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District level seminar / workshop under the Business Reform Action Plan 2019 will be organized on January 23, 2019.

Surajpur 17 Jan

In the direction of the Chief Executive Officer of the Incharge Collector and District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, organizing the district level seminar / workshop under the Business Reform Action Plan 2019, according to the information received from General Manager of Surajpur, Mr. Surajpur, on 23 January 2019. From 10 o'clock in the District Panchayat's meeting room.

In the above seminar / workshop, the information related to the online services / services related to the department will be made available to the entrepreneurs / consumers. What facilities are being provided under the online service for entrepreneurs / users / consumers,Guidance will be given by the EODB officers in connection with the settlement in relation to online problems of industrial units / investors / beneficiaries / users etc in seminars / workshops including information. In the above seminar / workshop, industrial units / investors / beneficiaries / users / consumers have been asked to be present.




Under the Kharif marketing year 2018-19, review meeting in respect of paddy purchase and custom milling in the district concluded

Surajpur 17 Jan

Under the chairmanship of Shri Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Chief Executive Officer of the Incharge Collector and District Panchayat, a review meeting was held on January 16, 2019 in connection with the purchase of paddy and custom milling in the district under Kharif marketing year 2018-19. In charge, Shri Jha, Incharge Collector informed that according to the instructions of the government, the capacities of all the Rice mills in the district have to be utilized. During the review it was found that in the Shivam Food Products, Mahadevi Rice Mill, Jai Hanuman Paddy Products, J.D. After spending 2 months after the custom milling period by Rais Mill, Adishakti Rice Mill, Mahamaya Rice Mill, Om Rice Products, has raised 20 percent of its capacity by releasing only 20 percent of the DO.

By issuing a cent percent DO by all the Rice Mills, give centrestage of their capacity and give them instructions for milling work. He said that after releasing the remaining amount of TO released before the District Marketing Office for commencement of commodities from the committees, a new TO should be issued only after the first raising of the Tow and the review of the paddy lifting should be reviewed daily and the committees in which the paddy The percentage of the downturn is very low, in those committees, first paddy should be raised.

In the last Kharif marketing year 2017-18, a total of 80.37 crore bank guarantee was collected by the Rice Millers of the district, in which, in the current purchase year 2018-19, only 46.60 million Rice Millers have been deposited with bank guarantee. In this regard, all the millers should be deposited in accordance with the Bank Guarantee and FDR in the previous year till January 20, 2019. Subsequently, by issuing expedited draft of the quantity shown for paddy lifting in lieu of bank guarantee, the maximum amount should be raised in the committee.

Due to the holiday day also the warehouse was kept open by the Rice Millers. By which CMR rice accumulation can be accelerated. On review of procurement of paddy in this regard, it was found that 29 committees have more paddy deposits than buffer limits, which are expected to affect paddy procurement in the coming days. A total of 1198811.31 quintals of Paddy have been purchased till date, against which the rise of 639524.40 quintals of paddy has been raised. In the committees still remaining 559286.91 quintals for paddy lifting. Due to the accumulation of rice in the warehouse during the holidays, paddy can be lifted from the committees by the Millers.

Due to this, the Warehouses of Warehousing Corporation were instructed to deposit the rice even while keeping the holiday days open.The meeting was attended by Food officer Shri Amrit Kujur, Deputy Registrar Mr. Anil Tirkey, District Marketing Officer Mr. B.S. Tekam, District Manager Mr. Samir Tirki, Nodal Officer, Mr. Chaudhary, Assistant Food Officer Mr. Sandeep Bhagat and all the Rice Millers of the District were present.



For the purpose of reducing the problem of unemployment

Surajpur 17 Jan

Incharge Collector and Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha said that the purpose of the placement camp for the purpose of reducing the problem of unemployment in the district was held today in the meeting room of the Janpad Panchayat Odgi.Regarding registration of interested candidates in the field will be added after the training. He told the present participants that by joining you, you can improve your living income and economic status.

