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In charge of Bemetara district, in charge for the smooth and successful work of election

Bemetara 11 Jan

Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha Election 2019 has been given responsibilities to the in-charge officers and their assistant in-charge officers for successful implementation. Collector Mahadev Kawre told that the Officer-in-Charge for the polling team, trainer, training and staff welfare, Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat Bemetra S. Alok and his assistant in-charge officer deputy director Panchayat Bemetra DK Kaushik, District Education Officer Chandrakar,All the chief executive officers will be the district panchayat. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: Arranging adequate officers / employees for the formation of polling party, traffic, training, election materials, observer voting and counting etc., arrangement of visitor's visit, excursion, lodging, arrangement of liaisoning officer, transport, Security System, Telephone, Computer, Printer, CD / DVD Arrange the Adi,To organize all the training programs and to provide the necessary facilities at the training site, the necessary facilities in the material distribution-return locations and polling stations.

Similarly eVM Officer-in-Charge for the VV Pat and Executive Engineer, Public Health Mechanics, Bemmara, will be the officer and his assistant in-charge officer, District Marketing Officer, RS Lahomor. The responsibilities assigned to them are: eVM And the work of VV Pat, Checking, Warehousing, Safekeeping, and Rendimization, Sealing etc. is the work of In-charge Officer for the Officer-in-charge Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Berla RP Anhla and his assistant in-charge officer, District Transport Officer Bemetra Vivek Sinha. The responsibilities assigned to them are: Voting parties, material transport, E.V.M. To arrange the vehicle for VV Pat Transport, Sector Officer, Police Checker etc., to prepare the rent sheet.

In-charge for the election material, Officer in charge Officer, Bemetra D.N. Kashyap and his assistant in-charge officer will be District Registrar Kumar Bhayariya. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: preparing the necessary material for the election in the prescribed process, arranging the camera, computer, stationery etc.

Officer of the Model Code of Conduct / Complaint and Election Expenditure, deputy collector Shilli Thomas and his in-charge assistant officer, District Mineral Officer Meenakshi Sahu and District Treasury Officer. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: To ensure the compliance of the Model Code of Conduct and to solve the grievances, send information to the Commission, prepare all the work related reports and expenditure reports of the candidates.

Route chart, voter list election duty certificate, deputy collector of postal ballot Mr B.R. Dhru and his assistant in-charge officer, Assistant Superintendent of Land Records Ashutosh Gupta. These are the responsibilities assigned to them - preparation of root chart, preparation of sector, preparation of marked voter list,E.D.C. is the postal ballot work. In-charge Officer The Superintendent of Police, Bemetara Vimal Bass and his assistant in-charge officer will be the district superintendent of police. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: To coordinate with the Police Department, send the report of the law system to the commission every day.For the ballot / postal ballot, the in-charge officer sub-registrar co-operative organizations Bemetra SK Tigga and his assistant in-charge officer will be District Planning and Statistical Officer Bemetra R. K. Ogre. These are the responsibilities assigned to them, to ensure the assessment and availability of ballots and postal ballots.

In-charge Officer for Media / MCMC Control Room, Assistant Director, Public Relations Bemetra CL. Lonhare and his assistant in-charge officer will be District e-Manager Bemetara Mahendra Verma. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: Issuing the Passionate, Providing News Cutting, Providing authorization to the journalists, Forming and working of MCMC.

Incharge Officer for Computerization, District Information Officer, NIC Bemetara Rohit Kumar Chandra Vanshi and his assistant in-charge officer assistant programmer will be Bemetara Ms. Babi Rajput, District Election Office. These are the responsibilities assigned to them, providing information in voting party formation, EVM, randomization of VV Pat, information related to the counting of votes, all the work related to IT.

For Sweep Officer in charge, District Education Officer, GR Chandkurkar and his Assistant In-charge Officer will be the District Development Officer of all development schools. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: organizing programs related to voter awareness, making sweep plans, operating electoral literacy and other activities.

In-charge Officer for the management of Light, Mike, Shamiana, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Bemetera MR Jatva and their Assistant In-Charge Officer, Departmental Officer, Public Works Department, Bemetara D. These are the responsibilities assigned to them: Providing light, Mike, awning for the purpose of distribution of materials and returning locations and counting of votes and verification of the payments.

Incharge Officer for Sector Officer and Micro Observer, Additional Collector Bemetra S.R. Women and his assistant in-charge officer will be Assistant Statistics Officer Rohit Kumar Soni. They have all the responsibilities assigned to them - all the work related to the Sector Officer and Micro Observer.








