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Dead body of youth found near Pulia, fear of murder, Somni police station on the spot

Rajnandgaon. In Somni police station area of the district, a case of finding a young man's body near a culvert has come up. The murder of the young man is being feared. It was told that the body of Sanjay Sahu, resident of Farhad village, was found near the canal bridge. Police and forensic team arrived on the information is under investigation.

Parul Jain got into a costly debate, including posts from the organization, also discharged from the party

Rajnandgaon. Taking a major action, BJP district president Madhusudan Yadav has sacked former Alderman Parul Jain from the party for six years. This action has taken place due to ill-treatment of District leader Yadav at the party office of Mahila Netri Jain yesterday. By running Parul Jain from the organization, the District President has given a strong message to the workers who are not disciplined in the party. It is said that on Monday evening in the party office, District President Yadav was meeting with some leaders and officials on the issues of the organization. In the midst of this meeting, Parul Jain was angrily asking the District President Yadav a variety of questions and answers. It is said that Parul Jain was intercepted by some activists for talking with Badamji. Even after this, she started directly confronting Yadav. Immediately, the district president took this action.

Rajnandgaon: Gratitude to the relief camp laborers, district administration and their team: I am missing the house but, I got a family atmosphere in the road, in the relief camp: We felt that we are here

Lockdown has been done in our country to prevent the worldwide side effects of Corona virus Kovid-19. Due to the lockdown in Chhattisgarh, workers and laborers from different states could not reach their homes. The workers and needy people of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and other states have been kept in a lockdown in the relief camp of road chieftain of Maharashtra border in Rajnandgaon district. Collector Shri Jayaprakash Maurya took up the task of working on war footing for the supervision and relief of these workers. It was challenging to provide facilities for these laborers stranded in different conditions from the forests to different places. But Collector Shri Maurya and his team worked day and night with a sense of service, considering these workers as part of their family. This is the reason that today in this relief camp, the laborers, despite being away from their family, consider the people here as their own and they also feel happy.

                Under the guidance of Collector Shri Jayaprakash Maurya, a relief camp is being conducted for the people of different states in the lockdown at the forest depot of the roadside of Maharashtra border of the district. Proper arrangements have been made for food and accommodation for the people living in the camp. Drinking water and mobile toilets have been arranged. Various sports and LED and DJs have also been installed for entertainment. Water tanks have been installed at the camp site. Facility of playing cricket and football is being provided here. 24-hour treatment facility is being provided. With the Police Assistance Center, a switch has been put in place for mobile charging. Meals have been arranged in the afternoon and night with breakfast in the morning. People are being served breakfast and food on time. Special attention has been given to cleanliness at the camp site. Dustbins have also been kept in place. Adequate water is being supplied for bathing and drinking water. Fans and kulars have also been installed in the large hall of the depot. The people residing in the relief camp expressed satisfaction over the various arrangements made by the district administration. Many people said in the discussion that family atmosphere is being provided by the district administration to the unknown people. Any problem is immediately resolved upon giving information. Adequate lighting is provided.

The work is being done to keep us happy all the time -

                Mr. Rahul Kumar of District Palamu Jharkhand told that he went to Nagpur to work. Returning from Nagpur on foot. The officials of the district administration Rajnandgaon have kept us in the relief camp. Every type of necessary facility is being provided here. However, if you are living hundreds of kilometers away from your house, you remember the house. But the family atmosphere found in this relief camp is not less than home. People are living here in mutual harmony and are also helping each other. Unknown people like us in the camp are being tried all the time. It has a family-like atmosphere here. The Collector and Superintendent of Police come to the camp site and inquire about our situation. Rahul Kumar told that we are getting more facilities than expected. 24-hour medical facility is being provided here. Health check-ups are done by doctors immediately when needed. Arrangements have been made to play cricket and football for entertainment. There is a fairly good arrangement. Rahul said that the biggest thing is there is no discrimination in the camp. We have not even realized that we are residents of other states. He told that he has been living in the camp since April 1.

Improved eating arrangements -

                Mr. Santosh of Malkangiri Odisha said that we had gone to Hyderabad in connection with livelihood. On not getting work from there, went to Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. A sudden lockdown was reported at the same time as the building was engaged in construction work. Then work stopped there. We were going home with a rented vehicle. After crossing the border we have been accommodated in the relief camp by the district administration. Adequate arrangements for food and accommodation have been made here.

If you want to cook yourself, then ration material is provided immediately.

