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Precautions to Prevent Zika Virus

Mahasamund 6 Dec.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. SB Mangrulkar has asked civic officials to take cognizance of the virus from diseases of the mosquito Aise mosquito bites. He told that Zika Virus is an RNA virus that belongs to the Sympathoptapunk species, such as dengue, chikungunya, bile, fever, Japanese encephalitis etc. The disease is also caused by the virus of this group. This disease spreads through the AIDIS AGT mosquito.

They said that the symptoms of having Zika virus are high fever, body pain, restlessness, redness in the eyes, red spots on the skin, pain in joint and muscle pain and headache. To prevent and take precautions, do not travel under the condition of being affected. For the prevention of Aedes mosquitoes, control the stomachs accumulating water around the house. Use mosquito net while sleeping.

Do not use aspirin medicines for the treatment of a doctor without the advice of a fever. People with diabetes, hyperritic and other diseases and pregnant women should not be taken medicines without any medical advice. He told that Vichyan treatment drug, vaccine is not available for the infection of Zika virus, Only symptomatic treatment is to be given. To maintain the proper amount of water in the body, take the paracetamol tablets for the ORS and fever. Aspirin drug is not used for the treatment of dengue patients, so for this, this drug should not be used.

In the state level competition, two players of the district received gold and silver medals

Mahasamund 6 Dec.

The state-level women's rural sports competition was organized on the 5th and 6th of December 2018 at the Kota stadium in Raipur. District Sports Officer Mr. Manoj Ghritlahre said that in this competition, Kumari Homeshwari Bariya of the district got gold medal in height and Vikas Kumar received silver medal in the 1500 meter race.

In the counting process, the candidate and the election agent will have to submit the nomination form for the admission letter of the computing agent.

Mahasamund 5 Dec.

Legislative assembly election will be started from 8 am on March 11, 2018, on Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018, in the agriculture fair market Patiyazar Mahasamund. Deputy District Election Officer informed that in the counting, the candidate / nomination agent for the enrollment letter of computation should be deposited in the Returning Officer's office in the prescribed form format 18 days before the date of counting of votes to 7.30 pm. Will happen,

From which time the entry letter can be issued. It is compulsory to sign certification by signing in with the passport size photograph of the proposed enumeration agent in front of the Returning Officer. The application received after the rule date will not be accepted and no entry letter will be issued. He said that there is a complete restriction of mobile, cellphone, divider, electronic equipment, weapon, drugs etc in the polling station, which is mandatory for all candidates and counting agent to be followed. He said that if the instructions are not followed, the rules will be taken against the concerned as per rules.

Training of calculation supervisor and calculation assistant for calculation of postal ballots on December 10

Mahasamund 5 Dec.

Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himshikhar Gupta has been appointed duty duties for calculation supervisor and calculation assistant for the posting of ballot papers of the postal ballot of 2018. Training of those officers and employees will be essentially present on the 10th of December at 11 am on the Mandi Pargan counting site and for the guidance of observers and officials of the counting party. After calculation of postal ballotts, all officers and Master Trainers Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officers will cooperate in the counting work.

Duty Legislative Assessment of the Count Supervisor and Calculation Assistant has been imposed. Among them, the counting supervisor for the assembly constituency -39 Saraypali, Chhattisgarh State Electricity Distribution Company's Executive Engineer, Shri Gaurav Singh Uike and District Education Officer Shri B.L. Kurray calculation assistant Mr. R.K. Devangan and Shri Dwarka Patel are.

Counting Supervisor for the Legislative Assembly Constituency -40 settlement, Mr. Raman Kumar Ora, Executive Engineer, Public Health Mechanics Department, and Shri Brijendra Singh Thakur, Women and Child Development Officer, Mr. Abdul Karim and Mr. Rajesh Kaushik, Assembly constituency - 41 Khallari. For counting supervisor Deputy Forest Officer Mr. Atul Shrivastav and Deputy Director of Panchayat Department Mr. Abhim Yu Sahu

Duty of calculation assistant Mr. Ramesh Soni and Mr. Chaman Chandraq has been imposed. Similarly, for the Assembly constituency-42 Mahasamund, the counting supervisor of Public Works Department, Mr. Ravindra Kumar Khambra, Executive Engineer, and Mr. MG Satish Nair, Assistant Director, Education Department, Mr. Toshan Giri Goswami and Mr. F.A. Nand is included.

