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District Election Officer took a meeting of Lee Media Representatives Conveyed the various provisions and directions of Election Commission

Mahasamund, 08 December 2018 / assembly election -2018 will be held on 11 December in the Agriculture Produce Market Patiyazar Mahasamund. In this regard, Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta took a meeting of the Media Representatives in the collectorate meeting room and conveyed the various provisions and directions of the Election Commission. The District Election Officer said that the media center has been made in the counting place. Authorization letter has been issued to the media representatives for entry to the counting place, media representatives will be able to take the mobile to the media center, taking mobile to the counting room is prohibited.
District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta said that special arrangements have been made for media coverage for the counting of votes in the counting centers. This entry authorization letter has been issued to two representatives of one and the other electronic media institutions of the authorized print media institutes. He informed that under the guidance of the Officer-in-Charge, the representatives of the media in the counting room will be able to shoot from the video camera but the camera will not be static. The tripod will not be used in the counting room for video shoot. There will be adequate arrangement for sitting in the media center, phone, TV, drinking water.
The District Election Officer said that each Assembly will have 14-14 tables for counting of votes. The number of tables will be counted by the same number of votes cast by the agent candidates. In addition, an election agent and a postal counseling agent can also be appointed. He said that on Strong Room counting day, representatives of political parties, observers and assistant Returning Officer will be opened at 7 in the presence of the people. Counting starts at 8 o'clock in the morning. First of all, postal ballots will be counted and after 8 PM, counting of votes will start from EVM machine. The counting of votes for each round of counting will be given. On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Mr. Alok Pandey, Joint Collector Mr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. B. S. Representatives of print and electronic media including Murakam, Election Supervisor, Shri Munnalal Tandiye were present.

Collector and District Election Officer Meeting of Li Political Party and Candidates Transparency will be complete, every task of counting count: collector Candidates and Agent aware of the counting process

A meeting of political parties, candidates and their election agents was held in the presence of District Collector of Mahamanduband, 08 December 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta and Superintendent of Police, Shri Santosh Singh. The collector apprised him of the Election Commission guidelines related to the counting process related to assembly elections. All the attendees and their agents have carefully listened to all the things and assured them to follow them and to exercise restraint at the counting place. Officials of many of their doubts and queries related to the counting of votes also made the solution. After the meeting, a copy of the counting of votes polled by the Election Commission for detailed information was given to the candidates. On this occasion, the Returning Officer of Khallari Vidhan Sabha area and Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Returning Officer Saraypali and Additional Collector Mr. Alok Pandey, Renting Officer Basna and SDM Pithora Mr. P.C. Ekka, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Joint Collector Mr. Shiv Kumar Tiwari, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. B. S. Marqam, SDM Mahasamund, Shri Sunil Kumar Chandravasi, Election Supervisor, Shri Munna Lal Tandayee were particularly present.
 Collector Shri Gupta gave an exhaustive explanation of every activity from the opening of the Strong Room in the meeting till the announcement of the result and the re-sealing of the EVM machine. According to the instructions of the Commission, in the presence of every working candidate and their agents. They will be able to see every work and all of them will be videographed. He said that on December 11, at 7 pm, the Strong Room will be opened in the presence of the candidates. Observers of the Election Commission will also be present during this time. Counting agents are prohibited from coming out with pen, calculator, mobile, electronic device in the counting room. The calculator and pen will be made available to them on behalf of the District Election Office. They can come up with tabular papers and ballot accounts. Separate entrances have been made for entrants to the polling place of the agents, they will be required to bring the introduction letter issued by the Returning Officer.
In the meeting Master Trainer Shri Himanshu Bharti and Mr. Toshan Giri Goswami explained the entire counting process through presentation through Power Presentation. He told that at 8 o'clock, counting of postal ballotts will begin with counting. After half an hour, the calculation will begin with the EVM machines from 8.30 am. The result of each round will be public declaration through Mike. A copy of the result of each round will be made available to the candidate. During the counting, VVPET slip of a polling station will also be counted as the last phase. He told that a large number of postal ballots have been reached in four assembly constituencies. The first declaration letter will be seen on opening the envelope of the postal ballot. If it is found to be filled correctly then further envelopes will be opened or it will be considered abrogated.

