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Officers should carry out their duties better - collector

Bemetara 28 Jan

On the occasion of the 70th Republic Day, Collector Mahadev Kaware gave congratulations and good wishes to the officers, employees, on the 70th Republic Day of Independent India in the Guidelines of the joint office building / collectorate building situated at the District Headquarters on the occasion of the 70th Republic Day.

The collector expected the employees, employees to discharge their duties and responsibilities in a good and good manner. On this occasion, the Superintendent of Police Mr. Prashant Thakur, Additional Collector Mr. S.R. Women, Deputy Collector, Mrs. Silly Thomas, Mr. B.R. Officers / employees of various departments of the district administration, including Dhruv and officers of the police administration were present.



Show cause notice

Bemetara 28 Jan

Accidental inspection of paddy purchase centers Sarda and Bijja by Collector Mahadev Kaware and District Marketing Officer. Collector Shri Kaware has instructed the committee manager Sarda Santosh Kumar Nishad and the Service Co-operative Society, who was careless in the work, to give a show-cause notices to Dehram Joshi of Seema Bija. During the inspection at the Purchase Center, paddy sacks were found in the open and wet from the rain.

Committee manager Santosh Kumar Nishad was found absent in the Sarda Committee, which was expressed by the collector's harsh resentment. In the event of rainfall, the respective centers are responsible for keeping the stock of paddy in the earning center. Instructions were given to keep enough talaprati in all the centers before the purchase, and then the purchasing centers were kept in an unexpected manner by the Sadaa and Bijas in the open,Which is a clear violation of the Paddy acquisition policy. Individual accountability of committee managers has been fixed in case of poor paddy. In this regard, the Collector Shri Kavre instructed the Committee Manager Sarda and Bija to submit his explanation within two days in the Nodal Officer's office, Bemetara.


Collector collects inspection centers

Bemetara 28 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kaware inspected Sarda Kendra and ascertained the details of the situation of paddy after passing the rain in the past. He instructed the safe storage of paddy from the cap cover.

Due to not keeping the paddy safe from Cape cover, a causation notice was issued to the co-operative society Sarda and committee managers of Jhal Society. Also, a notice was issued to Bija's committee manager, Dera Rama Joshi, for not covering the Cape cover properly.

Cricket - Match between Education and Police Department today

Bemetra January 24, 2019: - Inter-departmental cricket competition is being organized between 25 January 2019 between officials and employees of different departments in District Bemetra. Winners and runners-up teams will be rewarded in the competition. Today, in the match played at PG College ground on Thursday, Collector XI defeated the Canada Department and entered the final. The second semi-final match will be played on Friday 25 January at 9:00 am in the Department of Education against the Police Department. The victorious team in this match will be a final match at 1.30 pm with collector XI. Information about this effect was given by Dharmendra Sharma of the organizing committee.

Launching the Vaccine Order Management Application and giving training to cold chain handlers

Bemetra January 24, 2019: - Vaccine order management application has been prepared by the Center for the maintenance and management of vaccine under National Immunization Program. This application has been prepared by which the vaccination in the absence of information in the vaccination and the problem and the vaccination program are strengthened. In connection with this application prepared by the Center, one day training of all the cold chain handlers was done, as well as an inauguration program of vaccine order management application in the district. In which mainly Dr. s. Of Sharma, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. Sharad Kohad, District Vaccination Officer, Dr. Anand Chabey, Program Officer UNDP, Satish Sen, Vaccine Cold Chain Manager, Devendra Namdev, Secretariat Assistant Vaccination Presented According to information given by the District Vaccination Officer, one day training has been organized for vaccine order management under AP e-Win (Electronic Vaccination Intelligence Network), in which the cold chain handler employees working in the cold chain of the district The application has been downloaded on the smartphone, through this vaccine order management application The demand for vaccine, improvements in delivery system, status of real time stack, expiry date of vaccine and name of the manufacturer, badge of vaccine etc. will be displayed on mobile screen, along with continuous monitoring in vaccine cold chain and logistics at district level Will also be done. The vaccine delivery system will be strengthened through the vaccine order management app, the higher the amount of stack, the vaccine's shortage, the vaccine can prevent the vagination of the vaccine before expiry.

Invite applications from prospective parents for permanent protection of children

Bemetra January 24, 2019: - Children under the Juvenile Justice (Monitoring and Protection of Children) Act 2015, registered and operated Child Monitoring Institutions under Child Protection (Child Care and Protection) Act 2015 As per the provision of Article 44 and the Model Guide Line For Faster Care 2016, Indian Day in Nutrition Monitoring (Fasture Care) for Temporary Protection Is inviting applications from Ption. Foster care will be the obligation of the family to provide proper food, clothing, shelter, education, higher education, care and protection, all types of medical treatment, treatment, age and occupational training according to need, child development requirements Respect the child's exploitation, child abuse, abuse, loss, neglect and privacy of children and their biological family. Simultaneously, it is compulsory to comply with all the liabilities and conditions mentioned in the Faster Care Guidelines 2016 and the instructions of the Child Welfare Committee and District Child Protection Unit.
Those Indian couples in the district who want to temporarily take care of the children who need care and protection, they are the District Child Protection Unit (Old Hospital Complex), Women and Child Development Department, District Bemetra (Chhattisgarh). Contacting the office can apply in a prescribed form. On the basis of recommendation of the sponsorship and the Faster Care Approval Committee, in the light of the aforesaid Act and Guide Line, after application, child and child welfare committee of the district will be able to give the child, the concerned couple in forester care for the care and protection. In connection with the details, the interested parties can contact the Office, Child Protection Unit, Women and Child Development Department, Old Hospital Complex Signal Check, Bemetara (Chhattisgarh) in office hours and days.

