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Collector from high school children

Bemetra September 28, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware today courtesy the students of Bhanusel, Government High Secondary School, Bemetara Block. During this he observed the smart class. With the children, they asked questions related to science like what is the ozone layer? What color is the earth visible from the solar system? Why does the sky appear in red when the sun rises and sinks? Correct answer- The red color wave is more. On this occasion, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, Development Director Education Mr. Khare, In-charge Principal Mrs. Babita Chauhan were present.

For the villagers, the Bhasooloolu camp is beneficial. Solution on 169 applications

Bemetra September 28, 2018: District level mass mobilization camp organized on Friday, in the remote village Bhansulula of Bemetara Block of the district, was aimed at villagers for the purpose of redressing the problems of common people on the spot. Of the 228 applications received in the camp, 169 applications have been solved on the spot. Deadline for remaining applications was fixed. On this occasion, Minister of Cooperative, Culture and Tourism, Shri Dayaladas Baghel, Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware, Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar, District Panchayat Vice President Shri Dilip Singh Thakur, CEO of District Panchayat. Mr. S. Alok was present. Collector Shri Kaware gave the necessary instructions to the officers for their proper disposal, with the problems of the common citizens. Cooperative Minister, R.O. for pure drinking water in the village. Approved the establishment of the plant. The collector said that the RO from the District Mineral Development Fund Plant information was given. The motor-driven tricecle was distributed by the cooperative minister to Lata Yadav. Fish market was distributed by centrally to grants to the Yuvraj Sahu and Arjun Sahu by Sprayer Pump, Fish Farming Department, Anjori Ram Dhruv, Narayan Dhruv Khammariya, Hendanda Dhruv Khammariya, resident of village Bhayana. Tiffin Bax was distributed to the workers of MNREGA. Under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, gas connections were distributed to 30 sisters. Horticulture department distributed free fruitful plants to the villagers. In the camp organized in the high school campus, the departmental officers of the district appealed to the villagers to take advantage of the welfare schemes run by their respective welfare schemes by giving them to the villagers. These include mainly agricultural, labor, electricity, women and child development, fisheries, food, primitive race, health, education. A large number of villagers were present, including Mrs. Anand Bai Tandan, President of Janpad Panchayat Bemetra, Taranjan Sahu, President of Janpad Panchayat Navagadha and Panchgan. Chief Medical and Health Officer Doctor. S.K. Sharma informed about the avoidance of diseases.  

The Cooperative Minister said that it is a good thing for me today that through this camp you have got an opportunity to get rid of the problems of the people. My complete endeavor remains that you should come back to the camp and solve one problem. It is the first priority of the government to get the benefit of various welfare schemes of the state government to the villagers. The Government is being sanctioned to the homeless people under the scheme of one lakh 47 thousand rupees under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. 12 thousand rupees are being given for construction of toilets. PM to cook Under the Ujjwala scheme, gas connections are being given. Mr. Baghel said that if the Chief Minister's Food scheme does not apply, then it will come to the fringe of the area. Earlier, Kanaki and Khanda used to eat chaval, now people are eating a lot of food twice by getting the chewl at affordable rates. Under the Smart Card scheme, the Chief Minister has increased from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rupees now. Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, the Prime Minister has provided annual facilities to the poor for treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. Before the money was arranged, the farm and the utensils were sold for sale. Agriculture loan is being provided by the State Government on zero percent interest for farming and farming. The Cooperative Minister has challenged the people to take advantage of government schemes and improve their standard of living.
Collector Shri Kaware said that two-two camps are being organized every month in different development blocks of the district by the district administration. Three camps have been organized in the month of September. The District Magistrate instructed the officers to work responsibly and be sensitive in solving the problems of common people. The District Magistrate said that under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, 70 thousand in the district so far, gas connections have been distributed to the beneficiaries. Communication Revolution One lakh 3 thousand 44 smart phones were distributed in the district under Sky Yazna. The Collector gave information regarding the last date for registering of paddy from the farmers on October 30. Those who have already registered, they do not need to register again. Mr. Kaware gave information regarding the Mizals-Rubella vaccination campaign run on October 6. 7109 cases have been approved under Chief Minister's New Pension Scheme. In the camp, the camp was organized by the Electricity Department under Easy electricity bill Yajna. The villagers took advantage of it Apart from this VVPET machine was demonstrated under voter awareness. The voter who has given his vote through this machine will display the symbol and photo for seven seconds.
Your ATM Do not tell the password to anyone: - Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar gave information regarding cybercrime. People dream of becoming rich instead of hard work in less time. For this, they get people trapped in their thugs. Sometimes people send messages of lottery to people in the mobile and in the name of processing fee they deposit the amount in installments. People do not realize the amount of lottery, but later they realize their thugs. Be wary of such thugs and sly people Ssp Said that your ATM Do not tell the card number and secret password to anyone. They never call you as a bank officer and your ATM. The card has been blocked. Be cautious with such junkies. Keep away from the temptation to make the earning of the hard earned money of the masses as hard-earned, and be cautious with the thugs and sly people. If any such complaint comes, then immediately inform your nearest police station.
 On this occasion, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Bemetra Mr. D.N. Kashyap, Executive Engineer P.H.E. Shri Parikshit Chaudhari, Water Resources Shri Kuldeep Narang, Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Department, Mr. SK Bagga, Nodal Officer of District Co-operative Central Bank, R. Kashyap, CEO of Janpad Panchayat Bemetra Deepak Thakur, District Planning and Statistical Officer Rajkumar Ogre, all district chief officers and a large number of villagers were present.