Dr. Basudev Sunani, Deputy Commissioner of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Fisheries, Government of India visited the village Kurrubhata and Balsunda. Farmers adopt modern techniques of animal husbandry

Dr. Basudev Sunnani, Deputy Commissioner of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Fisheries, Agriculture and Cultural Welfare, Government of India, Dr. Basudev Sunnani today under the Krishak Kalyan Abhiyan, selected two villages of Kuruvudha and Belsunda of the development block of selected Mahasamund of the district, Mahasamund, 07 December 2018. Visited By contacting the cattle farmers of village Kurupha, Suplat Yadav, Devlal Dhruv, Ramadhar Sahoo and other rural cattle farmers, Dr. Sunani has done a good job at the right time in cattle by adopting immunization, insecticidal, animal nutrition, veterinary management of animal technology and artificial insemination techniques. Advised to increase in Similarly, during the tour of village Belsunda, appreciating the feeding system of milk house of the farmer of Bhikham Yadav, Sunil Yadav's house, and in his available half an acre land, produce perennial green fodder instead of paddy Advised to do
 Similarly, during his meeting with Animal Husbandry Chandrakar, he was advised to keep adequate skylight in the animal habitation. Instructions have been given to Dr. C. Chandrakar to impose a training camp in these villages. Dr. Sunni lauded the veterinary field officer Manoj Dhruv for maintaining continuous interaction with the farmers and said to be as active as possible. Dr. Farrukhchi Directorate, Raipur and Deputy Director, Veterinary Services, Dr. Dharmdas Jharia, Dr. RG Yadav, Dr. Sumit Garg, Dr. Anshu Sharma, R. S. Bahiah, RK Khare, R. K. Chandrakar, Mr. IS Kshatre Assistant Veterinary Field Officer were present.

Practice on the counting place on the observer's direction on December 10, 2018

Mahasamund, 07 December 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta has been made the duty of the Legislative Officer-employees for the purpose of sealing work in EVM after completion of the work of assembly election 2018 and the completion of counting of votes, in which 10 Counting party and rights for practice and observer directions from 11 o'clock in the counting venue Mandi Praangan Pittier in December 2018 Mrine has been asked to appear inevitably. The supervisor and assistant officers have been appointed as supervisor in the form of supervisor, Mr. Mink Pandey of Forest Department departmental officer Sarai Pali, as assistant, Mr. Sobana Devendra Prasad, Deputy Engineer of Rural Engineering Services Division.

Political parties training on counting on December 8

Mahasamund, 07 December 2018 / Vidhan Sabha Election-2014 will be counted on December 11, 2018 in Agricultural Produce Market Patiyazar, Mahasamund. Regarding counting of votes, the training of political parties will be given to the collectorate meeting room at 11 am on December 8, 2018. All concerned have been requested to attend the training.

For the support of entry work in Genesis Software Duty duties

Mahasamund, 07 December 2018 / Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 will be counted on December 11, 2018 in Agricultural Produce Market Patiyazar, Mahasamund. Legislative duty of the employees has been imposed for returning the results form from the Returning Officer's table to entry to the Genesis software and to return it to the Returning Officer's table by entering the correct entry. The concerned employees will be present in the training conducted in the presence of observer in Agricultural Produce Market Patiajar at 11 o'clock at 11 o'clock in the evening of December 10, 2018. Mobile and electronic items are prohibited in the counting count on counting date.
Among the employees who have been deployed for collaborating in the entry work in Genesis Software, the 39-year-old Sarabpali, the Accountant of the Chief Medical and Health Officer's office, Mr. GP Chandrapurkar, 40 Assembly constituencies for Assistant Class-II, Mr. Rajesh Tiwari, Office for Water Resources, 41-Khallari for Office Water Resources, Senior Accounting Clerk, Shri G.P. Agrawal, 42-Mahasamund, the Chief Clerk of the Office of the Forest Officer, Mr. Manmohan Singh Gaur is included. Apart from this, the duty of D.V. Verma, Auditor, Rural Engineering Service Division office has been made as reserve.

