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Integrated Child Development Project will be recruited at Anganwadi centers of Bakunthpur, on vacant posts of Anganwadi worker and assistant. Invites applications till 15th January

Korea, Dec. 29, 2018 / Project Officer of Integrated Child Development Project, Bakunthpur said here that under the Integrated Child Development Project of the district, the vacant Anganwadi workers in Anganwadi center Bilaru and the Anganwadi center will be recruited in the posts of vacant Anganwadi assistants at Surani . For this, applications have been invited from the female candidates till January 15. Up to the application, the Integrated Child Development Project can be presented at office in the office of Bakundathpur.

Meeting on preparations for January 26, 2019 (Republic Day celebrations) on January 1

After the meeting of the time limit meeting on 01 January 2019 under the chairmanship of Collector, Shri Narendra Kumar Duga, a meeting has been called for the preparation of the 26 January 2019 (Republic Day Celebration) meeting in the District Collectorate. For this, the Additional Collector has urged all the departments and office heads of the district to be present at the scheduled time and place.

With regard to the progress of the work under construction, the concerned construction agency and the contractor are given the task of completing the work quality in full time frame: Collector Dugaga

Koriya 22 Dec.

The meeting of the Life Deep Committee was held in the meeting room District Hospital under the chairmanship of Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, President, Collector and Life Deep Committee. In the meeting, he received information about the income-expenditure of the Life Deep Committee. Receiving information about the facilities available in the District Hospital, he gave directions to the District Hospital to make the work plan for the renovation (renovation) work,At the same time, they learned about the progress of the work under construction and gave clear instructions to the concerned construction agency and the contractor to complete the work done to complete the work. In the meeting Mr. Narendra Dugga said that the needy person reached the District Hospital for better treatment. They should not be spared any kind of spell. They should get all the facilities available in the hospital easily. There will not be any kind of negligence in it.He also gave instructions to the patients to provide medicines and to make medicines available from the Pharmacy Center.

In the meeting, the review of the works being done in accordance with the decisions taken in the meeting of the Joint Vigilance Committee held in September, in the presence of Shri Narendra Dugga, Chairman, District and Life Deep Committee. The meeting mainly consists of budgets upto November 2018, sweeper for public toilet, appointment of watchman, use of protection fund,

With the release of funds from the Mineral Trust Fund to the generator and drip freezers, House Keeping, Kitchen, Lab, X-ray, Tender Issue of Bold Bank Material, Community Halls etc. related to the construction and electrification process in detail. They also gave doctors special attention to the general treatment of patients and special attention to care and cleanliness.

In the meeting the Collector and Jeevan Deep Committee president said that for the well-functioning operation of the hospital, the staph should be required at least once in a month. In the meeting, he gave instructions on making the phone directory in which the departmental, All the names and mobile numbers of doctors, nurses, ward dwellers, cleaning workers, etc. should be there. In the same way, he discussed the Hospital's Day Neighbors, Fire Safety, Cleaning of Kuawas, Solar Panel etc., and they gave clearance for applying wiring, proper arrangement of electricity, three-face connection for the smooth operation of the electricity system in Hospital.

Shri Narendra Dugga, President of the Collector and Life Deep Committee, got the information of Biomedical West. He gave clearance to create necessary action plans for setting up an ecosystem for fixation of biomedical waste.Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. SS Pekra, Civil Surgeon Mr. SK Gupta, Executive Engineer of Public Works Department, Executive Engineer of Public Health Engineering Department, Municipal Chief Executive Officer along with Municipal Chief Officer Members of Deep Committee were present.



4 lacs sanctioned for the dependents of the deceased from natural calamity

Koriya 22 Dec.

Collector Shri Narendra Singh Dugga has approved the amount of Rs. 4 lakhs as financial aid to Mr. Nand Kumar Cherwa, dependent on Mr. Laxman Chewa, after the death of Sarpanch of village Vikramshal Sonhat, Mr. Laxman Cherava died. Collector Dugga has given the acceptance of the State under the provisions of the Circular-5 of Council-1 of the Revenue Book Circular 6 (4).

Merit list for recruitment of various posts on main contract and health officer contract basis

Koriya 22 Dec.

The Chief Medical and Health Officer of Korea District said today that on 15 May 2018, an advertisement was issued for recruitment of 34 contractual posts for 13 different posts on contractual basis under National Health Mission. He informed that for the recruitment of the advertised posts merit list office has been prepared on the notice board of Chief Medical and Health Officer for skill examination / interview. Overview of the merit list can be contacted at the website's preliminary report and the office of Chief Medical and Health Officer.

