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Organizing Vasectomy Pakakhada Public awareness campaigns bring public transport

For organizing Balrampur 04 December 2018 / Male sterilization fortnight, public awareness campaign was disseminated on 03 December by the Chief Medical and Health Officer of District Headquarters Balrampur Dr. Gnanesh Choubey. Men sterilization parakhwara will be organized by 10 December 2018. During this time, public awareness vehicle will be brought about awareness of male sterilization through publicity spread in all the villages, hot markets and masses of 06 development block of the district. During this fortnight, "More Mitan More Sangwari" will be organized in all Bahujan Community / Villages. In all the colleges in the district, NSVT The related slogan competition will be organized. In which each 02 students of every college writing high quality slogans will be honored by the Health Department.
District Program Manager Smriti Ekka, District Advisor Dr Pradeep Gautam, District Malaria Advisor Mr. Divyakishore Gupta and Development Block Program Manager Shri Eye Prakash Sore, BEE on the occasion of public awareness campaign. Shri Jai Prakash Singh and the villagers were present.

Training of counting officers / staff completed Instructions given by Collector for successful implementation of counting work

Balrampur was organized in the District Panchayat Auditorium Bhawan, a day-long training of executives and employees employed for the counting of December 04, 2018 / assembly election 2018. In the training, Collector and District Election Officer Shri Hiralal Nayak and Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal gave necessary directions to the officers and employees employed on duty for successful implementation of counting work.
Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak informed that the counting of assembly constituencies of 07-Ramanujganj and 08-Samari will be done in 19 rounds, 14-14 tables have been earmarked for the counting work of each assembly. The collector instructed the officers and employees appointed for the counting of votes to take special care of the counting process in a fair and fair way, and officials and employees employed in the counting of votes should not come with mobile phones in the calculation room. The collector gave instructions to all the officers employed in the counting work to reach the counting place till 6.30 am. He told that the process of counting will begin from 8.00 AM. The postal ballot will be counted first and the votes of EVM machine will be calculated later. Candidates of the candidates will be present in each table and counting process will be completed before them. Information about the counting of votes of each round will be done on the board, along with information will be provided to the media center for journalists. The collector said that Videography of counting work will be done from the commencement of the counting of votes.
The Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, Shri Shiv Anant Tayal, appointed officials of E.V.M. to each candidate from the officers and employees appointed for the counting. Asked to provide detailed information about machine information, results etc. If there is any doubt in his mind, he can be quickly resolved. He asked the master trainers to give all the officers and employees engaged in the counting work to expand the details of all the situation which was coming at the time of counting.
Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Durgesh Verma, Assistant Returning Officer of Samrri Assembly constituency, Mr. R.S. Officials and officials engaged in the counting work, including Lal, Deputy Collector, Mr. Entrance Pacra, Mr. Abhishek Gupta were present.

Organized different programs on the occasion of International Divya Divas Collector did honor of Divya jangan

Various programs were organized under the chairmanship of Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak in the old District Panchayat Balrampur campus on the occasion of Balrampur 03 December 2018 / International Day of Divas. This program included Divya Jangan from the district. On this occasion, the health check was done by the people of Divyan and they were honored by organizing sports and Rangoli competition.
On the occasion of International Divya Day, Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak told the guests of the program that International Day of Divya Day is celebrated on 3rd December with the aim of encouraging the people of Divya jan. On Day of Divya day, DivyaJang together with each other shares their happiness and sorrows. Divyang Day is not only an incentive day for mental patients or physically handicapped persons but it is also an opportunity to encourage patients suffering from incurable diseases. The collector said that all of you are qualified and can do their work according to their capacity. He informed that in the state assembly elections, the Election Commission of India had made special arrangements for the Divya voters. He said that special action plan will be set up for the Divisions of the district so that you can benefit from all the different schemes run by the government. The collector said that such a program will be organized at district level along with the development block level. The Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal said that today is a very important day. He said that it is the highest duty of all of us, to extend support to the most disadvantaged people of the society, and to extend the facilities to the people and to help them to get the help of the people. Chief Executive Officer said that there is a plan of action for opening a capable center for all the development blocks including district headquarters for Divyanjan.
On the occasion of International Day of Divas, the Health Department conducted a health check-up by the Health Department. Divya Jangan's sports jumping program was organized by the Social Welfare Department and the winners were rewarded. On this occasion, distribution of unique ID cards to the Divisions was distributed. Along with this, the devotees were awarded the year by the devotees. Additional Chief Executive Officer, Shri Patram Singh Pacra, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Pramod Singh, Civil Surgeon Dr. R.K. Divyaangan, a large number of people including Tripathi and Social Welfare Department's development block level officer-staff were present.

