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Narayanpur: Junk in front of the torment of fragrance, mountains of Maad forest - safe delivery among bushes

Corona virus (Covid-19) is bent on taking the lives of people in the country. At the same time, the work of saving lives is being done in the Naxalite affected district Narayanpur. The health worker made safe deliveries among the dense forest-bushes of the famous village Kurushnar, by the entry of Abujhmad. As if in front of the child's killers, it seemed as if the forest-hills had bowed down. This is about 55 hours before the news, i.e. 24th morning. In this way, two lives in crisis, a mother and child were saved in time.

May I call the health workers of Maad Jeevan Pardhani or revered, I have a spell of words. Today again, the story of Dasharat Manjhi of the state of Bihar, about 38 years old, is remembered. Whose wife, while carrying food, fell into the mountain pass and died. Manjhi did not forget his wife's pain and helplessness. If the mountain would not have stopped, the distance to the hospital would have been reduced and his life would have been saved. But the mountain stood on the road. Majhi, with a chisel hammer in the chest of the same mountain for about 22 years, made such an attack that he cut the mountain and made way, which is an example for the country.

First of all, let me tell you that in Kushnara village, we were doing immunization and malaria screening with rescue work from the rural health coordinator Mrs. Chandrakiran Nag and Kamlesh Karanga Korano. Just then, information was received from Mitannin of the village that about 3-4 kilometers away in the mercury of Elakay, a pregnant woman is saying childbirth. Mrs Nag understood the seriousness of the situation and ran without losing time. She told her partner to call for an ambulance. As if by crossing the jungle and mountain, she came to the pregnant woman, whose condition was serious and distressing.

Here his partner was unable to call the ambulance due to lack of mobile net. It is said that in odd situations, the intellect either stops working, or it starts moving fast. Karanga climbed a tree and attempted a net in the mobile. His effort was successful. The ambulance got a call, but said the ambulance was delayed due to it. On the other hand, the Women's Health Connection did not lose heart. She slowly inspired pregnant pregnant husband Bal Singh to walk to the foot health center. After walking a bit, the courage and courage of the pregnant Suganti broke. To not break the spirits, Chandrakiran took some distance on his back and to some extent Mitanin also supported him.

They crossed bumpy, rocky trails, jungle-mountain dunes and ravines. Seeing more labor pains, health activist Chandrakiran decided to call the women who came to the forest forest nearby and make safe deliveries in the jungle-flag. His work was successful and Suganti gave birth to a healthy child. The standing women clapped and thanked Chandra Kiran, Karanga and Mitannin. After some distance, the ambulance arrived. Where the mother-child was referred to Narayanpur District Hospital. He is undergoing necessary treatment in the hospital. Apart from doctors, work pressure is very high on the field health staff, but their one consolation is enough to make the patient and his family smile.

Narayanpur: ITBP's 45th Corps sent students to visit Delhi

The 45 Corps of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force deployed in the district Narayanpur have been involved in anti-Naxal operations as well as other public welfare programs. In this series, under the auspices of the 12th tribal youth exchange program sponsored under the joint aegis of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs, a team of 15 tribal students of the district left for the Jailbadi camp on March 01 to visit the country's capital Delhi. did.
Addressing the team members, Command Officer, Mr. Roshan Lal Sharma said that this initiative of the Government of India will give the children of the district an opportunity to get to know about the culture, tradition and historical heritage of other states. He explained the importance of education to children and made them aware of their role in the Navnirman of the society. Dr. Abhilesh Tomar and other officials of the Vahini were present on the occasion.


Narayanpur: After the agricultural debt waiver of the farmers of the new government, the landfather farmer Shambhu Nath will be easily compensated by tractor loan

I did not sleep with the restlessness of the loan

 Shri Shambhunath, the son of the son of village Binjali, adjacent to the district headquarters Narayanpur was very upset for some months. Because he had borrowed loan from the bank for tractor for the use of agriculture loan and farming of nearly two lakhs. He was troubled by thinking how he would pay for this loan. But after the declaration of the new government that interests the farmers and in the first meeting, the farmers' debt forgiveness and the increased support price were happy after the announcement of their purchase. The loan taken for the tractor will now be easily paid.
    In his reaction, Mr. Shambhunath, the son of Muthiputta, said that the new government's debt waiver and enhanced paddy support price has got much relief. He said that there was no sleep due to uneasiness of first debt. But now the coming of the farmer friendly and happy government is now coming to a close. He thanked the new government for the best wishes and thanked the Chief Minister.
    Say that 4272 farmers in Narayanpur district have taken agricultural loans. Out of which, 63 farmers from the 4209 Chhattisgarh Rural Bank have taken loans for agriculture from the district cooperative central bank. Thus, the total amount of agricultural credit is approximately 200 million 24 lakh 13 thousand 865.

