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High School, Hirescondary Certificate Examination 2019 Application form will be distributed from Coordinator institution from December 15

The Principal of Korea 13 December 2018 / Co-ordinator, Government Primary School, Higher Secondary School, Bacunathpur, told here today that the choreography application of Chhattisgarh Secondary Education Board Raipur is to be distributed from the Coordinator institution from December 15, 2013. . For this, he has asked the principals of all educational, non-official educational institutions to send their own or authorized representative in the district to get examination material in the office.

Guru Ghasidas Jayanti declared dry day on 18th December

Korea 13 December 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Duga has announced a "dry day" on 18th December, "Guruhuasiddas Jayanti". On this day, all the people of the district, the retail shops of vestry liquor and the storage warehouses and F.L. 3 hotels, the bar will be completely closed. Collector Durga has given clearance to the officers of the Police and Excise Department for the strict action against those who sell and sell liquor in retail stores and F-3 hotels of the entire country, all liquor shops of the district.

Assembly election-2012 District Election Officer Shri Narendra Dugga visited the preparations for the counting of votes.

Korea, December 08, 2018 / District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga visited the counting centers of the district headquarters at Ramanuj Higher Secondary School here today and reviewed the preparations being made for the counting on December 11, and he confirmed the necessary arrangements for the concerned To give instructions
On this occasion, the District Election Officer has instructed to expedite the basic amenities such as toilets, drinking water, communication, electricity and other arrangements. He said that a media center will also be set up in the counting campus. Gates have also been set for admission to the counting agent and government accounting personnel, and accordingly, their entry will be ensured. The counting will start from 8 o'clock on December 11, 2018. First postal letters will be counted. After this the counting will be started from the EVM machine. Meanwhile, Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mrs. Tulika Prajapati, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Jagannath Verma and Deputy Collector Mr. SS Dube were present in the meeting.

Nutrition Monitoring Program (Foster Care) Program under Integrated Child Protection Scheme

Koriya 6 Dec.

The District Program Officer of the Women and Child Development Department told here today that such a child whose guardian is mentally ill, or both parents are in jail or who are male or female, who have physical or emotional or sexual assaults, natural man-made disasters, distress related disasters and domestic Violence etc. and their parents are not able to supervise and protect the child.

To oversee and protect those children, under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme under the Department of Women and Child Development, the Foster Care Program is being run. Under which the provision of provisional temporary care and protection is provided for the child to extend the family environment to the extended period of time, short-term or as required.

The District Program Officer said that the responsibility of the Faster Care is to provide the child with all the types of treatment, treatment, age and interest as per the requirement of proper feeding, shelter, education, higher education, care and protection. Respect for the condition, child exploitation, misbehavior, loss, neglect and protection of child and her family. For official information, the telephone number of the office can also be contacted from 07836-232439, 9425256713 and 9425562519.

Training for Collector and District Election Officers, Returning Officers and Sub District Election Officers for Counting

Koriya 6 Dec.

Under the general election of Vidhan Sabha, on December 11, for the counting of votes in all the district headquarters of the state, today 27 auditoriums located in the new librarian of Raipur and training of returning officers of all 90 assembly constituencies, district election officials and all 90 assembly constituencies. Gaya. During this, the instructors resolved the authorities' queries and gave answers to their questions.

Chief Election Officer Mr. Subrat Sahu congratulated all the Collectors and Returning Officers and officers and employees associated with election work to complete peaceful and smooth voting in the state in the beginning of the training. He said that the voters of the state participated in the election with great enthusiasm and expressed their confidence in the democratic system. It is possible only through the inclusive efforts of the people.

On this occasion, on behalf of the Election Commission of India, Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Elections conducted under the Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha General Election-2011, which were held in the last month, for the Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officer on training certification course, and those who passed the Certificate of Examination related examinations Certificates were distributed to On this occasion, the Secretary of State, Shri Narendra Dugga was honored by Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Subrat Sahu by giving certificate.

'Assembly Elections-2012' Counting of votes as per the prescribed guidelines of Election Commission of India - Shri Subrata Sahu Perpendiculars of a randomly selected VVPat machine will be calculated with the votes recorded in the EVM

Korea, 05 December 2018 / Chief Electoral Officer Shri Subrata Sahu has stated that the counting of votes of Chhattisgarh assembly election 2018 will be in accordance with the Directive Directive of the Election Commission of India. According to the instructions of the Commission in the Assembly Election-2012, the slabs of a randomly selected VVPat machine in each assembly area of ​​the state will be calculated with the votes recorded in the EVM.
He said that for the counting, the VVPAT will be decided on the basis of the lottery. The lottery will be removed in the presence of all the candidates or their representatives. Apart from this, the control unit in which the result is not displayed will also be calculated through VVPAT slip. Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu said that in the circumstances under which the votes of any assembly constituency can be calculated on the basis of VVPat slip, there are clear instructions from the separation of Election Commission of India.
The Chief Electoral Officer has also made it clear that on December 11 all counting of votes will be done in all the district headquarters on the basis of votes registered in postal ballot papers and EVMs and a VVPat slip of each assembly will be counted in the EVMs. Will be confirmed. Legislative tables will be set for calculation of votes. There will be 14 tables for each assembly. In addition to these tables, additional tables will be placed for postal ballots. Each postal ballot will be an assistant returning officer on the calculation table. An additional calculated agent can be appointed for each table of the postal ballot. The electronically transmitted postal ballot system issued to service voters will be calculated in the same way as postal ballots, but prior verification will be mandatory.

