the Ahata in the playground of Pratappur. In addition, he also convinced the construction of bypass road in Pratappur.
While addressing the huge mass group in the General Assembly, Chief Minister Dr. Singh said that the government is reaching the doorways of the people through the Atal Vikas Yatra with the aim of constructing the new Chhattisgarh-2025. This journey is a journey of development and trust. This journey is getting unprecedented affection for the people of the village and the place. During this time, many development works are also being given for the expansion of the area's progress and public facilities.
Chief Minister Dr. Singh said that in this episode, every possible initiative is being taken for the development of the newly formed Surajpur district by the government. Here the mother Mahamaya Cooperative Sugar Factory is operated in Kerta. During today's development tour, Pilkhsa Kshirsa Milk Processing unit, Silphili has also been launched in the district. These big projects will prove to be important for the prosperity and prosperity of the farmers of the district and the region.
Chief Minister Dr. Singh said that in order to facilitate the development of farmers in Surajpur district and to provide irrigation facility to them, there has been a lot of priority for the construction of scrapers. Here, the maximum number of 4,799 scavengers will be constructed in the state. The area of ​​sugarcane production is increasing day by day in Surajpur district. In the last year, sugarcane crop was produced in half a thousand hectares, which has increased to eight and eight thousand hectares this year.
In this way, farmers have been benefitting from the other crop production besides paddy crop. Chief Minister said that during today's development tour, the excavation of four power sub centers in Surajpur district worth about Rs. 07 crores has been released in Chandra, Girwarganj and Mahgawan. This will benefit 162 villages of the region and people there will not have any electricity problem.
He also mentioned the newly constructed Joint District Office Building in Surajpur, the New District Hospital and the Girl Hostel hostel and the Laillyhud College Bhawan in Government College and it is very important to bring more speed in the development of the newly formed Surajpur district.
Chief Minister Dr. Singh said that the paddy procurement will be procured from the farmers on the price of support from November 1 this year in the state. According to the varieties of rice with a bonus amount of Rs 300 per quintal to the farmers, the amount of two thousand 50 rupees and two thousand 70 rupees will be deposited in the account. Similarly, Tengupta bonus of 750 crores will also be distributed to Tendupta collectors in the state within a month. He said that 12 lakh single-light connection holders in the state now have to pay 100 rupees per month on the flat rate after consuming more than 40 units. The program was also addressed by the Home, Prison and Public Health Minister of Science, Mr. Ramseweka Pankara and MP Mr. Kamalbhan Singh Marabi.
On this occasion, Mr. Taman Singh Sonvani, Commissioner of Police, Shri Himanshu Gupta, Commissioner of Police, Mr. K.C., Commissioner of the Area, Mr. Prasad Nidhi and Commissioner of Sarguja area, along with Shri Bhaiyalal Rajwade, Minister in-charge of Labor, Sports and Youth Welfare and Surajpur District. DevSenaapati, Superintendent of Police, Shri G.S. Mr. Jaiswal, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and a large number of villagers were present.


Chief Minister spent Rs 4 crore in Parri village of Surajpur district :Laivalihud College Launched

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated the Livelihoodhud College at village Parri in Surajpur district at a cost of around 4 crore rupees. The Chief Minister observed various faculties in the college and talked to the youth taking the training.

The Chief Minister told the youth that in 2012 Livalihud College was started from Dantewada. Then we had the goal of reaching it in all the districts of the state. Today, it is being delighted to inform that according to the target, livelihoods have been opened in all the districts of the state. He said that whenever I meet the children of LivialHud College, I feel happy because these children are moving forward in the path of self reliance with the help of their skills.
Dr. Singh said that there is some skill in every person, it is necessary to refine him. We have established LivialHud colleges to refine such skills. He said that with the establishment of Livialhud College, the state government has also given the youth the legal right to upgrade skills.
The Chief Minister also handed over the appointment letter to the two youth who were training in the college on behalf of a private company. Mr. Maheshwar Kumar Patil of Village Karakoti Bhayyathan got a job in Pune's Palash Technology and Kumari Rimi Singh of Ramanujanagar got a job in BSF Plastics Company of Pune. The Chief Minister gave them appointment letters. The Chief Minister also spoke to Prince Kumar of Kepapara Vitthalpur and Mr. Harvansh Pacra of Sitapur. Both of these are training for motor mechanics.
He told the Chief Minister that after completing the training, he would open his own garage in his village. The Chief Minister bestowed the college trainees best wishes for the bright future. On this occasion, Home Minister Shri Ramsevak Pakra, Labor Minister Shri Bhaiya Lal Rajwada, Lok Sabha MP Mr. Kamal Bhan Singh and former Minister Smt. Renuka Singh were also present.


Top Silphili in Vegetable Production: Made in milk production New identity: Dr. Raman Singh

During the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today dedicated the 'Pilkhsa Sear' processing unit established in village Silphili of Surajpur district and dedicated it to the people of the region.
Dr. Singh said on this occasion that the top Silphilly area in vegetable production is now making a new identity in milk production. For promoting better prices and milk production to the farmers, the district administration has set up 'Pilkhha Sari' unit at a cost of about Rs. 2 crore 46 lakhs to the District Mineral Trust Fund.
This milk processing unit will open a new way of prosperity and prosperity for the milk producing farmers of the area. He said that more than one thousand women of self-help groups are getting self-employment from this center. Hundreds of farmers from dozens of nearby villages are now getting reasonable prices of milk through this processing unit.
It is worth mentioning that Pillakha Sari processing unit is being made paneer, khova, buttermilk, milk, ghee, butter, curd. At present, farmers belonging to 500 dairy businesses of the region are connected to this unit, out of which 300 farmers are collecting milk at 10 collection centers made in the area at a minimum of 30 rupees per liter per day. In future, plans to add more farmers to the area. On this occasion, Home Minister Shri Ramsewak Pakra and Lok Sabha MP Shri Kamal Bhan Singh were also present.


