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General Meeting concluded

Surajpur 07 January 2019 / General Meeting of District Panchayat Surajpur is held today in the meeting of District Panchayat in the presence of District Panchayat President Mr. Ashok Jagte and Chief Executive Officer District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha and District Panchayat Vice President Mr. Girish Gupta. Gone.
In the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat Mr. Jha said that the selection of beneficiaries at the district level has been done in the presence of the people in the presence of representatives and farmers should be benefited. While discussing in the meeting, it was informed that no post in respect of appointment to women and child development department is vacant, all the posts are being met. Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, in the year 2017-18, the road for upgradation of heavy traffic from 3.75 meters to 5.50 meter has been received for approval of 04 roads in the district whose length is 64.15 km. The work of detection of roads is in progress. In the meeting, the approved works under MNREGA were discussed and it was conveyed that 11 thousand 20 sanctioned dables were being done in the district. In which 36 thousand 510 laborers are working. In the General Meeting meeting, discussing the good fortune of the Department of Electricity, it was informed that APL and BPL will be prominently benefited and electrification will be provided in every household according to the target. Under the Kaushal Vikas Yojana, 04 thousand 380 candidates have been benefited by training in the Library Head College. In which more than 500 trainees are working under CIPET, the remaining trainees are working in different areas. While discussing the social welfare department in the meeting, it was stated that online pension payment is made by the Government of India for Widow Pension, Divya Pensions and Old Age Pension. In the rural area under the Old Pension, 03 thousand 79 people and 325 Pension holders in the urban areas are paid pension. Similarly, in connection with the distribution of fertilizer seed by the Department of Agriculture in the General Meeting, in relation to road screening by the Public Works Department, regarding the relocation of the tubewell mining by the Public Health Mechanics Department, the construction of the work currently being done by the forest department Detailed review was done in
The meeting was attended by MLAs including all District Panchayat members including MLA Naresh Rajwade, Project Administrator and Additional Chief Executive Officer Mr. RK Sharma.

National Service Scheme Unit created a stop dame on the fourth day of seven day special camp by volunteers

According to the information received from Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Kendra, Surajpur 07 January 2019 / Collector Shri K.Deswarapathy, according to information received from the Principal Higher Secondary School, Kandari, on the fourth day of the seven-day Special Camp organized by Rashtriya Sewa Yojana, Through the cleaning of the Bell Sokhta drain of pandari para of village Lue water was built Dame stop for the purpose of conservation. It is important to know that the people of the village use water from irrigation to drinking and bathing from the drain flowing in pandari para of village rajapur. Most of the villages need water from this gutter. Keeping this in mind, the volunteers constructed the Nahani Ghat at different places in the Nullah and after cleaning the drain, it was informed that the importance of water conservation and promotion of rural people was created by creating a stop dam. Also, information on ways to protect natural water sources was given.
On this occasion, the Program Officer Mr. Rajiv Kumar Singh said that water security is the responsibility of all of us. They appealed to all the villagers to plant more trees. In order to make the program successful, the volunteers Ajay Kumar, Son Kumari, Chotu, Ramkumari, Sunil, Umashankar, Anju, Anita, Mamta, Poonam, Kamalabhana, Sanita etc. have an important role.

