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Observers observed various monitoring rooms

Jashpur Nagar 03 November 2018 /

Various chambers and polling stations for the assembly elections were examined today by the general observer of Jashpur, Jashpur, appointed for the Legislative Assembly, 2018, Mr. Yogesh Kumar, IAS, Kunakuri observer Dr. Partha Sarathi Mishra and Pathalgaon observer Mohammad Ashfaq.

During the inspection, he has established control form in the Collectorate office, account room set for election, room for monitoring of TV channels under MCMC, Monitoring Cell of Social Media, Civil Aviation Redressal Cell and other polling stations. done inspection. During this period, he took information from employees employed for monitoring for various rooms and also gave necessary instructions.

Installation of single window for permission of election campaign rally, amusement, loudspeake

Jashpurnagar 03 November 2018 /

During the assembly election 2018, a single window has been set up in Jashpur district office for the permission of election campaign rally, general assembly and loud speaker by candidates of political parties. Shri R.S. Parihar, Sub-Divisional Officer Police Jashpur has been appointed in-charge officer. In which the duty of the officer-employees posted in the district has been imposed.

The single window political party and candidates have been set up to allow the use of vehicles for non-commercial, remote, uncontrolled airports, helipad purposes, public meetings, rally, procession, use of sound equipment and election campaign.

Assembly general election 2018 2 nomination papers rejected in nomination papers

Jashpurnagar 03 November 2018 /Nomination papers were examined in Jashpur district under Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018 and due to various shortcomings the nominations of 2 candidates were canceled. During the scrutiny of nomination papers, today the nomination papers of 2 candidates of the assembly constituency of Pathalgaon-14 were canceled due to various reasons.

According to information received from Returning Officer's office, his nomination papers have been canceled after not fulfilling the criteria set by Mr. Anil Kumar Pahha and Swabhiman Party's Mr. Jagat Ram Bhagat of Indian Tribal Party of Pathholanga Assembly Area-14.

It is worth mentioning that 45 candidates had filed nomination in Jashpur district. Of these, nomination papers were filed by assembly constituencies of Jashpur-12 to 14, assembly constituency Kunukuri -13 to 15 and Pathholanga assembly constituency -14 to 16 candidates. After the nomination was canceled, there are 14 candidates remaining in Pathholanga assembly constituency. The candidates will be able to withdraw their names by November 3, 2018 till 3 PM.

20 nominations filed on Thursday


Under the Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018, on November 01, 2018, Jashpur assembly in Jashpur district has filed nomination papers from 9 to 12 candidates. Shri Emanuel Kerketta, Shri Krishna Gopal Namdev, Shri Gaganmani Bhagat, Shri Govind Ram Bhagat, Shri Pradeep Singh, Shri Nan ram Bharadwaj, Shri Rohit Lakra, Shri Vishnu Ram and Mr. Harsh Pandey, today submitted their nomination papers from Jashpur Vidhan Sabha-12 .

Attractive paintings for seismic app awareness

Jashpur 1 Nov.

Under the guidance of District Election Officer Dr. Priyanka Shukla, attractive pictures have been made in the Collectorate office for awareness of C-vigil app. These colorful pictures made near the main gate of the Collectorate office are unmatched by the coming general public and the candidates coming to the nomination. In this picture interesting details have been inscribed about the installation and use of C-Vigil app.

Mercury held on 21st October to bring progress in the mizals rubella vaccination

Jashpur 1 Nov.

A mercury meeting was organized on October 21, 2018 to bring progress in the Mijuls Rubella vaccination by Mitanan MT Hulasi Bai and Mitanin Blake Coordinator. The women in which the signatures were taken.

Chief Medical and Health Officer said that in a news letter in a news letter the news was published that "the violation of the Code of Conduct by the authorities after the selection of Mitanine" and the Chief Medical Officer and Health Officer informed that on October 21 the village No Mitananin has been selected in Chik Basti of Kurakunga. This news was completely published without information which is antitrust and baseless.

Recovery of 650 quintals of paddy from 6 shopkeepers for stolen 36308 rupees

Jashpur 1 Nov.

The proceedings of the casual raids in Gram Lodam and Jashpur conducted by the Inter-State Sector Detection Party on the last day. In which 6,600 quintals of rice was recovered from 6 shopkeepers, 36 thousand 308 rupees. Food officials said that 100 quintals of Laxmani shopkeeper Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta here, 25 quintals here in Shri Santosh Kumar Sahoo, 10 quintals from Sivdhani Gupta and 300 quintals here in Jashpur Nagar, 300 quintals, Sarafat An illegal collection of 150 quintals of rice from 65 quintals and Gupta traders here without any valid documents Were less addressed.

