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Raipur: Jaundice test session at seven places in the city today: 13 patients were discharged today

A test session will be held in Kabir Nagar, Shiv Nagar, Changorabantha, Saddu, Bhairav ​​Nagar, Mangal Nagar Sweeper Colony today to check the jaundice affected in the city, where the doctors of Urban Primary Health Center will examine the affected people with jaundice. Blood samples of jaundice affected people will also be taken during the test session to check for hepatitis and bilirubin.
State nodal officer and joint director of prevention of jaundice infection, Dr. Subhash Pandey said that the condition of jaundice spread due to the consumption of contaminated water in various areas of Raipur city is now under control. Health tests are being conducted in these areas by the health department by conducting test sessions continuously. Along with the consumption of clean drinking water, people are being advised to take special precautions in eating and drinking. Dr. Pandey said that out of the patients affected by jaundice, today 13 patients have been discharged from the district hospital after recovering. He said that better treatment of patients admitted has been done in the district hospital. A state-of-the-art machine has been ordered for hepatitis. Under the direction of Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Ravindra Tiwari, free food and vitamin B complex and glucose D are also being provided to the patients with essential medicines. Dr. Pandey visited the district hospital including Kashiram Nagar and Shiv Nagar to take stock of the situation. During this time he also discussed with the patients and came to know about their treatment. Dr. Pandey told that some new cases of jaundice have been reported in Kabir Nagar, Saddu, Trimurti Nagar, Hirapur Jarvai. In view of this, a test session will also be organized here. Along with giving the responsibility of conducting door-to-door surveys to the Mitannins, instructions have been given to maintain detailed reports of each patients and follow-up even after the patients are healthy. Violence test of water sources of these areas is also being conducted through Mitanins and information is being given to the public about contaminated water sources. Hepatitis A and hepatitis E affected patients are found in the majority of jaundice patients. In view of the new cases of jaundice affected in Hirapur area, blood samples will be conducted from tomorrow onwards. He said that for better treatment of the five pregnant jaundice mothers, they have been admitted to the maternity hospital at Kalibari, their health is constantly being monitored. Health workers have also been instructed to followup these women after safe delivery.

Raipur: Relief from employment in villages amidst lock-down: wage payment of Rs 1.14 crore to MNREGA workers

Dealing with Kovid-19, villagers are feeling relieved by the MNREGA operations in the villages during the nationwide lock-down. In the event of not being able to go out of work during the lock-down period, MNREGA works provide them employment in the village itself. With the wages of MNREGA, they are finding themselves in a comfortable position even in these difficult times. This is also giving a boost to the rural economy. In Raigad district alone, the workers have been paid more than Rs 1 crore 14 lakh since 1st April.

According to the state and central government guidelines, one thousand 512 MNREGA works are being conducted in 473 gram panchayats of nine development blocks of Raigad district. Of these, 13 thousand 684 laborers have got work. Administrative approval has been given to start MNREGA work in the remaining 292 gram panchayats of the district. Soon the villagers there will also get employment in the village itself.

According to the directives of the government, such work is being approved for individual and livelihood promotion, which requires minimum labor. Under this, works like dabri construction, well construction, goat and cow shed, plantation and fence construction are being taken on the private land of the beneficiaries. Irrigation expansion, water harvesting and water conservation works are also being approved on priority. Physical distance and hygiene standards are being followed at the workplace during all these tasks. Workers are also regularly adopting measures like hand washing, mouth-face covering, and masks to prevent corona virus infection.

Raipur: Jaundice's condition under control in Raipur city: 50 patients returned home after recovering

The outbreak of jaundice is now completely under control in various areas of Raipur city. In view of the outbreak of jaundice in a dozen mohallas and localities, the health department is conducting health monitoring and health testing sessions in these areas by conducting continuous monitoring and health testing sessions in these areas. Nodal officer and joint director of jaundice control program, Dr. Pandey said that out of the admitted patients, 50 patients have been healthy and discharged. The health of the currently admitted patients continues to improve.