Liquor shops will remain closed on January 26 and 30

Bemetra January 24, 2019: - On the occasion of "Mahatma Gandhi Nirvana Diwas", a dry day is proclaimed on Saturday, January 26, "Republic Day" and Wednesday, January 30, 2019, under the Chhattisgarh Excise Abadi Desi / Exotic Wine Administration Rule. Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware on the said date all the country / foreign liquor located in the district. -2 (Ghag) and F.L. - 1 (Ghag) and Wine Storage Wandering has been directed to keep it completely closed. He has also instructed to strictly monitor the sale of narcotics by keeping constant monitoring and control over possible illegal liquor bases of the district. Collector, strictly following the instructions to the Excise Department and Police Department officials, according to the administrative facilities, the duty of Excise Chief Reconstruction and Respectors is to impose duty. Penalty action will be taken after determining the liability on receipt of a complaint of drug sale on dry days.

Collector takes inspection of prison security system

Bemetra January 24, 2019: - Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware inspected Upajel Bemetra at 11 o'clock today. During this he went to the prisoners' cell and met. The Collector and the SP took information regarding the security of the prison complex and inquired about cleanliness, drinking water, food, regular health check-up. The collector has not stopped any impotent juvenile under 18 years of age, in the Upzeel Bemetra, to know about it. Prison Supervisor SP Kurre informed about the arrest of 125 detainees in the jail. The jailer told that a television set has been set up in rooms within the jail.
During the inspection, Superintendent of Police Prashant Thakur, District Women and Child Development Officer Manoj Sinha, Child Protection Officer, Vyom Shrivastav, Yishwari Valde, Child Protection Committee member Dinesh Sharma, Kishore Nyay Board Member OP Chandrakar, Legal Advisor Girish Sharma, Retirement Doctor Dr. Naresh Tiwari, social activist Tarachandra Maheshwari was present on the occasion.

National Festival of Manega will be festooned at the Basic School Ground MLA will inaugurate Parbat's salute

Bemetra January 24, 2019: - The main function of the National Republic of Republic Day will be celebrated on January 26 in the main hospitality of Bemetara Shri Ashish Kumar Chhabda, on the historic Basic School Ground in Bemetra, District Headquarters. The parade will be taken by the MLA, while inaugurating the flag by MLA Chhabda. Today cultural rehearsal of cultural events. Collector Mahadev Kaware, Superintendent of Police, Prashant Thakur, District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, SSP Vimal Kumar Bass, SDM Bemetra DN Kashyap, Chief Municipal Officer Mohinder Sahu, DEO, G.R. Chandrakar, Executive Engineer PHE Examined Choudhary, in the presence of other officers. The presentation of Marchpost, PT exhibition, cultural program was given. The collector also gave instructions to the concerned authorities regarding the necessary arrangements here.
  According to the ongoing program, at 8.58 am, the main guest will arrive at the venue. At 9:00 a.m. after the hoisting of the flag, there will be saluting and national anthem. Inspection of the Parade 9.05 pm, the Chief Guest will send the messages of the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh to the general public and read the message on 9.10 AM. After this the balloons will be released in the sky by the chief guest. MLA Mr. Chhabra will get introduction from March Past and Parade Commanders after Harsh Fire. After this, exercise and colorful cultural programs will be presented by school students. After the exhibition of different panels based on government schemes, award distribution will be done.

Collector reviewed the functioning of National Highway, ADB Project and Chhattisgarh Road Development Corporation

Bemetara 19 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kaware reviewed the progress of the work by taking a meeting of agencies related to road construction in district collectorate meeting room. He got information about the road constructed by the National Highway Road built in the district, the road constructed with the help of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and road construction made by the Chhattisgarh State Road Development Corp.. The Collector directed the NH officials to start construction of Bemetra bypass road soon.

The national highway has passed from the district headquarters of Bemetara, which is likely to cause an accident in the middle of the city. Baitara has been made very important to bepassed outside the city. To facilitate movement of them, construction of bypass for vehicles coming from Durg and vehicles coming from second SIMGA route is necessary.

It should be known that the Berla-Kodwa road in the district, whose length is 48 kilometers in collaboration with ADB. For this, 115 crore rupees were sanctioned by the government, a total of 81 crore rupees were sanctioned for constructing Karsara-Thanchkhmariya-Silhoti 39 km roads, out of which 40 crore rupees were spent. Officials said that this work will be completed by March 2019.

Rampur (Khettha) road from Thankhamharia is 28 kilometers costing Rs 66 crore, the work has also been set to complete till March 2019. Kawardha-Bemetara-Simga National Highway No-NH 30, which is approximately 72 kilometers in length. 271 crores were sanctioned for its construction. Work has been stopped from March 2017. Name of Authorities - K. And J. Project Pvt. Is Nagpur. National Highways official said that till March 2017, about 67 km of the total approximate 72 km ie 94 percent of the work has been completed, in which 4 kilometer of 374 meters is left for Bemetara bypass.


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