                Shri Bablu Sharma of Garhwa district of Jharkhand said that we have a team of 60 people. Went to Nagpur for work. Work stopped in Nagpur due to corona virus infection. Our team was returning from Nagpur. We have been kept in the relief camp of road chieftains citing lockdown by the district administration. There is good arrangement of food and accommodation. Apart from other essentials of daily use, we have also been given cloth. We have also been provided sports and recreation facilities to spend time. If we want to cook, we are provided with ration materials immediately.

Good sanitation

                Shri Shiv Kumar Ram of Garhwa district of Jharkhand told that we were returning from Nagpur on foot. We have been placed in the camp by the officials of the district administration and police administration on the border. It has been here for 16 days, there is adequate arrangement of food, accommodation and cleanliness. Poha, watermelon, banana are given at breakfast in the morning. Food is also being served in the afternoon and night.

All facilities are available without saying -

                Shri Aryan Kumar Bharti of Garhwa district of Jharkhand also appeared completely satisfied with the arrangement of relief camp. He said that in Nagpur, we suddenly came to know about the lockdown due to corona virus infection. We set out on our way home. We have been detained and lodged in a relief camp on the border of Chhattisgarh. It has been kept here in the Quarantine Center for 14-15 days. We got a family atmosphere after coming to the camp. Any problem is resolved immediately. All the arrangements are being made by the administration without saying. Food, accommodation and other essential basic facilities are being provided in the camp site.

                Mr. Umlesh Kumar of Palamu Jharkhand said that he has stayed in the relief camp for 14-15 days. Returning from Nagpur on foot. For the last two months in Nagpur, he was working in construction work. Everything is good for eating and lodging in the relief camp. Adequate water arrangements have been made for drinking.

Look at the pictures, how did the passengers save by the Burning Bus?

A major tragedy in Chhattisgarh's Rajnandgaon district was over. There was a sudden fire in a moving passenger bus. After this the pompous tumor went off.

The fire was so fierce that it slowly became completely white after burning in smoke. The bus was headed towards Mohallanpur from Rajnandgaon.

Given the fire in the bus, there was a panic in the passengers. The driver set the bus on the road. After that the passenger jumped off the bus and saved his life.

It is a matter of relief in the whole matter that there was no loss of life in it.

After the incident, Inder Shah Mandvi, MLA of Mohalla-Manpur constituency, reached the spot and took stock.

Bus got badly burnt.

An incident happened near the Toloom village of Manpur police station area of Rajnandgaon. A sudden fire caught on the bus of Kanker Travels

After the fire, passengers of the bus were transported from other means to their destination.

The body of a boy and girl got hung in a tree, Matter of love affair

Rajnandgaon : Police found a boy and a girl's body on the hill of Kunjamtala village of Mohla. The youth was identified as Durgesh Gond 18 years and Girl is a minor 13 years.Both the deceased were missing from their home on April 20 and On Friday, Both of them found dead on Friday. Both of them ate first poison and then hanged. Both boys and girls were from the same village. Police is investigating the case, This case looks like a love affair.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and Railway Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal did the Kathghora-Mungeli-Kavardha-Dongargarh Railroad

This project costing approximately Rs.6 thousand crores
295 km rail line will be laid in

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and Railway Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal today laid foundation stones of the construction work of Katangora-Mungeli-Kavardha-Dongargarh, about 295 km of the railway track at the function organized at Kavardha, headquarter of Kabirdham district this afternoon. The total cost of this project is about Rs. 5,950 crore 54 lakhs.
    It is noteworthy that the construction of a 295-km railway project is going to be completed in about 53 months by road from Kanghora to Dongargarh via Mungeli and Kawardha. On this line, people of Korba, Bilaspur, Mungeli, Kavardha and Rajnandgaon will benefit from the passenger train facility in five districts of the state. 25 railway stations will also be constructed on this route for the passengers. Railway stations will also be built in Katghora, Ratanpur, Mungeli, Kawardha and Khairagarh.
    The work of survey of this railway project has been completed. Work of land acquisition is in progress. This rail project has three share holders, including Chhattisgarh Railway Corporation Limited, CRCL. 48 per cent, 26 per cent of Mahagen's and ACBIIL. Has a 26 percent stake. The agreement was signed by the shareholders on September 24, 2018 and the project was approved by the Central Cabinet on September 26, 2018. Chhattisgarh Railway Corporation Limited (CRCL), a joint venture company named after Chhattisgarh Railway Corporation Limited (CRCL) with 51% of the Government of Chhattisgarh and 49% of the Ministry of Railways for the development and expansion of the rail network in the state. has gone.
    In the program, Minister of Commerce and Industry and Urban Administration, Shri Amar Agarwal, Forest and Law Minister, Mr. Mahesh Gagra, Lok Sabha MP from Rajnandgaon Mr. Abhishek Singh, Parliamentary Secretary and MLA of Pandaria Shri Motiram Chandra Vasant, MLA of Kavdha Mr. Ashok Sahu and Dongargarh MLA Mrs. Sarojini Banjera, President of Chhattisgarh State Backward Classes Commission, Dr. Siyaram Sahu, several public representatives and citizens D number were present.

