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Bemetra : Instructions for the Collector to Complete Wall Writings Completion

Under the guidance of collector and district election officer Shri Mahadev Kaware, the work of wall writing is going on for all the 726 polling stations in the district. The District Magistrate has instructed all the four district panchayats of Bemetara, Barla Saza and the CEO of Navagad to complete the work of the wall writing. Collector has issued instructions to all the district 08 urban bodies Bemetara, Nwagdh, Berla, Saja, DEOKAR, CMO of Parpodi, Thankmhria and hit the working wall paintings outside all polling booths in urban areas. Information regarding completing the work of wall writing in Parpodi, Saaza, Thanmahariya of the district was given in the time limit meeting by the concerned CMO.

Collector's meeting of Secretary, Patwari and Agricultural Extension Officers of Gram Panchayats

Bemetara 21 September 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kavare meeting of today around the block headquarters Saja, Berla, Bemetara and visiting GPs secretary Nwagdh Revenue Department refused, rural agricultural extension officers of the Department of Agriculture. In the meeting, he instructed to review the wages payment of MNREGA works, payment of Social Security Pension amount, review of the toilets payment, incomplete works under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme and new approved works as soon as possible. During this period, he also reviewed the construction work by the Panchayats under the Chief Minister's Comprehensive Development Plan and the arrangement for the procurement of paddy procurement in the forthcoming Kharif 2018-19, and the procurement of Kharif crops in the time limit and verification of the information of the land for purchase of paddy mandatory 22 Also give instructions to submit till September. The District Magistrate directed the submission of the amount of incentives of gram to the farmers for compulsory submission of their bank details till September 22. He said that the upcoming Gram Sabha will be held from October 2, in which it was directed to work for GP, DP plan and cleanliness action plan. The Collector was directed to complete the sanctioned works under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. Also, it was also directed to do the use of toilets and incomplete payments. Under the Department of Agriculture, the Patwari and Rural Agricultural Extension Officers were instructed to complete Diwali by September 30. Collector Shri Kaware has given Random numbers to the Patwaris, according to him, according to the timely instructions for harvesting the crop in the CCP app. He instructed the Secretary of the Gram Panchayat and the Patwaris to remain in the prescribed headquarters and to operate the rural secretariat well. District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Bemetra D.N. Kashyap, Saaza - Umashankar Sahu, Navagad-D.S. Uike, Berla-R.P. Aancla, District CEO Panchayat Bemetara - Deepak Thakur, Berla- Shishir Sharma, Saja- light Meshram, Nwagdh Anand Tiwari, from the toll collector, Upasnchalk agricultural Shashank Shinde, society officials of all departments including DD Mr. Morey, the welfare department and district -The villagers who came from Dara were present.

Atal Vikas Yatra 2018
Collector collects meeting place
Bemetara September 21, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kawre visited Saza in the district department headquarters today to discuss the preparations for the proposed development trip to the Chief Minister. It is to be noted that in the second phase of Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will address the general public by inaugurating development works and Bhumi Pujan during the Atal Vikas Yatra in Saza on September 26. The Collector gave instructions to the officials to make available the list of works to be inaugurated and to be done by the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat. The Collector interacted with the officers in connection with the forum and security arrangements Barricet, VIP gallery, drinking water system, viewer gallery etc. during the journey of Saaza. On this occasion, Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Savaja Umashankar Sahu, Public Works Department's Departmental Officer Dalanganjan, Public Works Department's MR. Jatav, along with other officials were present.

