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Incharge Collector and District Panchayat CEO inspected paddy procurement centers

Surajpur 16 Jan

Shri Sanjeev Jha, Chief Executive Officer of the charge collector and district panchayat, inspected the purchase center of Ramanujanagar. Considering the slow pace of paddy lifting in the committees during the inspection, the Food Officer has directed Surajpur to lift the paddy soon in such purchase centers. The information collector has been issued the charge collector for the names of the registered agricultural extension officers who were found absent in the centers.

Along with this, keeping in view the possibility of procurement of paddy by the coaches / intermediaries in the Paddy procurement centers of the district, till 31 January 2019, under the supervision of the nominated officials, to procure paddy procurement, supervision, supervision and control of district officials Duty has been levied.

The Incharge Collector has directed the District Officers to assess the availability of the place to purchase and procurement in the purchase of paddy. In this order, inspection of the Paddy Purchase Center was done by the Mineral Officer Mrs. Triveni Devangan which was brought by Santosh / Somaaru Jaiswal after carrying a token of 160 sacks of paddy, 56 sacks were brought for sale, due to old and non-standard quality. The committee has been rejected.

Silifli Paddy Purchase Center was inspected by Naiv tehsildar Mrs. Garima Thakur in which 60 borry paddy and Jainagar paddy procurement center brought by Ganeshpur resident of Jalal / Nanku, Lakhan / Zaggar resident Karanji,According to the token of Munshi / Ramdu resident Rajapur, the paddy brought for sale has been examined. Along with this, the inspection of the Bhayyathan Paddy Purchase Center by Mrs. Indira Mishra, Tahsil Bhayyatan, was noticed in the inspection of light Patwari and Agricultural Extension Officers who were found absent, who have been issued show cause notices and token of the farmers were examined.



District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and Survey Committee concluded

Surajpur 16 Jan

The District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and the meeting of the Survey Committee under District Collector, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and the Rehabilitation of the handling of the workers by hand and the Rehabilitation Act 2013 and the Chief of the Collector and District Panchayat. Executive Officer Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha presided over the function and MLA Prem Das If Singh And in the presence of MLA, Bhatgaon Shri Parasnath Rajwade, was organized in the meeting room of Joint District Office on January 15, 2019.

In the meeting, for the 43 episodes received for the acceptance of relief amount under Scheduled Caste / Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, under the various provisions of the Act, the total amount was recommended by Rs. 50 lakh 04 thousand 525 rupees relief committee. All the members of the committee were present in the meeting.

Online application for post matric scholarship for SC / ST and OBC in the year 2018-19

Surajpur 16 Jan

According to information received from Assistant Commissioner Dr. Lalit Shukla in the direction of the Chief Executive Officer of the charge collector and the District Panchayat, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, all the government / non-government colleges, universities, engineering colleges, medical colleges, ITIs, polytechnics run in Chhattisgarh state Etc. Head of the institution, in charge of scholarship and scheduled tribe, SC and OBC students who are eligible for post-matric scholarship distribution by department, are informed that the application for admission, acceptance and distribution of post-matric scholarship (class 12 th) for education session 2018-19 tribal The online .cg.gov.in / escholarship website is being made online.

Under which the date has been fixed by the department for the purpose of accepting proposals / approvals for the students and registration of the students in 2018-19, according to which the students will get online application for application (new and renewal) from 16 January 2019 to 30 January 2019, draft proposal From January 16, 2019 to 20 February 2019,For fixing the order of order, from January 16, 2019 to March 11, 2019 and for the KYC deposits by the institutions, till March 25, 2019. Applications for Post Matric Scholarship for the academic session 2018-19 after the prescribed dates will not be accepted and the opportunity to do the draft proposal or to order the order will not be provided.

If the concerned students are deprived of scholarship on not completing the proceedings till the said date, the institution head will be automatically responsible for this. Scheduled Tribe students who have previously applied to the National Scholarship Portal scholarships.gov.in, also post on the website of the department, tribal.cg.gov.in/escholarship, on postal matriculation (higher than class 12th). mandatory. They will be provided scholarships only through this portal.


Invite applications till 24th of the government fair price shop Sarma

According to information received from Surajpur, 14 January 2019 / District Panchayat's Chief Executive Officer and in-charge, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, according to information received from the Office of the Sub-Divisional Officer, Primitive Jati Multipurpose Cooperative Societies (Lamps) Primary Agricultural Branch Committee / Forest Safety Committee / Women Self Help Group , Other Consumer Cooperative Societies and Local Urban Bodies Gram Panchayat notify Sarma It is done that if they are willing to operate the government fair price shop Sarma, Vikaskhand Surajpur, then they can present their application on 24th January, 2019, at 5:30 pm presently present in this office. No consideration will be made on the application received after the due date.

