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Collector's review of pending revenue cases concluded with revenue officials

Bemetara 31 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kaware reviewed the cases of nomination, partition, map-measles, B-1, income and caste certificates by taking a meeting of revenue officials today. The collector said that the revenue officials should regularly visit their areas, the authorities are related to the common people, the rural and the farmers.

Therefore, all the officials and the field staff, with the help of the general public, make sure to quickly solve the problems of the rural areas while touring the rural areas.

According to the intent of the State Government, the District Magistrate directed the Tehsildars for protection and promotion of four identifiers of Chhattisgarh Narva, Garuwa, Ghurva Aau Bari, that they should mark the land for Gautan and pasture in their respective areas.


Instructions to promote EVM, VVPET

Bemetara 31 Jan

The date-wise program has been prepared for the promotion of EVMs, Voters Variable Paper Audit Trail (VV Stomach) at all polling stations in the district till 28th February 2019. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kawre has issued a letter to all Tehsildars and Sub-divisional magistrates of the district that they are engaged in the duties of Patwari, Panchayat Secretary, BLO, Master Trainer in the area of ​​their charge, There are instructions to complete. In the release letter, it has been stated that EVM, VV Regarding the safety of the stomach, the instructions of the commission should be followed strictly. Publicity will also be documented.

Scanning of EVM machines will also be done through mobile app. First level work of EVM machines (FLC) will be started from February 01 in the district. On this occasion, Deputy Collector Smt. Sily Thomas E.w.m. Nodal Officer, Parikshit Chaudhary, DIO Rohit Chandravanshi, Election Supervisor Santosh Namdev, Assistant Programmer Babi Rajput were present on the occasion.

The collector participated in conferencing video of election commission

Bemetara 31 Jan

India Election Commission New Delhi today gave information about the management and new software of EVM machine with video conferencing of all the collectors and district election officers of Chhattisgarh. Also demo was done as well. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kavare V.C. Participated in Vc During this, it was informed that new software and mobile app launch has been launched for management of EVM machine.

Earlier it was the ETS-EVM Tehelka King system, which has now replaced the new Safari EMS-EVM Management System. Through this, transfer of interstate and inter-district machines and receipt of machines in machine ware house and strong room and allocation of machines for training, randomization of machines etc. will be done through this service.

Scanning of EVM machines will also be done through mobile app. First level work of EVM machines (FLC) will be started from February 01 in the district. On this occasion, Deputy Collector Smt. Sily Thomas E.w.m. Nodal Officer, Parikshit Chaudhary, DIO Rohit Chandravanshi, Election Supervisor Santosh Namdev, Assistant Programmer Babi Rajput were present on the occasion.

Quick settlement of pending applications - Collector Shri Kaware

Bemetara 31 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kaware took a meeting of the departmental officers in the collectorate meeting room today, collector general, mass problem solving camp, TL Instructions for quick disposal of pending applications received from meetings and other high offices. He warned the officials that during the review today, it was found that after observing the online status of the applications by some departments of the district till date the applications are still pending,This situation is not right. Otherwise, they warn against making unfavorable comments in their confidential background (CR). Officials are not working as interested in it. Also mention the work related to the Budget and to be resolved at the departmental level and also give written notice to the respective applicant.

The collector said that recently, while addressing the collector conference held by the Chief Minister in Raipur in the capital, the Chief Minister said that the problem which can be solved only in the development and tehsil level, the related application and complaint should not come to the capital Raipur.

The collector will give special attention to this. Collector Shri Kavre said that officials take the problems of common citizens seriously and also express their sensitivity in resolving it. If the problem of a needy and suffering person is diagnosed, you will also be self-satisfied and the pending status of the application will also not be shown.

District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, Additional Collector S. R. Mahilang, SDM Saja Umashankar Sahu, Navagadh- Dev Singh Uike, Berla-R.P. Aanchala, CEO of all the four Janpad Panchayat and CMO of urban body and district level officials were present.