In today's counseling, more than 500 participants attended the SC / ST / OBC category of persons whose minimum age is 18 years maximum 35 years and minimum grade 8 passes. After the counseling, the Government Examination will be held on January 27, 2019 in the Government Child Higher Secondary School.


Government Higher Secondary School, Sylphili's Annual Function Festival on 20th January

Surajpur 17 Jan

Annual Function of the Government Higher Secondary School, Silphili and Parrents Day will be held on January 20, 2019 from 10 am onwards from 10 o'clock in the morning, Panchayat and Rural Development Health and Commercial Tax Minister, Government of Gujarat, Mr. T. S. Singhdev, Chief Hospitality and Education Minister, Dr. Premasi Singh Teikam, and Chairman of Sarguja MP Mr. Kamalbhan Singh has been in a special guest.

Besides this, Bhatgaon MLA Mr. Parasnath Rajwade, MLA Premnagar Mr. Khesai Singh, Chairman of municipal corporation Shri Safi Ahmed, former MLA Bhatgaon, Mrs. Rajani Ravi Shankar Tripathi and Mr. Vindeshwar Sharan Singhdev have been organized in the program.

CA. Sealed closed tenders invited for auditing from January 25

Surajpur 16 Jan

Incharge Collector and Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Jha said that under the District Mineral Trust scheme, the financial year 2015-16 and 2017-18 were passed by the Comptroller and Auditor General of the company from the Employee Chartered Accountant firm. Audit is to be done.

In the above regard, the expression of interest from the Chartered Accountant firms seeking audit work on 25th January, 2017 at 05.30 pm, has been invited in the sealed closed envelope in the physical and financial form.For getting detailed information, compulsory qualification, terms and conditions and application forms, contact the District Panchayat Surajpur or the notice board of the website www.surajpur.gov.in can be reviewed.




Instructions of special non-residential training centers for children outside the school, three day training cum workshop concluded

Surajpur 16 Jan

In-charge Collector and District Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat Mr. Sanjeev Jha, in the direction of District Mission Coordinator Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission Surajpur received information from Mr. Sudarshan Aggarwal State Project Office Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, under the auspices of Raipur, with the cooperation of Humana Puppel to Pupil India, District Headquarters Surajpur Instructions of Special Non-Residential Training Centers of the District Three days of not residential training was conducted from January 10, 2019 to January 12 2019.

Sri Trilochan Rana from Orissa province of Humana Pepeil to Pupil India, Shri Satis Kumar from Chhattisgarh and Mr. Kishore Kumar of Jharkhand Province trained 22 instructors from the district. Special non-residential training centers will be run for the children out of school / school children by these instructors.

On the closing ceremony of the training to the instructors, a book named Kare has been distributed, which will be helpful in connecting these children with the main stream of education. In the training, District Mission Coordinator, Mr Sudarshan Agrawal, Assistant Project Coordinator (Pedagauji) Mr. Shobhtha Chaibe, Assistant Director Mrs Lata Bek were present.



Incharge Collector and District Panchayat CEO inspected paddy procurement centers

Surajpur 16 Jan

Shri Sanjeev Jha, Chief Executive Officer of the charge collector and district panchayat, inspected the purchase center of Ramanujanagar. Considering the slow pace of paddy lifting in the committees during the inspection, the Food Officer has directed Surajpur to lift the paddy soon in such purchase centers. The information collector has been issued the charge collector for the names of the registered agricultural extension officers who were found absent in the centers.

Along with this, keeping in view the possibility of procurement of paddy by the coaches / intermediaries in the Paddy procurement centers of the district, till 31 January 2019, under the supervision of the nominated officials, to procure paddy procurement, supervision, supervision and control of district officials Duty has been levied.