Dr. Subhash Pandey told that Changorabhata, Eidgabhatha, Kho-Kho Para, Mathpurana, Sweeper of Raipur
There was an outbreak of jaundice due to the consumption of contaminated drinking water in the Colony, Bhairavanagar, Shivnagar, Amapara, Puranbasti, Swamp-Seoni, Nandanvan-Attari, Bandhuvapara, Kushalpur. The situation is now fully under control in these areas. In addition to checking the health of the people by conducting continuous test sessions at these places, they are being advised to take special precautions in food and boil water. Along with giving free chlorine tablets to the people of these areas for purification of drinking water, the method of purifying water from it is also being told.

    Health examination was conducted by the Health Department today in Shivanagar Moreshwar Rao Gadre Ward, Bhairavnagar, Changorabantha, Mangal Bazar, Paper Colony, Swamp Seoni Urban Primary Health Center, Amapara. Five patients were found suffering from jaundice, who were admitted to the district hospital for treatment. Nodal officer Dr. Pandey said that 3 pregnant mothers are also among the patients affected by jaundice. Special monitoring is being done on their health. Their condition continues to improve. The Chief Medical and Health Officer has been instructed to follow-up even after his recovery. Samples of water sources are being investigated at the community level. Explanation of not using water from contaminated water sources is constantly being given to the people of the concerned area. Dr. Pandey visited the jaundice affected area of ​​Changora Bhatha and Mangal Bazar today to take stock of the situation there and instructed the health workers to maintain detailed details of the jaundice affected patients. Dr. Pandey told that new cases of jaundice have been reported in Kabir Nagar and Pundri area. In view of this, door-to-door survey and testing sessions are being conducted here. Investigation of drinking water sources has also been started in this area.

Raipur: Weaker sections get rice for two months together now the doors of employment: Good governance and timely efficient management, coordination of food arrangements for the weaker sections of the state proved to be the most important

In the era of crisis due to corona virus infection and this global pandemic, the state government gave two lakhs of rice and nun (salt) simultaneously to two lakh 15 thousand families in Kabirdham district through the prevalent ration card, to their spirits. Is received. With this solid policy of good governance and timely efficient management, coordination of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, the system of food for the weaker sections of the state is proving to be the most important in prevention and prevention of corona virus infection. The basic necessity of human life is bread, cloth and houses. Over time, employment has also been added to this basic need. In the time of this crisis, the state government has made bread and employment a priority. To remove the worry of roti, two months of rice have been given free of cost. The employment problem is being overcome with special attention to prevent the spread of corona virus. Based on the demand of gram panchayats in Kabirdham district, jobs are being approved on large scale under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme. On the basis of maintaining mutual physical distance of the workers engaged in this work, the doors of employment are also being opened. There are more than three hundred small and large jaggery industries in the Kabirdham district. Skilled workers work extensively in these industries. To ensure continued availability of employment to all those skilled workers, jaggery industries have been started by maintaining physical distance.

    With this policy of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, the system of full meal for each of the families involved in BPL has been completed. In this long battle against Corona, no family will sleep hungry. All necessary preparations related to the ration arising out of this crisis have also been made. Additional arrangements of two quintals of rice have also been made in 461 gram panchayats of Kabirdham district. The basic objective of this system is that such families of the district who do not have ration card, for some reason that family has not been able to make their own ration card. The destitute destitute people who have not been able to make their own ration card, have a future policy of providing rice for such needy people. The problem of such families is being solved from the root by the Chhattisgarh government who have not been able to make their ration card. The process of creating a new ration card has also been started for the families deprived of the Food and Nutrition Security Act and the Chhattisgarh Public Distribution System. There is no need for such deprived families to come to the district panchayat, subdivision or district office. In the lockdown, necessary information can also be obtained by contacting the Secretary of the Gram Panchayat.

