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Breaks on speculation, Ajit Jogi said that the matter of coalition not being with Mayawati

Former Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh and supremo Ajit Jogi of the Janata Congress, Chhattisgarh, has bridged the speculation of combating Bahujan Samaj Party to contest elections. Former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi, in a special conversation with News 18, said that his family meeting with BSP supremo Mayawati has only happened. It should not be politically understood. The alliance was being speculated after a nearly hour-long meeting between Ajit Jogi and Mayawati on Wednesday in Delhi.

Ajit Jogi said that our party will contest the 90 seats in Chhattisgarh. There is no scope for coalition and neither is it discussed with BSP supremo Mayawati. However, Ajit Jogi did not initially sign the future of coalition in an interview given to News 18. Jogi had said that the decision will depend on the circumstances. Just a day after Jogi and Maya met in Delhi.

Significantly, in the end of this year, Chhattisgarh assembly elections are going to be held. Ajit Jogi's party has emerged in Chhattisgarh as the third front. However, Ajit Jogi puts his speeches in the first place in the electoral fray. Let us say that after the meeting of Jogi and Maya in Delhi, the round of discussions in the political corridors had begun.

Congress will leave soon to join our party wife Renu - Ajit Jogi

Renu Jogi, wife of former Chief Minister and Janta Congress Chhattisgarh supremo Ajit Jogi, will soon quit Congress. Even before the announcement of the election, Renu Jogi may formally join the party in the party of his husband Ajit Jogi of Chhattisgarh. Former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi has given this information in a special conversation with News 18.

Former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi said that his wife Renu Jogi, who is Congress MLA, will soon join the Congress party in Chhattisgarh. Jogi said, 'We have been married for 41 years. In these years we have always supported each other. No one should imagine that we would be different. He will definitely join my party. '

Ajit Jogi denies the allegation made by Ajit Jogi in his entire conversation on the question of promoting familyism on Ajit Jogi. Jogi does not believe that he has promoted familyism. According to Ajit Jogi, familyism works for the first time, but not repeatedly. Let's tell that after coming to active politics in the former IAS, his wife Renu Jogi and son Amit Jogi contested on the ticket of Congress and now Jogi has discussions of his daughter-in-law Richa Jogi contesting the elections.

During his treatment in the hospital, his son Amit, wife Renu and daughter-in-law, Richa Jogi, along with former CM Ajit Jogi File photo

Public court accepts family
On the question of familyism, Ajit Jogi says that 'you can redeem familyism once, but after that there will be qualifications only people will be able to survive. If my wife is in politics, she has won the election three times. My son, if he has won by a record vote in politics then he has won. The public's court has accepted them. Earlier he was my son and wife but now he has won the election. So the question of familyism does not arise. '

Renuka Jogi's faith and integrity, with whom Ajit Jogi becomes a separate party, is with whom it is not hidden from anyone in the state. That is why Jogi Ji's statement is not surprising. There is a very confusing statement.
-RP Singh, Spokesperson, Pradesh Congress Committee, Chhattisgarh

Ajit Jogi and Renu Jogi are husband wives and this is their family affair. The Congress knows this very well. That's why Congress has already sidelined Jai in Renu. Who goes to a party, it has nothing to do with the BJP. The BJP is going to fight elections on its own.
-Sunil Soni, Vice President, State BJP

Chief Minister confers with newly-appointed Nagaland DGP Langkumer

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh met newly-appointed Nagaland Director General of Police (DGP) Mr. T.G. La.ngkumer at his official residence. Chief Minister congratulated him on his new posting and wished him a bright future. It may be mentioned here that Mr. Langkumer was Additional Director General of Police in Chhattisgarh. He spent his last 20 years in Chhattisgarh. The Union government had recently promoted him and transferred him to Nagaland. He spent most of the time in Left-Wing Extremist (LWE) affected districts of the State. He worked in Dantewada, Chhattarpur, Bastar, Kanker and Surguja also.
He expressed his gratitude to Chief minister Dr. Raman Singh, senior police officers and colleagues for their co-operation during his long tenure in Chhattisgarh.