CM Dr. Raman Singh inaugurates works worth Rs. 108.96 lakhs in Pakanjoor

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today inaugurated various works of the cost of 108 crore 96 lakh rupees in the public meeting held at Dr Shyama Prasad Mookerjee Mini Stadium of Pakanjur under North Bastar (Kanker) during the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra today. On this occasion, 54 thousand 221 beneficiaries distributed material and relief and relief funds worth Rs.14 crore 86 lakh under various schemes.
The Chief Minister inaugurated the power sub-station of 132/33 KVV in Pakanjur. With the commencement of this center, there will be no less voltage problem of electricity in 250 villages of this Vananchal. This will also facilitate better facilities for the farmers. He gave bonus amount to Tendupta collectors, Solar pumps under Solar Sujla scheme for 19 farmers, 53 thousand 701 beneficiaries in the district under mobile communication scheme, onion seed for vegetable farmers, vegetable seed minikit, diesel pump, 25 farmers' sprinkler set, 160 of West Forest Division Bhanupratappur Dividend of the year 2015-16 for the protection of bamboo coupes and for the protection of bamboo, 33 lakh 47 thousand rupees, the planning of labor department In delivering cycle 150 women workers. On this occasion, the Minister of Forests Mr. Mahesh Gagada, Mr.Sikh Vikram Bhatti, Vice Chairman of Bastar Development Authority and Mr. Anjgad MLA Mr. Bhojraj Nag, President of Fisheries Welfare Board Mr. Bharat Matiyara, Bastar Commissioner Dhananjay Devangan, Inspector General of Police Mr. Vivekanand Sinha, Collector Ranu Sahu, A large number of villagers were present along with SP K.L. Dhruv

15 years of accounting in Atal Vikas Yatra: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister inaugurated the work on the cost of Rs. 109 crores in Panchanjoor.

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that I have come to the public about the development work done in last 15 years in the Atal Vikas Yatra. The journey started with the blessings of Ma Danteeshwari and Ma Bamleshwari. Traveling about six thousand kilometers, I am going to village-village, city-city, where the public is welcoming the development journey with enthusiasm. In the last 15 years, many schemes have been run by the state government for all the sections of the society including roads, power, water, education and health, which has brought prosperity to the lives of ordinary people. Dr. Singh was addressing the mammoth gathering organized at the Development Headquarters, Pakhandur, Kanker district today.

On the request of the public, the Chief Minister announced the commencement of divisional office of Agriculture College and Power Distribution Company in Panjangur. He announced the acceptance of Rs.25 lakh for repair and door construction at Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Stadium in Pakhandjur and Rs.20 lakh for the construction of social building of Nikhil Bang society. He said that problem of distributing population lease in this area will also be resolved soon. In this regard, the collector has been instructed to take action. Lok Sabha MP Mr. Bikram Uni and MLA Mr. Bhojraj Nag along with many public representatives and a large number of people were present on this occasion.
On this occasion, Dr. Singh inaugurated various construction works and Bhumi Pujan costing about Rs. 109 crores for the development of the area. Among the works which the Chief Minister inaugurated, 62.30 km road construction work to Bhanupratapur-Pakhandajur, 132/33 KV in Panjjur, costing about 90 crore 43 lakh rupees. The power sub-station of 33/11 KV capacity built in Ambeda and Dumksa villages at the cost of Rs. 4.82 crore including the power sub station. Dr. Singh distributed material and assistance amount to the beneficiaries under various schemes on this occasion. Dr. Singh said that this year the paddy of farmers will be sold at the rate of Rs. 2050 to Rs. 2070 per quintal. The state government has called a special session of the Vidhan Sabha to give a bonus of Rs.300 / - per quintal to the farmers and has received clearance of Rs.2400 crores for giving paddy bonus to the farmers. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has increased the support price of paddy by Rs. 200 per quintal. Paddy bonus will be paid simultaneously with support price for farmers in the purchase of paddy starting from November. He said that the State Government is distributing a bonus of 750 crores and distribution of Phase Paduka to the 12 lakh Tandupta collectors this year to the Tendupta collectors. He said that in the Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana, LPG connections were given to 21 thousand poor families in Panjangur area. The Chief Minister also mentioned the Ayushman scheme of the Prime Minister, the State Government's Food Security Scheme, and the scheme to lend the interest to the farmers without interest. He said that now farmers do not have to wait for manure anymore.


Speed: Three youths on bike rider in road accident death on the spot

3 youths died in a painful road accident in the Haasaud police station area of ​​New Raipur in Chhattisgarh. The three youths were riding on a bike and were going somewhere. According to the information, the bike speed was very fast, due to which the bike driver lost control from the bike. After this, the bike collided with a pillar in front of the speed due to which it became a big accident.

All three youths died on the spot due to severe injuries in the head of the three. The three youths have been identified as Parmanand Sahu, Pravin Garg and Arpit Nath. The three youths were students of Rawatpura Institute.

Giving information about the case, CSP of City Kotwali, Sukhnandan Rathore said that three youths were killed in an accident with a bike before the airport turned into new Raipur. The incident was so frightening that the three died on the spot. They told that the bike driver was deregulated and collided with a pole on the road side and the major accident decreased. On receiving the information of the incident, the police arrived at the spot and sent the bodies of three to the hospital for post-mortem. Along with this the case has been filed in further action.

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