Rs. 24 lakh sanctioned to 06 beneficiaries of natural calamity victims

According to information received from Surajpur 07 January 2019 / Collector Shri KD Deesanapati, Additional Collector Shri KP Sai provided financial assistance of Rs. 24 lakh to 06 beneficiaries of natural victims. According to the release order, Rashmi Agarwal, husband of Arun Kumar Agarwal, Jatiya Agarwal, of the deceased resident of village Dhilmili, died on May 26, 2017, due to the collapse of the fall of the tree due to a storm storm, and the closest heritage of the deceased, her husband Arun Kumar Agarwal, Shivshankar Agarwal and Vikram Khand, the deceased resident of village Prasala under Surajpur Shiva Singh's self- On December 30, 2017, due to his death due to drowning in the water of the well, his nearest daughter-in-law of the deceased, his wife Babli husband, self-styled daughter Anika Angita and son Ankit, father Sw. Shiv Singh, died of the deceased resident of village Nirvai. Death on 20th March 2017, due to his death due to drowning in the water of the well, his nearest fate of the deceased, his wife Phuleshvari, husband, son of Hirasya, Raju and Rajendra Putha Due to death due to celestial death on August 18, 2018, due to death of Sukul Jati Godd, deceased resident resident of village Jhansi, died on October 18, 2018, due to the death of a native person, his father, Sukul, was born to a beautiful woman, the husband of the deceased resident of village Prashadih Due to death due to drowning in the water of the well on December 02, 2017, the death of self-borne Bamudur Ram Jati Panika, due to his daughter-in-law and death Due to death due to drowning in the water of well on 08th August 2018, the death of Jayapat husband Rupashya Jati Sori of Village Sylphili resident of village, has been sanctioned financial assistance of four lakh rupees to his son Sukul Ram. . In anticipation of this allocation, the demand number 58 will be deemed to be in the anticipation of the allocation in the financial year 2017-18 under the Top 2245 Natural Disaster Relief.

First and foremost in the male and female category of women in the district level Marathon

Surajpur 07 January 2019 / District level marathon race was held in Surajpur under the auspices of District Administration and Sports and Youth Welfare Department. In which 60 selected 60 women and 60 male participants from the development block participated. Incharge Game Officer M. Gaus Beg said that in this race, 10 km for women category and 20 km for men category was set. For the first place runner in both the men and women category, Rs. 5000 / -, 2500 / - III, 1500 / -, Rs. 1000 / -, fifth place to 500 and 6th place to get 10th position, Rs. 250-250 per cash prize. Tax was encouraged and the selected 20 runners and runners selected in both the women and men's section of the district level will get an opportunity to participate in the state level marathon race. District level winners runners will represent Surajpur district at the state level. The race started by showing the green flag by the guests in the district level marathon race. Award distribution was given by the Chief Guest, Mr. Ashwini Singh, Mr. Gabi Nath Sahu, Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Mr. Manoj Dalmiya, Zafar Haider, Rehan, Akash Sahu. Chandravati Premanagar in the women category of District level marathon first, Sonika Rajwade Premnagar second, Basanti Singh Surajpur third, Yasmin Parveen Pratappur Chatha, Tara Singh Odgi fifth, Line Ramanujanagar Chhathwan, Neha Premnagar seventh, Supriya Pratappur eighth, Sunior leader Pratappur Nava and Civil Surajpur achieved the 10th position. Similarly, in the men category, Ashlesh Surajpur got first, Banarasi suzerpur second, Mahendr Surajpur third, Indra Prasad oddi chatha, Swamendra Singh Premnagar fifth, Sohan Singh Bhayyathan, Chhathwan, Geeta Pradhan oddi seventh, Rahul Pratappur eighth, Rajendra Pakra Pratappur Nava and Shivkumar Surajpur Tenth place gained. In the marathon, the Police Department and the Department of Medicine have special cooperation. In the successful operation of the event, Dhaniram Toppo, Yashwant Pandav, G.P. Ballale, Anuragendra Singh Baghel, Sunil Sahu, Bhagirathi Sahu, Ram Yadav, Sanjay Yadav, Subhash Rajwade, Surendra Rajwade, Prabhashankar Prasad, Sahdev Ram Ravi, O.P. Verma, Motilal Singh, Balbhadra Deganan, Pankaj Dongre etc. have special cooperation.