Appointment of officers / employees for 2018 counting of assembly elections Training of counting officers / employees today

Balrampur 03 December 2018 / Assembly Election 2018 Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak has imposed the duty of officials / employees for the counting work in Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. The training of officials and employees has been organized today at 4:30 am on December 4 in the old district panchayat meeting room.
As per the order issued by Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Hiralal Nayak, the lecturer for the counting supervisor, Government Higher Secondary School, Ramanujganj, Mr. Vijay Prasad, Assistant Commissioner, Tribal Mr. B.K. Rajput, Assistant Director of Park, Mr. Patram Singh Pacara, District Women Development Officer, Shri J.R. Principal, Principal Child Higher Secondary School, Vadaf Nagar, Mr. B.L. Maulalia, Executive Engineer, Rural Engineering Service, Shri G.P. Maheshwari, Higher Secondary School, Dhandhapur, Shri Arun Dubey, Deputy Director, Veterinary Services, Dr. B.P. Satnami, District Excise Officer Mr. Aalak Siddar, Assistant Professor Shri Umesh Kumar Pandey, Executive Engineer Water Resources Shri U.D. Ramtekar, SDO Water Resources Shri Sanjay Graykar, Principal Government Higher Secondary School, Rajpur, Shri R.P. Gupta, Manager, District Industry and Trade Center Balrampur Shri P.R. Khandelwal, District Coordinator, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dr. K.R. Sahu, SDO Water Resources Shri Bhavani Prasad Chadar, Assistant Director Agriculture Mr. Raushan Kumar Ogre, Lecturer Higher Secondary School, Rajpur Mr. Girish Chandra Mishra, D.M.O. Mr. Pramod Jangde, Assistant Professor Mr. Ramesh Patel, Assistant Professor Mr. Shani Dhari, SDO Water Resources Shri K.N. Sharma, District Marketing Officer Shri Arun Vishwakarma, DCCB Mr. R.P. Pandey, Labor Officer Shri Nitesh Vishwakarma, SDO Water Resources Shri Saxmani Tiwari, Pradhan Pathak Secondary School Jamudand Sri Shiv Prasad Ravi, Statutory Officer Shri R.B. Chaurasia, Silk Officer Mr. Manish Pawar, Project Officer Literate India Shri C. N. Ram, Sub-Divisional Officer, Rural Engineering Service, Shri M.K. Wasnik, SDO Water Resources Mr. Silveer Minj, Assistant Professor Mr. Ramesh Khairwar, SDO Water Resources Mr. Prem Kumar Lakra, Assistant Professor Mr. Agustin Kuzur, SDO PWD Mr. Syam Mohammad Khan have imposed the duty.
Similarly, for the counting assistant, RES Deputy Chief Engineer Mr. Vikas Kumar Tiwari, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Jain, Mr. Guhan Das Gendre, Mr. Sunil Toppo, Mr. Jashkamal Chhabda, Mr. Satish Kumar Shrivastav, Mr. Ambareesh Yadav and Mr. Rajendra Dubey, Deputy Engineer of Water Resources Mr. Sujit Kumar Gupta, Mr. Brajesh Kumar Dwivedi, Shri Azad Mohammad Khan, Shri Narayan Prasad Dahariya, Shri Pancham Banjera, Shri Surendra Kumar Rathia, Mr. Rajkumar Pack Mr. Rajendra Prasad Singh, Mr. Ravendra Singh Netam, Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Mr. Ashish Bhagat Shri Ramnarayan Patel, Deputy Engineer of Rural Engineering Service Mr. Arun Kumar Birze, Mr. Ajit Kumar Bhagat, Mr. Bhavesh Sharma, Mr. Sumit Kumar Gupta, Mr. Ramkumar Tiri, Deputy Engineer of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana Shri Ravi Shankar, Shri Anshul Patel, Mr. Deepak Kumar Choubey, Mr. Jagarnath Siddar, Mr. Uttam Shankar Diwakar, District Deputy Engineer of Panchayat Shri Anupam Pandey, Shri Dharmendra Gupta, Mr. Neeraj coppersmith, Mr. Januram Sonwani, Mr. Pawan Kumar Yadav and Public Sub Engineer Health Engineering Shri Rajesh Pandey has been appointed. Nodal Officer Naib Tahsildar Shankargarh for monitoring work for tabulating work, Shri Pramod Kumar Patel, Naib Tehsildar Kusami Shri Ramraj Singh, Assistant Director Fishery Shri Murat Singh, Deputy Collector Mr. Abhishek Gupta and Mr. Vibhag Pachara, District Education Officer, Shri I.P. Gupta has been appointed. Tehsildar Rajpur Shri Mukhdev Prasad Yadav and Tehsildar Kusami Shri Irshad Ahmed have been appointed for the in-charge of in-charge rooms. E.w.m. For the Transport Officer, Naib Tehsildar Ramanujganj Shri Pancham Salam and Naib Tehsildar Vadafnagar Mr. Keshav Ram Vasnik, Nayab Tehsildar Rajpur Ms Uma Singh, Naib Tehsildar Chando (Kusami) Mr. Vivek Gohia and for their cooperation, duty of 4th class employees has been installed. District Information and Science Officer Mr. Prabhat Mishra for the Genesis Nodal Officer, and the District Panchayat Mr. Basant Guleri has been appointed for the Tribunal Nodal Officer. Similarly, Principal Government Children High School Balrampur Shri Bimal Dubey, Principal Government Higher Secondary School, Ramanujganj, Shri A.P. Lion Assistant Grade-02 Shri Bhuvan Yadav, Mr. Umesh Gupta and Mr. Smit Gupta, Assistant Programmer Mr. Mohan Prajapati, Mr. Anil Gupta, Steno Typist Mr. Pramod Nag, Mr. Afzal Ansari and other employees.

