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Collector's meeting of the deadline

Jashpur 16 Jan

Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar held a meeting of the time limit from 11 am in the meeting room of the District Office on Tuesday. In the meeting, he inquired about the progress of the work done by all the departments. And instructed to speed up the work. Apart from this he also asked the absent officer and staff to give notice to the time-limit meeting. In addition, District Panchayat CEO Mr. Kuldeep Sharma present in the meeting also gave different instructions to the officials.

In the meeting, Shri Kshirsagar gave all SDM the mandate to pay special attention to the land allotment. On caste certificates, he told all the SDMs that all nodal officers should provide training in this regard. And for all the people who have not been able to caste caste certificates, they should make caste certificates by putting them in one month. They purchased the paddy but said that the concerned RI and food inspectors will be presently presenting the report of the purchase of rice. He said that if any farmer is selling more paddy, then he will take physical attention while taking special attention.

When Mr. Kshirsagar urged for immediate disposal of cases pending in all pending cases of penitentiary in Jan Darshan, the number of penal cases was immediate. On this occasion, Forest Officer Mr. Krishna Jadhav, Additional Collector Mr. I.L. Thakur, Deputy Collector Mr. R.S. Tiwari, all SDM, CEO, departmental officers and other officers and employees were present.


Priority list for 3 posts in child protection unit

Jashpurnagar January 14, 2018 / In the District Child Protection Unit under Integrated Child Protection Scheme in Jashpur Nagar, Jan 14, 2018, a post of 3 approved vacant postal protection officer, one post of storekeeper co-accountant and a list of outreach worker, preference list after claim objection has been issued.
         The District Program Officer of the Women and Child Development Department said that the candidate's list of priority list has been published after the claim objection. On the basis of the list, the candidates have been called in the District Child Protection Unit on January 18, at 11 am for verification of certificates and written examination, group discussion, skill test. He told that the list can also be seen on the information panel of the website of the district's district headquarters and the district's child protection unit of the office.


Jashpur 11 Jan

Under the Chief Minister's Child Plan, the efforts of the talented students of Naxal-affected districts, along with excellent and quality education as well as in the entrance examinations related to the national level engineering, medical and commerce subjects, will be conducted in the year 2019-20 in the Kanya Residential School Jashpur. Applications have been invited for 125 seats for admission in class 9th till 2 February.

The seat reserved for the admission in the 9th class (year 2019-20) in the attempt residential school Jashpur. The effort is a total of 125 seats in the Boys and Girls Residential School, Jashpur. Out of which 75 seats are for boys and 50 seats for girls. Under this, 50 percent reservation for Scheduled Tribes students, 20 percent for Scheduled Castes students, 20 percent for Other Backward Classes students and 10 percent reservation for general category students has been done. Efforts have been set for selection in residential schools. Students will be selected on merit basis basis.

It is compulsory to pass the minimum examination of 60% marks in B grade with the resident of the affected district and the examination of class VIII from Naxalite district school. Student should be a permanent caste certificate holder belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes declared by Chhattisgarh State. Direct entry of children directly to the affected families of Naxal violence will be given directly, but in this regard, it is necessary to attach the certificate of the District Superintendent of Police.

Assistant Commissioner Shri Vahane said that the entrance examination will be held on February 10 in the district headquarters Jashpur. For which interested applicants can submit application to Development Officer, Education Officer by February 2. For more information regarding this, the applicant can contact the office of Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Jashpur and all the development block education officer in office hours.

Organic Farmer Fair organized on January 16

Jashpur 11 Jan

Organic farming fair will be organized by the Agriculture Department under Biological Farming Mission, on January 16, at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, DumroBhar, Pathalgaon from 10 am to 4 pm. Deputy Director of Agriculture Department informed that information will be provided by agricultural scientists on organic farming / advanced agricultural techniques etc. to the farmers in organic farmers' fair. He has requested all the farmers to get information about biological farming in the presence of maximum number of organic farmers' fair.

4 lakhs sanctioned for affected families after death of snakebite

Jashpur 11 Jan

On October 8, 2018, the death of Shri Karam Sahi father father Anhingu Ram, resident of village Kairabel tehsil of Kansabel tehsil, has been sanctioned a grant of Rs 4 lakh to Anunu Ram, father of the deceased's deceased deceased.

Ineligible list for three posts in Child Protection Home (Child)

Jashpur 11 Jan

Under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme of the Women and Child Development Department, Jashpur, a proposal of 3 approved vacant post of probation officer, one post of the House Frm, the post of paramedical staff for the post of ineligible list of applications, claim objection 16 Have been invited till January. The District Program Officer of the Women and Child Development Department said that the candidates can also view the non-ineligible list on the information panel of the District Child Protection Unit of the website and office of the district. In this context, whatever application you want to file a claim objection, the District Child Protection Unit can submit claim objection to the post of Bhagalpur road behind the Ranjita stadium in the prescribed time frame.