Prime Minister dedicates Integrated Command and Control Centre at Naya Raipur Smart City

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi today dedicated Integrated Command and Control Centre at Naya Raipur as a part of Smart City Project. He expressed his happiness and congratulated Dr. Raman Singh and his team of officers at the Naya Raipur Development Authority. Mr. Modi wished that the Command and Control Centre will operate successfully and meet the needs of the common citizens. Mr. Modi said that Command Centre will become a role model for the rest of the Smart Cities in the country.
It may be mentioned here that all the amenities-electricity, water, roads, communications and 'Swachhta' will be monitored and grievances relating to them will be redressed by the Centre.  Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, Union Minister of State for Communications (Independent Charge) Mr. Manoj Sinha, Union Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs (Independent) Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, State Housing, Environment and Public Works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat, Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) Chairman Mr. Aman Kumar Singh, Secretary housing Mr. Sanjay Shukla and Chief Executive officer (NRDA) Mr. Rajat Kumar were present. 
Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi while  appreciating the  Integrated Command and Control Centre said that it will become a role model for the rest of country. He congratulated the Chief minister for his visionary implementation. Mr. Modi sat in the Command Centre and observed in detail the nuances of the functioning of the ultra-modern Centre. Mr. Aman Kumar Singh gave a detailed presentation of the Command Centre and said that basic amenities -electricity, water, Swachhta, traffic movement, integrated building management, city connectivity and Internet infrastructure (Data Centre) and the entire Naya Raipur will be under surveillance. All the facilities can be obtained by the consumers at the click of a button. A lot of time will be saved.
The Centre will provide Real Time updates. The data of public transport buses, Dial 100 vehicles status, 108 ambulance status, Smart lighting, traffic management cameras, solid waste management, weather bureau, solar panels will be store and available at the Centre. The centre will provide emergency services just in case of accidents. 


Vikas Yatra-2018 : Chief Minister unveils 94 construction works worth Rs 662.52 in Bemetara

Paddy bonus worth Rs 59.17 crore to 41 thousand farmers

Relief Fund worth Rs 10.43 crore distributed to 22585 drought-affected farmers

Insurance Claim worth Rs 78.63 crore paid to 47 thousand farmers under Crop Insurance Scheme

Samuh Nal-Jal Yojana for 98 heavy water-affected villages

During state-wide Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh inaugurated and laid foundation of 94 construction works worth Rs 662.52 crore in the general assembly held in Bemetara district headquarters today. This includes inauguration of 51 completed construction works worth Rs 455.44 crore and foundation laying of 43 newly-sanctioned works worth Rs 206 crore. In the general assembly, Chief Minister distributed paddy bonus worth Rs 59 crore 17 lakh 52 thousand 220 to 41796 farmers of Bemetara and Saja legislative assembly constituencies. This includes distribution of Rs 33 crore 72 lakh to 22 thousand 984 farmers of Bemetara and that of Rs 25 crore 44 lakh to 18 thousand 812 farmers.

In this general assembly, Chief Minister distributed relief fund worth Rs 10.43 crore under RBC 6-4 to 22,585 drought-affected farmers of Bematara and Saja legislative assembly constituencies. This includes distribution of Rs 7.91 crore to 17 thousand 754 farmers of Bematara constituencies and Rs 2.51 crore to 4831 farmers of Saja constituencies. Chief Minister distributed insurance claim amount worth Rs 78.63 crore under Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme to 47 thousand 036. This includes distribution of Rs 37.38 crore to 21 thousand 337 farmers of Bemetara constituency and that of Rs 41.25 crore to 25 699 farmers of Saja constituency.

The works inaugurated by Chief Minister include inauguration of Samuh Nal-Jal Yojana worth Rs 116 crore 42 lakh for 57 villages in Bemetara constituency and Samuh Nal-Jal Yojana for 41 villages of Saja constituency. These schemes will solve the heavy water problem of 98 villages of both the constituencies. Besides, he also inaugurated 33-km long Bemetara-Dhamdha road worth Rs 96.77 crore, high-level bridge in Dotu Nala and Karuha Nala in Bemetara-Dhamdha-Durg road worth Rs 14 crore 40 lakh, 164 buildings worth Rs 15 crore 80 lakh under Atal Vihar Yojana in Pikri-Bemetara, livelihood college building worth Rs 3.69 crore in Bemetara, town hall worth Rs one crore 25 lakh, 14 additional rooms in Government Jawahar Lal Nehru College worth Rs 2.40 crore, 'Raiyn Baser' worth nearly Rs 50 lakh, Kamkawada anicut worth Rs 2.50 crore, four roads worth Rs two crore 43 lakh under PMGSY and other construction works.