Instructions given to collector to complete wal writing soon
Bemetara September 21, 2018: - Under the guidance of collector and district election officer Shri Mahadev Kaware, work of wall writing is going on for all 726 polling stations in the district. The District Magistrate has instructed all the four district panchayat Bemetara, Barla Saza and the CEO of Navagadh to complete the work of writing the wallets soon. Collector has issued instructions to all the district 08 urban bodies Bemetara, Nwagdh, Berla, Saja, DEOKAR, CMO of Parpodi, Thankmhria and hit the working wall paintings outside all polling booths in urban areas. Information regarding completing the work of writing Wale in Parpodi, Saja, Thanmahariya of the district was given in the meeting of the time limit by the concerned CMO.
The district recorded an average rainfall of 847.8 mm

Bemetara September 21, 2018: - In the district from 01 June 2018 to 21 September 2018 847.8 mm. Average rainfall has been recorded. Highest of 1226.2 mm Rainfall in Bemetara tahsil and minimum 603.2 mm Varsha has been recorded in Navagad Tehsil. According to the information received from Superintendent of land records district office Bemetara from 01 June to 21st of September 2018, 1212.2 mm in Bemetara tahsil. Rainfall, 844.0 mm in Berla tahsil Rainfall, 634.0 mm in Saza Tehsil Rainfall is 932.0 mm in Thanhkhamaria tahsil Rainfall and 603.2 mm in Navagadh tehsil Rainfall is recorded. Similarly, in the condition of 21st September 35.2 mm in Bemetara tahsil Rainfall, 4.0 mm in Berla tehsil Rainfall, 8.0 mm in Saza Tehsil Rainfall, 11.0 mm in Thanhkhamaria tahsil Rainfall and 6.2 mm in Navagad Tehsil Rainfall is recorded.

Bemetara collector ordered the action of District Change over two people

Bemetara Collector and District Magistrate Shri M.D. Kavre issued an order yesterday and proceeded against Jilabdar on two people of the district. According to the order issued by the collector's court, Prakashchand Jain alias Pakku, the father himself. Amolchand Jain age 58 years, Sakin - Sitepara Navagad, District Durg and Sattar Mohammad father Smile Mohammed age 55 years, Sakin ward number 11 Thanchamharia tehsil Thankhmaharia district Bemetra is included.

The collector has said in the order issued that under the Section 5 (a), (b) of the Chhattisgarh State Security Act 1990, he passed the order from the borders of Bemetara district, boundaries of District Durg, Kabirdham, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Mungeli, Balodabazar and District Bemetra It should be removed within 24 hours of going or out. Anadhaarak order will not enter any condition in Bemetara district for 6 months of being Tamil. The District Magistrate has directed the concerned police station to co-ordinate this.

Gram Sabha will organize panchayats from October 02 Collector gave the CEO To the prescript

Bemetara September 20, 2018 - A Village Sabha will be organized in Panchayats on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, in the Bemetra district. In this regard, the Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware has appointed all the District CEOs. In order to organize the Gram Sabha, issuing circular has been directed at the local level.

According to the circular issued by the collector on the directions of the state government, it has been said that according to the prescribed schedule, the forthcoming Gram Sabha meeting will begin from October 2, 2018 in every village. For the meeting of Gram Sabha held from 2nd October, a timetable should be prepared for organizing Gram Sabhas in each village panchayat and their dependent villages in the district panchayat, so that at one date a village gram sabha can be held in one gram panchayat.

With this type of arrangement, the Sarpanch and the Secretary will be able to be easily available in the Gram Sabha meeting. Special responsibility should be given to the officers and employees according to the local requirement for organizing the Gram Sabha.

The following points should be considered especially in the Gram Sabhas - Detailed information should be given about the construction of Gram Panchayat Vikas Yojana (Hummer Gav Harmar Yojana) and action should be taken in relation to construction of work plan according to the guidelines.

To encourage rural cleanliness programs under various programs, review the progress of the two facilities / constructions in the houses / constructions. Ensure the quality and utilization of the two offices built under Clean India Mission. Two open-ended villages in the open should also be reviewed; To achieve 100% toilets in Gram Panchayat, number of total families, toilets, number of toilets, number of families, all members of families The toilet is being used by? Discuss all steps taken by the members of the family on all occasions and on the steps taken on the steps taken to discourage the use of the two operators and those who are not using the 2Gour offices or setting up of monitoring committee for toilets.