Collector's meeting of officials of the Agricultural Department

Mahasamund 4 Dec.

In the chairmanship of Collector Mr. Himshikhar Gupta, a joint meeting was held in connection with the crop insurance scheme for the officers of the departmental office (revenue), agriculture, bank, insurance company, tehsildar, horticulture etc. in the meeting room of the District Office. The Collector told the officials that farmers could get the benefit of crop insurance scheme, for this, farmers should use crop harvesting in the village agricultural development officer, Patwari farm, to get the correct information so that the farmers get proper compensation. .

For this purpose, work should be done by coordinating the SDM, Tehsildar, Patwari, Rural Agricultural Extension Officer, and data harvesting of the harvesting work on computer at the time, apart from this also, in the Rabi season, make an insurance scheme for the notified crops of farmers in the village panchayats. .

Mr. V.P., Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture Chaube told that in the Kharif year 2018, the area of ​​nearly 1.5 lakh hectares has been insured by 84 thousand 852 farmers in the district. In which 75 thousand 135 borrower cultivators and 9 thousand 717 is a sage farmer. In the Kharif season, the goal of harvesting of the target was 3 thousand 42, against which 2, 820 crop has been used so far. On this occasion, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, SDM Mahasamund Mr. Sunil Kumar Chandravanshi, Mr. P. C. Aka, Deputy Director, Agriculture Department, Shri V.P. Chaube, Nodal Officer of the District Cooperative Central Bank, D.L. Nayak, Lead Bank Officer Shri Arun Mishra and other officials were present.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Training of Micro Observer at the Training Training Center on Dec. 7

Mahasamund 4 Dec.

After the completion of the counting of votes of Vidhan Sabha General Elections-2012 and after the counting of counting work, the training of micro observer was done in the meeting of the District Panchayat at 11 am on December 7, 2018, Changing the place, it has been organized in Mahasamund, Forest Training Center, Training Forest Department, at 11 a.m. on December 7, 2018. The concerned officer-employees engaged in the counting work in the training have been asked to attend the mandatory form.


2 lakh 81 thousand children charged with Michele Rubella

Mahasamund 4 Dec.

In the direction of elimination of measles in India by 2020 and in order to control the rubella, congenital rubella syndrome (CRS), in a phased manner, the Khasra-Rubella vaccination (MR) vaccination in the entire country by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare It has been decided to vacate all children from 9 months to 15 years (class 10th) by running the campaign. This immunization campaign is being operated smoothly as per MacroPlan from 6th October, 2018.

Two lakh 81 thousand 948 children have been vaccinated against the targeted target of 3 lakh 13 thousand 743 children in the district so far 2 thousand 909 vaccination sessions have been organized. Such children, leaving the holidays every day in the District Hospital, all the community health centers, district hospitals for the children left after the session in the school and ognabbadi. In time Mizals rubella vaccination is being done.Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar has appealed to the parents to vaccinate their children essentially vaccination for Mizals rubella vaccination.





Child scientist Padmini Baghel's project for national level selection

Mahasamund 4 Dec.

Collector Shri Himshikhar Gupta, the project of Kumari Padmani Baghel, a class VIII student studying in Government East Secondary Shala in Bagbahra Vikaskhand, "The efforts to reduce the use of pesticides by spider cultivation", on attempts to reduce toxic substances, from the state level to the national level. On selection of his project, he wishes to give a citation, insignia and floral bouquet to the bright future of his bright future. The classes.