Purchase of 22666 quintals of rice in the district so far

Balrampur 30 Nov.

Kharif Marketing Year 2018-19 Paddy is being procured from registered farmers through cooperative societies in Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. The target of procurement of 13 lakh quintals of rice in 37 procurement centers in the district has been fixed. So far, 22666 quintals of Paddy have been inward. Out of which 843.60 quintals thick rice and 21822.40 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. Out of this 2530 quintals of paddy have been lifted. The cooperative committee of the district is 212 in Kapildevpur, 606 in Runhat, 864 in Kusmei, 2242.40 in Kameshwaranagar, 90.40 in chando, 1234.80 in Jamari, 253.40 in Trikunda, 2460.80 in Bartikala, 1664.40 in Tatapani, 1485.60 in Bardar, 608 in Brihan, Balrampur 298.80, 1554 in Maharajganj, 2974.60 in Bhanwaraj, 1449.20 in Mahavirganj, 968.80 in Ramchandrapur, 674 in Ramnagar, 421.20 in Vadafnagar, 733.60 in Dindo and 1870 quintals in Virendranagar was purchased from the paddy farmers.

December 11 declared dry days

Balrampur 30 Nov.

Counting of votes will be done on December 11, 2018, under the Legislative Assembly election 2018. As per the instructions issued by the Commercial Tax Excise Department Raipur, Collector and District Magistrate, Mr. Hiralal Nayak, using the powers conferred in sub-section (1) of Section 24 of the Excise Act, 1915, the counting of votes for assembly election 2018 will be held in the liquor shops of the municipality area Balrampur Has declared dry days to keep the counting day 11 December 2018 one day off. There should be no complete control over the illegal construction, ownership, transportation, purchase and sale of alcohol from any authorized and unauthorized places in the voting area Balrampur in dry days. After receiving the complaint, strict action must be taken and seizure should be done.

Awareness Rally on World AIDS Day

Balrampur 29 Nov.

Chief Medical and Health Officer, Shri Dnyanesh Choubey has said that this year also, World AIDS Day will be celebrated on December 01, 2018 as in the previous year. On this occasion, people will be made aware of AIDS by taking out a rally organized by the students of Asrfi Devi Institute of Nursing, Children and Girls Higher Secondary School. The said rally will start on 01 December at 11.00 am with the district hospital premises and the main road of the city ends at the district hospital Balrampur.

District level supervision committee meeting under Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme

Balrampur 28 Nov.

The meeting of the District Level Supervisory Committee under Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme was organized on November 27, 2018 under the chairmanship of Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal.
In the meeting organized at the meeting room of Joint District Office Building Balrampur, the crop insurance of village wise, panchayat-wise area was approved from Kharif 2018-19 supervision committee and detailed information regarding crop insurance in Rabi Year 2018-19.

