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Charge of hostel superintendent to Mr. Rana

Bemetara January 15, 2019: - Mr. Kejuram Rana Superintendent Pre. The Scheduled Caste hostel has been given the charge of working as Superintendent of the post matriculated Scheduled Caste hostel hostage along with his current tenure till the next order. The order has been issued by Collector Bmeetra today.

Committee Managers Meeting on January 19

Bemetara January 15, 2019: - The meeting of the committee managers working in the cooperative societies of the district engaged in paddy acquisition work at the support price presided over the collector will be held in the collectorate meeting room on Saturday, January 19.

Joint Consultative Committee meeting on January 18

Bemetara January 15, 2019: - The District Level Joint Consultative Committee attached to various recognized Employees' organizations will be held in the direction meeting chamber of Joint District Office Building on 4 January at the chairmanship of the collector.

Online Registration for Post Matric Scholarships started

Bemetara January 15, 2019: - All government / non-government colleges run in the district, engineering and medical colleges, ITIs And students of Scheduled Tribes / Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes studying in Polytechnic are eligible for post matric scholarship distribution by the department. In the previous year, in the academic session 2018-19, the process of accepting and distributing post matric scholarship was done on the basis of the revised and non-continuing program. Have gone Giving the above information, Assistant Commissioner Tribal Development Mrs Menaka Chandrakar said that according to the date fixed by the Department for the validation of proposals / approvals for the students and institutions, the student has the final date of 30th January 2019 for online application. Last date for March 11, 2019, for locking draft proposal, and order order locking has been fixed. K.A.C. The last date for submission has been fixed March 15, 2019. Mrs Chandrakar told that after the scheduled dates, no application of either offline or online will be accepted for the Post Matric Scholarship of the academic session 2018-19 and opportunities for leakage of draft proposal or section order will not be provided. Upon completion of the said work, the concerned students will be deprived of the scholarship, for this the institution head will be responsible for themselves. Assistant Commissioner Mrs. Chandrakar also informed that the post matriculation (class 12th to higher) students of Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes have previously applied to the National Scholarship Portal, they also applied on the website of the Revenue Department on the issue of non-payment and non-payment. It will be mandatory to go

So far, three lakh 76 thousand 515 MT of paddy has been procured in the district.

Bemetara January 15, 2019: - During the current purchase season, paddy is being procured in 86 rice purchase centers under 54 co-operative societies of the district. Collector Mahadev Kaware said that this work will last till January 31 this month. About 3 lakh 76 thousand 515 MT of paddy was procured during the last two-and-a-half months in Bemetra district. Raising of one million 18 thousand 957 metric tonnes by the Rice millers and the quantum of total uptake by the transporter is 1 lakh 47 thousand 827 metric tonnes and remaining paddy in the excavation center is 109730 metric tons. Total deposited in the Civil Supplies Corporation of Chawal is 25589 metric tons. The total deposited rice in the Indian Food Corporation is 216 MT. The collector has instructed the District Marketing Officer to increase the number of vehicles for paddy lifting from paddy earning centers. Increase the number of hamalas also.

Meeting organized in connection with National Pulse Polio Campaign and Worm Discharge Day

Bemetara January 15, 2019: - The District Level Task Force meeting concludes with the discussion of National Pulse Polio Campaign 03 February 2019 and National Worm Discharge Day 08 February 2019 and Mopup Day 14 February 2019 in Collectorate Meeting room under the chairmanship of Collector Mahadev Kaware. In the meeting, District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, Additional Collector S.R. Women, Civil Surgeon Dr. S.K. Pal, including Nagar Panchayat / Municipality, Education Department, Women and Child Development Department officials and employees were present. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.K. In connection with the Pulse Polio Campaign and National Worm Release Day, it was informed that according to the instructions of the government three to three months from 03 February 2019 for the release of two dose of pulse polio to all beneficial children of 0 to 05 years in the pulse polio campaign. National Pulse Polio Campaign will be organized as a day-long campaign. In which the dose of polio will be given to the children on the first day 03 February 2019 at booth level. For the remaining two days, on February 04 and February 05, 2019, children who have been discharged from house to house will be given pulse polio dose. In this order, it was informed that National Worm Release Day will be organized on February 08, 2019 at the whole state level, to free the children from worms, in which all children from 1 to 19 years of age The bullets of Albedazole will be fitted at schools, Anganwadi centers, madrasa, college and missing children will be given the Mop Divas February 14, 2019, Will be fed. He said that due to the worm, there is a shortage of blood, anemia-like illness. For its diagnosis, the direction of governance in the district to keep the nutritional level in order to keep the dieting program fixed will be preserved. District Collector Shri Kavare has appealed to the enlightened citizens of the district that in the days of the National Pulse Polio campaign, all the beneficial children should be given the dose of polio and the children of the scheduled age should be given the bullet Delegate your participation in the field, so that the realization of the polio-free and zero-free district of the district Or go.

Collector's review of the functioning of Public Service Centers

Bemetara January 15, 2019: - Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware reviewed the functioning of Public Service Centers, taking the meeting of revenue officials today. Information about services being given to ordinary citizens through public service centers established at all the four block headquarters and five tehsil headquarters in Bemetara, Navagadh, Saza, Berla and Thanchkharia. Apart from this, he also inquired about the Choice Center whether he was working properly or not, he was not charging more than the people, the Revenue Officer should show it to him. The District Magistrate has directed to display the prescribed fee in public service centers and also mention the services which are free. Through these centers, birth certificates, marriage registration, employment registration, income, caste and residence certificate, work related to Aadhar card, revenue services - demarcation, nomination, nomination, duplicate, B-1, RBC . 6-4 and pension related services, driving license, Gupta, faucet connection, trade license etc. are provided. The State Government intends that people's work should be done on time and they do not need to go round the offices unnecessarily. The collector wanted to know that for the first time the Aadhar card is made, what does it become free? If you make a duplicate again, then how much does it cost? In the meeting, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Navagad Dev Singh Uike, Bemetra D.N. Apart from Kashyap, Saja Umashankar Sahu, Deputy Collector, Smt. Silly Thomas, Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar of the district were present.