The Incharge Collector has directed the District Officers to assess the availability of the place to purchase and procurement in the purchase of paddy. In this order, inspection of the Paddy Purchase Center was done by the Mineral Officer Mrs. Triveni Devangan which was brought by Santosh / Somaaru Jaiswal after carrying a token of 160 sacks of paddy, 56 sacks were brought for sale, due to old and non-standard quality. The committee has been rejected.

Silifli Paddy Purchase Center was inspected by Naiv tehsildar Mrs. Garima Thakur in which 60 borry paddy and Jainagar paddy procurement center brought by Ganeshpur resident of Jalal / Nanku, Lakhan / Zaggar resident Karanji,According to the token of Munshi / Ramdu resident Rajapur, the paddy brought for sale has been examined. Along with this, the inspection of the Bhayyathan Paddy Purchase Center by Mrs. Indira Mishra, Tahsil Bhayyatan, was noticed in the inspection of light Patwari and Agricultural Extension Officers who were found absent, who have been issued show cause notices and token of the farmers were examined.



District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and Survey Committee concluded

Surajpur 16 Jan

The District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and the meeting of the Survey Committee under District Collector, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Vigilance and Monitoring Committee and the Rehabilitation of the handling of the workers by hand and the Rehabilitation Act 2013 and the Chief of the Collector and District Panchayat. Executive Officer Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha presided over the function and MLA Prem Das If Singh And in the presence of MLA, Bhatgaon Shri Parasnath Rajwade, was organized in the meeting room of Joint District Office on January 15, 2019.

In the meeting, for the 43 episodes received for the acceptance of relief amount under Scheduled Caste / Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, under the various provisions of the Act, the total amount was recommended by Rs. 50 lakh 04 thousand 525 rupees relief committee. All the members of the committee were present in the meeting.

Online application for post matric scholarship for SC / ST and OBC in the year 2018-19

Surajpur 16 Jan

According to information received from Assistant Commissioner Dr. Lalit Shukla in the direction of the Chief Executive Officer of the charge collector and the District Panchayat, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, all the government / non-government colleges, universities, engineering colleges, medical colleges, ITIs, polytechnics run in Chhattisgarh state Etc. Head of the institution, in charge of scholarship and scheduled tribe, SC and OBC students who are eligible for post-matric scholarship distribution by department, are informed that the application for admission, acceptance and distribution of post-matric scholarship (class 12 th) for education session 2018-19 tribal The online .cg.gov.in / escholarship website is being made online.

Under which the date has been fixed by the department for the purpose of accepting proposals / approvals for the students and registration of the students in 2018-19, according to which the students will get online application for application (new and renewal) from 16 January 2019 to 30 January 2019, draft proposal From January 16, 2019 to 20 February 2019,For fixing the order of order, from January 16, 2019 to March 11, 2019 and for the KYC deposits by the institutions, till March 25, 2019. Applications for Post Matric Scholarship for the academic session 2018-19 after the prescribed dates will not be accepted and the opportunity to do the draft proposal or to order the order will not be provided.

If the concerned students are deprived of scholarship on not completing the proceedings till the said date, the institution head will be automatically responsible for this. Scheduled Tribe students who have previously applied to the National Scholarship Portal scholarships.gov.in, also post on the website of the department, tribal.cg.gov.in/escholarship, on postal matriculation (higher than class 12th). mandatory. They will be provided scholarships only through this portal.


Invite applications till 24th of the government fair price shop Sarma

According to information received from Surajpur, 14 January 2019 / District Panchayat's Chief Executive Officer and in-charge, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, according to information received from the Office of the Sub-Divisional Officer, Primitive Jati Multipurpose Cooperative Societies (Lamps) Primary Agricultural Branch Committee / Forest Safety Committee / Women Self Help Group , Other Consumer Cooperative Societies and Local Urban Bodies Gram Panchayat notify Sarma It is done that if they are willing to operate the government fair price shop Sarma, Vikaskhand Surajpur, then they can present their application on 24th January, 2019, at 5:30 pm presently present in this office. No consideration will be made on the application received after the due date.

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