Also, instructions for insurance for Rabi 2018-19 from 01 December to 31 December 2018 were given to the officers of the Agriculture Department. In the Rabi year 2018-19, the sum assured for irrigated and unelected wheat has been fixed at Rs 25 thousand and Rs 15 thousand for hectare and 27 thousand rupees for gram flour, Rs 18 thousand for mustard and Rs 10 thousand for hearth. The premium amount payable by the farmer is Rs. 375, wheat @ 405 rupees, rye-mustard 270 rupees and linseum Rs. 150 per hectare respectively. Dr. K.R., senior scientist and chief of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra of the district participated in the meeting. Sahu gave information about the use of crop harvesting under Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme.

Agricultural scientist Shri P.R.Paikra gave his views on production of food grains, pulses and oilseeds and said that presently we are self-sufficient in paddy fields, but the area of ​​pulses and oilseeds is decreasing. Therefore, according to the Government of India, micro input display, mini kit along with mustard bows and directed to use the recommended manure, seeds, medicines. Mr Patram Singh Paikra, Assistant Director of Horticulture, said about the drip irrigation system for irrigation, the provision of grant upto 50 percent of the marginal farmer upto 75 percent and grant of 50 percent to more than 5 hectare farmers.

Simultaneously, insurance for crops such as tomatoes, onions, as per the insurance inspection area for the cultivation of horticultural crops. The meeting was attended by Mr. Raushan Kumar Ogre, Assistant Director Agriculture, Senior Senior Agriculture Development Officer, Rural Agricultural Extension Officer, Garden Extension Officer and Insurance Company of the District Agriculture Department.

Meeting of Prime Minister's Motherhood Vandana Scheme concludes

A review meeting was held under the chairmanship of Shri Hiralal Nayak, Collector, Balrampur, 27 November 2018 / Progress of Beneficent Beneficiaries under Prime Minister's Maternity Vandana Scheme, organized by the Women and Child Development Department. Prime Minister's Motherhood Vandana Scheme is being conducted to improve the proper nutrition and health of pregnant women and reduce the low weight rate during birth and reduce the level of malnutrition.
Collector Shri Nayak reviewed the Prime Minister's Motherhood Vandana Yojna and got information about the beneficiaries under the scheme. He expressed his displeasure over the achievement of child development project Kusami, Shankargarh, Rajpur, Raghunathnagar, and not being satisfactory. In the meeting, all the project officers benefited from cent percent eligible beneficiaries and directed to submit the report on time-limit. Under the scheme, a pregnant woman receives a total of Rs. 06 thousand rupees, in which, within 150 days of pregnancy, 1000 rupees after registration, 06 months after the whole vaccination and after health check 02 thousand rupees and after the birth of the child birth registration and the first phase. After vaccination 02 thousand rupees in his bank account, PMF And after getting the institutional delivery, the woman under the Janani Suraksha Yojana gets Rs. 01 thousand. In the meeting, District Program Officer J.R. Principal, District Women and Child Development Officer, Mr. Manoj Khalkho, all project officer and all supervisor were present.


Registration of 23752 farmers in district Purchase of 2992.80 quintals of rice in the district so far

In the Balrampur 27 November 2018 / Kharif marketing year 2018-19, the purchase of paddy in Balrampur-Ramanujganj district started from 01 November 2018 onwards. For the purchase of paddy from the farmers of the district arrangements have been made to procure paddy in 37 marketing centers of 28 committees. 23752 farmers have been registered for the cultivation of paddy from the farmers in the district. So far 2992.80 quintals of paddy have been made in 09 district marketing centers.
According to the intention of the Chhattisgarh government, procurement of paddy from the farmers of the district should be done smoothly, for this, the entire preparation under the guidance of the collector, Mr. Hiralal Nayak has been done by the food and related departments. Paddy is being procured from registered farmers through co-operative societies. So far, 2992.80 quintals of paddy have arrived in the district. In Cooperative Committee, 494.40 in Kameshwar Nagar, 221.60 in Jamari, 311.20 in Tatapani, 458 in Bardar, 272.40 in Maharajganj, 571.20 in Bhanwar, 126 in Ramchandra, 47.20 in Ramnagar, 440.80 quintals of paddy farmers in Virendranagar.

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