Chief Minister Dr Singh laid foundation of remodeling work of main canal and small canals under Narbada Diversion Scheme worth Rs 15.73 crore, remodeling and lining work of canals under Jhipaniya water reservoir yojana worth Rs 11.58 crore, remodeling and lining work of main canal and small canals under Karra Diversion Scheme worth Rs 12.70 crore. Besides, Dr Singh also did bhumipujan of 495 buildings worth Rs 32.58 crore under Atal Vihar Yojana in Bijabhath, Lolesara-Dholiya-Bilai-Bhoinabhatha-Piparbhatta-Chorbhatthi road worth Rs 19.88 crore, roads from Kevtara to Padkitola-thankhamhariya-Ranvirpur, Belgaon-Beltara-Chilphi-Bhendarwani, Parasbod-Kachri road, Tiriyabhath to Deurgao and Sondh-Thengabath-Mohrenga worth Rs 34.90 crore.

Development of Bemetara exceeded all expectations: Dr. Raman Singh : Chief Minister says 'emotionally attached to Bemetara'

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that he is 'emotionally' attached to Bemetara. 'I studied in a college in the district. I used to travel a lot from my native town Kawardha to Bemetara'. The rapid development of the district had gladdened the hearts of the citizens in the vicinity so also me.

Chief Minister was addressing a massive public meeting yesterday as a part of State-wide 'Vikaas Yatra'. In his marathon yatra Dr. Raman Singh  attended public meeting at Sarangarh district Raigarh, 'Welcome' meetings at tehsil headquarter Dhamdha district Durg, Devkar, Kodwa and Devarbeeja district Bemetara and then  proceeded to district headquarter town Bemetara. He declared that Devkar will be up graded to Sub-Tehsil soon. 

Dr. Raman Singh while addressing a massive gathering said that this district had been carved out six years ago in 2012. In a short span of six years the region had progressed enormously and there is all-round integrated development. The administration had reached the door-steps of the villagers and they have access to all facilities. He added that 'Vikaas Yatra' is to express gratitude to the masses and take their blessings. It is more or less a 'Theerth Yatra'.

Chief Minister dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'Bhoomipujan' of 92 development works worth Rs 662 crore 52 lakh. It is a milestone of achievement that development works worth Rs 662 crore are being gifted in a single day in a district. The pace of development will be faster from now onwards. He gave detailed description of State and Central Governments various policies and programmes. There is a radical transformation of the hinterland and the lives of citizens had changed for the better.

Referring to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's 'Ayuhmaan' Bharat, Dr. Raman Singh said that poor patients can avail the medical facilities free of charge up to a ceiling of Rs Five lakh. He distributed paddy bonus worth Rs 59 crore 17 lakh to 42 thousand farmers in Bemetara and Saja areas Online. He dedicated community 'Nal-Jal' Project built at a cost of Rs 116 crore 42 lakh at both the Assembly constituencies to redress the hard water problem affecting the lives of common citizens.

Dr. Raman Singh distributed drought-relief amount of Rs 10 crore 43 lakh to 22 thousand 585 farmers. He gave away Rs 78 crore 63 lakh insurance amount to 47 thousand farmers under the Prime Minister Crops' Insurance Scheme. Food Minister Mr. Punnulal Mohale , Tourism Minister Mr. Dayaldas Baghel,  Public Works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat,  Bemetara Municipal Council ( Nagar Palika) Mr. Vijay Sinha and several prominent personalities were also present.

Sarangarh will be given priority in re-organization of districts' plan: Dr. Raman Singh : 100-bed hospital sanctioned at Sarangarh

hief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that Sarangarh will be given top priority when ever re-organization of districts proposal is on the anvil. The main focus of the State Government had been improving the socio-economic conditions of the deprived sections of the society. Dr. Raman Singh was addressing a huge gathering at Sarangarh district Raigarh as a part of State-wide 'Vikaas Yatra'.

Chief Minister sanctioned a 100-bed hospital at Sarangarh. The religious places had been developed on a priority basis. The birth place of Baba Gurughasidas -Ghiroudhpuri- had been developed with a massive investment of Rs 90 crore. The authorities had been concentrating on the progress of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes for the past 15 years.

Dr. Raman Singh dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'bhoomipujan' of 38 developmental works worth Rs 108.80 crore. He laid the foundation stones of 21 developmental works worth Rs 100.98 crore and dedicated 17 works worth Rs 7.81 crore. He distributed 'population lease' (Abaadi pattas)  to 26 thousand 443 families and relief materials worth Rs 40.36 lakh to 30 thousand 711 beneficiaries of various State Government social-welfare schemes.