The person / organization / organization doing outstanding work in the field of cleanliness and work should be honored by organizing the function on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on 02th of October. After conducting cleanliness program of all the check-chaas and established idols of villages, on October 02, as a cleanliness day in Chhattisgarh, all organized.

Gandhi Gurdwara will be set up in Gram Panchayats having population of more than 5000 thousand in Chhattisgarh. After marking the land for garden establishment, the work of excavation of trees, plantation, filling etc. will be done from Mentre item.

Resolution regarding the principles and principles of Mahatma Gandhi ji, and in every Gram Panchayat Bhavan, the writing of the works of Gandhiji's works should be done. Discussion regarding concrete / liquid waste management in the Gram Panchayat area; Promoting Gandhian thought philosophy through Gram Sabha.

Proposals for issuing audit certificate for the expenditure of the accounts of the expenditure, approval of approved works, administrative approval, cost of work, approval of expenditure incurred on expenditure and expenditure incurred by various schemes under 2018-19, 2018-19. . The fair / market / the establishment of Kanji House and the review of the expenditure incurred, before the Panchayat / present office bearers and officials / employees from which the accounts of panchayats should be accounted for or accounted for arrears should be read in the Gram Sabha.

It has been stated in the circular issued that under the 14th Finance Commission, the following rules / instructions should be read in the gram panchayats for obtaining the performance of grants - taxes should be fully charged by the panchayat. (List of accused tax should be read and read) and details of action taken in the proceedings of the alleged taxes should be sent to this office through the Janpad Panchayat.

Recovery collected against the tax charged by the panchayat, should be read out in the list of names of those who deposit the amount against the accused taxation.

Details of the amount collected and the amount collected and the balance and the information of the person through Janpad Panchayat.

To be sent to this office. Increase in revenue of self compared to last year (Statement of revenues up to last year and September 2018); Audited accounts of the Gram Panchayat two years ago and yearly assessment of taxation and recovery of taxes, Mahatma Gandhi employment guarantee Based on the demand for employment by the rural families in the village panchayats of the district under the scheme, keeping in mind the situation of the year, provide work. Approval of Ane's action plan and should review the conditions of employment provided.

Keeping in view the possibility of adversity of monsoon in the state in kharif 2018, weather based crop insurance scheme has been implemented to reimburse farmers for their crop loss. Crop insurance scheme should be discussed in the gram sabha to get maximum benefit from the farmers. This scheme is mandatory for the debtor farmers.

The farmers also get rid of the benefits of this scheme. Social audit of beneficiaries and beneficiaries of beneficiaries under the Social Assistance Program should be verified. Regarding making the books of Swami Atmanand Library read out to the villagers

Camp will be held today under the Seamless Electricity Bill Scheme

Bemetra September 19, 2018- Camps will be organized on Thursday 20th September, 33 of Bemetra division and 21 villages of Saajya division under the Seamless Electricity Bill Scheme. In these villages - Dholia, Kirki, Hemmuri, Pipharbhatta, Rakkuduri, Bhimpuri, Batar, Bhainabodkhurd, Tendo, Kanhewa, Karchuwa, Laavtar, Jagmadva, Boria, Shastrapur, Padumasura, Khati, Merrara, Pratappur, Beldarh, Rismarli, Jogipur, Ranbod, Turasemaria, Nagda, Navagam, Harmudi, Khapri, Rewelli, Bijabhad, Dandini, Kanvarajeva, Putpura, Mangalore, Reva, Surholi, Khmatrai, Mudparkhurd, Belaudikal, Kurli, Rousseau, Lalpur, Surajpur, Klwara, including Kohkabod, Budhwara, Basin, Knkvadha, Budera, Kongiakhurd, Masulgondi, Shard and Botka.

