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Constitution Day will be celebrated on November 26

Balrampur 24 Nov.

On the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, the decision has been taken by the Indian government to celebrate Constitution Day. Dr. Ambedkar was the President of the draft constitution of the Indian Constitution. Indian Constitution was adopted on November 26, 1949.Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak has directed all the Heads of the Officers that on 26th November, 2018 the constitution should be read in detail and the expansion of this program is widely spread.

In addition to the official officials-employees, the message of constitutional rights and obligations of Indian citizens is accessible to the general public. According to the decision taken by the Government of India, on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, on November 26, 2018, will be celebrated as a Constitution Day throughout India. On this occasion, the preamble of Indian Constitution will be read in all educational institutions and all government offices of the state. Apart from this, the students of educational institutions, colleges and universities will be organizing the Mock Parliament essay writing, debate competition and lectures for awareness of the constitution. In addition, competition will be organized in relation to constitutional provisions.

Strong room seals will be tight security arrangements

Balrampur 21 Nov.

After the voting of the Vidhan Sabha elections 2018, on 20th November, voting material was deposited in the Government College Balrampur by the polling parties. Today Collector and District Election Officer / Retiring Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak and General K.C. Chaman, in the presence of candidates and representatives of political parties, Assembly constituency No. 07-Ramanujganj's EVM. And VV Pat machines were sealed in the Strong Room and sealed.

In the presence of EVMs in the presence of candidates, representatives of the candidates and representatives of the political parties, Mr. Shiv Anant Tayal, the retiring officer of Samari and the general observer Mr. Indra Singh Rao, assembly constituency no. 08. And VV Pat machine was sealed in the Strong Room. The Central Reserve Police Force personnel personnel have been deployed by the Election Commission for the security arrangements made in the college.

Seats closed 48 hours before voting country / foreign liquor shops


The second phase of the Legislative Assembly election 2018 is to be held on November 20, 2018. As per the instructions issued by the Commercial Tax Excise Department Raipur, Collector and District Magistrate, Mr. Hiralal Nayak, using the powers conferred in sub-section (1) of Section 24 of the Excise Act, 1915, all the domestic / foreign liquor shops operated in the district, 48 Hours before ie November 18, 2018 evening, from 5.00 pm to 20 November 2018, the said period is declared dry-day. All the country / foreign liquor shops in the district have been directed to ban seal and illegal liquor manufacturing / transportation / storage / holding of liquor.

E.w.m. And VV Pat Machines Distribution On November 19th

Balrampur November 17, 2018 / EVM and VV for Assembly Election 2018 Pat Machines, Electoral Rolls Accounting Officer, Diary, Statutory Envelope-SE 8 and imprinting envelope - S.E. 8 is to be distributed from 1975 to 6 PM from 6.00 am to the Strength Room from Government Girls Higher Secondary School and the work of collection will be done on November 20, 2018, from 5.30 pm to the Strong Room Government New College Balrampur. Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak has been appointed as Nodal Officer, Distribution and Storage Incharge and Distribution and Storage Assistant for distribution and collection work.

Observer inspection of polling centers

Balrampur November 17, 2018 / Assembly constituency No. 07- Mr. K.C. Chaman, General Observer of Ramanujganj, met with the voters of the area after accidental inspection of polling booths made on November 20. A surprise inspection was conducted by Pollar Sagarpur, Maharajganj, Jahadih, Krishnanagar and Sangwari polling booths by the observer Mr. Chaman. During this, he reviewed the preparation of the system in the polling booths according to the criteria set by the Election Commission in the polling stations. He met the villagers, the BLO Information about the voter slip being distributed by the people and appealed to the villagers to vote fairly and impartially.

Appointed assistant nodal officer and assistant staff for sending report on polling day