    In Kabirdham district, eliminating the worry of roti, on the instructions of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, Collector Mr. Avnish Kumar Sharan is distributing two months of ration and salt free of cost to all BPL families of the district. Arrangements have been made to distribute ration to the tribal Baiga families of the district residing in the Vananchal areas of the district. There are 2 lakh 15 thousand BPL families in the district under the Food and Nutrition Security Act and Chhattisgarh Public Distribution System. Antyodaya, destitute, Annapurna, priority and the disabled are included in these BPL families. In all the development blocks, the number of BPL families in Bodla development block is one lakh 96 thousand 988. Similarly, all the six urban bodies of the district include 18 Hajar 258 families holding BPL ration cards. There are 50 thousand 718 BPL families in Kawardha development block. There are 46 thousand 451 in Kawardha development block. There are 62 thousand 635 in Pandaria development block. There are 37 thousand 184 in Sahaspur Lohara block. Similarly there are 9179 BPL families in Kawardha Municipality. There are 1413 in Sahaspur Lohara Nagar Panchayat. There are 3570 in Pandaria Nagar Panchayat. There are 1254 in Pipariya, 1731 in Pandatarai, and 111 in Bodla. Two months of rice, 35 kg and 2 kg salt is being provided free of cost to all these families.

Raipur: Workers got work in the village itself amidst the lockdown after taking Rabi crops and ending farming and farming: Priority for natural resource management, water promotion work in MNREGA

340 works in progress in 165 gram panchayats
9 thousand 828 people got employment


In the midst of the ongoing lockdown to prevent infection of the corona virus, the state government is providing work under MGNREGA with the objective of providing employment to the villagers, managing natural resources and making them financially viable. 340 works are in progress in 165 gram panchayats of the district, in which 9 thousand 828 people are getting employment. This work is being done following the directions of social distancing and security.

  Mr. Purushottam, Mrs. Rukhamani, Mr. Ramkumar, Mrs. America, Mrs. Neera, Mr. Narendra and Mr. Krishna Kumar working under MGNREGA in village Mokhala of Arang block Has no work and livelihood problems arise. Lockdown has been done across the country at this time. We cannot go to any other work even if we want to. The government has sensitively provided work for rural laborers in the village itself.

Similarly, Mrs. Santoshi, Mrs. Rukhmani, Mrs. Purnima, Mrs. Satyavati, Mrs. Dasoda etc. of village Nisda of Arang development block praised the government's work in this hour of crisis. He said that because of no other source of financial resources available to the rural laborers, it would be difficult to make a living. In such adverse situation, the government has given great support to the rural laborers by giving them work. Along with work, the government has also given two months ration free of cost. All of us will follow the instructions and social distancing taken by the government, so that all of us will be liberated from them.

Masks have been distributed to laborers in Gram Panchayat and social distancing is also being followed by hand washing at the work place. Presently water conservation and water promotion works are being done on priority. This includes private dabber construction, pond construction, pond deepening and drainage. Similarly, poultry and goat sheds, well construction, vermi stitch work are also being done to ensure employment to the villagers as well as livelihood.

  Work is in progress in 20 districts of Abhanpur development block, 75 in Arang, 25 in Dharsinwa and 42 gram panchayats of Tilda Janpad Panchayat. Approval has been issued giving priority to the beneficiary-oriented works in the current financial year. Apart from this, 4869 beneficiary-oriented works of the financial year 2019-20 are being started in each gram panchayat on priority basis.