Assembly election-2012 Re-polling will not be done in any polling station of the state Confirmation of Election Commission of India: Record for Chhattisgarh

Korea, 05 December 2018 / Chhattisgarh will not be repatriated in any polling station under the assembly election -2018. This information has been confirmed by the Election Commission of India. This is a record for Chhattisgarh.
It is to be noted that in two phases in the state, 12 November and 20 November 2018 voting was held for 90 assembly seats. After the voting, there was a demand for re-election at some places. After considering all the facts, the Election Commission of India has decided not to vote again in any polling station in any assembly constituency.
This information has been communicated to the Chief Electoral Officer of Chhattisgarh Shri Subrata Sahu by the Election Commission of India. In the 23 thousand 672 polling booths for the 90 assembly constituencies of the state, the elections were held in fair, independent, transparent and peaceful manner except in sporadic incidents.


'Assembly Elections-2012' District Election Officer Shri Narendra Dugga reviewed the counting of votes

Korea, 05 December 2018 / District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga reviewed preparations being made for the counting of the counting on 11th December, at the State Government Ramanuj Higher Secondary School situated in the district headquarters here and they present the officers present on the spot. Provided to ensure the necessary arrangements in respect of preparations for counting of votes.
The District Election Officer also took the information on returning officers, assistant returning officers, candidates, arrangements for seating arrangements of their agents, on the occasion of arrangements of bericts, computers, photo copy machines, Mike etc. He talked about providing all the necessary facilities in the Media Center, TV, Computer, Telephone, Internet etc. In the same way, he instructed to complete electricity, drinking water, toilets, fire brigade, medical stall etc. in the counting campus.
The District Election Officer said that mobile is completely restricted. Entry will not be entered at the entry point of the entrance, so all the people will continue to get the entry pass along. He said that the admission of unauthorized persons will be barred in the same counting centers as in the polling booths. Apart from this, he gave information about starting the counting of votes in front of the representatives of political parties. Meanwhile, the officers of the district Mr. Vivek Shukla, Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Jagannath Verma were present.

One-day training program of counting supervisors and counting assistant concludes

Koriya 4 Dec.

In the presence of district election officer and collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, today, a day-long training program of counting supervisors and counting helpers is held in the meeting of District Panchayat Korea. In the training program, District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga said that according to the Vidhan Sabha election on December 11, the counting of votes will be done in the Ramanuj Higher Secondary School in the counting centers of the District headquarters of the district headquarters.

Prior to counting of votes, all the present in the counting room will be asked to keep the confidentiality of voting by related returning officers. The counting of postal ballot and ETPBS counting will be started in the counting of votes starting from 8 o'clock in the morning. Counting of ballot papers and ETPBS will start counting even more than half an hour, even with EVM machines in parallel. All necessary preparations have started for counting. Application for recruitment of candidates for the counting of votes will be made to returning officer up to three days before the due date of counting. Application for appointment of counting agents will be done by the candidates for the counting on December 11, till December 7.

The District Election Officer also informed that duty has been imposed for different officials for the peaceful success of the counting of votes. District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga during the counting of counting of electronically voting machines, voting from VVPAT, tabulation and data entry, administrative and security arrangements for counting, appointment of calculator and computing agent, calculation of postal ballot,Provide detailed information regarding key legislative provisions, provision of infrastructure in the counting centers, declaration of results and subsequent proceedings and after counting of EVMs and sealing of election materials.

It was informed in the training that counting supervisors and counting assistant appointed in the counting work in the counting centers, the person authorized by the commission, government officials, employees, candidates, voters, their polling agent and counting agent counted in election duty will be admitted along with the admission letter. . The counting agent will sit at their allotted table and they will not be allowed to roam in the hall.

It was informed in the training that the table of allocation will be done on the day of counting in the presence of the Observer Supervisor and Counting Assistant to be posted in the counting of votes in the presence of observer appointed by the Election Commission of India. Essentially videography of all activities will be done. By 7 a.m. All counters will sit on their table.

It was informed in the training that 7 tables will be applied for Assembly constituency number Bharatpur-Sonhat and Vidhan Sabha area No. 3 for Baikundipur and 14 to 14 assembly constituencies of Managar. On each table, a calculation supervisor (Gazetted Officer) and one calculation will be helpful. In addition, reserve staff will also be appointed. Counting will start from 8 a.m.In the training counting centers, telecommunication, internet, electricity, generators, drinking water arrangements, loud speaker for announcement of the results, emergency medical arrangements, fire fighting machinery and law and order etc. were made expansive.

District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga said that a polling station of each assembly will be compulsorily selected on the basis of random basis and the calculation of the slabs of their VVPat machine will be made mandatory. Taking mobile phone in the counting room for any officer or employee or media representative, including candidate, voting agent, counting worker, is completely restricted. There will also be a media center in the counting center for the authorized media representatives of the commission given by the Commission.

Returning Officer of District Election Officer and Vidhan Sabha Area No. 3 Baikunthpur, Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga gave detailed information on various points from the counting of votes to the results Ghoshana. Apart from this, in the training program, detailed information was given in connection with the operation of the control unit to the counting supervisors and counting assistants by the District Panchayat Officer, Mr. Umesh Jaiswal. On this occasion, the Returning Officer of Bharatpur-Sonhath, R. A. Kuruvanshi, and Returning Officer of Assembly constituency-2 Manendragar, Mrs. Tulika Prajapati was also present on the occasion.


District Election Officer Shri Narendra Dugga announced on December 11 dry days

Koriya 4 Dec.

District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has declared a dry day on the occasion of counting on December 11 under the assembly election. It is to be noted that the counting will be done on December 11 in the government Ramanuj Higher Secondary School situated in the district headquarter. During this period, shops of all the country's liquor and liquor shops, which come under the counting of votes, will be closed completely.

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