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Training will be given to 120 youth in different trades

Jashpur 5 Jan

For self-employment, youth of all classes will be trained in various trades. The manager of the intermediate professional training told that 120 youths in the intermediate vocational training center Jashpur and Kunkuri have to be provided training. Applications from interested youth have been invited till January 20. He informed that for Jashpur and Kunkuri, both Vikash Vikas will be given training to 40 and sewing 20 youths in the Electrician. The duration of training in different trade is 270 to 400 hours.

The applicant can apply for the training of Native resident of Chhattisgarh who are not less than 14 years of age and above 45 on January 1, 2019. It is compulsory to attach the photocopy of income, caste, residence certificate and certificate of educational qualification issued by competent authority with the application. For this purpose, passing the tenth standard for the Electrician must be 5th for the sewing telegraph. For detailed information regarding this, intermediate vocational training center can be contacted by Jashpur and Kunkuri and office manager intermediary professional training.


District level marathon race: Kumari Sandhya Rani in the women category and Shri Ashok Singh made the first place in the men category

Jashpur 5 Jan

The District Level Marathon race was organized by the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare from 5.00 a.m. on January 5. Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar sent the show flagged and presented the award to the participants who were victorious in the race. On this occasion, Superintendent of Police Shri Shankarlal Baghel also rewarded the participants. The sports officer said that the marathon race started from Rashangeta Stadium in Jashpur. The participants of both the men and women of both classes participated in this race. 20km for men and 10km for women was determined. In the district level race, the first ten place participants were participating in the development block level marathon race.

He said that the first prize was given to the men and women category for the first prize, 5000 thousand, the second prize 2500, the third prize 1500, the fourth prize 500 and the fifth position from the fifth position to 250 rupees. Duldula's Kumari Rishi Rani got the first position in the women's runner race. Similarly, Kumari Neha Bhagat of Kumarkuri, third Kumari Navita Lakra, fourth Kumari Manjula Bhagat, fifth place Kumari Alka Ekka, sixth place Kumari Vijayawati, Kumari Ritu Khokho at seventh place, eighth place Kumari Sara Khakha, Nawan Kshetra Kumar Neha and others. Dundula's Kumari Devmati Bai got the tenth place.

In the men category, Mr. Ashok Singh of Narayanpur secured first place. Similarly, Shri Amosh Kuzur in the second place, Shri Vijay Bhagat in the third place, Shri Anand Kuzur in the fourth place; Shri Satish Ram in the fifth place; Sri Baliram in the sixth place; Shri Mahavir in the seventh place; Shri Vinod Minj in the seventh place; Shri Nitya Lakra; Mr. Buddheshwar Sai has achieved

Financial Assistance Subsidy approved after the death of Tapappas in road accidents

Jashpur 3 Jan

On December 24, 2018, the death of Sanjay Toppo father Dharamsay of Batauli village Harhadih in road accident has been approved for the financial assistance of 25 thousand rupees for the wife of deceased deceased Anjila Toppo.

Three local vacations declared

Jashpur 3 jan

Collector and District Magistrate Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar has declared three local vacancies in the Jashpur district for the calendar year 2019. These include Rath Yatra on Thursday, 4th July 2019, Thursday, September 5, 2019 on Thursday, and on Diwali 28 October 2019, the second day of Diwali.

Continuous hard work brings success-collector Collector inspected the resolution organization

Jashpurnagar December 27, 2018 / Nivedesh Collector Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar today conducted a surprise inspection of the Sankalp Shikshan Sansthan. Principal of the institute Vinod Kumar Gupta apprised of the achievements of the educational institution of resolution. The collector met the students of the institution and went to classrooms and greeted them for their bright future. He also inspected the newly constructed building of the Sankalp institution, and gave the order to complete the construction within the time limit. During the inspection, he also met the children of Dream 30.
                Collector Kshirsagar told the students that they had heard about the activities of the resolution organization and the achievements of the students. My wish to come to the resolution organization is fulfilled today. The students of the Sankalp Institute have made their name bright in the state on the strength of their talent. To make the organization more efficient, the district administration will be contributing greatly. Increasing the enthusiasm of the students, he said that continuous efforts in setting the goal in the same direction get success. Time should be used. The best time to ride the future is. Institutional teachers were present on this occasion.