"Public facility telephone" installed at the counting site

Mahasamund, 07 December 2018 / Vidhan Sabha Election-2014 will be counted on December 11, 2018 in Agricultural Produce Market Patiyazar, Mahasamund. "Public facility telephone" has been established at the counting place. In which political party office bearers, candidates and the agents will be able to use the free telephone. Employees' duty has been deployed to keep the telephone information made in this telephone number in the register. These included Assistant Class-3 of the Food Department Mr. Suresh Kothare and Assistant Class-3 Shri Gajapati Jagat of the District Office.


Assembly election-2012 Finished training of calculation supervisor and calculator assistants for calculating postal ballotts

Duty has been earmarked for the calculation supervisor and calculation assistant to collect the postal ballotts of assembly election 2018 by Mahasamund, 07 December 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta, for training of those officers and employees, today the District Panchayat Training done in the meeting room During the training, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Mr. Rituraj Raghuvanshi, SDP Mr. Sanyapali Mr. Vinay Kumar Lanjeh was specially present. Master Tea Nurse Shri Himanshu Bharati trained through PowerPoint presentation. In relation to the postal ballot paper, training was given about the count of votes received from electronically translated postal ballot systems and postal ballot letters in particular. Under which circumstances the postal ballot paper will be valid and in what circumstances would not be valid, information about all the reasons and provisions was given. During this time, the postal ballot paper officer and staff were present.

Assembly election-2012 Second Officer of counting officer and staff completed

According to the guidance and direction of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Himashikhar Gupta in the District under the Mahasamand, 07 December 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, returning officer of the District, Assistant Returning Officer, Counting Assistant Returning Officer, in the District Council of District Panchayat Second training was given. During the training, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi, Additional Collector Mr. Sharif Mohammad Khan, Mr. Alok Pandey, Sarai Pali SDM Shri Vinay Kumar Lanjeh, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. B. S. Other officials, including Murmak, were especially present.
Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Himashikhar Gupta said that officers and employees engaged in the counting work should take counting counting seriously and properly understand its nuances. Counting day arrived on 11 December 2018 on time in the counting centers and sit at the fixed place and complete the counting count in the systematic manner. He said that keeping a sufficient number of copies of the format 17C along with a copy of the different formats used in the counting. During the counting, check the EVM machine properly. He said that after completion of the process of counting of votes of each stage, his confirmation and satisfaction consent from the agent should also be obtained. He said that counting workers will not bring mobile, etc. at the counting place. The final stage training will be done on the counting on December 10 at 11 o'clock. During the training, Master Trainer Mr. Himanshu Bharati was apprised of the process of counting through PowerPoint presentation. In the training, information was given about the constitutional provisions of counting of votes, sealing of machines after calculation etc. It was told that 14-14 tables will be installed in each assembly. Apart from this, information was also given regarding the security arrangements, infrastructure and other communication systems at the counting place. Apart from this, during the training, the officers were given information about electronic voting machines and VVPAT counting, format 17C - ballot account part 2, and other formats. Apart from this, the training of the micro observer in the forest training school was given by Mr. Toshanji Goswami, Master Tea Nurse under the guidance of joint collector Shri Shivkumar Tiwari. Apart from Assistant Returning Officer, Counting Officer and employees, Micro Observer was also present on this occasion.

In the counting process, the candidate and the election agent will have to submit the nomination form for the admission letter of the computing agent.

Mahasamund 6 Dec.

The counting of the Legislative Assembly election 2018 will commence from 8 AM on 11th December 2018 in Agricultural Produce Market Patiyajar Mahasamund. Deputy District Election Officer informed that in the counting of votes, the candidate / nomination agent for the admission of the computing agent must submit it in the relevant Returning Officer office within the prescribed form format 18 days before the date of counting of votes to the concerned Returning Officer. Will happen,

From which time the entry letter can be issued. It is compulsory to sign certification by signing in with the passport size photograph of the proposed enumeration agent in front of the Returning Officer. The application received after the rule date will not be accepted and no entry letter will be issued. He said that there is a complete restriction of mobile, cellphone, divider, electronic equipment, weapon, drugs etc in the polling station, which is mandatory for all candidates and counting agent to be followed. He said that if the instructions are not followed, the rules will be taken against the concerned as per rules.



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