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Dr. Raman Singh urges the construction of more than 155 crores to Kabirdham district

During the Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today gave a lot of development work to the people in tribal-dominated Gram Kui-Kukdur (Vikas Khand-Pandaria), surrounded by forests and hills. He also announced many development works along with the publication of vacations, bhumi pujan, material distribution. The Chief Minister said that I had come to this village under the Public Suraj campaign in 2006, and now there has been a lot of change in this area. He said that

development is showing, there is no need to find development. He thanked the gathering of thousands of people in the General Assembly and said that you people get the strength to work. The Chief Minister said that there was no possibility of opening of college in Kui-Kukdur, where the college was established with the efforts of MPs and MLAs here. Tribal children will receive higher education from the beginning of the college in the Vananchal area. He told about the development of infrastructure along with several public welfare Yonas, which started in the last nearly 15 years in the state. The Chief Minister provided the facilities to the people under different welfare schemes of the State-Kendikar government. The cost of rice, free salt, textbook, mobile, treatment facilities, pump connection for irrigation, LPG, toilets, Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, assistance of five lakh rupees for treatment to the poor, various works including the payment of electricity bill at concessional rates to the farmers And exposed to the achievements.

In the General Body, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated five works worth Rs. 7 crore 76 lakh 62 thousand rupees and laid the foundation stone of 13 works for the cost of 147.77 crore 74 thousand rupees. They gave a huge boost to the people of Panditia-Bajgaon road construction cost of 128 crores 88 lakh rupees. With this, distributed material to more than 31 thousand beneficiaries. The Chief Minister also announced several development works. Among them, Rs 20 lakh for community building in Kui Kukdur, Rs 20 lakh for tribal building in Bodla, Rs 10 lakh for cement concrete road in Kui and Kukadur Gram Panchayat. The Chief Minister announced the opening of Middle school in Bokkarhar Bihar, Bodla, and survey for the construction of feeder canal from the throwing river to Chhaparani reservoir. On the arrival of Kui Kukdur, Chief Minister announced his 25-25 thousand rupees to three dancers for his historic reception by the Badga dancers of Sedaurakhar, Birhuuldih and Lerabkki, and offering a crown on his art culture. The Chief Minister also handed over the Bigha tribals of Kui Kukdur to "Birhuldih Express".
In the General Assembly, Lok Sabha MP Mr. Abhishek Singh said about the continuous development works in Pandaria region. He congratulated the residents of Panditia-Bajgang road for Bhumi Pujan. After the establishment of two sugars factory in the district, he informed about the approval of the rail project for providing rail facility to the people. He said that on the demand of the shareholding farmers of sugar factory, they are being given 50 kg sugar at a rate of Rs. 21 per kg at concessional rate. Parliamentary Secretary and Pandya MLA Shri Moti Ram Chandravanshi said that while opening the college in Kui Kukdur, a large sauga said that 210 students are studying in this college. He got rapid development of the area due to the approval of the Pandaria-Bajgang Marg, and the development of several development works including five hundred seater hostel, 30 bed hospital in Kui Kukdur.

In the General Assembly of Kui Kukdur, 18 different development works of Rs. 155 crores 51 lakh rupees were inaugurated - Bhumi Pujan. It includes the release of five works of seven crore 76 lakh 62 thousand rupees and 15 bhumi pujan of 147 crore 74 lakh 74 thousand rupees. The Chief Minister spent Rs 2,04.98 lakhs on the cost of the Pondatarai Magnification water supply scheme, the government's higher secondary school building costing Rs 9.55 lakh in Pandaria, the government high school building cost of Pandaria's Jangalpur was 49 lakh 75 thousand rupees, Kishigarh 33 / 11 KV substation costing Rs.26.6 million 29 thousand rupees and Kharatta 33/11's VS station was about Rs.1.11 million 10 thousand rupees. Similarly, Pandaria-Bajga road construction cost of 128 crores 88 lakh rupees, staff quarters, internal road, toilet construction cost 5 million rupees in Sugar factory Pandaria, construction cost of Government Higher Secondary School in Dullapur, Rs.1.11 million, 16 thousand rupees, from Munmuna On the Kamthi Marg, the bridge reached the Rallam reach in the river 5 crore 59 million 10 thousand rupees and the integrated facility center at village Ranvirpur multi utility sen Cost of construction cost Rs.33.83 million, Rs.56.88 lakh in Nalajal feed supply scheme in Rahatakhurd, Dogrikhkhurd naljal feeding scheme cost 44 lakh 78 thousand rupees, Coalari Kamppa Naljal feeding scheme cost 41 lakh 67 thousand rupees, Pratappur Nalajal feeding scheme Cost 35 lakh 89 thousand rupees, Jangalpur Naljal feeding scheme cost Rs 48 lakh 51 thousand rupees, drainage supply cost cost in Sukaligovind 41 lakh 40 thousand rupees, Bharapara Nalajal Prada The cost of the scheme is 39 lakh two thousand rupees and the Giridhi Kamppa Nalajal feeding scheme cost 36 lakhs three thousand rupees Bhumi Pujan. In the General Assembly of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh Kui-Kukdur, 26 thousand 595 tenduupata collectors distributed the Tendupatta bonus of 16.47 lakhs 24 thousand rupees. Under Tiffin, Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana for two thousand MNREGA workers, LPG connection to one thousand beneficiaries, smart phone to 500 beneficiaries under Sky Scheme, 500 cards for 500 beneficiaries, material for 460 beneficiaries under various schemes of Labor Department, 22 Under the agro-mechanization, Horticulture Mission, 14 beneficiaries have been given subsidy to 6 beneficiaries by the Department of Disbursement and Fisheries. Groups of content delivery. Collector, Mr. Avniish Kumar Sharan gave welcome speech in the General Assembly. He expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister for linking the district of Kabirdham with the mainstream of development.
On this occasion, Mr. Ashok Sahu, Kawardha MLA Mr. Gopal Vyas, Chairman of State Backward Classes Commission, Dr. Ciaram Sahu, President of State Guwah Seva Commission, Mr. Biseshwar Patel, President of District Panchayat Kavdhada Mr. Santosh Patel, Durg Revenue Divisional Commissioner Mr. Dilip Wasnik, Police Superintendent Dr. Lal Umade Singh, Mr. Kundan Kumar, CEO of District Panchayat, Forest Officer, Mr. Dilraj Prabhak Shri Ajit Chandravanshi, Member of the State Farmers Welfare Council; Shri Gopal Sahu, Member of Chhattisgarh Shram Kalyan Board; Mr. Ganesh Sharan Soni, Member of Chhattisgarh Official Language; Chairman of Bhormadeo Cooperative Sugar Factory Committee; Mr. Bheeliram Chandra Vanshi; President of District Small Forest Post Co-operative Association; Shri. Sudarshan Sahu, President of Janpad Panchayat Pandya, Smt. Madhu Mahendra Verma, President of Nagarpalika Kavdha Smt. Smt. Santram Dhruve, President of Janpad Panchayat Bondal, President of Janpad Panchayat Sahaspur Lohara, Smt. Pushpadvevi Pandey, former Chairman of District Panchayat Kabirdham, Shri Ramkumar Bhatt, Former Chairman of State Commission, Shri Santosh Pandey, Chairman of Janpad Panchayat Kavdhada; , Shri Foreignram Dhayve and Shri Raghuraj Thakur, Sarp of Gram Panchayat Kui F Mrs. Indra by Kothari and Panchayat Kukdur the head were many present representatives, including Mrs. Satwantin Bai Markam.