Similarly, on September 19, 20 camps of Bemetra division and 14 villages of Saaza division were organized. In which large number of needy villagers submitted their application in camp for their problems. On Wednesday, camps were organized in villages Mulmula, Rourpur, Paramvara, Surki, Thengbhath, Sauri, Gidhwa, Jhilgaon, Mungali, Murki, Dharampur, Jangalpur, Tarike, Boria, Bagod, Chorbhatti, Khamharia, Javra, Navagaon, Sengaon, Tambaghor, Bharbhatthi , Indu, Telga, Rakhi, Nawkasha, Sahaspur, Khamhariya, Khamharia-M, Pendraricha, Chorbhattathi, Ketvara, Teduvawhatha and Soneparar.

Atal Vikas Yatra 2018
Chief Minister will inaugurate development works of Sajja and education
Liability to the officers handed over to the collector
Bemetra September 19, 2018- Chief Minister Dr.Atal Vikas Yojana under 2018 Raman Singh is proposed to travel on September 26, 2018, in Vikramshala Saza, Bemetara district. In order to maintain proper hospitality and law and order during the stay of the Chief Minister, the liabilities have been assigned to the officers as follows. According to the order issued by Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware, senior Superintendent of Police H.R. During the visit of Manhar to the Chief Minister, the entire security system, the CEO of the Zilla Panchayat. Alok is the nodal officer of the entire program and in charge of delivery of goods, Additional Collector S. R. In-charge of cultural program for women, disciplinary magistrate Revenue Savassa US Sahu, at the venue of the law, law and order, executive engineer, public works department, MR. Jatav is main platform, pandal, main platform and bericulture on helipad, Mike arrangement and Vip on main stage. For breakfast, Executive Engineer, M. G..Sakark Yojana, S.K. Sahu took charge of the Shilanyas and Opening Program, District Program Officer, Women and Child Development Department, Rajendra Kashyap, meeting arrangement at the meeting place, executive engineer. Self Department examined Chaudhary for drinking water arrangements at the meeting place, food officer Bhupendra Mishra food packet arrangement, chief medical and health officer Dr. Satish Sharma medical team and arrangement of medical facilities and medicinal ambulance system, CMO of municipality M. Sahu has arranged fire brigade at Helipad site, district excise officer S.N. Petrol arrangements at the Lion Helipad site; Assistant director of the park Manoj Amjaj; Pulpama and Buchay arrangements; Traffic Officer; Bemetara; Parking system; Sub-divisional magistrate; Bemetra D.N.; Kashyap, Navagad-D.S. Uike, Saaza - U.S. Sahu and Berla - R.P. The responsibility of distributing invitational cards has been entrusted to Akashla.


Assembly election 2018

Responsibility for ensuring fair compliance with Code of Conduct
Bemetara September 19, 2018 - In the context of Chhattisgarh assembly election 2018, to ensure the adherence of the Model Code of Conduct issued by the Election Commission of India for candidates, political parties, government officials / employees and others (with immediate effect after the announcement of election code of conduct) Model Ethics A team has been formed to comply with the Code. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware told that the team related to the area related to Tehsil Bemetara, Bemetara Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue, Chief Municipal Officer Bemetra, Executive Engineer Public Works Department Bemetara Assembly, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Bemetra, Executive Engineer, Chhattisgarh. R.V.M. Bemetara, Sub-Divisional Officer, Police Bemetara, Tahsildar Bemetra and In-Charge Officer, All the concerned departments, Revenue Berla of Berla, Regional Officer of Barla, Chief Municipal Officer Nagar Panchayat Barla, Junior Yantri Chh.V.V.M. Berla, Sub-Divisional Officer, Police Berla, Tehsildar Berla, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Barla, In-charge Officer, All the concerned departments, Sub Divisional Officer Revenue of Navagad, Navagad, Chief Town Officer Nagar Panchayat Navagad, Beat, Sub-Divisional Officer Public Works Department Navagadh, Junior Yantri, Chhattisgarh. Navagad, Tehsildar Navagad, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Navagad, Station Officer, Navagad, Incharge Officer, All the concerned departments have been appointed. Similarly, the concerned area of ​​Tahsil Saza and Thankhmariya Regional Officer Revenue Savaja, Chief Municipal Officer Nagar Panchayat Saza, Devakar, Parapody, Thankhmahariya, Sub-Divisional Officer, Public Works Department, Executive Engineer, Chhattisgarh. Saza, Tehsildar Saza, Thankhamariya, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Saja, Station Incharge, Saza, Thankhmaria, Parapody and In-Charge Officer have been formed in all concerned departments. The aforesaid team disciplinary officer revenues, follow the Model Code of Conduct in their respective jurisdiction in the direction of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