Chief Minister said that paddy bonus worth Rs 96 crore 49 lakh to 58 thousand farmers in Raigarh district.  He distributed domestic gas connections to 1,500 poor women under the Prime Minister 'Ujjwala' yojana, house sanction letters to 1,500 families under the Prime Minister Housing Scheme. He also distributed cycles and tools to 800 workers. He also gave away nets to fishermen, ice boxes, cycles to supervisors, scholarships to children of workers.

Dr. Raman Singh  laid the foundation stones of canal diversion project worth Rs 34 crore 47 lakh, Malda-Parsada Chote-Gonda road to be laid at a cost of Rs 9 crore 46 lakh, Godam-Bandhapaali road to be laid down at a cost of Rs 8 crore 75 lakh, Baramkela-Sohela-Nawapara road (Rs 8.30 crore),  Ganthra (Dhaansara)- Mohadada (Rs 8.93 crore).

Chief Minister dedicated a bridge over Leelar canal on Pahanda-Chorabhtatti (Rs 3 crore 60 lakh) and several other crucial projects. Union Minister of State for Steel Mr. Vishnudev Sahay,  MLAs Mrs.Kerabhai Manhar, Mr. Roshanlal Agrawal, Deputy Speaker of Assembly Mr.Narayan Chandel, Raigarh Zilla Panchayat Chairman Mr. Ajesh Purushottam Agrawal, Chief Minister's Secretary Mr. Subodh Singh, prominent citizens and large number of villagers were also present.


Vikas Yatra 2018 : Chief Minister inaugurates-lay foundation of 155 construction works worth Rs 359 crore in Manpur

Bhumi-pujan of 77 roads under PMGSY worth Rs 113 crore

Inauguration of Samuh Nal-Jal Yojana in Ambagarh Chowki built at the cost of Rs 33 crore

Paddy bonus worth Rs 15.89 crore distributed to more than 17 thousand farmers and 'aabaadi patta' to more than 24 thousand families

During his state-wide Vikas Yatra tour today, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh inaugurated and laid foundation of 155 construction works worth Rs 359 crore at general assembly held in Manpur. This includes inauguration of 41 works worth Rs 95 crore and bhumi-pujan of 114 works worth Rs 232 crores. At the general assembly, Chief Minister distributed goods and cheques of financial aid worth Rs 55 crore to 54 thousand 587 beneficiaries. Dr Singh distributed paddy bonus worth Rs 15 crore 89 lakh to 17 thousand 694 farmers, 'aabaadi patta' to 24 thousand 783 families, houses sanction certificates under Prime Minister Housing Scheme to 3974 families and LPG connection to 550 women under Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana.

Works inaugurated by Chief Minister at the general assembly of Manpur include Ambagarh Chowki Samuh Nal-Jal Yojana, high-level bridge in Shivnath River on Pangari-Chowki Road worth Rs 14 crore, Manpur-Unchapur road worth Rs 7 crore 72 lakh, bridge on Shivnath River on Nandiya-Bararmundi Road worth Rs 6 crore 35 lakh, and bridge built on Tatekasa-Khairi Road worth nearly Rs three crore 65 lakh. Dr Singh did bhumipujan and laid foundation of 77 roads sanctioned under PMGSY worth nearly Rs 113 cror and Kohtaka-Sitagaib-Aundhi-Murumgaon road worth Rs 24 crore 37 lakh. Besides, he also laid foundation of Boriya-Mohla road worth Rs 12 crore 28 lakh, Mohla-Vasdi road worth Rs 12 crore 26 lakh, Parvidih-Bhojtola road worth Rs 10 crore 53 lakh, and Akatkanhar-Bharritola road worth Rs 10 crore 25 lakh.

Subsidized rice scheme will never be stopped : Dr. Raman Singh : Rs Four crore sanctioned for Maanpur hospital

 Miracle of development can be seen in State: Chief Minister                

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today said that subsidized rice scheme (Re 1 a kilogram) will never be discontinued as it is the most ambitious project of the State Government. He was addressing a massive public meeting at Maanpur (District-Rajnandgaon) as a part of State-wide Vikaas Yatra. He also addressed welcome meeting at Dondi district Balod later. Dr. Raman Singh dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'bhoomipujan' of  155 developmental works worth Rs 359 crore. He also transferred paddy bonus worth Rs 15 crore 89 lakh to about 17 thousand 694 farmers Online.