CM will give development work of Rs 155 crores to cremated people

Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Dr. Raman Singh is on a tour of his home district Kawardha on Wednesday. During this, Chief Minister Raman Singh will be involved in the Atal Vikas Yatra program organized in Vannanchal village, Kui-Kukdur of Pandaria Block in the district.

Here, giving information about the program of Chief Minister Raman Singh, Parliamentary Secretary Motiram Chandravanshi said that the CM will address the General Assembly in the government primary school premises. During this period, the Chief Minister will give relief to the residents of about 155 crore rupees for development works. In addition, Chief Minister Tendupta distributed a bonus of Rs. 16 crores to collectors.

He said that under the prescribed schedule, the Chief Minister, Dr. Raman Singh, will depart from Jangajirpur Champa at 12.30 pm and reach Kui-Kukdur at 1.10 pm, where he will attend the General Assembly 2.10 noon. After this, time has been reserved from 2.10 to 3.10, after which the CM will depart for the restoration of the Bemetara district.

Parliamentary Secretary Motiram Chandravanshi said that in this general meeting of Raman Singh, thousands of BJP workers will be present. All the preparations have been completed under CM's program.

Chief Minister serves food to devotees, thousands throng to Bohramdev temple

 Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh served food to devotees who thronged to the world famous Bohramdev Temple on the auspicious occasion of first 'Savan Somvaar'. Large number of 'Kavaadis' and devotees had a darshan of the temple. The food was sponsored by social service organization 'Join Hands Parivar'. Most of the devotees came from district headquarter town Kawardha on foot. Chief Minister congratulated on the devotees and wished them a bright future. He prayed for bountiful rainfall and good crops in the state.

Chief Minister's wife Mrs. Veena Singh, their MP son Mr. Abhishek Singh, MLA Mr. Ashok Sahu, State Backward Classes  Commission Chairman Dr. Siyaram Sahu, Zilla Panchayat Chairman Mr. Santosh Patel, Bohramdev Temple Management Committee Secretary Mr. Ratan Singh, Nagar Palika Parsihad Chairperson Kawardha Mrs. Devkumari Chandravanshi, Senior officers of the district and several panchs-sarpanchs were also present. Water was arranged for the 'kavadis' and devotees from Kawardha to Bohramdev . The villagers welcomed the devotees with garlands of flowers all through the route. Large number of school children were seen spreading the message of 'swachhta'. Devotees planted saplings on ten acre site on the Kawardha-Bohramdev route.   

The statistics of the department, 16 thousand 693 children in Kavdha malnourished

In Chhattisgarh's Kawardha district, the figures of malnourishment have come out. 77 thousand 430 children are registered in the Anganwadi centers of the district. Go to Anganwadi center and take nutritional food under the schemes of the children. Regardless, its 16 thousand 693 children are malnourished.

The number of children found severely malnourished in the cremation is 3 thousand 933. These figures have been released by the Women and Child Development Department itself under the Festival of Weight-2013. The department has also sent its report to the government.

The government has to save everybody from the womb to five years for the nineteen. The government is shedding money like water so that malnutrition is reduced. But this does not seem to be happening in Kawardha district.

Most malnourished children are Bags tribals of the remote forest, who are not getting proper nutrition, the number of malnutrition is increasing. The officials are also giving their arguments on the report by the department. District women development officer LR Kachhap says that only the initial data of the festival festival-2011 has come up. However, there is a decrease of 6 percent in the data of malnutrition in the district.

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