District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee constituted

Surajpur 5 Jan

Collector Shri K.C. Devsenapati has informed that District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee has been constituted. In which the Chairman of the Collector Surajpur will be Minister and Minister of State Government, Education Department, Scheduled Caste tribe, Other Backward Classes Minority Welfare and Cooperative Department, Lok Sabha area No. 01 Sariguza, Assembly constituency 04- Legislator of Premnagar, Assembly constituency 05- MLA of Bhatgaon,District Superintendent of Panchayat and Social Welfare, District Program Officer, Women and Child Development, District Public Prosecution Officer, District and Sessions Court, Surajpur, Smt. Vimla Bhagat, Social Education Committee, Women's Education Committee, Surajpur, Shri Sant Singh Samaj Sevi, Regional Academic Jan Kalyan Samiti, Surajpur , Shri Tribhuvan Singh Tikam Samaj, Savi Bapu Dharm Sabha, Adivasi Seva Samiti, Ashram, Govindpur Member and Hayek Commissioner Tribal Welfare Department has been appointed as member-secretary.


With the joint team of department officials, stirred up with coaches and illegal paddy consumers

Surajpur 4 Jan

Collector Shri K.C. DevSenapati Shri K.P., Additional Collector, in the direction of  The Jainagar Paddy Purchase Center was checked on the possibility of paddy consumption in joint account by jointly by Sree and District Food Officer, Shri Amrit Kuzur and Deputy Registrar Co-operative Societies, Mr. Anil Tirkey. In which 361 sack paddy from Madhapur / Shivlal resident Rajapur has been seized on the possibility of illegal consumption.

Apart from this, the procurement center was procured by the Joint Team of the Assistant Food Officer Mr. Sandeep Bhagat, Food Inspector Mr. Nitish Kumar and the Joint Team of Mandi Department, Surajpur, where the token of the forthcoming day was found to be procured from the farmers today.

202 sack paddy, purchased by 50 sack paddy and Shailesh Jaiswal resident of the committee, from Board Manager, Budhman Singh, was seized without having to do the necessary documents (token, loan book), along with 80 farmers of paddy used for sale by Chandan Singh resident Navaparkhurd. The slip and the committee have been seized on the difference in the incoming slip.

In this order, in the investigation of the procurement center, Ramdayal / Ramprasad resident of Premnagar, 200 bags of paddy, new old mixed, brought by Jagadish / Lakshman resident Buckir, if not required to submit the necessary documents, 82 sacks of paddy and Ajay Singh / Sukhram near without token 37 sacks of paddy brought for sale were seized. Tasheedalad Bhayyathan Mrs. Indira Mishra was examined in the Paddy Purchase Center Banja, In which 143.80 quintals of paddy brought by Jur, resident of Banjal, resident of Barmalal resident Barmalal, resident of Rampratap, has been seized and found to be of non-standard variety. Other teams, Mandi Secretary Mr. Bhagat, Food Inspector Mr. Ajit Kuzur, Mandi Sub-Inspector, Mr. Pradhan, jointly conducted the seizure of confiscation of 24 quintals of rice in the check-up of the reservoir of Shivprasadnagar wholesaler Ramanand Jaiswal without necessary documentation and stack resistance. done

Along with Vinod Sonvani, resident of Shivprasadnagar, after finding out that 40 borry paddy was purchased in his shop, five times the money was charged for taking action under the Mandi Act.

In the Kharif marketing year 2018-19, the district collector's instructions on the purchase of paddy procurement work smoothly and on the fear of coaches, the officers are being constantly checked by the place. In the past day, the joint team of departmental officials in the district have stirred up the stir amongst the coconuters and the illegal paddy users, which were examined and seized from different places, about 736 quintals were procured by the Paddy Offices and in this order around today Procurement of 588.60 quintals of paddy confiscation has been taken. Action is being taken under the Mandi Act on persons found to be selling illegal paddy.


Application for vacant post of Anganwadi worker / Mini Anganwadi worker / assistant to 17th Jan

Surajpur 4 Jan

According to the information received from Project Officer Integrated Child Development Services Project Pratappur Smt. Sarita Singh, under the direction of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, for the appointment of newly sanctioned and previously approved Anganwadi worker / Mini Anganwadi worker / Assistant to the vacant post in Child Development Project Pratappur.From the local residents / interested candidates of the respective Gram Panchayat, the child development project office has been invited directly from the registered office at Pratappur or by registered post till 17 January 2019. For more information, notice board of Office of Child Development Project Pratappur or the website of www.surajpur.gov.in can be reviewed.