The state-level National Child Science Congress Project Exhibition was held on December 1, 2018 from the campion school located in Raipur, Raipur. Five Child Scientist of the district participated in this.There were 110 projects in different districts. In which 6 projects have been selected from the junior category. For the national level, this competition will be organized from December 27 to December 31, 2018 in the Education Research Center, Bhubaneswar. On this occasion, District Education Officer Shri B.L. Kurray, Assistant Director Shri Himanshu Bharti, Shri Hemendra Acharya and Mr. Vijay Sharma were present.




District Task Force held under the chairmanship of District Collector for the month of December 21 to January 25, 2019

Mahasamund 4 Dec.

Today, under the chairmanship of Collector Shri Himshikhar Gupta, the meeting of the Task Force on meeting of the Health Department, Women and Child Development Department, Public Education Department and other departments, in the presence of employees - Gone. In the meeting, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar said that the baby protection month is to be held between 21 December 2018 and 25 January 2019.

Under this, services will be provided from 9 am to 4 pm on Tuesday and Friday in all vaccination centers. He informed that all the community health centers and district hospitals will be made vaccination centers in Anganwadi centers.

Vitamin A supplement for vaccination of all eligible children, vaccination of all eligible children, all pregnant women and feeding mothers will be given to Iron Folic acid tablets and health related counseling to pregnant women for all children from nine months to 5 years in the month of child protection. . Along with this, malnutrition will be examined in the children and as per need, they will be nurtured while recruiting in the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center. In the meeting, collector Shri Himashikhar Gupta was directed to give special attention to health and nutritional services due to monitoring of this program to all the departmental officers of the district and having district aspirant district.

The collector said that if there is 100% achievement in vaccination and infant care, malnutrition will decrease. It has been directed to monitor whether the sessions are being held on time and to complete coverage in a month. For the success of the program, Dr. SB, Chief Medical and Health Officer. Mangrulkar appealed for cooperation from Department of Education, Women and Child Development Department, Panchayat and Rural Development Department and other associate departments.



Farmers will not be able to sell their paddy in the Paddy procurement centers of the district

Mahasamund 4 Dec.

Paddy procurement is being procured by 122 paddy production centers in the district on support price under Kharif marketing year 2018-19. For the farmers, there is no problem in selling them, collector Shri Himshikhar Gupta has specifically instructed the officials of the Department of Food including the revenue department officials and other relevant officers. He has been instructed to take special action by the Food Department officials in this time-limit meeting.

There will be no constraint now for farmers to sell their paddy. As per the information received from the Food Department, so far, one lakh 51 thousand 429 MT of paddy has been procured by different mining purchasing centers of the district. Under the custom milling, the speed of the paddy is being speeded up. The firms which have been delayed by paddy lifting have started action against such firms.

The Food Department official said that till date, the demand of 72 thousand 611 metric tonnes of paddy has been released by the millers and 54 thousand metric tonnes of paddy has been made against it. Indian food Corporation has deposited 4 thousand metric tonnes of rice in 6 thousand metric tonnes of rice and civil supply corporation. The food department official said that due to the problem of frequency of the previous days and due to non-commencement of transport, the amount of token was reduced by 20 percent to ensure the quantum of procurement was purchased in the purchase centers. The instructions were given by the committees to cut the tokers by giving explanation to the farmers. There is a provision to cut the token of the forthcoming day on arrival of more farmers in the target of any paddy production center.

Due to lack of proper information given to farmers by the Central Incharge, there was a disruption in procurement of paddy in some centers of the district, which has now been removed by the district authorities reaching those centers. In the time-frame meeting today, the Collector Shri Himshikar Gupta has directed the concerned officials to prepare the work plan of the token for the purchase of daily paddy, Accordingly, the revised target for issuing a token to all the procurement centers of the district has been sent to NIC Raipur. Accordingly, the proposed quantity has been increased from 80 thousand quintals to one lakh 25 thousand quintals. With the maximum target of purchasing daily paddy, farmers will not have any problem in selling their paddy now. Paddy of each registered farmer will be purchased on the basis of the token issued by him.

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