Bhupathi Government has given the gift of increased support price- farmer Shri Ajit Kumar Patel

Korea 20 December 2018 / Chief Minister Shri Bhuplet Baghel has said that the Government has begun to rule the hearts of the farmers by giving a new support price. Its story, said Shri Ajit Kumar Patel, the farmer of village Sarbhoka (Basanpara) of Vikakshhha Baikunthpur, Vikaskhand, saying that he has 6 acres of land, but due to the low price of crop and the concern of debt, they do not even think of doing something new Could have been But the patriarch will see that the government gave him an opportunity to think up and up. He told that he has taken a loan of 95 thousand rupees for cultivation from the cooperative bank. This year, due to not being good in their crops, they were concerned about how they would get the loan. But now they are not worried about reducing this debt. Because the Bhupathi government has worried about their debt and the support price has also been reduced to Rs 2 thousand 500. Now Mr. Patel has become free from the worry of debt restructuring and is talking about his family's development of Chaitra. They said that by investing in the education of children, the money which was spent in debt, they want to give them good education. Apart from this, he talked about improving the condition of his family by investing in Sesha Rashis in the business. In order to forgive the debt, he thanked them for expressing their gratitude towards the new Chief Minister, Bhuplet Baghel.

Collector Shri Narinder Dugga appointed for the examination of Madrasa Board Examination

Korea 20 December 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Dugga has organized the Higher Secondary School, Higher Secondary Certificate Course Examination (First, Second and Fourth) and Urdu Adib, Urdu Master, Urdu Molim-II Year 2018 The Flying Team is appointed for the purpose. In which the examination conducted in the Ramanuj Higher Secondary School, Bacunthpur, for the examination conducted in Teknikalpur, Tehsildar, Shri Tikaram Devangan, in-charge and Development Development Officer, Bacunditpur, Mr. B.K. Dubu, in-charge of the charge and for the examination conducted in the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, GodriPara Chirmiri, Kharg gan Naib Tehsildar Shani Pakra was given charge of the party in charge and assistant VIC Jakhandar Gupta has been appointed as Assistant Assistant Education Officer Khadgawan. In order to maintain the successful operation and confidentiality of the examination in the examination centers, the party has given charge and members of the members for continuous inspection using their own vehicles.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel talked to collectors and superintendents of all the districts through video conferencing.

Korea, Dec. 19, 2018 / Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today held talks with collectors and police superintendents of all the districts through video conferencing for the first time, due to rains due to rain, information regarding paddy acquisition, forest rights lease distribution Take information about security arrangements, traffic management, short-term loans, agricultural credit forgiveness, etc. and assess the damaged crop. In order to provide support funds under the provisions of the Revenue Book Circular 6-4, In the video conferencing, the Minister of State for Chhattisgarh, Shri T.S. Sinhdev and Mr. Tamr Dhwaj Sahu also joined. Collector Narinder Dugga, Superintendent of Police, Shri Vivek Shukla, Additional Collector Mr. R. A. Kuruvanshi and other officers were also present in the video conferencing from Korea District.
In video conferencing, the Minister Shri T.Singhdev discussed the pending cases of various social assistance pensions, the development works approved in the district, the possibility of establishment of agro-based industries and the collectors of irrigation and roads. Likewise, the Minister Shri Tamrampraj Sahu gave information about the schemes run by the various departments of the government from the district collectors, and gave clearance to the beneficiaries of the schemes of the scheme in a time bound manner. He asked the collectors to suggest increase in irrigation capacity of dams and canals and the possibility of new irrigation projects.

Guru Ghasidas Jayanti celebrated in Pandavapara, community building in Korea district