Under the Debt Waiver scheme, the loan waiver of 94 thousand 842 farmers has been increased to 406.85 crores.

Bemetara 11 Jan

According to the announcement by the state's Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel Government, a loan waiver scheme is getting benefit of about Rs.406.85 crores in 94 thousand 842 farmers in the district. Collector Mahadev Kaware informed that out of the loan distributed in 16 branches of District Cooperative Central Bank Limited Durg, District Bemetra, 5 thousand 127 farmers in 4 committees under branch Bemetra estimated to be Rs. 2572.65 lakh, In the 3 societies of Juwara branch, 4 thousand 554 farmers received 1566.44 lakh rupees, 4,496 farmers of 4 committees of Baisamund branch, 1786.84 lakh rupees, 9,024 farmers in 9 committees of Navagadh branch, Rs. 3300.04 lakh, 4 thousand rupees of Nandighat branch Rs. 1315.44 lakh to 287 farmers, Rs. 3811.70 lakh to 7 thousand 612 farmers of Dadri branch, Rs. 1155.46 lakh to 4 thousand 087 farmers in Beo Branch,Rs. 1974.78 lakh to 6 thousand 053 farmers in Sambalpur branch, 10 thousand 984 farmers in Berla branch, Rs. 3983.86 lakh, 6 thousand 591 farmers in Saja branch, Rs. 3282.42 lakh, Rs. 1875.43 lakh to 4 thousand 520 farmers in Deokar branch, Rs. 2735.53 lakh to 4 thousand 773 farmers, Rs. 3377.28 lakh to 7 thousand 179 farmers in Thanchkhmaria branch,Rs. 2215.72 lakhs to 4 thousand 438 farmers in the taluka branch, Rs. 2792.87 lakh to 5 thousand 857 farmers in Bhimbauri branch, and for the 5 thousand 275 farmers under Deewarbija branch, the process of waiving the loan of about Rs. 2934.03 lakhs is under process. In the 54 cooperative societies of the district, entry of outstanding credit is being made in the online module of the cooperative department, after which the information of the actual beneficiary farmers and the amount will be available.



Meeting of housing allocation committee concluded

Bemetara 11 Jan

Government Officials of Government Housing F, G, H and I Type will all be allocated according to their eligibility criteria to the government officials and employees working in District Headquarter Bethemara. The meeting of the housing allocation committee was held today under the chairmanship of Collector Mahadev Kaware. In which discussions and discussions were held regarding government accommodation allocation.

Under the Bemetra development block, 44 government housing houses have been constructed in Mohbhatha Ward. 19 crore 29 lakhs were sanctioned for this. These include 6 types of F-Type 6, 18 types of G type and 20 types of H Type. In the District Bemetra headquarters, the construction of the general administration department is being done by the Public Works Department behind the new rest house located at Berla Road.

A total of 40 houses are being constructed for government officials and employees whose tender value is Rs.55 crores 64 lacs. Which includes 4 types of E. Type 4, Type 6 of F type, 12 of G Type, 6 of H Type, and 12 types of I Type. Instructions have been issued by the collector to complete the construction work of Executive Engineer, Mr. Jatav. In the meeting, SP Superintendent Prashant Thakur, ADM K.S. Mandavi, Deputy Collector, B.R. Dhruv, Smt. Silly Thomas, Executive Engineer Lonovie M. R. Jatav, Assistant Engineer, Chhattisgarh Homebuilding Board Shri Sahu was present.

Collector collects traffic of Bemetra city traffic, Warning given to shopkeepers outside the road

Bemetara 11 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kawre reviewed the city's cleanliness and city's traffic system by observing various wards of the city headquarters of Bemetara. The collector said that the Bemetra city will be expanded to all types of civil facilities in line with the district headquarters. Collector Shri Kaware reached the bus stand and warned the small businessmen who shop in the road.

It is difficult for those who travel, so do not place a shop in the street. On this occasion, SP Superintendent Prashant Thakur, SDM DN Kashyap, municipality's CMO Mohinder Sahu was also present. The collector told permanent shopkeepers that they do not spread the goods of their establishment on the side of the road, it affects the traffic. The District Magistrate asked to sell the goods inside the shop.