Raipur: Chief Minister commits expansion work of Rajnandgaon and Dongargarh railway station; Shilanyas: Both stations will be equipped with modern facilities

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh laid the foundation stone of expansion works at Rajnandgaon and Dongargarh railway station at a cost of Rs. 96 crores in the program organized at Rajnandgaon Railway Station today. A new warehouse will be constructed at the Rajnandgaon station near the new building of the station and near the Parri Nallah at a cost of Rs 70 crore. Mr. Sunil Singh Soine, General Manager, South-East Central Railway informed the Chief Minister about the expansion works on both the stations.
    Under modernization of Rajnandgaon station, the work of laying new tracks, constructing new platforms, construction of footoverbridge and automatic stair (escalator) will be done. In addition, the cooling system will be installed in the station for the passengers to get rid of heat. The Chief Minister also laid the foundation stone for expansion works at the cost of Rs 26 crores in Dongargarh Railway Station. Under this, construction of new station building and up and down platform in Dongargarh and extension of footoverbridge will be done.
    In the Rajnandgaon station, the old warehouse will be broken into a new platform. With the creation of a new platform, the well-publicized demand of the residents will be met. This will not require passengers to go to the platform to travel towards Nagpur. Trains to Nagpur can also be operated from this new platform. The existing warehouse of Rajnandgaon Railway Station is being shifted to form a new platform. The new godown is being constructed in Parry, three kilometers from Rajnandgaon station. Rajnandgaon Lok Sabha MP Mr. Abhishek Singh, Mrs Sarojini Banjare, Mayor of Rajnandgaon Municipal Corporation, Shri Madhusudan Yadav, Mayor of Rajnandgaon Municipal Corporation, Shri Neelu Sharma, President of State Warehousing Corporation, Commissioner of Durg Division, Mr. Sh. Dilip Vasanikar, Collector Shri Bhim Singh, Mr. P.K., Chief Manager, South East Central Railway; Mr. O.P., Assistant Commerce Manager, Jena and Nagpur Railway Board. Many officers of Railway including Jaiswal and dignitaries of Rajnandgaon were present.

Looking at the model school, the chief minister said - Your school was very good: learning to teach children to mind

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today inaugurated Padmamal Punna Lal Bakshi Kanya Higher Secondary School in Rajnandgaon. Dr. Raman Singh taught the students there to study with their heart. He said - Your school was very good. All the facilities are available here. In addition to the studies, there is a lot of facilities for sports and cultural activities, so I congratulate the district administration. The Chief Minister said that smart class facility has been provided for the schooling. You will find people very interesting to study with modern technology. On this occasion, the Chief Minister met the girls in the classes.
    The Chief Minister also honored UNICEF Consultant Ms. Shikha Rana and Executive Officer RES Mr. RK Dubey for doing better work for Model School. On this occasion, Minister of State in charge of the district and Minister of Public Works Mr. Rajesh Murat, Member of Parliament Mr. Abhishek Singh, Vice President of 20 Point Program Implementation Committee Mr. Thokchand Parakh, Mayor Mr. Madhusudan Yadav, President of State Scheduled Castes Commission Shri Ramji Bharti, State Warehouse Chairman of the Corporation Shri Neelu Sharma, President of State UrdU Academy, Mr. Akram Qureshi, Chairman of State Social Welfare Board. Mrs. Shobha Soni, former President of Textbook Corporation Mr. Ashok Sharma, President of District Cooperative Central Bank Mr. Sachin Baghel, Chairman of Rajgami Samarth Trust, Shri Ramesh Patel, Chairman of Municipal Corporation Mr. Shiv Verma, former President of Rajgumi Estate Trust, Mr. Santosh Agarwal, The dignitaries were present along with former MLA Mr. Vinod Khandekar and former District Panchayat President Mr. Bharat Verma.
Chief Minister asked Neha how is feeling in school
    The Chief Minister inspected the lab. There, the student doing practical, introduced her to Neha and asked questions, Neha how you feel in school. Neha said, the Chief Minister looks very good to us here. Studies have been getting very good, as well as an affinity for cultural activity, which we feel is very good. There is also a basketball hair court. There is a huge field. We will study a lot and play a lot.
Chief Minister said: I will see cultural program today
    After the Chief Minister's address, the students were sitting ready to present the cultural program. Seeing his grief over the presentation of cultural program, the Chief Minister said that you people should start your cultural program. I will also say my thing. After this the Chief Minister said that your program is the most important, they should start first.
Hummer Leica-Hummer School Mobile App Launch
    On this occasion, the Chief Minister also launched Hummer Leica, Hamar School Mobile App. This app is designed with the help of UNICEF. Through this app, members of Panchayat members or School Management Committee can view the school and share it to their Feedback Administration.
Collector information
    Collector Shri Bhim Singh gave brief information on Model School on this occasion. He said that the model school has been started in the school district as an experiment to promote girl education. Gradually, other schools will also be developed as a model school. He said that this school has facilities for hi-tech computers, science laboratories, smart classrooms, e-libraries, indoor and outdoor sports. There is a huge ground spread over 6500 feet. CCTV camera is available for security. During the menstrual period, there should not be any problem for girls, sanitary napkin vending machines and insininators have been installed.