Collector's meeting of Revenue officials and police in charge

Bemetara September 18, 2018: - Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware today took a joint meeting of the Executive Magistrates (Naib Tehsildar and Tehsildar), Police Inspectors and Police Inspectors to make the impending, fair and peaceful elections in 2018, law and order in the district Regarding the necessary guidelines. On this occasion, Senior Superintendent of Police, Heathram Manhar, ADM And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Mandavi, ASP Vimal Kumar Bass were also present. The collector said that during the election the code of ideal conduct code is necessary, it must be ensured. The responsibility of holding peaceful elections in the district is of revenue and police department officials. The Superintendent of Police informed about the law and order in the district. He said that the district has 181 arms licenses, out of which 85 licenses have been verified, 67 licenses have been deposited in Arms police station. The SSP asked the police officials to take action under prohibitory orders against those who disturb the peace. Immediately, the arrest warrant of Tamil The number of security forces will be increased in sensitive and highly sensitive polling booths. He gave instructions to the police station to act under the gambling act, curbing the sale and sale of illegal liquor.

The collector said that 62 Sector (Zoneal) officers have been appointed in three assembly constituencies of the district. During the election, 9 check posts will be set up in the district, in these check posts, the investigation of illegal liquor, investigation of the cash amount of more than Rs. 50 thousand and the temptation material given to the voters during the election will be examined. The monitoring team will be monitored and tested from time to time by the Flying Squad team. During the election, candidate will be able to spend maximum of 28 lakh rupees. The candidate has to submit application in writing in advance in the prescribed authority for rally and general meeting. The voting can not be made within 100 meters of polling booth. Candidate or his agent polling booth, by putting his chair-table outside of 200 meters, the general voter slip, which is displayed in white paper, will be able to provide the voters, in which the candidate's photo, election symbol will not be mentioned.
meeting held

Bemetra September 18, 2018: - The meeting of District Coordination Committee was held yesterday under the chairmanship of Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware. District and Sessions Judge Mr. A.K. Singhal, Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manohar, CEO of District Panchayat Shri Sachchidanand Alok, Member Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Mr. K. P. Singh Bhadauria, CJM. Shri Jitendra Thakur was present. In the meeting, discussions were held in this regard to ensure timely payment of the amount of assistance being distributed to the people suffering from the government. In order to provide government land for the building of the Court of Civil Court in Saza, the district headquarters, in Saza, after the formation of the district, for discussion and consideration in respect to the Superintendent of Police, District Magistrate and District Judge for Session Judge, Was exchanged. The Collector instructed the Sub-Divisional Officer of the Public Works Department that behind the construction of New Circuit House at Berla Road, G.A. Complete the quarters as soon as possible.

Chief Minister's huge public meeting will be held on 15th September at Bhanupratappur: Development works of Rs. 170 crores to Kanker district

The huge general meeting in Bhanupratappur on 15th September under Vikas Yatra

During the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh will address a huge public meeting at 11.40 pm in the Tehsil headquarters Bhanupratappur in Kanker district on September 15 and for various development works of the people for development of the district, 169 million 91 lakh rupees. I will give it to you. Out of these, they will inaugurate various construction works of about 68 crores 55 lakh rupees and will lay foundation stones, while under various beneficial schemes, for the two lakhs 16 thousand beneficiaries, more than Rs. 101 crores 55 lakhs of material and grant amount. The distribution will start.