It is difficult for those who travel, so do not place a shop in the street. On this occasion, SP Superintendent Prashant Thakur, SDM DN Kashyap, municipality's CMO Mohinder Sahu was also present. The collector told permanent shopkeepers that they do not spread the goods of their establishment on the side of the road, it affects the traffic. The District Magistrate asked to sell the goods inside the shop. After this, the Collector and Superintendent of Police reached the signal check, in the road leading to Civil Lines, a shade was made out of the road by the shopkeepers and the ladder was also constructed. Those who come under the category of encroachment, give instructions to the Chief Municipal Officer to take action to remove it.



The Collector issued a meeting in the district panchayat Bemetara and issued directions for the speedy completion of the works

Bemetara 11 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kawre reviewed the status of construction works operated under the Janpad Panchayat Bemetra today. He instructed them to start the untied work early and ordered to complete the work that is currently in progress. Good work has been done in Mission Antyodaya and GPDP under Janpad Panchayat Bemetra. The collector congratulated the Panchayat Secretaries while expressing happiness.

After getting the amount of the third installment under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme, the District Magistrate instructed him to complete by the end of this month. In the meeting, instructions have been issued to non-spot two Panchayat Secretary and one ADO to issue showcause notice. Among them, Secretary of Gram Panchayat Sikkpat, Nilambar Rajput and Mou's secretary Giridas Chelak, Assistant Development Extension Officer Rashmi Chauhan are also included.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the office of the Secretary of Mou, the District Panchayat CEO, after reaching an hour late, expressed dissatisfaction. He instructed them to improve government work. Collector, National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), Assistant Development Extension Officer of the District Panchayat Bemetra, BS. Rajput expressed happiness on doing good work and told him to reward Republic Day on January 26.

According to the Chief Minister's intention, the work of conservation of conventions under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA in the direction of protection of four identifiers - Narva, Garwa, Ghurva Au Bari of Chhattisgarh. The Collector directed the Panchayat Secretaries to reside in their designated head quarters. About 10 crores of construction works are being done in village panchayats of Bemetara Block.

Collector collects water for preservation of water, instructed to operate the work of deepening of the water pumps and pond in the pond with hand pumps. The District Magistrate instructed to give information about the short revision program of the electoral rolls in the Gram Sabha, organized on 23rd January. He also asked to pay a regular social security pension He also instructed to take special care on the quality of mid-day meal being served in Aanganwadi.

Suggestions for setting up an agro-based industry- Collector Shri Kavare today suggested to the Panchayat Secretaries about establishing an agro-based industry in the district during the meeting organized by the Block Level Resource Center of the District Panchayat Bemetara. State government also intends that due to being an agricultural district, establishment of industry based business here is established. Proposals are being prepared for this.

The Chief Minister of the State, Shri Bhupesh Baghel had announced to set up an agriculture industry in Bemetara district during a program organized in Berla Blanc. This will also provide employment to local youth. Collector has invited suggestions from farmers and Panchayat representatives of Panchayat Secretaries and Bemetara Vikaskhand. They have written their suggestions in the district industry center, SDM. Can be presented near Bemetra.

During the meeting, the collector organized the Chief Minister's Composite Development Plan, Chhattisgarh Rural Area Development Authority, Village Development Plan, Toilets in schools, Ahata Construction, Shala Bhawan, Junkyard, Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana, Gram Utkarsh Yojna, Aanganwadi Building, District Panchayat Development Fund, MLA Detailed review of the functions of the fund, in-charge minister item, MP fund, district mineral development fund.

District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Bemetra D.N. Kashyap, District Panchayat CEO Deepak Thakur, Sub-Divisional Officer Water Resources Chandrasekhar Shivvari, SDO RES Bhushan Sahu, SDO PHE N.S. Leaderam, CEO Arun Khare, senior agriculture development officer Bemetra BS Rajput, besides Block Level Officers and Panchayat Secretaries were present.

NSS volunteers have given message of cleanliness and cleanliness

Balrampur was held in the 7-day Eastern Secondary School, Dalhadov, from 03 January 2019 under the National Service Scheme of Balrampur 10 January 2019 / Government Child Higher Secondary School Balrampur.
In the concluding ceremony of the camp, Chief Guest Mr. Anil Sinha, Program Coordinator, Saint Gahiraguru University, Ambikapur, in his remark said that the volunteers of the National Service Scheme create their character through social service. During this, he creates his personality by being aware of the importance of labor, cleanliness, environmental protection etc.
Various creative works were done by the campers during the camp and after giving labor, cleaning the premises and surrounding the hand pump, gave a message of cleanliness to the villagers. Also, according to the intellectual program, information was given to the villagers about the public welfare schemes governed by officials of different departments. During the camp, information was given about the rules regarding traffic rules, health related information, clean India mission, clean Balrampur, child rights protection and child exploitation on the issue of road safety on separate dates.