Rs. 52 lakh 50 thousand sanctioned to 15 beneficiaries of natural calamity

Surajpur 4 Jan

According to information received from the Additional Collector Shri KP Sai, in the direction of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, the financial assistance of Rs 52 lakh 50 thousand has been given to 15 beneficiaries of the natural victims.

According to the issuing order, the death of Sarpanch of the deceased resident resident of Gram Janjari of Vikaskhand Odhni, died on 17 June 2017 due to the death of serpent, due to the death of snake, nearest lady of the deceased, Tirkey husband Deepak Tirki, mother of the deceased resident village Smriti Due to the death due to drowning of the well in the water of the husband on July 23, 2017, the death of husband K. Kalsh Kumar A. Gopal Ram Jati Rajwar Nearest heir of spanis jasmine her husband Kalesh Kumar, Death of the deceased resident Vishal Tirki Aadmi, Deepak Tirki, of Uttar Pradesh, died on June 11, 2017 due to the poisonous snake bite, near the dead of the deceased, his father Deepak Tirki, his father, Sukhan Tirki, was found dead under the development resident of village Bansapara. Chakradar husband Shri Rameshwar Prasad Jati Pottar died on 5th October 2017 due to the death due to burning in the fire The best sheer her husband, Rameshwar Prasad,Due to death due to drowning in the water of well on November 18, 2017, due to the death of Taleeshwari husband Shri Balagovind Jati Kanwar of village Chainpur resident of the deceased, his husband Balgoovind, the deceased resident of village Chunangari, Phulati, the husband of Babulal Jati Godd, died. Due to death due to drowning in the water of well in July 2017, her husband, Babulal,Death of the deceased resident of village Chananghi, Ropan Singh, Arjun Tirupan Singh, died on September 14, 2017, due to his death due to drowning in the water of the well, his wife Laliya Bewa, Swapna Rappan Singh, Tulsi Bai, husband Bhajju of the deceased resident of village Sonpur Due to death due to the drowning of the Sukhlal jati pond of the lion, 21 September 2017, due to the death of the well in the water, the husband of Bhajju Singh,Due to death due to drowning in the water of well on the 26th February 2018 death of the father of Binu Ram Pankara of Patiala village, Patiala, near the dead, due to his death in the water of well, his wife Basapati, Swami Bansu Ram Pankara, Shivbarna father of the deceased resident village Pasal Due to death due to drowning in the water of Renanadi on Sep 12, 2016, due to the death of self-styled godman Jayant Jat Pardo, his brother Ahiran The Lodu come 0 Self 0 Jaynath,

Death of resident of village Kusmusi, Ratan Pacra, in the house of Inder Pacra caste Kawar, due to his death due to fall in the pit on March 01, 2017, the nearest weirs of the deceased, his wife Lalmani, husband, Ratan Pacara Rs four lakh and Rs. Death of father of Ram Gahal, father of Hiramani of village Gangoti, near death due to death due to drowning in the dam water on November 01, 2014 The heir to his father Rambhl,Due to the death due to beekeeping, on March 18, 2015, due to beekeeping of the deceased, after the death of beekhki bite, on the death of her husband, Sangram, A beautiful beauty, and under the development of Ramanujnagar, a resident of village Vikramadhana Ramanujnagar, Indurkukar of village Makrandipur Death of husband Surajya jati pod died on November 01, 2014 due to drowning in water Ritika closest heir, his son Ramchandra Singh and 0 Self 0 Surjn one hundred fifty thousand to one lakh fifty thousand rupees

The financial assistance amount has been approved. In anticipation of this allocation, the demand number 58 will be deemed to be in the anticipation of the allocation in the financial year 2017-18 under the Top 2245 Natural Disaster Relief.

Similarly, due to the death due to drowning in the water of well on 13th July 2018 due to the death of Phulmet husband of Hiralal caste Panika of village Baijnath of the deceased resident of village Vikaskhand Bhaiyathan, the financial assistance of Rs. 4 lakhs was given to his husband, Hiralal, Govind Ram. The amount has been approved. In anticipation of this allocation, demand number 58 top 2245 will be depleted in anticipation of allocation of financial year 2018-19 under natural calamity relief.