Schoolgirls took shelter with the Chief Minister from Sky Phone

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh participated in the welcome meeting organized in Sylphili of Surajpur district today during the Vasti Paryavati Atal Vikas Yatra. After the welcome meeting, when the Chief Minister Dr. Singh went towards the chariot, the girls urged the Chief Minister to take selfies. Dr. Singh accepted the request of the girl and photographed with her Sky Phone.
The chief minister asked him how did you get Sky's call, Kumari Mahi Bala told that not his mother but his mother got this phone, which they brought people demanding. The students of the government high school syllabus, Kumari Mahibala, Mitali Rai and Pushpa Rai took shelter with the Chief Minister with Skype.
Dr. Singh addressed the welcome meeting organized in Sylphili and Tailai Cachar. He announced the approval of Rs. 15 lakhs for construction of Mangal Bhawan in Silifili. The Chief Minister said in the welcome meeting that this development visit is a journey of public confidence and blessings from the people. I consider it sacred like pilgrimage
He said that from November 1, the purchase of paddy will be started at the support price in the state. Paddy bonus will also be paid simultaneously with support price for the farmers. He said that a special session of Vidhan Sabha has been arranged for the paddy bonus for Rs. 2400 crores. Due to good rainfall this year, paddy crop has been flowing in the fields. According to an estimate, about 80 lakh tonnes of paddy will be purchased at the support price this year. Home Minister Shri Ramsewak Pakra and Lok Sabha MP Shri Kamal Bhan Singh were also present on this occasion.


Surajpur district shining bright like a sun on the path of development : Dr Raman Singh

Today, during his tour to village Uchdih of Surajpur district under state-wide Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh addressed a massive public gathering, saying that new Surajpur district is shining bright like a sun, marching ahead on the path of development. Surajpur district was constituted in year 2012.

Chief Minister said- formation of this district has brought positive changes in the lives of farmers, labourers and tribal people of this region.  Surajpur district is the largest producer of fruits and flowers in the state. Chief Minister Dr Singh was addressing the general assembly held in Uchdih village of Surajpur district under Vikas Yatra. In this general assembly, Dr Singh commemorated the veteran tribal leader, Ex Minister, Ex-MLA and Ex-MP Late Mr. Shivpratap Singh and announced that the government college in Odgi area of Surajpur district will be named after him. Dr Singh also announced that the government college in Silfili will be named after veteran tribal leader of the area Ex-MP Mr. Murari Lal Singh.

Dr Raman Singh inaugurated and did bhumi-pujan of various works worth Rs 226 crore 77 lakh for development of Surajpur district. He distributed goods and cheques of financial aids of total worth Rs 7 crore 78 lakh to 21 thousand 991 beneficiaries of various welfare schemes of the government. Chief Minister transferred the paddy bonus worth Rs 40 crore directly to the accounts of farmers of the district at one click. Chief Minister Dr Singh said that in upcoming four months, every household of the state including those of Surajpur district will be provided electricity supply and each and every majra-tola will be completely electrified.

On the occasion, Home Minister Mr. Ramsevak Paikra, Labour, Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Mr. Bhaiyalal Rajwade, Member of Rajya Sabha Mr. Ramvichar Netam, Ex-Minister Mrs. Renuka Singh were present in the programme as special guest. Chief Minister said-farming of flowers and fruits has become an additional source of income for farmers of Surajpur district, other than regular agricultural activities. Chief Minister said that bonus amount of Rs 2400 crore will be distributed during Vikas Yatra. This amount includes Rs 1700 crore has paddy bonus to farmers of the state and tendupatta bonus worth Rs 700 crore to be distributed to the forest dwellers. He told that under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, 40 thousand domestic LPG connections have been distributed in Surajpur district. Chief Minister informed that during Vikas Yatra, more 40 thousand connections will be distributed. Chief Minister informed that during Vikas Yatra, bhumipujan and inauguration of construction works worth nearly Rs 30 thousand crore will be done. Dr Singh gave detailed information about various schemes such as Mukhyamantri Khady Suraksha Yojana, Chief Minister Health Security Insurance Scheme, and Ayushman Bharat Yojana. He informed that under Soochna Kranti Yojana, free smartphones will be distributed to 55 lakh people of state.

In Surajpur, Chief Minister inaugurated construction works worth nearly Rs 113 crore and did bhumipujan-foundation laying of construction works worth nearly Rs 114 crore. This includes inauguration of MCH Centre building worth Rs 8 crore 24 lakh for tehsil headquarters Bhaiyathan, newly-built district transport office building worth Rs 70 lakh for Surajpur,  hostel building and superintendent residential quarter built at the cost of Rs one crore 92 lakh in government polytechnic and medical mobile unit of Rs 32 lakh for Premnagar block. In the programme, Dr Singh laid foundation of two tribal hostel buildings for boys and girls of 250-seat capacity each to be built in Surajpur at the cost of Rs 14 crore 57 lakh, 50boys hostel building of 50-seat capacity worth Rs one crore 31 lakh, houses for poor families worth Rs 31 crore under Prime Minister Housing Scheme and did bhumipujan of many rural roads worth.


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