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Raigarh: Farmers in panic, land collapsed in this village, have fallen so far 6 houses

People from Pihara village of Raigad are living in panic these days. Here the atmosphere of fear is due to the events of slipping the ground beneath their feet. The land of Parihar village of Siriya block is suddenly flowing. Due to geo-vertebrate action, houses are collapsing one by one.

So far 6 houses have fallen and bigger cracks have come in more than a dozen houses. People are in a state of distress and fear. After such an event, people are living under their own open space between the heat and the sun. At the same time, a lot of people are still living in the house leaving the house.

Land scientists are assuming landslides as landslides. They say that no one can stop this kind of incident. Due to this negligence, a major accident can occur at any time. The land of the village is falling from one place to another. But at the administrative level so far the victims have not been displaced at some other place.

More than 15 days has passed since the occurrence of land erosion. But at the local level so far the district administration has not provided any help of the victims. People are forced to stay at risk while putting their lives at risk.

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