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Post matriculate scholarship online deadline

Balrampur :24 Dec.

All government / non-government colleges, ITIs, polytechnics and nursing colleges run in the district, which are eligible for Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes students, Post Matric Scholarship administered by Tribal Development Department. Such students are being made online on the website of application for application, acceptance and distribution for Post Matric Scholarship for the academic session 2018-19.

Under which the department has fixed the scheduled deadline for 2018-19 to lock the proposal approval for the registration of the students and institutions. January 15, 2019, to apply for online application by the student, on January 25, to lock the draft proposal, 30 January and institutions to lock the acceptance order. The last date for submission has been fixed till 10 February 2019.

Gram Sabha is organized from 27th to 29th December

Balrampur December 24: The Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak has been ordered to organize a Gram Sabha from December 27 to 29, 2018, using the powers conferred in the Chhattisgarh Panchayat Raj Act. In the said Gram Sabha, the responsibility of the members of the council, the sarpanch and the secretary will be done to ensure the presence of the members along with Ganupruti.

Shuffling the posting of administrative officials

Balrampur : 22 Dec.

Balrampur: The officers of the State Administrative Service have issued posting orders to the Secretary, Shri Hiralal Nayak, under the administrative arrangement. He has posted Deputy Collector Durgesh Verma as Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Ramanujganj and Mr. Ajay Lakra, who is posted in Ramanujganj, has been posted as Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Vadrafnagar. Likewise, Deputy Collector and Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Revenue Vadraganagar Shree Shiv Kumar Banerjee has been reinstated in the District Office Balrampur and immediately posted with immediate effect till the next order.


Purchase of 313595.40 quintals of Paddy in the district so far

Balrampur 21 December 2018 / Kharif Marketing Year 2018-19 Paddy Extraction Centers of Balrampur-Ramanujganj 28 Cooperative Societies are being procured from 23752 registered farmers. So far 313595.40 quintals of paddy has been arrived in the district's Paddy procurement centers. Out of which 17237.60 quintals thick rice and 296357.80 quintals of diluted paddy have been purchased. Of this, 88544 quintals of paddy has been lifted.
The cooperative committee of the district is 7699.20 in Kapuldevpur, 6700 in Ranat, 7726.40 in Kusmari, 18227.20 in Keshmeshnagar, 1109.80 in Kodawa, 8806.80 in Gopalpur, 8226.80 in Chando, 11180 in Jamari, 472.80 in Jodpaath (Bharatpur), 1267.20 in Dipedeh, 1988.80 in Dongro , Tripura in 18909.60, Dhandhapur 7502, Daura 7147.60, Passa in 127.20, Barakagaon 5439.20, Baratikala 12404, Tatapani 10524.20, Baradar 7252.80, Baris 10870.80, Balrampur 11174, Maharajganj 12345.80, Bhoolsikala 1381.20, 26831.60 in Maharajganj, 21368 in Mahavirganj, 1648 in Raghunathnagar, 248.80 in Jigari (Basen), 6576 in Rajpur, 11303.60 in Ramchandrapur, 11404.40 in Ramnagar, 11980.80 in Basantpur, 12745.60 in Vadafnagar, 12049 in Dindo, 12183.20 in Vinde Nagar, 5843.20 in Savri and In Samaria, 1136.80 quintals of paddy have been purchased from the farmers.

Free Vaccination of Dangerous Infectious Disease By December 31

Balrampur 21 December 2018 / P.P.R. The free vaccination of infectious disease, called Disease, is being done till December 31, 2018. Deputy Director Veterinary Services Balrampur Shri BP Satnami has appealed to all animal husbandry in the district to make vaccination in goats / goats and sheep and help in making all the Sarpanch, Secretary and Kotwar vaccination campaign successful.

Selection and waiting list released

Skill examination of 15 candidates against Balrampur 21 December 2018 / Labor Officer's office, Labor welfare inspector (contract) unauthorized 01, approved for the district in Balrampur was taken. A selection / waiting list has been issued as per the skill test result. In the selection list, Mr. Roshan Gupta has been kept in the waiting list and Mr. Gopal Biswas and Mr. Rajesh Pandey have been kept in the waiting list. The above information can be reviewed on the website's information sheet and district website.

Collector Shri Narendra Dugga reviewed the polling stations and reviewed the short revision works.