Collector collects inspection of Sant Samagra Mela venue Lollasara

Bemetara 5 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kaware today inspected the Sant Samagam fair venue, which was held on Sunday, from 06 to 09 January 2019, in the village Lolesara near Bemetara city on Saturday. They also give necessary instructions to the officials for all necessary arrangements. The collector has also entrusted the responsibility to the authorities to ensure the arrangements for the peaceful conduct of the fair.

Under this, the police superintendent of Bemetara, P.E. water tanker system for the security arrangements and traffic arrangements. Department, Executive Engineer for smooth electrical system Chief Medical and Health Officer for the medical system, RVV,

The Chief Bldg. Authority has given responsibility to Bemetra, Chief Municipal Officer. Similarly, the appointment of the Executive Magistrate for arranging and arranging in the Sant Samagam fair. Will be done by Bemetra. The Collector instructed the Chief Municipal Officer, Bemetra, to deploy his clean clothes to the Fair and wear the prescribed dress so that they can be easily identified. During this time SDM DN Kashyap, municipality's CMO Mohinder Sahu, assistant food officer Arun Meshram and other officials were present.

The collector did the situation in a fascinating situation. Quarters inspection

Bemetara 5 Jan

44-44 Government Houses have been constructed for the Block Level Officers and employees in the Block Headquarters of the district. Collector Mahadev Kaware inspected the official residence built in Mohbhatta Ward located at Bemetra this morning. He took information regarding the work of electrical fittings to the construction agency. 19 crore 29 lakhs have been sanctioned for 176 housing in four developmental headquarters of the district.

The government house has been constructed near the Tahsil office in Berla, near the new district office, located at Bhanaura-Kajra Road in Saja, Shukul Para of Navagad, in the Mohawatbhata Ward of Bemetra. The amount of Rs.44.87 crore 36 thousand rupees has been approved for each by the state government. These include 6 types of F-Type, 18 nos of G type and 20 housing of H-Type.

The Collector gave instructions to the authorities to complete the small work of the government housing which is pending, so that the government servants can be allotted quickly. C.G. Construction work has been done as a construction agency by the State Home Building Board. State Government intends that separate residential colonies should be created for the government servants working in the developmental headquarters and they do not have to face the housing related problems, under which these buildings have been constructed.

Organized meeting of Jeevidep committee for better medical facilities available to people in district hospital

Bemetara 5 Jan

A meeting of the Jeevandeep committee's executive committee was held today under the chairmanship of Mahadev Kavre, Collector and Jeevandeep Executive Committee. Discussion and discussion were discussed in the meeting to provide better medical facilities to the common citizens. 100 bed hospital in the district headquarters is almost ready. For the construction of the building, a grant of Rs. 14 crores has been sanctioned by the Government of India.

The collector instructed the concerned construction agency to complete the task soon. In relation to the preparation of its release by the end of January, the collector gave the necessary instructions to the CMHO. This hospital is ready in the district hospital premises. In the meeting, MLA Mr. Ashish Kumar Chhabra, what other initiatives can be taken to better manage the district hospital

So that ordinary citizens can get the benefit of better health facilities. In this regard, the information regarding the vacant posts of Civil Surgeon took place. In order to make special initiatives for vacant staff posting at the state government level. The Civil Surgeon told that the post of medicin doctor, Orthopedician is vacant here. The MLA explained the doctors to keep their behavior in order.

The MLA said that the doctor has been given the same status as God. But if his behavior is correct, half of the patient's disease is sorted out. Hospital patients receive good care, staff duty on duty. Shri Chhabra said that the cases of Sanjivan come, they should not have to wander, take special care of it. Smart card provides people with the right treatment facility.Civil Surgeon told that RSBY / M.S.B.Y. Card holders were treated with 017 1018 Smart Cards and 197 patients under Ayushman India from 01 April 2018 to 30 November 2018. 464 Normal Delivery was made to the District Hospital

The MLA Mr. Chhabra gave instructions to the Civil Surgeon to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the District Hospital. Civil Surgeon Dr. Pal informed about the facilities available in the hospital through computer based PowerPoint Presentation. The Civil Surgeon told that two days a week the bone marrow specialist comes from the cremation. The certificate is prepared for bone-affected people. Generic drugs are being received by ordinary citizens from medical stores operating in the district hospital premises. The MLA directed the Civil Surgeon to initiate necessary initiatives to start generic drug shops near Basic School. Invite application under the Interest Expression. Civil Surgeon told that there is a shortage of stages of class IV in the District Hospital. Jeevandeep Committee proposed to keep staf.