Information about VV Petet being given in hot markets

Bemetra September 27, 2018: - A special effort is being made by the district administration to make common citizens aware about voting. VV to make citizens aware of voting in hot markets of the district. People are being made aware about the stomach. On the instructions of Collector Mahadev Kaware, the Voters Variable Paper Audit Trail is being performed by the in-charge officers in different polling stations of the district, among villagers. In this, after voting the voter for seven seconds, the vote will be seen. In addition to the 387 Gram Panchayats in the district, the performance of the vapat machine has not been performed in the polling stations, and the proceedings of the exhibition are being carried out by the concerned authorities. VV in the back of the district on the instructions of collector The stomach was displayed.
S No. 193
Bemetra September 27, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kavre meets every month on a large number of people during the event of general public meeting. Apart from this, the villagers who come from far-flung areas of the district meet the District Magistrate in the collective time, complain about their various problems in the collector's chamber. Apart from the collector's philosophy, every applicant has to sympathetically send his instructions to the authorities to take necessary action with their problems. Today, on the occasion of meeting, additional collector duo K.S. Mandavi and S. R. Womanhood was also present.

Camp will be organized under the Seed Power Bill Scheme

Bemetra September 27, 2018: - The Camp has been organized in 09 villages of Bemetra division and 07 villages of Saaza division on Friday 28th September under the Seamless Electricity Bill Scheme. C.G. State Electricity Distribution Company Headquarters Saza divisional engineer R. B. Singh said that the camps that are being organized in the villages include Tuma, Bahera, Turasemaria, Rohra, Madanpur, Javra, Baharbod, Sinhnpuri, Arjuni, Laupada, Chechenameta, Bhandruchuva, Sheepdhani, Dadjara, Kampa and Sinhnpuri. Similarly, on September 29, 05 camps of Bemetra division and 03 villages of Saaza division have been organized. These include Gram Navagaon, Bitakuli, Narayanpur, Birampur, Khatai, Khairjitikala, Semaria, Tinduwa and Uraaaha. The camp was organized on Sunday 30th September in 05 villages of Bemetra Division. This includes Gram Gadhwa, Gangpur, Kamta, Navagong and Birsingh.
Under the scheme, today's camp was organized on Thursday 27th September in 09 of Bemetra division and 03 villages of Saaza division. A large number of villagers presented their applications for their electrical problems. These villages include Sonpuri, Karchuva, Puran, Banshpur, Lalpur, Jhal, Javan, Khapri, Tingliejewara, Navagaon, Pedarwani and Mazgaon.

Chief Minister inaugurated about Rs.44 crore 24 lakh electricity development works Chief Minister distributed simple electricity bill certificate to two beneficiaries

Bemetra September 27, 2018: During the Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, in the Saza headquarters of Bemetara district, is in-charge of his cabinet colleagues, Minister in charge of the minister, Mr. Punnulal Mohiley and cooperative, culture and tourism minister, Mr. Dayal Das Baghel, parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Bhavchand Bafna and MLA Bemetra Mr. Awadhesh Chandel. During this period, the Chief Minister was given the Bhumi poojan and release of development works of various departments of 148.94 crores. In the same link, additional 40 MVA installed at the cost of Rs. 04 crore in 132/33 KV Upakendra Saza of the Electricity Department. Transformer was released. With the extraction of this extra-power transformer, the power of the sub-center has increased from 40 megawatts to 80 megawatts. With this, 12 Nos 33/11 KV of Saza and Berla Blak The quality of electricity supply will be obtained without any obstruction in 195 villages composed of the sub-centers. The inauguration of the inauguration and renovated cross-country distribution center of the newly constructed Devakar distribution office was also inaugurated by the Chief Minister by the program site at a cost of Rs. 25 lakhs under the scheme. With the establishment of a distribution center in Parpodi, about 8500 consumers of 36 villages around nearby would be able to get all the facilities related to electricity, which would have to be devoured and decorated. Chief Minister Dr. In the address of Singh, the simple electricity bill scheme was mentioned and two beneficiaries benefited under this scheme were provided by the beneficiary certificate from the forum to Shri Ashok Yadav and Mrs. Sahabin Bai Goode.