The revised advertisement for recruitment of various vacancies on the official information board and on the website of Surajpur

In accordance with the information received from Surajpur, 14 January 2019 / Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat and in-charge, Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha, and according to information received from Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. V. Vaish, the Office of Chief Medical and Health Officer, District Surajpur, dated 11 September 2018, Regular An advertisement was issued in various daily newspapers for the recruitment of posts. Clause No. 18 (2) in the selection based on merit and qualifications at all four positions while modifications due to clerical error process Javegi complete. The revised information of the said advertisement can be seen on the official information panel and website of Surajpur at www.surajpur.gov.in.

Assistant Grade-02 suspended

According to the information received from Surajpur Jan 14, 2019 / Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat and in-charge, Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha, and the information received from Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. PS Vaish, the advertisement of various vacancies under the office of Chief Medical and Health Officer, District Surajpur. Applications were issued by the issuing applicants. After the complaint, the Jachch committee formed by the collector's committee tried to carry out misleading advertisements and irregularities in the appointment of various vacancies by Mr. James Kumar Beck, Assistant Grade-02, Office of Chief Medical and Health Officer, District Surajpur Chhattisgarh and the person To be given special benefits, the first sight has been found guilty. Also, in the past you have received complaints of irregularities. As a result, Mr. James Kumar Beck's Assistant Grade-02 has been suspended with immediate effect, and its headquarters Community Health Center Premnagar, District Surajpur, is determined. According to the rules in the period of suspension, they will be eligible for life-saving allowance. According to the order of the District Collector Surajpur Chhattisgarh

National Service Scheme Unit completes seven-day special camp concluding

Surajpur 11 Jan

According to the information received from Principal of Government Higher Secondary School, Kandari, under the direction of Collector Shri KC Devsenapati, organizing creative cultural awareness programs during the seven day special camp organized by the National Service Scheme, Gram Rajapur of Surajpur, by the National Service Scheme. Each day the volunteers -Separate were social and welfare work.

Cleanliness awareness rally in the village under the guidance and program officer under the guidance and program officer of the Principal, Mr. Lakhan Lal Sonkar, by the volunteers, by the volunteers, daughter protection- daughter studies, roads, drains, handpumps, public places, cleanliness of natural water resources, Several important works such as Road Repair, Chabootra Construction, Stage Dame Construction, Free Health Camp, Veterinary Camp, Legal Literacy Camp, Yoga Camp, Intellectual Discussion, Self-Defense Training for Girls and Women have been done.

Seven-day Special Camp District Panchayat Member of the Chief Guest Zone Shri Narasimha Narayan Singh, Chairman of Special Guest RMSA Shri Ajay Mishra and Sarpanch Shri Symbhar Singh presiding over the meeting and Development Block Education Officer Mr. K. Sahu, Principal of Government Higher Secondary School, Jaynagar, Mrs. Kalista Achkhar , Concluded in the presence of Shri Ganesh Kaushik.

In the program, District Panchayat member Shri Narasimha Narayan Singh, while promoting the enthusiasm of the volunteers, said that such works will definitely bring awareness among the villagers. He said that even today in India, most of the people of India live in the village. Only the development of the village will develop the country. On this occasion, Shri Ajay Mishra said that it is necessary to have discipline and positive thinking for success in life.

He himself appealed to the volunteers to always be ready to serve the society and the nation. Shri K.C. Sahu, Development Officer, Education Section said that the National Service Scheme is such a stage where students' personality develops and they give information to the volunteers on time management. In this order, Principal Mrs. Kalista Achkhar lauded the work of the students and said that this kind of work will strengthen the confidence of the students.

Sarpanch Shri Symbhar Singh appealed villagers to keep the village clean and to follow the things told by the volunteers. The guidance of seven days special camp was conducted by the District Organizer Surajpur Prof. M.C. Himmathar and Assistant Professor Prof. S. S. Rajwade, while the volunteers were guided. The camp report was presented by the program officer Mr. Rajiv Kumar Singh. On this occasion, a colorful cultural program was presented by the volunteers.

Sarpanch and Gram Panchayat provided souvenirs for the purpose of encouraging the volunteers. On this occasion, teachers like Urmila Singh, Mr. Dhani Ram Toppo, Shri Ganesh Thakur, Vandana Mishra, Lilavati, Mr. Prahlad Khare, Mr. Jitendra Dhillo, Mr. U.S Sharma, Mr. Anil Kumar, The volunteers including Shri Arun Kumar, Uma Shankar, Sonkumari, Poonam, Anita, Chhotu, Ajay, Sanita and school students along with a large number of villagers were present. The program was conducted by Mr. Arun Kumar Dwivedi, the teacher of the program and the credit of gratitude by the School of Education, Mr. Lakhan Lal Sonkar.