For all types of reports to be sent on Ballarampur 17th November 2018 / Vidhan Sabha Elections 2018 polling day, Nodal Officer has imposed a staff duty on the working of Assistant Nodal Officer and his Assistant Staff as directed by Additional Collector Mr. Vijay Kumar Kuzur.
Assistant nodal officer for Vidhan Sabha Area No. 06-Pratappur, Mr. Pataram Singh has been made Assistant Director, Mobile No. 9827811531 and will be Patwari as his associate employee. In which Mr. Akhilesh Gupta, Mobile Number 8878409426, Mr. Sujit Bajor Mobile Number 9407698287, Mr. Vidyasagar Gupta Mobile No. 9165916757, Mr. Vijay Lakra Mobile Number 9575466577 and Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh Mobile Number 9669641495. Legislative Assembly No. 07-Assistant Nodal Officer for Ramanujganj Mr. Nirmal Thakur Executive Engineer has been made Public Works Department Mobile No. 9425572285 and will be Patwari as his associate employee. Shweta Bhagat Mobile Number 6260207761, Alpana Tirkey Mobile Number 8120592093, Priyanka Dhive Mobile Number 9644817804, Surab Das Mobile Number 9753874979, Sri Vimales Singh Mobile Number 8120806173, Abhishek Gupta Mobile Number 9131189190, Sri Siddharth Yadav Mobile Number 8819999027 Vidhan Sabha Area No. 08 - Assistant Nodal Officer for Samari, Shri B.P. Satnami Deputy Director Veterinary Censor has been made mobile number 9424181936 and will be Patwari as his associate employee. Among them, Hamid Raza Mobile Number 9669085325, Mr. Manish Singh Mobile Number 9691095111, Sri Satyajivan Ravi Mobile Number 8085572663, Renu Panna Mobile Number 6260036023, Sushila Toppo Mobile Number 9691066877, Revenue Inspector Anita Beck, 9516258517. Similarly, the duty of the fourth class employees has been imposed for the three assembly constituencies.

Training of micro observer

Training for the smooth implementation of Balrampur 17th November 2018 / Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018, today, the training of the micro-observer appointed for the assembly constituency No. 06-Pratappur, 07-Ramanujganj and 08-Samrari, coming under the Balrampur-Ramanujganj district.
 Collector, District Election Officer, Shri Hiralal Nayak, general observer of Vidhan Sabha constituency Pratappur, Vijay Kumar Nayak, general observer of Ramanujganj assembly constituency, Shri K.C. Information about their responsibilities was given to the micro-varsagers, who were trained by Mr. Indra Singh Rao, general observer of Chaman and Samarhi assembly constituency. It is known that the micro-observer will be made aware of the entire process of voting in the polling stations set up by the trained microazeververs and the general observer of the respective area will be made aware. On this occasion, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Durgesh Verma, Master Trainer Mr. Vimal Dubey and trainees were present.


Total 134 polling stations for Pratappur assembly constituency in district

Total 134 polling stations have been identified by Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak for development block Vadafnagar of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district, which is under Balrampur, 16 November 2018 / Assembly constituency no. 06-Pratappur.
134 polling stations have been set up in Vidrakhkhand Vadafnagar under Vidhan Sabha area no. 06-Pratappur. In which the polling station No. 01 will be the primary school of Kogavar, the Anganwadi center of Center No. 02, Kri, center No. 03, Primary school Tugwa of Tughwa, Center No. 04, Primary School of Majhaoli, Center No. 05, Primary School Unlawful, Center No. 06 Hardibari's Anganwadi center, Hardibah, Center No. 07 Balangi (a), Primary School Ballangei, Center number 08 Primary school of Balngi (B), Balengi, Central No. 09, Primary school of Patwa, Primary school of Gobardaha Center No. 10, Primary school of Center No. 11 Jogiyani, Central Primary School Karmaidah Center, Center No. 12 Elementary Primary School Chachchari, No. 14, Janakpur Primary School, Janakpur, Central No. 15, Primary School, Langri Langari, primary school of Guduru 16 Guduru, primary school chapota of Center No. 17 Chapota, Center No. 18, Panchayat Bhawan of Kamalpur Kamalpur, Central No. 19 Asandih Primary School Asandih, Center No. 20 Tarafa Primary School Torfa, Center No. 21 Chakdehi Primary School Chakdehi, Center No. 22, Shankarpur Primary School Shankarpur, Center No. 23, Mudhiya Pi. Secondary School Additional Room of Raghunathnagar (B), Raghunathnagar, Center No. 27, Raghunathnagar, Primary School, Raghunathnagar (A), Central Number 26, Raghunathnagar (A), Primary School, Raghunathnagar, Center, Mik Shala Mudiya, Center No. 24, Nevai, No. 28 Rameshpur Primary School Rameshpur, Center No. 29, Baginar Primary School, Baginar, Center No. 30, Case of Rameshpur Secondary School Kesari, Secondary School Kesari, Center No. 31 Kesari (2), Central School, 32, Primary School, Bahubani, Center No. 33, Secondary School Bharuibans, Bharubibans, Center No. 34, Sarna Special, Primary School, Sr. No. 35 Secondary school Sarna of Sarna (A2), Central Sector 36, Sarna (B), Primary School, Mohuaripara Sarna, Center No. 37, Higher Secondary School Gana, Center No. 38 Chawarsarai Primary School Chawarsarai, Central No. 39 of Bento Primary School Bento, Center No. 40 Harigwana Pachaiyat Bhawan Hari Gawan, Center No. 41 Jourahi Primary School Jawrahi, Center No. 42 Girwani Secondary School Girivani, Center No. 43 Girvani (1a) Government High School, Sikdadand Gurbani, Center No. 44 Girivani (B) Secondary School Manbasa, Center Elementary school of Ramkr 45 Pandy (A), Primary School of Center No. 46 Pandy (B), MuraliGanj Primary School, Center No. 47 Pandy (c) High School Pundi, Center No. 48 Pundari (d) Primary school Sauni Mahuapara Pandy, Center Secondary School Additional Cell, Lodhi, has been made a polling station in No. 49 of Lodhi Primary School Lalhi, Center No. 50 Lodhi (A).