He informed that if the illegal storage was done under the Mandi rules, total 650 quintals from 6 shopkeepers will be given at the rate of 2 percent of the total amount of Rs. 20 thousand 280 rupees per month, and the non-availability of record amount of Tk. Due to the penalty of Rs 14 thousand rupees, 36 thousand rupees 308 was collected and deposited in the account of the government.

CEO of District Panchayat Shri Kuldeep Sharma informed about the Seville App

Jashpur 31 OCT

Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Kuldeep Sharma (Civil) Mobile Application Poster, "Accessible and Simple, My Own Civilization" was released on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. This mobile application has been created to register a complaint after the Election Commission of India finds violation of code of conduct or expenditure rules. Users can send a complaint directly to the District Election Officer using this application. If any such act violates the Code of Conduct or expenditure rules, then the Civil user can directly record the photo of the act and post it to the District Election Officer, Jashpur. Shri Sharma said that the maximum publicity of this application should be made public in general.

If the people get information about this, and if there is any complaint related to the Code of Conduct or Expenditure Rules in the district, then on the basis of information, it can be checked immediately. He told that anyone who has an Android smart phone can go to the Google Play store and download the application, after this, the person can get his mobile number and OTP. After this, the person can file a complaint directly after the violation of the Code of Conduct and Expenditure Rules. The main feature of this application is that the person can also register a complaint as a secret user by keeping his identity confidential.

The complaint will be processed within 100 minutes of the complaint and the registered user will receive notice of the action on the mobile number. Apart from this, he said that this application will work for 24 hours and the monitoring of the portal is continuously being monitored by the District Civil Team. Additional Deputy Collector Shri Thakur, Mr. Ravi Mittal (IBA), Principal of the District Deputy Speaker, Mr. Vinod Gupta, D.I.O. Shri Ajit Kumar and all the officers and employees of the Department of Information Technology and the District Office were present.

Information about the traffic rules given to the auto drivers in the direction of the Superintendent of Police

Jashpur 31 OCT

The number of auto drivers in the district is increasing rapidly. Road accidents are also increasing. Due to non-availability of training and transport rules, accidents are on the rise. In order to solve this problem, under the guidance of the Superintendent of Police, Shri Prashant Singh Thakur, the autonomy of the district was called by the traffic in charge and traffic stop, with a total of 44 auto drivers.

At the time of driving auto drivers, instructions were given to set fixed uniforms, name plates and forged fits in the right part of the auto.
First of all, all auto drivers were asked to show the vehicle papers and checked the paper whose documents were found correct, that vehicle was numbered so that it could be clearly identified.

The drivers who were not present were instructed to follow this rule and the drivers in the district, without permits and no-plate plates, were clearly explained. Simultaneously, the passengers were instructed to avoid the crash by running a smoky and unscrupulous auto. "The autorickshaw drivers who were not aware of the rules were informed in the police line and given instructions on the transport rules and instructions were given to strictly follow the rules.

They were told that if no auto driver is following the rule, then strict and punitive action will be taken against them. Penalty action will be taken by the auto driver on self-consumption by taking intoxication.

Assembly Elections 2018: 8 nominations filed by nominees

Jashpur : 31 OCT

As per Vidhan Sabha General Election 2018 today, on October 31, 2018 8 candidates filed nominations in Jashpur district and 3 candidates from Pathholgaon got nomination papers. Today, on 31 October 2018, by the Election Commission, for the General Election of 2018, for the General Assembly elections, from Jashpur assembly -12, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Shri Govind Ram Bhagat and Indian National Congress Mr. Vinay Kumar Bhagat filed their nomination papers.

Three nominees from Kunakuri assembly -13 filed nominations, including Indian National Congress candidate Mr Uttam Dan Minj, the candidate of Backward Society Party United, Shri Kaushal Kumar Ohdar and Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Shri Bharat Sai have filed their nomination. Three candidates have filed nominations from Pathholanga assembly-14. Among them, Indian National Congress candidate Shri Ramupur Singh Thakur, Janta Congress candidate from Chhattisgarh (J) Shri Maheshwar Painkara and Bharatiya Janata Party's candidate Shri Shivshankar Pankara have filed their names.

Shri Anil Kumar Pahha for the Scheduled Tribes for Pathalgaon Vidhan Sabha Area- 14 from the Indian Tribal Party, Mr. Swami Kartik Bhagat has purchased nomination papers today by the Indian Bahujan Congress Party and Mr. Kartik Say Sidar. Under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Dr. Priyanka Shukla, centers have been set up in the collectorate for purchasing and depositing nomination forms in all three assembly constituencies of the district. Candidates can submit nomination papers by November 2 and the nomination papers filed on November 3 will be scrutinized and names will be withdrawn by the candidates till November 5. The District Election Officer said that only four others are allowed to remain with the candidate during the nomination.



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