This year, as on December 19, 2018 / Representation, was celebrated on 26 December of 26th birth anniversary of Sant Sarumani Param Pujya Baba Guru Ghasidas ji, who was the successor of Satnam Panth on December 18, according to Harshalas and dignity. The district level main function was organized at the community building situated in village Pandavpara of Vikukshhalak of Bakunthpur district. In the function, Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Khond, Smt. Neera Singh inaugurated the district level main function organized under the chairmanship of District Public Relations Officer Koli Sri Laxmikant Kosaria, from the Asansunda of the Chief Guest. This district level program organized under the aegis of Chhattisgarh Jay Satnaam Janakalyan Parashad District Korea concludes in the host of Pandavapara Unit. A large number of people from the society were present in Charka Kalari, Pauradhar, Katkona Kalari, Khongapani, Baikunthpur, Chirmiri Haldibadi and Small Bazaar units. The program was started with the greeting song of Kumari Anjali Rathore and Guru Rajan of Guru Raushan Kurray. The Chief guest, Mrs. Neera Singh, congratulated and greeted the first person to Guru Ghasidas Jayanti. He said that Guru Baba Ghasidas gave the message of humanity to the country and the world.
Chhattisgarh Jay Satnaam Janakalyan Parashad Saturni Samaj President Shri Virendra Ajgale said that Guru Baba Ghasidas has brought his thoughts to the people through simple songs in the Chhattisgarhi language in simple language. He said that the concept of constructing equitable society in the teachings of Guru Baba has been envisaged, for which we all have to work together to realize. Mr. M.C.Himdhar, Assistant Professor of Ramanuj Pratap Sinhadev Graduate College said that Guru Baba was a priest of humanity. He was the great man of not only Chhattisgarh but of all the worlds.
The District Public Relations Officer, Koriya and District Level Chief Festival President Shri Laxmikant Kosaria also addressed the function. He said that the great saint and social reformer of Chhattisgarh Guru Baba Ghasidas gave a message to all the people to follow the path of truth and non-violence. Shri Kosariya said that truth lies in every person. We should all strive for the creation of a society of equality after walking on the path given by Guru Baba. Apart from this, the teachers, women's committees and dignitaries of the society who came to the festival also highlighted the biography of Saint Guru Ghasidas and inspired them to follow the path stated by Baba. Prior to this, hospital check was taken from Virat Nagar, Ramnath Chak, 100 Moines Temple Road, till Jai pillar was removed. Wonderful exhibition of dance dance was performed by village Udaya Panti Party, village Mudia District Mungeli of Satya and Palo was thrown by visitors.
Pratibha Incentive Award was distributed by the Chief Guest and President of the program in the sequel of the ceremony. In which students participating in the cultural program were honored, including K. Lakshmi, S. Supreet Chaturvedi, Ayush Bhardwaj, Shri Ankit Kumar Nirala, Shri Vaibhav Mahilange and Shri Vivek Barle. Then, according to the Self -DGG Bighell Memory Feature Award 2018, Mr. Gulshan Barle, Mrs. Manju Rathere, Mr. Mukesh Khurana, Archana Keshar, Smt. Kavita Sonwani, Mr. Virendra Ajgale, Mr. Naresh Kumar, Mrs. Banda Tunda, Momento and Proof The letter was awarded by giving. Those who have enhanced the pride of society through medical, engineering, business courses, new jobs and promotions. Similarly, Shri Lal Bahadu Chellar, Smt. Madhu Barle, Mr. Nohar Prasad Banjare, Mrs Hameen Syotode, Shri Mahendra Kumar Pathe, Smt. Shanta Patale, Shri Kausal Bhardwaj, Mrs. Ramesh Bai, Mr. Bahoran Lal Khands, Mrs. Manaki Bai Khant, Mr. Naresh Divakar , Sri Kauleshwar Prasad Jogi, Smt. Kaushalya Khatkar, Sri Satya Prakash Chaturvedi, Shri Baliram Pankaj, Smt. Santoshi Peat, self. Ramratan Banjare Smriti Uttash Social Worker Award was presented. In the same way many people who have been criticizing the name of society by doing extraordinary work were encouraged and encouraged. On this occasion, S / Shri Mohar Sai Sonwani, Shyam Lal Saitode, Lakhan Dahria, Dhaniram Khune, Ramlal Kurray, Ranjit Mandal, Amrit Tunde, Madan Satnami, Bhagwat Lohar, Tiras Ram Lohri, Bihari Khutes, Shyam Lal Kosale, Dr. A large number of people including Diwakar, Tilak Ram, Noah Prasad, Muniram, Ramlal Jangde, Minimaata Women's Committee, District Korea, were present.

Child protection month from 21st September 2018 to 25th January 2019

Korea 19 December 2018 / Collector Shri Narendra Dugga today took the meeting of the Health Department and officers of the Women and Child Development Department at the meeting room of the district collectorate here. In the meeting, he discussed in detail about Shishu Conservation Month.
In the meeting, Collector Shri Narendra Dugga said that a special campaign will be started for identification of appropriate nutrition vaccination and malnourished children from 09 months to 05 years of age, pregnant women, pregnant mothers. This campaign will be run from December 21, 2018 to January 25, 2019. Under this campaign, beneficiaries will be given Vitamin 'A' syrup, which will protect children from diseases of the eyes. The campaign will mainly be deprecated by depriving children deprived of immunization. On this occasion he gave the Health Department the decision to vacate all the children who were discharged through a brief microflance and gave clear instructions for proper coordination and monitoring of all the officers of the Women and Child Development Department. Collector Shri Narendra Dugga also said that the vaccination of all the deceased 100 per cent children will be examined by the various officers of the district in the month of Shishu Conservation Month. Discussion strategies were discussed in the non-remote areas, under which the vacant areas will be vaccinated by going through the workers of health department on Monday and Thursday in remote areas. On this occasion, officers of Health Department and Women and Child Development Department were present.

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