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Chief Minister attends Bhatgaon Redressal Camp

Sanction of Rs 50 lakh for mini stadium and Rs 20 lakh for pond beautification announced

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh attended the redressal camp held in village Bhatgaon (Pathariya block) of Mungeli district, under Lok Suraaj Abhiyan. He sanctioned Rs 50 lakh for construction of mini-stadium for sport-related activities of youth in the village. Dr Singh announced sanctioned of Rs 20 lakh for Bhatgaon pond beautification. He gave immediate sanction for construction of two cc-road in the village and boundary wall construction for gram panchayat building. Chief Minister was accompanied by State's Urban Administration and Commerce and Industry Minister Mr. Amar Agrawal, MP Mr. Lakhanlal Sahu, Jila Panchayat member Mr. Ashok Thakur, Principal Secretary of Chief Minister Mr. Aman Kumar Singh, Secretary Mr. Subodh Kumar Singh, Collector Mungeli Mr. NN Ekka and other senior officials concerned were also present.


One more Diwali before the Diwali in the farmers' houses: Dr. Raman Singh: Chief Minister included bonus in Tihar

Paddy bonus of 75 crores deposited in farmers' accounts by pressing one button

Approximately 191 crores of construction works - Bhumi Pujan

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh joined the bonus Tihar in district headquarters Mungeli this afternoon. They distributed paddy bonus of about 75 crores to more than 48 thousand farmers of Mungali district. He said this time, more than 13 lakh farmers of Chhattisgarh will get bonus of 2100 crores. In their homes there will be another Diwali before Diwali. Dr. Singh also said in the huge public meeting that in the afternoon only after pressing a button on the computer, approximately 75 crore rupees will be deposited directly on the accounts of the farmers of Mungeli farmers. Through this process the Chief Minister transferred the entire amount of bonus to the farmers' accounts. Dr. Singh inaugurated 60 different construction works of Mudali district, Bhumi Pujan and Shilanyas at the ceremony.

 Dr. Singh said - Mungali was made district about five years ago on the demand of the people. After this here, there has been a lot of growth in development work. The collectorate and joint district office building has been constructed. The work of infrastructure development in the entire district is increasing rapidly. Under the Swachh Bharat Mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he congratulated all the officials and employees of the people of the district and the people of the district and the district administration as being declared to be open-defeater (ODF) district openly. He also unveiled the statue of late leader Shri Niranjan Kesharwani, the popular leader of the Mungeli region and the late MLA Shri Niranjan Kesharvani, and remembering the work done by him for the development of the personality and region of late Shri Kesharvani while addressing the huge public meeting in Tihar. Done

The bonafide welcome and congratulations to the Chief Minister on behalf of the farmers in Bonus Tihar Dr. Raman Singh while addressing the mammoth gathering said that due to low monsoon rains this year, there were drought in 96 tehsils of 21 districts of the state. The farmers were worried and were seeing their crop losses in the fields. I went to Delhi and apprised the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi about the situation and asked them for consent for the distribution of paddy bonus. Dr. Singh said - The Prime Minister gave an immediate consent and said that the special session of Vidhan Sabha should be convened and a supplementary budget of Rs. 2100 crores be passed. This was the first time in the history of the country, when a special session of the assembly was convened only to discuss the issues related to the interests of farmers and to supplement the budget of 2100 crores for the bonus. The Chief Minister said that Bonus Tihar is being celebrated in his districts to give bonuses to 13 lakh 50 thousand farmers of the state. As Chief Minister, I also get an opportunity to join the bonus Tihar. Dr. Singh said that more than 13 lakh farmers of the state will get this bonus on the accrued paddy of 2016. 100% farmers will receive the bonus. Thousands of farmers present in the public support supported by raising this amount of paddy bonus. The Chief Minister said that in the first three years of Chhattisgarh state construction there was no provision for bonus on paddy from 2000 to 2003. Paddy procurement in cooperatives at that time was also around only six lakh tonnes, but now farmers are getting bonuses and the purchase of paddy has reached 7 million tonnes. The Chief Minister said that in the year 2013-14, a bonus of Rs 2374 crore was given to the farmers of the state. Drought conditions were also made in 2015. At that time the package of Rs.1800 crores was given to the farmers by the state government. The Chief Minister said that this year the drought affected farmers are getting relief in three types of relief. They will get compensation for crop damage under the Revenue Book Circular (RBC) 6-4. For this, the district collectors have been instructed to survey. The farmers will also get the benefit of the Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme. A bonus of Rs 2100 crores is also being given on the accrued paddy of 2016. The chief minister said - Chhattisgarh government is a government of farmers. Several meaningful decisions have been taken in the interest of farmers in the last 14 years. With the cooperative societies, they have reduced interest rates on loans for farming from 14-15% to zero percent. As a result, the rise of agricultural loans has increased from 300 crores to about three and a half thousand crores rupees. The number of irrigation pump connections has increased from 70 thousand to four lakhs and the state government is giving 7500 units of electricity free of cost to all these four lakh farmers for irrigation, which is about Rs 1700 crore every year for the government. Being given from.

Dr. Raman Singh said: After the formation of a new government in the center under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, many schemes of development have started in the country. Prime Minister Modi has enhanced the self respect of India in foreign countries. He has initiated many such schemes for the poor of the country, which nobody has ever imagined about. The Chief Minister mentioned the Prime Minister's bright scheme for giving LPG connection to the poor families in this connection and said that under Chhattisgarh, under this scheme, women of more than 14 lakh families will be entitled to free LPG The connection has been given. It is aimed to benefit 36 ​​lakh families in the state. Under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme, a poor house will be given to each poor family by 2022. To help farmers in natural disasters, Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme starts at just two percent premium

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