Nearly 736 quintals of Paddy seized by coaches and illegal feeders

Surajpur 3 Jan

On the suspicion of feeding the rice of coconuters / intermediaries in the name of farmers, verification of verification done by the joint team of Tehsildars and Food Inspector in their pans Collector Surajpur under the chairmanship of Shri KC Devsenapati, on January 02, 2019, in the meeting room of the Joint District Office, the Department of Revenue, Food Department, Mandi Department, Agriculture Department, Central Cooperative Bank, Co-operative Societies, Civil Supplies Corporation and Marketing Association officials Review meeting concluded for procurement of paddy

In the meeting, the Collector Shri Devsenapati gave strict instructions to investigate all the procurement centers in view of the possibility of purchasing illegal paddy by the coaches in the procurement of paddy. This has enabled the joint team of different departments in the district to become active, and the vehicles coming from the purchasing centers and the border areas are being investigated by the joint team.

In this order of inquiry, the inquiry center was procured by Additional Collector, Surajpur, Food Officer, Surajpur and District Marketing Officer, in which 185 quintals of paddy on token number vaccine 39001602181900889 by Mr. Prashottam / Dushan resident Podi Surajpur,105 Kwilal paddy and 102 quintals of Rameshyam / Ramusamar resident of Radheshyam / Ramusamar resident of Bhadrapur, who were brought by Dandari residents, were nominated to the nominated Agriculture Extension Officer in the center considered for fake token, to check the final level of the three farmers. .

Along with this, 200 bags of Virendra Gupta / Shivshankar resident Salka have been seized on the possibility of being non-standard and the person's coaches. Along with this, on suspicion of feeding coaches / bicycles in the name of farmers, tokens cut in the purchase centers, a joint team of Tehsildars and Food Inspector is reaching out to their barns and verifying them. The pans were examined by the tahsiladar Shri Suresh Rai in the Odhi area and by the Food Inspector of Kamlesh Patel and by the Nab Tahsildar Mrs. Garima Thakur in Surajpur Sylphili area, according to the token of the farmers.

Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Surajpur and six Surajpur Dhan Purchase Centers were examined by Food Officer Surajpur, in which the driver from Korea / Patna was caught by the driver Shri Narad Singh on the possibility of bringing 120 bags of paddy brought to the tecton with the purpose of illegal consumption.Paddy procurement center Ganeshpur witnessed the purchase of 130 sack paddy from Mr. Sitaram Rajwade Committee Manager Ganeshpur, and a new mixed mix of 68 sacks of money was seized from Shri Ravi Shankar Rajwade, and Bhai Shri Ravi Shankar Rajwade, and 120 people by Ashok Kumar Sahu resident of Pawanpur. Paddy is brought for sale which has been seized on the possibility of non-standard and coaches.

At the same time, an inquiry was conducted by the Dairy procurement center, Dahanakra, by the Departmental Officer Pratappur and Food Inspector Pratappur. In which the farmer brought by Mr. Jagdev / Amelal resident, Semraakhurd, 34 bags of paddy has been seized, if the paddy brought by the paddy is more than recorded.In the investigation by the other team food and mandi officials, the committee was found to be non-profitable on procurement of paddy from non-toked farmers and buys of purchased paddy in addition to the stack with wholesaler Mr. Sushil Kumar Aggarwal, more than 250 Procurement of stamp duty was done on the purchase of more than 100 quintals of paddy more than sherry paddy and the directives for stack to the wholesale traders. Has been.




General Meeting and General Administration Committee meeting on 07 January

Surajpur 3 Jan

According to the information received from Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat, under the direction of Collector, Shri K.C. Devsenapati, on January 07, 2019, the General Administration Committee will be held on 01 January, 01 01 in the presidency of the District Panchayat President Mr. Ashok Jagte and General Assembly from 01 noon. The meeting has been organized. All concerned have been asked to appear at the scheduled date and time.

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