Raipur: High Court judges and judicial service officers-employees paid one day's salary

52.44 lakh deposited in Chief Minister's aid fund

Mr. Bhupesh Baghel expressed gratitude


Chhattisgarh High Court Judges, Registry Officers-Employees and Subordinate Judicial Service Officers-Employees have voluntarily provided one day's salary to the Chief Minister's Assistance Fund to deal with the corona crisis and help the needy.
In a letter sent by the High Court Registrar General Mr. Neelamchand Sainal to the Principal Secretary, Government of Law and Legislative Department, Raipur, the assistance of Rs 52 lakh 44 thousand 689 in the Chief Minister's Assistance Fund, including the Chief Justice of the High Court, all the judges and officers-employees Information has been given on behalf of the Chief Minister's aid fund.

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has thanked the Chhattisgarh High Court judges and officers and employees of the Judicial Service for helping the citizens of the state in dealing with the global pandemic Kovid-19.

Raipur: illegal firewood worth five lakh seized in Gariaband forest division

Rapid action by the department under the direction of Forest Minister Mr. Akbar

To govern tractor and trolley worth eight and a half lakh
Including both the accused are being sent to jail

Today, under the Gariaband forest division, illegal wood chiran amounting to about Rs 5 lakh was seized by the Forest Department under the direction of Forest Minister Mohammad Akbar. Along with the illegal transportation of Chiran, tractor no. CG 04-1576 and the trolley being confiscated under the District Gariaband, the residents of village Sambalpur and the accused Krishna Kumar Pandey and Deendayal Pandey including the necessary action under the Forest Act for 14 days judicial. Being sent to jail in custody.

    In this regard, on receipt of information about illegal transportation of wood chiran on April 8 last day, an immediate strategy was made for necessary action by the officers of the department under the direction of Forest Minister Mr. Akbar. Simultaneously, search warrants were also conducted to search their houses. During this period, a political action was taken in favor of the new tractor with illegal transportation of chiran and the rule of trolley. The value of which is estimated to be around eight and a half lakh rupees. Also, illegal wood chiran of about five lakh rupees has also been seized from the houses of both the accused.

Forest Minister Shri Akbar has directed the Forest Department to be ever vigilant for the protection of forests. In this regard, he took a meeting of concerned departmental officers including Principal Chief Conservator of Forests at his residence office in the capital today and gave necessary instructions regarding the protection of forests. In the meeting, Secretary of the Forest Department, Mr. Jai Singh Mhaske, Chief Conservator of Forests Raipur Mr. SSD Badgaiah and Forest Officer Officer Gariaband Shri Mayank Agarwal were present.

    According to the direction of Forest Minister Shri Akbar and under the guidance of the higher officers of the department, the said tractor and trolley between village Kantidadar and Mainpur of forest area Parsuli under Gariaband forest division under the guidance of forest officer Shri Gariaband Shri Agarwal has 90 species of Saja and Senha species. Bally was seized while transporting illegally. Today, search warrant was issued by Deputy Forest Officer Rajim Shri Atul Shrivastava in search of the house of Shri Krishna Kumar Pandey, resident of village Sambalpur. Shri Pandey placed 241 pieces of earthen forest produce teak, sal and bija in various places of his house. The said chiran amounting to about 4 lakh rupees has been seized by the department. Similarly, in Sambalpur village, 108 pieces of teak, sal and beja were seized after searching the house of Shri Deendayal Pandey. Its amount is about one lakh 10 thousand rupees.

Jaundice outbreak in Raipur amid corona epidemic, one dead

Amidst the panic of the epidemic of Karona virus infection, the outbreak of jaundice has also increased in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.


Raipur. Amidst the panic of the epidemic of Karona virus infection, the outbreak of jaundice has also increased in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. After the Amapara of Raipur, patients of jaundice have also come out in Shyam Nagar area. One of the 2 patients has also died. Due to dirty water, the outbreak of jaundice spreads, the question arises that the Municipal Corporation is not able to provide clean water to the people.

More than a dozen people were affected by jaundice in Amapara of Raipur. After this, a similar situation is being seen in Shyam Nagar. In last years too, there was a huge outbreak of jaundice in the Mowa area. Despite this, the corporation does not learn anything. Due to this, every year the number of deaths and patients from jaundice in Raipur is increasing. After the latest case, the municipal corporation is talking about being in alert mode.