    The Chief Minister will distribute the Tentrupta bonus, scholarship to the students etc. to many of these beneficiaries. In the program 31 thousand 457 primary small forest produce cooperative societies distributed to Tendupta collectors 18 million 91 lakh rupees and 37 thousand 404 of the Vanopaj Committee of Bhanupratappur forest division distributed the Tinnupta Bonus of 2017 to 2017 of 49 crore 42 lakh rupees. Will be done. The Chief Minister will also distribute free LPG connections to the women under the scheme under the scheme of Grant Scheme of Agriculture Department, Scholarship to the students under the scholarship scheme of Adiv Jatiya Vikas Department, and the Prime Minister Ujjwala, run by the food department.

After the General Body Meeting of Bhanupratappur, the helicopter will address the gathering at the headquarters of the developmental headquarters of the district of Kadgaon at 1.10 pm and in the afternoon at 3.40 pm in Gram Tarapur in Bastar district. Dr. Singh will be traveling from Tarapur to Vikas Chari in the evening at 4.40 pm and at 4.55 pm, the village will be held at 5:30 pm at Dhobiguda and at 6.05 pm in the reception organized in Asana. Dr. Singh will visit village headquarters Jagdalpur (Bastar) at 6.45 am in the evening from village Asana and address the gathering of tribal society, drivers and drivers. Dr. Singh will do the night at Jagdalpur.

Advantage of the government's plans to reach the weak and needy people of society - Justice Shri Shrivastav

A special legal service camp was organized in village Javra in Bemetara block on Sunday, jointly under the joint rule of Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority Bilaspur and District Legal Services Authority Bemetra. As Chief Guest of the program, Mr. Justice Mr. Mohan Shrivastav was the Chief Justice of the High Court. On this occasion, Mr. Vivek Kumar Tiwari, Member Secretary, State Government Legal Services Authority, Mr. Mahadev Kaware, Collector, District and Sessions Judge, Mr. Anand Kumar Singhal,
Superintendent of Police, Mr. H.R.Manhar, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Bemetara, Mr. K.P. Singh Bhadauria, CEO. District Panchayat Bemetra Mr. S. Alok, the officers of the judicial officers and various departments of the district were present. In the camp a check was provided to the beneficiaries under various schemes of the government. Justice and officials observed the stalls in the camp.
Chhattisgarh High Court Justice Shri Shrivastava said that the legal service mission is run in the country. Under this, the Legal Services Authority has been established at the district and state level. Its aim is to wait for justice, to give justice to them. Legal service is a medium. There are many departments of administration where the benefits of the schemes of the government are necessary to reach the beneficiaries.
People should get the benefits of schemes on time, the purpose of the camp is to plan governance and beneficiaries to connect with each other. He said that we ourselves go for the convenience of the people, this is a big campaign. The Legal Services Authority does this work as a link to those who are unable to take advantage of the scheme.
Those who are eligible for the applications received by the departments are given benefit of the schemes. At the same time, the purpose of this camp is to become deprived of benefits, they have to be benefited. Our intention is to get the maximum benefit of the schemes of the government, in addition to the officers of the district administration and police administration besides the coordinated efforts of various departments. On this occasion, Justice Shri Shrivastav gave his congratulations and good wishes for the successful organizing camp.


Navagarh of Bemetara district is a unique hub of social harmony : Dr Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said that Navagarh area of Bemetara district is a unique hub of social harmony, which is inspiring for all. State-level event of Panthi folk dance organized in Navagarh is one-of-its-kind. Chief Minister expressed these thoughts while addressing the general assembly held in village Sambalpur (Navagarh block) of Bemetara district today under state-wide Vikas Yatra. Chief Minister gave assurance of providing every possible support in development of irrigation families in Navagarh area. He said that the proposals received for expansion of irrigation facility will be sanctioned after examination.