Investigation of hotels by the Department of Food and Drug Administration

Bemetra September 27, 2018: - Sample compilation of food items in Navagadh block of Bemetara district and adulteration and packaging, labeling of food items, by moving laboratory vehicle from Food Testing Laboratory, Food and Drug Administration Raipur under Indian Food Safety and Standards Act. Was promoted in On the instructions of Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware, the Department of Food and Drug Administration was examined. Under which linking all the charities selling flat lamps in bus stands and other places in Navagadha block, using inadequate colors sold in the name of non-inadequate color sold in the name of Jalebi, harmless to the hotels, and the use of food colors, link warn off. Apart from this, the traders of various grocery stores were warned that the packed food items, such as spices, etc., were purchased from the wholesale sellers, while looking at the expiry date and batch number in that packed and buying with a surest bill, and bundled food items He was asked to make a sticker of the Nat-Far-Sale sticker. The investigation team comprised Food and Drug Administration Bemetra Food Safety Officer, Sample Assistant Varun Patel and Bhushan Pratap Singh and Bharatendu Pandey, who came to the laboratory laboratory.

40.30 lakhs sanctioned for 22 works under Vidhan Sabha constituency development scheme

Bemetra 27 September 2018: - Administrative sanction of Rs 40.30 lakhs has been provided for 22 construction works in various villages under Navagad assembly constituency of the district. Collector Mahadev Kaware has approved the said amount under the Vidhan Sabha constituency development plan, on the activities approved by the Minister in charge of the district, Mr. Punnulal Mohle and the State Cooperative, Culture and Tourism Minister Dayaladas Baghel. According to the information received from the District Planning and Statistics Office, the collector organized a cultural theater in village Jangalpur of Nawgad and construction of cultural theater near Mahamaya in Village Bagod, Rs.2.2 lakh for each, Gaura-Gauri platform in Gram Panchayat Chilphi 70 thousand rupees for construction of nearby Chabootra, Village Panchayat in rural Dhanalei cultural stage 1.60 lakh rupees for the village, cultural theater in village Taregaon, cultural theater in village Tandua, Gram Panchayat Gordhikkal's dependent village, Gordhikurd, cultural theater construction near Mahamaya, Village near Gauri-Gaura Chair in village Kajarajewara of Panchatayat Beltukari Theater Construction, Gram Panchayat, Cultural Theater in Mohatra, Gram Panchayat in Kirita Cultural Theater Construction, Construction of Cultural Theater near Mahamaya in Gram Panchayat Jhel, for Rs. 2 lakh each for Gram Panchayat Harmudi, cultural stage construction near Mahamaya and 3-3 lakh rupees for the construction of cultural theater in Gram Panchayat Ganiya, 2.50 lakh rupees for constructing cultural theater near Mahamaya in Gram Panchayat Bundela, Gram Panchayat breathed in Putpura 4 lakh rupees for constructing Kartik Bhawan, Gram Panchayat at Charat, near the Gayatri temple, stage construction, Gram Panchayat near Gautam near Gotham, construction of Gram Panchayat at village Nawapara, near Ram Week, stage building, Gram Panchayat Khairi, Mahamaya Near theater building, Gram Panchayat in Badnara, near the Lakshmi platform, theater building and Gram Panchayat in Tamari, near the Sahara Dev For each building, one lakh rupees, administrative approval of Rs 1.5 lakh has been given for constructing cultural theater near Durga stage in village panchayat nagarh. The liability of these construction works was taken by CEO The district panchayat has been assigned to Bemetra.

Meeting on September 29

Bemetra 27 September 2018: - The meeting of District Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee for the implementation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Torture Prevention Act, 1989, 1995, will be held on September 29, 2018, in the chairmanship of Collector Mahadev Kaware, at 4 pm, in Collector House Room, Bemetara. .

Today, the people's grievance redressal scheme in Bhansuli

Bemetra September 27, 2018: - For the purpose of resolving the problems of the common public, the district level mass mobilization camp will be organized by the district administration on Friday 28th September in village Bhansulula of Bemetara Block. Collector Mahadev Kaware has instructed the block and district level officials to attend the camp to solve the problems of the villagers.

Officers should work with election team spirit - collector

Bemetra 27 September 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware took a meeting of the Nodal officers, Zonal Officer appointed in the collector's chamber in the wake of the upcoming Vidhan Sabha election 2018. The District Magistrate said that final voter list has been published today by the Election Commission of India for assembly elections. He told the officials that he would work with the team spirit to make the forthcoming assembly election work independent, fair and peaceful. The District Election Officer gave the necessary instructions to the officials in this regard and said that the election work is taken seriously. The District Election Officer informed about the progress of the work of organizing the forthcoming assembly election, the logistic plan from the officers in charge, the revision of EVM VVPat machines and the progress of the works in the polling stations, public places, hot markets etc, etc.
District Election Officer Shri Kavare directed zonal officers to ensure basic facilities and drinking water, electricity, toilets, ramps and furniture etc. in the polling stations. He directed the officials of the respective departments to provide the certificate of availability of the said system in the polling booths. He instructed to name the polling station and polling booth in the polling booths. The District Election Officer instructed to ensure the availability of wheelchairs in the polling booths of Divyan voters. In the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat, S. Alok, Additional Collector, K.S. Mandavi, deputy collector, Mrs. Silly Thomas, Executive Engineer P.E. Examined Chaudhary, Program Officer, MBA Rajendra Kashyap, District Information and Science Officer Rohit Chandravanshi, District Public Relations Officer Chaganlal Lonhare, were also present.

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