27 revenue inspectors and 215 pages light in the district now

Jashpur 27 Dec.

17 Revenue Inspectors and seven new Patiala Lighters have been reconstituted in Jashpur district under section 104 (1) of Chhattisgarh Land Revenue Code, 1959 for administrative breakdown on the functioning of revenue department. In the previous district of restructuring, total 27 revenue inspector and 215 patwari have become lighter in the district. Notice of reorganization of new Patwari Lighters and New Revenue Inspector Mandal has been sent for publication in Chhattisgarh Gazette.

As per the information received from the Land Records Branch of Collector Office, a new revenue inspector board has been made in Lodam and Ara and Manora tehsils in Jashpur tehsil. Similarly, in Narayanpur and Goria in Kunukuri tehsil, Simda in Duldula tehsil, Parsabahar and Kolhenjariya in Farasabahar tehsil, Bamra, Kurog, Pardaprapat and Sarabkombo in Tahsil, Dokda in Kansabel tehsil, In the Pathalgon tehsil, new revenue inspector board has been formed in Kerakchhar, Tamta, Ludge and Kotbah. Similarly, 7 new Patwari Lighters have been formed, in which Khasidrabab and Maheshpur in Pathholgaon tehsil and Lotas, Dumoroli, Ghamaria, Ratba, and Kurukkela are included in Tahsil of the garden.

Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev took charge

Jashpur 26 Dec.

Mr. Nilesh Kumar Mahadav Kshirsagar, the collector of the Indian Post Office, was appointed as the new posting officer. Mr. Kshirsagar is the 2011 batch IAS officer. Prior to this he was posted as the Director of State Rural Livelihood Mission. It is noteworthy that the present-day collector Dr. Priyanka Shukla has been given the responsibility of the Joint Secretary of Health and Family Welfare Department.

After taking charge, Shri Kshirsagar inspected various branches of collector's office. They present the employees to the introduction of the staff and encourage them to do better work. Mr. Kshirsagar inspected all the departments, including the Stenenroom, Collector's Court, Superintendent Cell, NIC, Land Records, Planning and Statistics, Establishment Branch, Public Service Center, Creda. On this occasion, deputy collectors and officers and employees of various branches were present.

4 lacs sanctioned for families of Praful to death due to drowning in water

Jashpur 22 Dec.

After the death of April 17, 2017, when the death of Praful Father Manuel, village resident of village Tahsil of natural disaster, has been sanctioned for granting financial assistance of Rs 4 lakh to the daughters of the deceased's deceased and Anuradha.

'Jashpur Police made awareness of the school children by the traffic rules and through the children also the Palco was asked to follow the Corporation of Traffic'