So trouble
The Municipal Corporation is talking about the dirty water coming from the river due to the drop in the water level of Kharun river from Raipur. Councilor of Shyam Nagar ward area Ajit Kukreja says that the Municipal Corporation is alert to deal with such problem in summer. The water level of Kharun river has fallen, due to which dirty water is coming from the river. However, the municipal management is making all efforts to supply clean water to people and to remove the problem. Full monitoring is being done in the jaundice affected area.

In Chhattisgarh also, tigers are prone to corona infection, instructions to test as soon as symptoms appear

After confirmation of corona virus infection in tiger in America, now the risk of infection of Kovid-19 in tigers is increasing all over India including Chhattisgarh.


Raipur. After confirmation of corona virus infection in tiger in America, now the risk of infection of Kovid-19 in tigers is increasing all over India including Chhattisgarh. In view of this danger, the Central Zoo Authority of India has issued an order. In it, tigers kept in ju have been reported to be at risk of corona infection. In such a situation, instructions have been given to conduct medical tests as soon as the signs of infection appear in tigers or other animals kept in ju.

Instructions have been given to reinforce safety measures from corona infection in Xu. In addition, the Zoo staff has also been instructed to prevent infection. Please tell that there are currently 19 tigers in Chhattisgarh. Following the direction of the Central Zoo Authority of India, all the ju in the state have been put on alert mode. On seeing symptoms in any animal including tiger, it has been asked to immediately inform the niche command and then send its blood sample for examination.

Spent 35 crores
In the name of conservation of wildlife, Chhattisgarh Forest Department spent an amount of 35 crores, but could not conserve tigers of the state. This is the reason that the number of tigers has come down from 46 to 19. 4 crore 75 lakhs was spent in the year 2015-16. Apart from this, 10 crore 63 lakhs have been spent in 2016-17, 11 crore 97 lakhs in 2017-18, 7 crore 36 lakh rupees have been spent so far in 2018-19.

COVID-19: There will be no shortage of essential things in lockdown, Railways is helping in this way

In the war against Corona Virus, the Indian Railway is also coming forward completely to help the people.


Raipur. In the war against Corona Virus, the Indian Railway is also coming forward completely to help the people. From Quarantine Coach to Corona patients (COVID-19), a railway is being built for the bed so that there is no shortage of anything at the time of need. In this link, now the railway is also supplying the goods needed by the people. Under the supervision of high officials, goods of common need are being transported and supplied.

Indian Railways is making every effort during the nationwide lockdown due to Kovid-19 that there is no shortage of sugar, salt and edible oil for the common man. During the lockdown, the loading, transport and unloading of these essential items is going on at full speed. According to the information provided by the railways, during the last 13 days from 23 March to 4 April 2020, the railways carried 1,342 wagons filled with sugar, 958 wagons of salt and 378 wagons / tanks of edible oil (58 to 60 tonnes consignment in one wagon. )) Of loading and carrying.

Being monitored

According to the railways, the freight is being closely monitored by high level senior officials. The problems faced by the Railways during loading and unloading at various terminal points in the past are being effectively resolved. Indian Railways is in touch with the Ministry of Home Affairs as well as the State Governments and the operational problems that are coming up suddenly are being overcome.

There will be no shortage!

Shiva Prasad, Senior Publicity Inspector, Raipur Railway Division, said that in order to ensure that there is no shortage of food items in the country under the conditions of lockdown created by the corona infection, Indian Railways has made approximately 1342 sugar wagons and 958 salt wagons 378 edible oil vegan countries. Has been sent to various parts of the city, in addition to this, the Raipur Railway Division has ordered about 15 tons of material by parcel velocity. The rice has been sent to various parts of the country, as well as rice is being supplied in various parts of the country with the cooperation of FCI from the temple Hasoud siding.

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