In the general assembly, Dr Singh inaugurated and laid foundation of 52 various construction works worth nearly Rs 152 crore 57 lakh. This includes 24 construction works worth nearly Rs 91 crore 38 lakh and bhumi-pujan-foundation laying of 28 construction works worth nearly Rs 61 crore 18 lakh. On the occasion, Chief Minister distributed insurance amount of Rs 155 crore 86 lakh under crop insurance scheme to 70 thousand 934 farmers, paddy bonues worth Rs 80 crore 96 lakh to 59 thousand 805 farmers of the district, and 'aabaadi patta' to one lakh 16 thousand 802 families. This includes one lakh six thousand 802 rural families and 9268 urban families. Dr Singh distributed LPG connection to one thousand women under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. On the occasion, Assembly Speaker Mr. Gaurishankar Agrawal, Tourism and Culture Minister Mr. Dayaldas Baghel, MLA Mr. Awdhesh Chandel, Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Labhchand Bafna, Ex-Speaker of Legislative Assembly Mr. Dharamlal Kaushik and other public representatives.

Chief Minister said that State Government has not only built roads, bridges and infrastructure in villages, but has also made proper arrangements for food security and medical facilities for poor people. State Government conducts various schemes to benefit labourers. Welfare Schemes worth nearly Rs 250 crore are being implemented to benefit 12.50 lakh labourers of the state. Chief Minister said that I am here to take blessings from public, I am on this journey to distribute paddy bonus worth Rs 1700 crore to farmers, bonus worth Rs 700 crore to tendupatta collectors, 'aabaadi patta' to 12 lakh families. This Vikas Yatra commenced from Dantewada, and since then every general assembly has marked massive public gathering and zealous show of love and support.

Works inaugurated by Chief Minister in the general assembly held in Sambalpur village of Navagarh block includes Samuh Jal Praday Pariyojana built in 54 villages at the cost of Rs 73 crore 11 lakh, power substation of capacity 33/11 KV established in village Kurra and Chandanu, community health centre in Navagarh built at the cost of Rs two crore 43 lakh, new ITI building in Navagarh at the cost of Rs two crore 7 lakh, mini-stadium built in Sambalpur area at the cost of Rs 51 lakh, SDO Revenue Office building in Navagarh worth nearly Rs 36 lakh, MNREGA building in 31 lakh, District Cooperative Central Bank building in Nagar Panchayat headquarters Maro worth nearly Rs 25 lakh, Atal Samrasta building worth Rs 19 lakh in Sambalpur.

Dr Singh laid foundation of remodeling and lining work of main canal and distributaries of Sakri canal phase-2, bridge construction on Haaf River on Kesla-Yogideep-Khamhariya Road worth Rs 7 crore 59 lakh, Hemabandh-Bhanvarda-Amlidih Road construction work worth Rs six crore 45 lakh, bridge construction work on Andhiyakhor-Marka Road worth Rs two crore 70 lakh, road construction work from Hathadadu to Kamta road worth Rs two crore 70 lakh, approach road from Koda to Karchuva worth Rs one crore 95 lakh, Gidhwa-Parasda Arakshit Pakshi Vihar Pariyojana worth nearly Rs 68 lakh and Bus Stand worth Rs 46 lakh 72 thousand in Sambalpur.

Chief Minister Dr Singh distributed bicycles to 1000 labourers, sewing machines to 50 women, tool kit and security equipments to 200 labourers, motorized tricycle to 10 beneficiaries, subsidy of Rs 6 lakh to five farmers on behalf of Horticulture Department, 30 tablets to schools of 15 villages, hearing aid to seven, house sanction letter under Prime Minister Housing Scheme to 10 beneficiaries, skill certificate to 50 trainees, smart cards to 10 beneficiaries.

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