Meeting on candidates' election expenditure, scrutiny report and abstract accounting concluded

In the presence of Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Sunil Kumar Jain and Expenditure Observer Shri Ram Singh Shekhawat, Mahasamund, 07 January 2019, meeting of election officials was organized on the topic related to expenditure of all candidates of Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 in the meeting of the District Office today. was. In the meeting, District Election Officer and Expenditure Observer informed that according to the directions of the Election Commission of India, the limits for the expenditure incurred in the elections were decided by the candidates. Within 30 days of the counting of declaration, the candidates have to submit the Commission information of their election expenditure inevitably. For this, from January 7 to January 10, the Expenditure Observer and Assistant Expenditure Observer appointed by the District Expenditure Observer and Expenditure Audit team in the District Treasury office are being scrutinized by checking their problems. Master Tea Nurse Shri Himanshu Bhawan gave detailed information about this in the matter through Power Presentation and resolved the doubts of Election Agent. On this occasion, Additional Collector Mr. Alok Pandey, Treasury Officer Mr. D.P. Election agents of various political parties including Verma, Accounting Officer were present.

District level school competition will be organized on 28th January

Jashpurnagar 07 January 2019 / Department of Sports and Youth Welfare
District level Folklore, Speech, Folk dance, Rangoli, Competition organized by Interstate District level folklore, organized on January 28, 2019, at 11.00 am in Government Children's Higher Secondary School. The sports department official has issued a notice in this regard that the interested girl child participants are to send the organizing officer and staff in Jashpur with the officer and staff on January 28 at 10.30 pm. He also said that a participant can participate in a single mode. Apart from this, he said that in the folk dance, Rs. 2400 / - in first place, Rs. 1600 / - on second place and Rs. 1000 / - for the third position, will be given cash prize.
Similarly, the team achieving first position in folklore will be given Rs.1500, second position Rs.1000 and third place Rs.500. In the instant speech and Rangoli competition, the participants who receive the first position in the competition will be given 1000 rupees, the second place will be 750 rupees and the third place will be given a city award of 500 rupees.

Shockwave notices issued to disbelieving officer

Jashpurnagar 07 January 2019 / In case of poor negligence in the summary review work, Additional Collector, I.L. Thakur has issued a shocking notice to four unrecognized officers. Additional Collector Shri Thakur said that on the last day inspection of the polling station No. 95, 96, 102, 109, 110 of Kunakuri assembly constituency. In which the polling station 95-Raikeara-1 and the absent officer of the polling center 96-2, Kharak, Mr. Damnik Khocho, the uninterrupted officer of the polling station No. 102 Khandsa and Assistant Superintendent of Police Kumari Meena Patale, the uninterrupted officer of the polling station No. 109 Patratali and Assistant Judicial Panchayat Shri Lakhan Lal Bharadwaj and the unstated Officer and Assistant Judicial Panchayat of the Polling Station No. 110 Loro, Mr. Saroj Kumar Patel Were found absent in the polling station. A noticeable notice has been issued to four unrecognized officers while taking negligence in important work like brief revision.

Surveillance team constituted, considering possibility of arrival of neighboring states

Jashpur 5 Jan

For the Kharif marketing year 2018-19, the paddy arrival period for the support price is fixed from 1 November to 2018 to 31 January 2019. Meanwhile, there is an apprehension of selling paddy from neighboring states to the purchase centers whose duty has been set up by the party for monitoring and prevention and the duty of the officials and employees has been imposed.

From the inter-state where the inter-state from where the paddy arrival is going to be done regularly, and will make a barrier on the check post and will be screened for 24 hours and will be able to prepare the case according to the rules as per the rules of the paddy transport without permission. Duty of the constituted party, Jawaharpur tehsil check post of Satyagataroli, Patwari Mr. Nishant Bagh, Mr. Farukh Javed, Mr. Sanjay Khakha, Mandi Deputy Inspector Shri Narmada Prasad Yadav, Rural Extension Officer Mr. S.L. Pattidar, Mr. Abhashwar Pandkar and Lokeshwar Bharti Duty Has been installed.

Patwari Mr. Dinesh Kumar Baghel, Mr. Tarun Kumar Khalkho, Rural Agricultural Extension Officer Shri Rajendra Kumar Yadav and V.K. Jatav, Manora tehsil's check post in Durgaon, Patwari Shri Praveen Tirki, Srvi Narayan Rathia,Mr. Ajay Tirki, Rural Extension Officer, Mr. Jerem Minj, Mr. SS Kerketta and Deputy Inspector, Mr. Ashok Kumar Sinha, Check Posts of Farasabahar Tehsil, Mr. Suneet Kuzur, Patwari, Mr. Oswal Bibhu Khalkho, Mr. Tikam Singh, Deputy Inspector, Mr. Haldar Prasad Dansena, Rural Expansion Officer Mr. Roshan Danil Dhanson, Mr. Harme Pratap Singh and Mr. Pitambar Patel have been installed.

Patwari Mr. Rohit Kumar Bhagat, Mr. Shyamlal Nayak, Mr. Manoj Kumar Nishad, and Rural Agricultural Extension Officer, Kamleshwar Singh, Mr. Dilis Bhagat, Patwari Mr. Jogi Ravi Kujur, Resident Bhagat, Mr. Santosh Gupta and Rural Extension Officer, Shri Naresh Patel,Patwari Mr. Sukhaiyas, Sri Patra Siddar, Sri Devaki Ram, Rural Extension Officer Shri Narsing Ram





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