Daughter saved-daughter Teach- organizing marathon races

Bemetara 30 Jan

The boys and girls were given five kilometer marathon race this morning in Bemetra district headquarters. This race was organized to encourage a special initiative to save daughter-daughter-read.

In this, the first prize in the two categories was 10 thousand rupees, the second prize was 5 thousand rupees, the third prize was given to 3 thousand rupees and the third prize of Rs. One thousand rupees was presented at the ceremony organized in Krishi Prabh Mandi Complex. In spite of the cold season, young people of the city participated in this race.

On this occasion, the representatives of the organizing committee were present on the occasion along with the collector Mahadev Kaware, the municipality council chairman Vijay Sinha, the vice president of the Janpad Panchayat Bemetra and senior journalist Santathar Diwan, Manish Tiwari, ASP Vimal Kumar Bai. Collector and Napa President gave congratulatory and best wishes to the winners and all the participants in the race.



Divyang camp will be held at Block level, On February 01, at the Community Health Center Berla

Bemetara 30 Jan

On the initiative of the collector, Divyaag camp is being organized on Friday at the development level for the purpose of facilitating the divisions of the remote zone. The camp will be organized at Community Health Center, Sara, on February 01, Community Health Center, Berla, District Hospital Bemetra, on February 8, Community Health Center Navagad on February 15 and Community Health Center on 22 February.

District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware issued a letter to the CEO of all the district panchayat of the district and instructed to set up duty in the registration process by arranging meeting arrangements, Mike, drinking water at the camp site. In this camp, the Beijing Certificate is provided after the medical examination through the medical board of Bemetra, District Hospital.


Tribute given to martyrs including Mahatma Gandhi

Bemetara 30 Jan

In the memory of the martyrdom of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and in the freedom of India, on Wednesday 30 January, a tribute was given to the collector at two o'clock in the collectorate at around 11.00 am.

During this period, Additional Officers, employees, employees including Deputy Collector SR Mariang, Deputy Collector Smt. Silly Thomas, Treasury Officer, PL Sahara, Excise Officer SN Singh, DPM Health, Mrs. Anupama Tiwari, Superintendent RK Dhirhe, paid tribute to the martyrs.

Liquor shops will remain closed on January 30

Bemetara 28 Jan

Under the Chhattisgarh Excise Desh / Exotic Wine Management Rule, Wednesday 30 January 2019 is declared a dry day on the occasion of "Mahatma Gandhi Nirvana Diwas". Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware on the said date all the country / foreign liquor located in the district. -2 (Ghag) and F.L. - 1 (Ghag) and Wine Storage Wandering has been directed to keep it completely closed.

He has also instructed to strictly monitor the sale of narcotics by keeping constant monitoring and control over possible illegal liquor bases of the district. Collector, strictly following the instructions to the Excise Department and Police Department officials, according to the administrative facilities, the duty of Excise Chief Reconstruction and Respectors is to impose duty. Penalty action will be taken after determining the liability on receipt of a complaint of drug sale on dry days.



Collector's demise on 31st January

Bemetara 28 Jan

The meeting of the general public to be held on Tuesday in the presence of Joint District Office Building Bemetra, will be held on January 31 in the evening between 11 AM and 12 AM.



Officers should carry out their duties better - collector

Bemetara 28 Jan

On the occasion of the 70th Republic Day, Collector Mahadev Kaware gave congratulations and good wishes to the officers, employees, on the 70th Republic Day of Independent India in the Guidelines of the joint office building / collectorate building situated at the District Headquarters on the occasion of the 70th Republic Day.

The collector expected the employees, employees to discharge their duties and responsibilities in a good and good manner. On this occasion, the Superintendent of Police Mr. Prashant Thakur, Additional Collector Mr. S.R. Women, Deputy Collector, Mrs. Silly Thomas, Mr. B.R. Officers / employees of various departments of the district administration, including Dhruv and officers of the police administration were present.



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