The Collector issued a circular for resolving the pending applications in the time-limit meeting. Gram Sabha will organize in district on 23rd January

Bemetara January 15, 2019: - Collector Mahadev Kaware reviewed the status of disposal of pending applications by taking a time-limit meeting today. He instructed the Deputy Director of the Agriculture Department to pay the farmers the pending amount of incentive to encourage the farmers. He gave directions to the CEO of the Janpad Panchayat regarding the organizing of the Gram Sabha held from 23rd January. From January 23, the Gram Sabhas will be organized in Gram Panchayat and dependent villages. The CEO of the Janpad Panchayat will organize it through Panchayat Secretaries. The Collector also gave instructions to the officials regarding the organizing of National Voters Day on January 25. The District Collector inquired the Deputy Registrar of the Food Officer and the Assistant Department during the last two-and-a-half month period regarding procurement of paddy at the support price. Food officials said that in Bemetra district, 3 lakh 76 thousand 515 MT of paddy has been procured so far. This work will continue until January 31, 2019. The Collector instructed to take the paddy sack to the sewing machine. Deputy Registrar Cooperative said that new sew is being sewed easily but stitching of old sack is having trouble. Mr. Kaware directed the departmental officers to resolve the applications received in their respective departments before the meeting of the District Level Joint Consultative Committee to be held on January 18 of various employees' organizations. Especially the Department of Education, Women's Child Development, Agriculture, Health, Irrigation, Panchayat, etc. is included. The Collector directed the submission of reports prepared in connection with setting up an agro-based industry in Bemetra district. In order to promote sports activities in the district headquarters, the instructions for preparing a proposal for the grand stadium was given to the Chief Municipal Officer and Public Works Department Officer. The District Magistrate asked the CMO why the City Bus in Bemetra is not starting yet. Chief municipal officer told that the proposal for permit has been sent to the Transport Department Raipur, but the approval of the permit has not been received, after approval, action will be taken in this regard. During this time, he got information about the resolution of the letters obtained from the Collector and the High Offices. The Public Grievance Redressal Department (PGN) has taken into account the pending cases of District Level Public Troubleshooter camp. District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, Additional Collector S.R. All the SDMs of the district, district's district panchayat, Navagad, Bemetara, Saza and Berla, the urban body CMO and district level officials were present.

Martyr of the martyr Veer Narayan Singh celebrated in tribal hostel

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - Shahid Veer Narayan Singh Jayanti was organized in the Government Post Matric Tribal Boys Hostel at Bemetra. On this occasion, the Collector Mahadev Kavre said that you have to decide from now what you have to write and what you will be able to write after reading, you will definitely get success. The District Magistrate said that the great martyr of Chhattisgarh, Veer Narayan Singh, will be the first martyr of Chhattisgarh if not exaggerated. Two lakh rupees are honored by the state government in their memory. The new international cricket stadium located in Raipur is named after Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh. While reciting his memoirs, the collector said that he has studied in his student life by staying in the Hastal. Staying here gives you a chance to meet different people. Use the facilities provided by the government. Use the facilities provided by the government. Mr. Kaware from 2004-2006, SDM in Bibhagad drafts of undivided Raipur district. Has fulfilled the obligation of For this reason, many times he got an opportunity to go to Sonnakhan, the birthplace of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh. On receiving the correct answer in the quiz contest, the collector has rewarded the students. Student Dwarka Netam highlighted the personality of Shahid Veer Narayan Singh. Assistant Commissioner Ajak Smt Maneka Chandrakar gave information to the students on the personality and personality of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh, the great saint of Chhattisgarh Mahatari. Former hostel superintendent T.S. Thakur, President of Adivasi Samaj, Rajkumar Thakur and Murray Ram Mandavi, parents of children Shambhur Dhruv were also present.

Action will be taken against committee managers on purchasing paddy from coaches

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - Collector Mahadev Kaware has directed the Managers and Fraud Charges of procurement centers regarding procurement of paddy at the fixed price determined by the government that they should only take action of paddy procurement of the actual farmers according to the area sown. . The Collector directed in the strict words to the committee managers that strict action will be taken against the committee managers on purchasing illegal and rice from the coaches. The collector instructed all the committee managers that before issuing a token to the farmers who brought the paddy to farmers in the remaining 16 days of procurement of paddy, the verification will be done by the concerned Patwari and Revenue Inspector, after which they issue the token immediately.
The collector also appealed to the farmers to sell paddy at the fixed price of the government according to the area of ​​paddy sown in their fields. He said that farmers should not use their loan booklets to sell paddy for another person. On getting information of selling paddy illegally, such farmers can also be tested for the paddy sold with the investigation of the area of ​​paddy. The collector said that if the sale of paddy illegally is proved, then according to the rules, the procedure can also be done. Investigation of the Hamalas and engaged weighing huts in the committee. Do it. Action will be taken against the committee manager if the committees are found to purchase more than their installed weighing capacity in a single day. The collector also gave instructions to supervise and control all the paddy procurement centers of Bemetara, Berla, Saza and Navagad in all the four development blocks of the district and ensure the payment of payment, procurement and transport of acquired paddy.

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