Balrampur 20 December 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Dugga reviewed the meeting of the officers of the District Collectorate and the meeting of officials concerned regarding the rectification of the polling stations and brief revision work. In the meeting, he gave clearances to the attendees for doing the full work according to the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India, New Delhi. On this occasion, he discussed in detail the topics like adding names and revising the name of dead voters in the electoral roll with the photo of voters who completed the age of 18 years on 01 January 2019. He said that the draft voter list will be published on December 26, 2018. Similarly, the period of submission of claim objection before December 26, 2018 to January 25, 2019, resolving claims objections before 11 February 2019, updating the database before 18 February 2019 and printing supplementary list printing and final publication of 22 February 2019 voters list Will be done.
Mr. Narendra Dugga, according to the Electoral Registration Act, Handbook related to election, etc, to the officers, to work properly in line with the directions of the Election Commission. In the meeting, he should give proper training to BLO, Supervisor, Finance Officer, Form 6 to add name, Form-7 for deletion, Form-8 for improvement, Filling correctly, Checking well and recording Provided to keep the systematic. On this occasion, officers of the revenue department, tehsildar and urban bodies were present on the occasion including Deputy Collector Mr. JN Verma.

Newly elected Chief Minister, Shri Bhupesh Baghel, meeting of District Leaders and district officials through Video Conference

Balrajpur, December 19, 2018 / new Chief Minister of the State, Shri Bhupesh Baghel, Minister, Shri T.S. Sinhdev and Mr. Tamrfraj Sahu today discussed with the Commissioner, Police Commissioner and Collectors of the division through video conferencing from the Ministry and took information about the administrative and law and order in the district and the district and gave necessary directions to the officials. During this, he instructed the officers of 27 districts to immediately initiate the proceedings of the departmental implementation at all points of the Jan Manifesto.
During the discussion with Collector and Superintendent of Balrampur-Ramanujganj District, Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak gave the State Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel, Minister of Tourism Shri T.S. In connection with the administration and law and order situation in the district and the situation of procurement of paddy, mobile distribution and Naxal affected area, gave information about Sinhdev and Mr. Tamrampraj Sahu. Collector told that Balrampur-Ramanujganj district is connected to three frontline states. The district administration is being closely monitored in the border area to prevent illegal paddy from the border state. He said that necessary action was being taken by the Tehsildar seized by the Tehsildar, the paddy load truck being brought from Uttar Pradesh in the border area of ​​Dhanwar barrier of Vikaskhand Vadafnagar in the district. Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel congratulated him on the capture of the Tehsildar of Vadafnagar and his team by transporting illegal paddy from the truck. He got information about the law and order system from the district superintendent of the district. The Chief Minister instructed all the collectors of the border district of the state not to come out of illegal paddy from the border state, to keep a watchful eye. He told all the officials to solve every problems of the people at the district level only priority.

One annual increment of two principal readers was stopped

Ballarampur during 19th Dec 2018 / assembly election 2018 Assembly constituency No. 07- Polling center of Ramanujganj 55- Carrot and 148 -Piprolol 02 polling day on November 20, 2018, regarding the process of CRC after the mockpole, collector and district election The official, Shri Hiralal Nayak, was the principal reader of Secondary School Barapara of Vadafnagar Village Barikkala, Shri Vijay Prasad Sonawan And block Kusmi primary school Krradand Prime reader Mr. Harihar Ram tell Answers issued show cause notices had been asked to submit. On receipt of satisfactory answers, the collector and the District Election Officer have stopped the annual salary increase of Principal Pathak Shri Sonvani and Mr. Harihar Ram from the incentive with no effect.

Collector takes notice of negligence in work

Balrampur 19 December 2018 / Kharif Marketing Year 2018-19 Farmers of the district are being purchased through committees. Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies of Balrampur - 03 - Shri Rakesh Pathak was appointed in-charge officer for making arrangements for complete procurement, information, monitoring and procurement of instructions for the purchase of paddy in the Paddy Uprisation Center, Trikunda. Collector Hiralal Nayak conducted a surprise inspection of the Dairy Urology Center, Trikunda. During this, they found that negligence was being done in the works assigned by Mr. Pathak. Collector, under the provisions of Chhattisgarh Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1966, as a result of violation of rule 3 (1) (one) (two) (Three) of Chhattisgarh Civil Service Practices Rules, 1965, Assistant Grade-III under the provisions of Shri Rakesh Pathak has been suspended with immediate effect. During the Nilamal period, the head office of Shri Pathak has been designated as Collector (Food Branch) Balrampur.

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