In the same way, Central Primary Education Centers of 51 crores, Primary school in Gurdum, Center No. 52, Primary school, Madanpur, Central Primary School, Madanpur, Center No. 54, for primary school building, and Central No. 56 Pendari Primary School Pendari, Center No. 56 Pendari (2) Secondary School Pendari, Center No. 57, Pashupatpura (A) Additional Room, Animal Husbandry, Center Orders A 58 Gram Panchayat Bhavan of Pashupatipur (B), Brihanipatipur, Center No. 59, Primary School of Coelhua, Coleahua, Center No. 60, Mahewa Primary School, Center No. 61 Ramnagar (A), Primary School Ramnagar, Center No. 62 Ramnagar (1A) Primary school, Westpara Ramnagar, Center No. 63 Ramnagar (B) primary school, Dhanjarapara Ramnagar, Central No. 64, Kancasha Secondary School, Kendra The primary school is located at 65 km corner (2), Primary No. 6 in Bangarra, Center No. 66, Panchayat Bhawan, Center No. 67, Central No. 68, Primary School, Fulidumar of Fulidumar, Center No. 69, Gobra Primary School Gobra, Center No. 70 Kundi Primary Shala Kundi Dhanwar, Center No. 71 Rooppur Primary School Ruppur, Center No. 72 Secondary Shawl of Jamai Jamiai, Primary School of Mithilapur, Mithilapur, Primary School Kharra, Center No. 75, Secondary School Kotrahahi, Center No. 76, Kotrahi (B), Primary School, Kotrahi, Center No. 77, Vadaf Nagar (A) ) Primary school of Vadrafnagar, Center No. 78 of Vadafnagar (B), Primary Kanya Shala Vadafnagar, Center No. 79 Wadfnagar (c) Pvt. Thamik Shala Gautiyapara Vadafnagar, Central No. 80 Vadafnagar (D) primary school Chandauripara, Center No. 81 Rajkheta Primary School, Rajkheta, Central No. 82 Rajkheta (2) Secondary School, Rajkheeta, Center No. 83, Primary School Mandari, Matheran, Center No. 84 Anandnabadi center of Mardari (A) Purabapara Mardari, Center No. 85 Primary School of Premnagar Premanagar, Center No. Secondary school ink of ink 86 ink, Central No. 87 Secondary school of Lemori, Primary school Basantpur of Center No. 88 Basantpur (A), Central number 89 Basulapat Primary school Basulapat, Center number 90 Basantpur (B) Secondary school Basantpur, Center No. 91 Basantpur (c) High School Basantpur, Center No. 92, Secondary School, Mukrol, Center No. 93, Gondla. Mik Shala Gondla, Secondary School Karamdih, Center No. 94, Primary School of Govardhanpur, Govardhanpur, Center No. 96, Primary School, Surahul, Center No. 97, Kailashpur Secondary School, Kailashpur, Central No. 98, Secondary School, Pansara PUNSARA, Center No. 99, Primary School of Old Age Old Age, Central No. 100, Primary School of Junagadh Primary school of Center No. 101 Paradediha Primary School, Center No. 102, Jamie Primary School, Center No. 103, Primary School Engineer, Center No. 104, (A), Kanya Primary School, Barikikala, Center No. 105. Shala Secondary School, Barnati, Center No. 106 Savitripur Primary School, Savitri, Center No. 107, Shree Panchayat Bhawan Shi R, center number 108, Primary school of Godpur Jirat, Godpur Jirat, Center No. 109, Primary school of Godpur Special, Bhagwanpur Special, Center No. 110, Primary school Chagali, center number 111, Primary school Rampur of Rampur, Primary school Dakari , Center No. 113, Secondary School, Shardapur (E2), Panchayat Bhawan, Shardapur, Center No. 114, Shardapur (E). Shardapur E, Center No. 115, Primary School of Barakgaon, BarcaGao, Secondary School, 116, Center No. 116, Panchayat Bhawan Kadiya, Kendra, 117, Panchayat Bhawan Kadiya, Center No. 118, Primary Shala Parole of Padauli, Center No. 119, Amravati, Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra, Amaravatipur , Center No. 120, Secondary School, Manpur, Manpur, Center No. 121, Oparii Panchayat Bhawan, ODari, Ken Panchayat of Sharadpur (b) of Primary School of Sharadpur, Center No. 125, Shardapur (a), Primary School Karkhi, Center No. 125, Primary School Kachia, Center No. 125, Central Primary School, Alka, Primary School, Alka, Center No. 125, Alka No. 122, The primary school reconstruction of the building, Sharpur, Center No. 127 Sulusuli (1), Center No. 128 Solutions (2) Panchayat Bhawan Solstice, Center No. 129 Primary school of silver, center number 130 Primary school of Belasar, Belasar, center number 131, primary school of mahuli, mahuli, center number 132, a school of primary school Kozamapara mahuli, center number 133, Virendranagar primary school of virendranagar, center number 134, bakunthpur The primary school of Baikunthapur has been made a polling station.