Dr. Raman Singh said that by the time farmers reach their destinations the amount of paddy bonus will be transferred to their bank accounts. He also launched MobileApp dedicated to up-gradation of skills' development of youth by the District Skills' Up-gradation Authority. This is the First State's Skills' Up-gradation App. He sanctioned Rs Four crore for modern equipment facilities at the Maanpur Community Health Centre. He also sanctioned Rs 60 lakh for the construction of a bus stand and also a water tank.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that the policies and programmes implemented had transformed the lives of poor, farmers and villagers radically. The prosperity can be seen in the hinterland. Earlier, the passengers used to have back-breaking journeys on the roads and now the travel had become smooth with wide network of roads across the State. The various policies implemented are Right to Food Act for the poor, Health insurance Scheme up to Rs 50 thousand to the poor and needy, schools-colleges had been introduced in the far-flung and remote areas of the State, better drinking water facilities in all the villages, uninterrupted supply of electricity and irrigation facilities.

The miracle of development is visible all over the State with people's support. The State had been transformed in all spheres during the past 15 years. Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh revealed that development works worth Rs 30 thousand crore will be dedicated and foundation stones will be laid during 'Vikaas Yatra'. Paddy bonus worth Rs 1700 crore is being distributed to farmers. Dr. Raman Singh said that if anyone is keen on understanding the true meaning of development all he had to attend today's massive public meeting in which development works worth Rs 359 crore had been gifted to the citizens of Maanpur.  It is a milestone in the history of Rajnandgaon.

Chief Minister gave a detailed description of various schemes of the Central and State Government. He said that 50 lakh Smart phones will be distributed soon under the Information Revolution Yojana. Women, youth and senior citizens will be allocated Smart phones. Sisters can say 'hello-hello' to Chief Minister directly. Internet facilities will be provided to more than nine thousand gram Panchayats.  Maanpur is entering the new era of progress. It will become a 'Hub' of educational centre in the near future. While referring to the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's 'Ayushman Bharat' yojana, he said that poor patients up to a ceiling of Rs Five lakh will get free medical treatment.

MP Mr. Abhishek Singh, MLA Mrs. Sarojini Banjare, prominent personalities of the district were present.

                                             Chief Minister gives details of schemes at Dondi meeting     

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh gave details of various State Government's policies at Dondi meeting. He said that authorities are allocating loans on 'Zero' per cent interest to farmers. Earlier, Co-Operative Banks used to charge 14 per cent interest on loans. The wages of Tendu pattas collectors had been hiked to Rs 2, 500 per bag.

Vikas Yatra 2018 : Chief Minister unveils development works worth Rs 158 crore in general assembly of Balod

'aabaadi patta' to 38 thousand poor families

LPG gas connection to four thousand families

During his Vikas Yatra tour to District Headquarters Balod on June 5 tommorow,Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh will unveil 144 construction works worth Rs 158.29 crore at the general assembly to be held there. This includes inauguration of completed 101 construction works worth Rs 116.24 crore and foundation laying of 43 newly-sanctioned works worth Rs 42.05 crore. Chief Minister Dr Singh will be benefiting nearly 78 thousand 111 beneficiaries under various scheme, in the general assembly. This includes distribution of aabaadi patta to 38 thousand 804 families, bicycles, toolkits and e-rickshaw etc to 4413 labourers, LPG connection to four thousand 100 wpmen, saur sujala pumps to 55 farmers, mini-kits to 664 farmers and bicycles to tendupatta 59 'fad munshi'.

The works to be inaugurated by Chief Minister mainly include road from Balod to Dhamtari built at the cost of Rs 65 crore, high-quality bridge on Sundra-Devinavagaon Tandula River worth Rs 10 crore 92 lakh, remodeling and lining work in distributary from Tandula tank to Pairi worth Rs 10 crore 55 lakh, renewal work of road from Gurur to Naragaon worth Rs 8 crore 15 lakh, livelihood college building worth Rs 4 crore 14 crore etc. On the occasion, Chief Minister will lay foundation of government polytechnic college building worth Rs nine crore 11 lakh, bridge on Beloda-Gotulmuda main road Arajgunda road worth Rs three crore 87 lakh, bridge on Bhendiya Navagaon road worth Rs two crore 80 lakh, bridge on Parsoda-Sohantara road worth Rs two crore 69 lakh, and bridge from main road to kharra road worth Rs two crore 14 lakh.

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