Chief Minister of Central School inaugurated: Study will be better in the fully functional premises: Dr. Raman Singh

Building is constructed at a cost of around 16 crores
Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today inaugurated the newly constructed building of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Rajnandgaon. He said that this fully equipped building would be very useful for the students. He said that good quality education is also good in a better environment. Looks good in children's faces, seeing happiness. On this occasion, MP Abhishek Singh told the children that there was a lot of problem in the old building. There was a lot of pressure in the rainy season. The building has been built on the special initiative of the Chief Minister. Now people take a lot of time to study. It is worth mentioning that this building has been constructed at a cost of Rs 16.81 crore.
    On this occasion, the Minister in charge of the district and the Minister of Public Works Department, Mr. Rajesh Murat, Vice President of 20 Point Program Implementation Committee Mr. Thokchand Parakh, Mayor Mr. Madhusudan Yadav, President of State Scheduled Castes Commission Shri Ramji Bharti, President of State Warehousing Corporation Mr. Neelu Shri Akram Qureshi, President of State Urdan Academy, Smt. Shobha Soni, President of State Social Welfare Board, Former Chairman of Textbook Corporation Mr. Ashok Sharma, Chairman of District Cooperative Central Bank Mr. Sachin Baghel, Mr. Ramesh Patel, President of Rajgamami Estate Trust, Municipal Councilor Mr. Shiv Verma along with dignitaries were present.

Rajanandgaon is dreaming of a universal medical college: Dr. Raman Singh: Chief Minister inaugurated the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Memorial Government Medical College Building

Cancer patients will be screened with the help of Tata Institute

478 crores of work given to the people in a day

Speaking on the inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed building of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Memorial Government Medical College in Rajnandgaon, the Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today said that today is the historic day for Rajnandgaon. When the dream of the citizen's fully equipped medical college is coming true. He said that Rajnandgaon is fast moving forward in the field of education, health and sports. In one day, this city was set up with Rs. 308 crore government medical college building at a cost of Rs. 54 crores, with a new look at Digvijay Stadium, a cost of Rs. 16 crores, at Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhawan and costing approximately one hundred crores. Different facilities developed in the railway station, including railway platform and cargo warehouse, are being procured.
    The Chief Minister said that the responsibility of the residents of Rajnandgaon district as a legislator was entrusted to me, today it seems that I have been able to achieve some extent in fulfilling it. Dr. Singh said that the medical college will be arranged for cancer patients with the help of the Tata Memorial Institute at Rajnandgaon Medical College and the first treatment of cancer patients will be arranged. He said that all the state-of-the-art facilities including the 500-seat grand stadium in this medical college will be developed in the coming time. The Chief Minister said that Chhattisgarh Autonomous Medical College has passed the Academic Model Service Rule 2018, in which the Executive Committee of the College's Self-governing Committee has been empowered to appoint the teachers of the college and pay their salaries. After the implementation of this rule, there will be no shortage of teachers in medical colleges of Chhattisgarh.
    While giving information about the expansion of health facilities in the state in last 15 years, Dr. Singh said that the number of medical colleges in the state has increased from two to ten, including AIIMS. The number of nursing institutes has increased from one to four today. Under the Chief Minister's Health Protection Scheme, each family of the family is being provided free treatment up to 50 thousand rupees. While mentioning the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, the world's largest health care scheme, launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, said that in this scheme, about 40 lakh poor families of the state will get free treatment upto five lakh rupees. Public works minister Mr. Rajesh Murat, Lok Sabha MP Mr. Abhishek Singh and Mr. Madhusudan Yadav, Mayor of Rajnandgaon Municipal Corporation also addressed the function. The Secretary, Health Department, Mrs. Niharik Barik Singh gave detailed information about Rajnandgaon Medical College.

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