E.w.m. And VV Pat Machines Distribution on November 18 Nodal Officer, In charge and Assistant appointed for distribution

Balrampur November 16, 2018 / EVM and VV for Assembly Election 2018 Pat Machine is to be distributed from Government Girls Higher Secondary School from 10.00 am on November 18 and the work of collection is to be held on November 20, 2018 at Government New College Balrampur. Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak has been appointed as Nodal Officer, Distribution and Storage Incharge and Distribution and Storage Assistant for distribution and collection work.
Legislative assembly constituencies of Vidhan Sabha for the year 2018- 06-Pratappur, 07-Ramanujganj and 08-Samarri EVM and VV. Deputy Collector Shri Abhishek Gupta has been made Nodal Officer for distribution and collection of Pat Machines. Similarly, for distribution and storage in the assembly constituency no. 06-Pratappur Tehsildar Vadafnagar Shri M.N. Chandra, 07-Ramanujganj Tehsildar Ramanujganj Shri Amit Shrivastav and Tehsildar Balrampur Shri Shashi Shekhar Mishra and 08-Samarhi for Tehsildar Rajpur Shri Mukhdev Prasad Yadav and Naib Tehsildar Shankargarh Shri Pramod Patel have been formed. Revenue Inspector Shri Yogendra Bass, Taxation Officer Mr. Shivkumar Singh Aym, Assistant Grade-III Shri Vishnu Gupta, Revenue Inspector for Ramanujganj, Mr. Gitendra Nath and Mr. Jagannath Singh, Contract Officer for Distribution and Storage Assistant Assembly Area No. 06-Pratappur. Mr. Rattu Singh and Mr. LavGashi Bhagat, Assistant Grade-03 Shri Rajesh Bhagat and Shri Dharmendra Gupta and 08-Samarri Raj W inspector Shri Ram Soni and Mr. sibling Paikra, taxation Officer Fulmohn and Mr. Premsay Toppo, assistant grade -03 Mr. Saket Ravi and Krishna Vstrkar have been made.


Review of preparedness related to election by Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu

Balrampur November 16, 2018 / Chhattisgarh Chief Electoral Officer Shri Subrat Sahu reviewed the preparation of assembly elections 2018 in the meeting room of the new Circuit House today. He directed to complete all the preparations while responsible for discharging responsibilities assigned to the concerned nodal officers. Shri Sahu took information regarding the settlement of grievances received in the C-Vigil app, postal ballot distribution, distribution of voter slip, arrangement for the electoral voters during voting. The Chief Electoral Officer asked to complete the entry of the log book in the Strong Room and to make the entry of the Strong Room, the counting place of the counting site Asked to download the C-top application done on monitoring the voting process in all the Sector Officers, and to ensure information about them.

Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr S. Bhartidasan said that on publication of political advertisements in the print media on November 19 in the second phase of voting in the assembly, the district level Media Certification and Monitoring Committee will have to prioritize. Publication of opinion poll and exit poll results related to elections will be fully restricted until December 07. He said that there should be no interference with the intensity of darkness in the voting process, to ensure light system. Nodal Officer and Inspector General of Police, Deepanshu Kabra, said that during the period of 48 hours prior to the termination of the poll, the propaganda will be completely closed through media rallies and meetings. During this time, the voters' home-office is contacted, in which, by the political parties, the trains become a long caravan. The fixed number should be fixed for the convoys of trains.

In the meeting, Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak, Superintendent of Police, Shri T.R. District level officers and employees were present along with the Deputy District Election Officer, Mr. Durgesh Verma, including the Returning Officer of Kosima, Samarhi Assembly, Mr. Shiv Anant Tayal, Forest Officer, Shri Vivekanand Jha, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu.


210 Total