Jashpurnagar December 21, 2018/20 December 2018, Superintendent of Police, Shri Prashant Singh Thakur, and in-charge of the traffic Shri Subhash Chandrakar and in the traffic circle, the school children in Holi Cross girls Higher secondary school Gholane, under the Traffic Awareness Program, traffic rules and traffic signals Gave information about
District Superintendent of Police, Shri Thakur personally accompanied the traffic team to the Holy Cross girls' school and tell the school child about the traffic rules along with the traffic in charge, through a brief projector. While not running in the mobile phone while driving, and telling every member of his family not to run the vehicle by drinking alcohol, wearing a helmet, driving two-wheeler and not riding in two-wheeler vehicles and talking about traffic signals and It was told to all the children in the house that this message should be shared with the members of their family so that they are safe.
Along with this, Mr. Subbarao Chandrakar, traffic incharge has appealed to the general public of the city of Jashpur that a stopper has been set up to run the traffic system smoothly with more traffic to Chhattarra Government Hospital and Balaji Mandir, with careful use of vehicle driving and traffic rules 'To comply with this,' Traffic Awareness Program was organized for this purpose. ' The program started in the presence of Principal of Holi Cross School in detail in detail about the traffic rules by the Superintendent of Police to the school children. The school principal encouraged the girl students to follow the traffic rules by complying with the rules given by the police and driving them to run the vehicle.
Sr. No. 23 / Photo No.- 01 to 04
Anganwadi worker invites application for claim of objection
Jashpurnagar 21 December 2018 / Department of Women and Child Development has invited the claim objection to the appointment of Anganwadi worker. Project Officer of Integrated Child Development Services Project Department informed that the application was invited for the said post. Evaluation of received applications has been prepared by the Committee after the eligibility and eligibility of candidates after the test has been prepared in the seniority order. He said that the application has been invited from December 21, 2018 to January 4, 2019 for publishing the list. If there is any objection in this regard, then he may submit the claim objection to the project office in Jashpur in his written time.

Review Meeting of the Public Works Department Given instructions for completing the work in quality and timeframe

Jashpurnagar 21 December 2018 / Collector Dr. Priyanka Shukla held a review meeting of the Public Works Department on December 21 in the meeting room of the District Office. Executive Engineer, Sub-Divisional Officer and Deputy Engineer of Public Works Division Jashpur and Pathalgaon were present in the said meeting. During the review, he asked to complete all the works under construction in the district in the time-limit given by quality.
In the meeting, Kunakuri Taskera Lavarkera Marg Sarbazaria Qasjora Nala, 13/4, did not work by the contractor in the construction work of the bridge, giving disciplinary action against him and giving clearance to cancel the contract of the concerned contractor. Along with this, 11 bridges have to be constructed in the road constructed under this road. The construction of these bridges has not started. In this regard, the Collector was given the instructions to start the work immediately, apart from it it has also been pointed out that this construction work should be completed by the end of March 2019.
Road construction work in Kunkuri Kaliba Ranpur was also given to be completed by February 28, 2019. The remaining work of Jashpur Sana Marg was asked to be completed within 15 days. In this regard, the officials of the department were informed that due to non-operation of the contractors by the contractors, it is taking time to complete the construction work. In this connection, it was pointed out that the casual proceedings against the respective contractors should be expedited and if the work was not done within the time limit, their contract was immediately terminated and inviting tenders would be given the instructions to complete the work very soon. . Starting the Darmara Charkindand route of Jashpur, the month of March 2019 has been given clearance to be completed. In the same way, in the Jashpur-Tekra-Lavarkera road under Pathlaggaon division, the construction of Sir Jharia bridge was also done by the end of March 2019 and after completion of all the construction work in time boundly, the concerned Deputy Engineer Keeping in view the quality of the work by taking regular visits, the instructions were given to complete the construction work.
During the review, it was informed by the Sub-Divisional Officer, National Highway that work of Pathholanga National Raj Marg No. 43 from Kunkuri has started and work is in progress. Most of the work will be completed by March 2019. The entire period of entire works is up to 2020. In this period, the entire work from Gumla to Pathalgaon will be completed. At the same time, he said that the proceedings of the tree Vidohan from the Shankha river to Jashpur have been completed. The action of Vidohan has not been completed for 100 trees in Ludhang Pathagalong Kansabel Kunkuri. In this regard, the proceedings of tree Vidhon will be completed soon. At the same time he said that the work of pipeline has not been started for establishment of hand pump at this route. In this regard, due to non-receipt of displacement proposal from public health mechanism department, the proceedings were pending. On which the Collector Dr. Shukla has been given the instructions for getting the proposal quickly by coordinating with the concerned department. Apart from this, the Departmental Engineer was informed that work is being effected due to encroachment in the Pathalgaon urban area. In this regard, the interdepartmental officer (R) was given contact with the authorities to remove the encroachment.

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