Instructions given by the Inspector of Pratappur and Dahankara Paddy

Surajpur 11 Jan

In the direction of Collector Shri KC Devsenapati, Pratappur Mr. CS Pankarra, the Divisional Officer and Food Inspector Pratappur Shri Alok Toppo visited the procurement center Pratappur and Dahankara. They said that the paddy procured all the farmers brought in the Paddy procurement center Pratappur was inspected and the Kata token inspection was also done.

During inspection, farmers of Village Baroil Mr. Sameullah / Israil were questioned that their token was to be brought to Mandi Committee on January 9, but they were found to bring 492 sack paddy to sell on January 10, 2019. The said paddy has been confiscated on the basis of apprehension and the Mandi committee has been handed over to Pratappur. Similarly, the village inspection of Mr. Samlesh / Shankar of village Pratappur was inspected.

The said paddy, 146 sacks were also seized on the basis of fear. 60 borry paddy brought by Shri Ashok Jaiswal of village Dahman was seen and 392 bags were found in paddy unclaimed condition, no person was told to be the owner of the said paddy after inquiring. For the seizure of the said paddy, the Food Inspector Pratappur has been directed,Action has been done by the Food Inspector for seizure of paddy. Similarly, during the inspection of rice procurement center Dawankara, 200 sack paddy brought by Sri Mahendra / Suresh of village Giria was examined. The said paddy has been confiscated on the basis of apprehension and handed over to the Paddy Mandi Committee. In this order, the inspector of the retailer Shri Rambhal Goyal was inspected here.

150 sack paddy was found in the inspection and the said paddy was confiscated and handed over to agriculture produce Mandi Pratappur for carrying out the action under the Mandi Act. Token of 68 farmers of Dhan Purchase Center Pratappur was cut off, out of which 52 farmers reached Mandi for paddy sale and remaining 16 farmers.


Action taken by Joint Team of Food Department and Mandi Department and Kotwali Surajpur

Surajpur 10 Jan

According to the information received from the District Food Officer, Shri Amrit Kujur, under the direction of Collector Mr. KC Devsenapati, in the 108 sack paddy and warehouses filled in the Sold tractor near Rajesh Gupta, a high-rise resident of Food Department and Mandi Department and Kotwali Surajpur joint team. Warehouse 63 sack paddy was found. If no documents are required to be shown, the paddy procurement was illegally seized on the purchase center.

Shri Vijay Vishwakarma, resident of Bhayyathan Road, Pitala check, was found to be buying and selling paddy without license. The shop has been seized with 100 bags of Paddy Mandi Act, which has been seized. The department has advised farmers to sell only pure and good quality paddy.At the same time, while transporting paddy, you have been advised to keep the necessary documents, tokens, loan booklets and identity cards and traders to keep their license and mandi slip slip. This can prevent unnecessary hassle.

In this order, pick up date on the Karakoti Bhaiyathan road by Tehsildar Surajpur. C.G. In 16/2401, intermediaries were found to be able to purchase paddy from farmers by purchasing the paddy which was used by the driver Ramlal. Raju resident of village Raju has been told to be of village Kewra by Raju resident Kevara. Loaded in the vehicle, 19 bags of paddy, about 7.05 quintals and digital weighing machine have been seized, if necessary documents are not shown.

For the purpose of reducing the problem of unemployment, counciling in district panchayats is held in different dates

Surajpur 10 Jan

According to information received from Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, in the direction of Collector, Shri K.D. Devsenapati, the placement camp is being organized with the aim of reducing the problem of unemployment in the district.

Where interested candidates are to be registered and after joining the training they have to be linked. In this program, participants of SC / ST / OBC category, whosezminimum age is 18 years maximum 35 years and minimum grade 8 pass takers will be able to participate. In the meeting of the District Council of Panchayat Pratappur for Counciling on January 15, 2019, on January 16, 2019, in the meeting of the office of the District Panchayat Bhaiyathan. And on January 27, 2019, in the meeting of the Council for post-Council examination on January 17, 2019 in the meeting room of the District Panchayat, Ondi and on January 18, 2019, in the meeting of the District Panchayat Premnagar office for Counseling,On January 19, 2019, in the meeting of the office of the District Panchayat Ramanujnagar office and on January 20, 2019, in the meeting room of the District Council of Surajpur, will be held on January 27, 2019, after the post-council examination venue, Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Surajpur on 27th January, 2019.Minimum 500 participants at the district level, in which each 5000 participants from each village panchayat have been directed to the chief executive officer of the district panchayat to get involved in the organized camp.




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