Dr. Pal said that the operation of sterilization of male and female in the district hospital Bemetara is being done. From 01 April 2018 to 30 November 2018, a total of 754 successful sterilization operations were carried out. During the same period, emergency medical treatment was provided to 2864 patients. Vater ATMs are available 24 hours a day for papile in the district hospital.

Under this, cold and filter water is provided at a rate of rupees per liter. Apart from this, the filters and ROs in different Wards and Hospital Councils. The facility is also available.In the meeting Avniish Raghav, deputy collector Mrs. Silly Thomas, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Satish Sharma, Civil Surgeon Dr. SK Pal, Dr. Vinay Tamarkar, District Program Manager, National Health Mission, Smt. Anupama Tiwari, Hospital Consultant, Smt. Aarti Dutta, Executive Engineer, Lonivi M R Jatav, C.S.P.D.L.J.S. Chaudhary, other municipal officer Mohinder Sahu and other officials were present.



The well-planned development of Bemetra is the only goal of all of us - MLA Mr. Chhabra

Bemetara 5 Jan

MLA Bemetara Ashish Kumar Chhabra reviewed the functioning of Municipality Council Bemetra in the collectorate meeting room at one o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday. In the meeting, collectors Mahadev Kavre, Chief Municipal Officer Mohinder Sahu, Avnish Raghav and other officials were present. It was decided in the meeting that a master plan would be prepared for the well-developed development of Betmeetra.

Accordingly, the city will be developed by providing better citizen facilities to the common citizens. MLA Mr. Chhabra said that Bemetara is the city of all of us, not politics in the development of the city, we will all develop together the district headquarter, Bemetara as a beautiful and attractive city. MLA Mr. Chhabra took information from the 21 wards of Bemetra to supply sweet water to Shivnath Amora Ghat in 6-7 wardens.

CMO of the Municipality Said that the pipeline has not been laid in the remaining wards by the Public Health Mechanics Department (Project), hence drinking water supply is not available. P.H.E. The department has sent a revised steamet to the state government. The collector said that he is P.E. Call the officers of the department and direct them to take necessary action.

The MLA took information from the CMO about the cleaning and beautification of Bhadrakali pond. After drying of water in some ponds of Bemetra, it is necessary to remove mud and clay after drying of water, so that the water after the rains, then the water is clean. The MLA gave instructions to CMO Muktidham for fixing the maintenance of the city. Chief Municipal Officer informed that for the construction of Hi-tech bus stand in Durg Road, Rs. 4.40 crore has been approved from the state government.

But the allocation of the zodiac has not come. The MLA, giving clear warning to the Chief Municipal Officer, said that within 15 days the contractors should pay the remaining payment. Shri Chhabra said that CMO's control of all the staff of the municipality should be controlled. Take special care of quality in construction work, there will be no compromise with quality. The collector instructed the CMO to pay special attention to the citizen's facilities available to the citizens under the public service guarantee act 2011.

During the meeting, the complainant received the complaint that the Deputy Engineer and the Accountant of the Municipality did not pass any payment for the amount without any payment, it would be strictly curbed, otherwise the proceedings would be taken against the concerned. The contractors complained that the municipality staff does not have any payment for the visit without paying. Despite the announcement of the ODF by the Municipal Council, some contractors have not been able to make the final payment of the amount of toilets constructed till date.

The MLA gave instructions to the CMO to make quick payments. During the meeting, discussions were made regarding the migration of the auditor to the Municipal Councils from the higher offices. They reach anytime but their scheduled day is not fixed, they are fixed for two days a week. The Gaurav Path has been built in Durg Road and small plantations have been planted in it. Maintainance should also be properly done. The drainage drainage systematic should be arranged. Bathing the beautification of Bandh- In the meeting, the MLA gave instructions to the Chief Municipal Officer to prepare a proposal for beautification of Bandha Lake near Panchavati situated in Khilora Marg. The motor boat facility will be developed by making the pond deeper. The pond will be developed for the convenience of tourists in Bemetra city and the common people of the district and people of the city will also enjoy the holiday along with family in the days of holidays etc.

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